Welcome to the Game Industry! The year is 1982. Three young entrepreneurs discover the computer and potential to strike it rich in the Games Industry! Their love for computer games is a common bond that they all share but they are also in fierce competition with one another in a race to build a successful Games Development House… They...
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Data di rilascio: 11 feb 2014
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Welcome to the Game Industry!

The year is 1982. Three young entrepreneurs discover the computer and potential to strike it rich in the Games Industry! Their love for computer games is a common bond that they all share but they are also in fierce competition with one another in a race to build a successful Games Development House…

They quickly find that the Games Development business is not as simple as it appears… Banks, Investors, Magazines, Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers and the Press are all breathing down your neck...they want results! Do you have what it takes? You are now an up and a coming entrepreneur in the Games Business. Do you have what it takes to be the next Game Tycoon?


  • Cartoon style graphics
  • Three characters to choose from
  • eleven mission including tutorial as well as a continuous play
  • Interactive advisor (when you need advice)
  • Realistic strategy game
  • Different market situations in accordance with the customer's requests of the respective years
  • As the years progress new technological advances offer new game development techniques
  • Animation of all speaking characters
  • Voices in English and German
  • A lot of laughs and jokes

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel / AMD (1,5 Ghz)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia / ATI 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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Pubblicata: 19 novembre 2014
Game about game making needs to learn how to put together a playable game. If this isn't irony I don't know what is.

Avoid this product like the plague!
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Pubblicata: 28 ottobre 2014
Game Tycoon is a very unique tycoon game to the point it could be considered a point and click adventure / tycoon game. Nothing is laid out with menus, its all places and locations. You have a university, office plaza, media plaza and your home (which seems pointless). In these locations they are like city streets, you need to scroll your mouse left and right and click on doors. One click will have your player character enter, two clicks will automatically enter. When inside a building, you see a room and need to find what you want to do. It makes the controls needlessly cumbersome. To see how many copies you have in stock, you need to go across town. To see your finances, you need to go back across town. It is crazy.

The game is very click base as if it could be a mobile game, you won't find hot keys or even menus. Right mouse clicking exits you out of an area. Stats and charts need to be found in rooms and areas. Even then, there's no depth. There is no way to see how well games are selling, you just need to hope they sell well that month at the price you've set. You can visit a university magazine stand to find out the most popular games and genres for $4 each time. You can visit a game store in the media plaza to see where your games rank. You can visit an advertising executive to publicize your games, your company and see how you stack compared to the two other companies you're competing against. You can even visit a banker, take out a loan, buy and sell stocks of your company and the other three. Those are nice features, but when you visit the banker and executive, you need to talk with them. Click something to say and listen for them to say it before you can continue. If you dare click on something else it could cause a glitch that will loop the speech if not crash a menu 10 seconds later. It is stunning.

When you play, there is no hand holding. I needed to figure out to visit my office, create a game engine (or license one), then click and drag the 'print out' into my inventory. Then go next door to the development office? Once there, I need to click and drag the 'print out' into the project list. After that, since I had no employees, I had to go to the university and figure out that I needed to click a bulletin board in order to find employees. The hiring system is nice, it shows you the quality in stars, and their tempo to complete the job. You hire programmers, artists and composers. Some you can hire and others that are independent. So they can get better jobs and come back to you when you need them most, but they don't get paid when they're not working. Then its back to the development studio with my employees. I need to click the project, then assign programmers to the engine and click start project.

After you wait a few in game days, weeks or months, its time to take that game engine project, click and drag it back into your inventory, then go next door to your office and make a new game after clicking and dragging the engine into the proper position. Creating a new game project is easy. You'll get to chose things like what languages and what platforms. By platforms I mean, PC, arcade and console. There are no specific consoles. Just those three. Then when that is all 'printed out,' its back over to next door to click and drag the 'print out' from my inventory into the project window. Once there, I need to click on the project, then sift through my employees to assign programmers, artists and composers. The more people I have working, the faster they'll get done. The higher quality they are, the better the game.

From there, you don't just release the game. Once you click and drag the finished project into your inventory of course. Its off to the manufacturing facility where you click on the design table to include everything that will come with your game. By design, I mean pack the box with stuff and raise the manufacturing cost. Shirts, buttons, stickers, black and white instruction manuals, color instructions, an insert. Its all up to you! With some click and dragging. With that done you'll visit the manufacturing machine that will churn out the copies of your game. The more copies, the cheaper they become to manufacture. Click and drag the finished product into the machine. Then start manufacturing! After a few game days, all of the copies will arrive.

Do they just sell themselves? Nope. Time to find a publisher! So you need to visit a publisher's office and select a publishing deal from books on the wall. They all have minimum quality ratings, so your 45% quality game can't be published with a 53% quality deal. There is a punishment for failing to release the game by the allowed time and for your trouble of making a game, you'll get 6% of the profits depending on the deal. Some deals are far better than others.

After that, its back to the factory that has your copies. You need to click on the pallet with the finished copies and click and drag your publishing deal from your inventory into the game's slot and flip the checkmark switch to officially release it! Wasn't that easy? No hand holding at all!

Of course 5 hours into the game, I finally discovered the tutorial was in the campaign, but wasn't marked as a 'tutorial.' I thought it was just another scenario in the campaign. The tutorial explains what to do, but it gets caught on itself and could explain things better, such as flipping through a gaming magazine had me clicking all over before I figured out to click a game title. The voice over will talk over other voice overs. Not just that, but if you go to a different location than you should be in, the tutorial narration will tell you what to do as if you're in the correct place, instead of saying no this is the office, go to the university.

As soon as you get the hang of the 1,000 step process, it becomes an insane juggle of going between locations since there is no menu. Waiting to pan the street to the right or left. Waiting for your character to walk to the building before you realize double clicking enters the door instantly. Even though there's a game speed, that doesn't speed up the character. It doesn't speed up every time I need to hear 'I would like a bank loan,' then hear the banker's rebuttal.

There are visual errors here like text not disappearing when the dialog boxes do. Text overlapping out of windows. Sometimes the ticker PDA doesn't show anything when it should have a message. The PDA (ticker) is nice, it pops up useless information like you need to pay $3,000 for golf clubs or you're having a bad hair day. Its all random things that might as well be Chance cards from Monopoly. The PDA pop up changes the game from fast to slow, which is good, but the problem is that a lot of what the PDA shows is useless moments to make you laugh. You didn't sleep well, because your bed broke. Stealing MP3s is bad. Visit the gametycoon website. Your employees will get sick and will be unable to work for 12 days.

The only way to get a game over is if you go into debt for more than 90 days. You can get loans and sell stock to stay a float, but even on normal, it seems difficult. Your games only make money at the start of every month. You have full control over the price of your games at the factory, but to put publicity into the games, you need to go to a different area down the street.

The game itself is difficult even on normal. Luckily there is an easy mode. To top everything off, it has crashed or permafroze a few times, so you'll need to keep saving frequently, since there is no auto save feature. With all of that being said, there are some interesting elements in the game, but the juggle and struggle of going location to location over and over again is unfun and begging people to not play it. If only there was a menu and no traveling. The time it takes to hear people talk is just too long with no way to skip it.
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Pubblicata: 14 novembre 2014
Info for deaf and hard of hearing people:
No subtitles. I pretty much can't play it. Not sanely anyway.

  • The intro movie looks like it's made in the early 1990s. Think Theme Hospital.
  • There are absolutely no options except for volume levels.
  • Even though you can turn the volume all the way down, there are no subtitles.
  • Tutorials are only spoken. Don't blame me if I don't know how the game works.
  • Steam's Release Date: 11 Feb. 2014. It's probably a decade older than that.
  • Buggy. It asks you to do things you already did and ignores that fact so you can't advance.
  • Buggy^2. Not intuitive, or it simply won't respond to the seemingly correct clicks.
  • Buggy^3. Starting to get convinced that this is secretly a pixel-hunt game.

  • ...
  • Oh wait, maybe one: Trading cards. If you're into those. :P

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Pubblicata: 29 ottobre 2014
Definitely my pick for the worst game of the year.

Every tedious action that the player is forced to endure could have easily been just a click of a button. For instance walking my character to one office to print a design for an engine, then going to the production office to place the design on the project board could have been just one click of a button.

There is no way to skip to the end of a project while it is in production and the player is forced to sit and watch a clock at it ticks away.

I never judge a game based on graphics or sound, unless of course one of these features does not work properly. During the tutorial a man's voice tells you what to do, but even when you are doing what he is telling you to do he repeats what he said. This does not stop his previous sound file, but instead doubles over it and explodes your ears if you are using headphones. Also while in the game manufacturing place the mans voice is completely drowned out by annoyingly loud industrial sounds. I'm fairly certain there is only one voice actor that does the voice of every single character.

This is not an exaggeration; this game seriously gave me a headache five minutes into it.
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Pubblicata: 27 ottobre 2014
Spectacularly awful game. Needless on-screen avatars that have to be moved from place to place with no way to bypass or speed up the action or dialog. Singularly unintuitive - the interface has the look and feel of your typical European game, too many of which have the same flaw, poor game design.

I paid only $0.27 for this in a recent bundle, but what an unpleasant experience. If you must play one of these games (of which there are 3 that I'm aware of) just stick with Game Dev Tycoon.
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Pubblicata: 29 ottobre 2014
It would be incredibly hard if not for an exploit where you can make almost any crap game, print a million copies of it (so they're less than a buck a copy) and "sell off" the game, netting you a tidy profit (the game thinks that selling every copy for like 2 dollars is often a huge loss except you're moving such volume it breaks the game)

Glitchy, unintuitive and just obtuse at times, it's nearly unplayable in any enjoyable form.
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Pubblicata: 25 novembre 2014
Yes, all the reviewers are correct, this is a shameless money grab. This is the first game I have ever played where I needed to look up a Let's Play to understand the tutorial. Nope, not kidding.

I would (maybe) have worked around the impractical and unintuitive controls and interface. I would have potentially even tried to understand its odd mechanics (though how they have managed to make the mechanics so obtuse in a childish tycoon game, I have a hard time grasping, that takes talent). And I could have theoretically looked past the language mistakes and all the incomprehensible game design choices. But I will draw the line at the glitches and crashes. Mainly because I was actually thankful when this game crashed on me and I could go on with my day.

Don't do this to yourself.
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Pubblicata: 5 novembre 2014
Clunky and underdeveloped.
I normally try to do positive reviews... but this was just unpleasant.
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Pubblicata: 24 novembre 2014
Extremely unfriendly UI. Price is too high for such low bucket game. Not entertaining at all.
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Pubblicata: 21 gennaio
Game Tycoon 1.5 is little more than a disgracefully bad rip-off of the better known (and generally better all around) Game Dev Tycoon.

This game was apparently released in February 2014, but the laughable 3D graphics would not be out of place in a game fifteen years older. Upon starting the game, you are given a choice of three avatars to choose from, with no customisation whatsoever. After this sequence, and some terrible wooden voice-acting, you are whisked away to a street where you are told to make your avatar walk painfully slowly to your office. And no, there is no way to speed this up.

The game tells you to create a game engine, then gives you almost no advice on how to do so, which leads to lot of trial-and-error clicking in the laughably rough looking interface which looks like something knocked together in 30 seconds on Photoshop. You are then told to walk down the street to the bank, where you borrow money (ask for whatever you like, and the clerk simply hands it over), and then it's off to the "university" to hire some staff (in reality just a hanging noticeboard where you click on people's names). Returning to your office, you click once more through the interface to assign your newly hired staff to work on your engine project. You then wait...and wait...and wait. Turns out that there's no way to speed this up, and there's nothing else to do but stare at the inside of your blocky 3D office.

At this point, I turned the game off, so I don't know if your hardworking crew eer do finish working on that engine in order for you to start working on your game proper. The final irony is that a game supposedly all about making your own games is a terrible game in itself with no thought for it's audience. Who were they aiming for with this game? Game makers themselves? Masochists? Poor saps not realising that they'd bought the wrong game with a similar sounding title and not realising it until it was too late?

On top of its aforementioned problems, there are other glaring flaws; screens untranslated from their original German, and some garbled English phrases that look like they've been through the wringer that is Google Translate. It feels like a game that not only isn't finished, but that's been slapped together with little care or thought, leaving an absolute travesty of a game that should not have been released.

I don't normally write reviews, but this one inspired me to do so. I got the game for free, and actually earned money by selling the steam cards I got for playing it, and I still feel ripped off. Do not pay any money for this "game".
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Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2014
Just bad. It's funny a game about making games, yet the game is terrible. Point and click awefulness!
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Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2014
This is by far the worst game I have ever bought on steam.
Just the tutorial is maddening - their "advisor" hiding the information it is presenting. And sometimes you can't hear what he is saying, because he is connected to the sound of a machine - turning the machine turns him down.
To quote the game it self; on the gameplay it seems the game was rushed and tey didn't have time to test it.
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Pubblicata: 29 dicembre 2014
Deadly silence... hastily pushed on Steam and never ever support again.
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Pubblicata: 20 novembre 2014
Buggy Turd. Immediate Uninstall.
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Pubblicata: 1 febbraio
Gameplay Premise
The premise of the gameplay is simple. To be the best game tycoon. This is a simulator game, so some semblance to the facts are expected.

The tutorial is spoken, there is no subtitle, and there is no explanation on what should be done. For example : You are told to borrow $100k from the bank, but you are not told where the bank is and how to even sign the paper. You are told to manage your developer, and you are not told where is your developer office (turns out, the development office is separate from your personal office). In short, the tutorial is not helpful at all.

The UI
The UI is very bad. There is no tooltips at all. If you hover over something, there won't be any explanation. As UI is related to how information is given out to you, this game is also very bad at that. To access your game quality, you have to go to a certain object. To access your sales number, you have to click on some paper on your table. To access your financial report, you have to click on another paper on your table. There is no collated financial reports, no collated engine/game reports. Some reports have to be accessed outside your personal office, which you must travel to other place just to get a piece of report.

The notion of personal office looks like Airline Tycoon Deluxe, which are a great game. In Airline Tycoon, there are tooltips so that we know what we are going to click. To access the incoming message, just click on the paper organizer in your office. To access your plane facilities, click on the plane model. To access the fuel price and setting, click on the fuel painting on the wall. To access your route, click on the globe. To access your financial report, just a click away. This is very different with Game Tycoon 1.5.

Game Tycoon 1.5 fails to present the information needed with a good manner, information is fragmented. For tycoon games failure to present information is very bad, as those information are the key to success in these kind of games.

The Gameplay
The gameplay is horrid.

There are no clear explanation.
What is the differences between Keyboard controller and Joystick? Japanese language and English language? No explanation at all.

The game is too complex.
Not complex in a good manner. To build a game, you have to create an engine. During the creation of engine, you have to enter the features (like Game Dev Tycoon) though it's unclear which features is better than the others. During the creation of engine you are also able to set how many developers are going to develop the engine. Next, you have to print it and it is stored at your inventory. After that, you have to go to the university, and grab some developers.

After that, you have to go to the developers office (beside your office, they have darts targeting your character) and assign programmers to the project. No problem on this part.
After that, you develop the game, same thing, you have the game "cassette" on your inventory. Then, you have to go to design factory to define how much gimmicks you wanted. Then you go to factory to print out your product. Then to licensing to find a publisher. Then to factory again to sell the game.

The process is believable, but presented in such clunky manner that you will be confused in no time. While a good game will present all of those above steps in a UI that have drop-down menus, this game is not. As outlined above, because information is too fragmented. For example : After printing out your product, you go to publisher. The publisher demands your game have a specific rating. If you have printed your game, you can't know the rating anymore, the rating is known only after the game is developed. These kind of thing is very bad, information should be able to be accessed at all times!

No feedback
While the Game Dev Tycoon provides feedback to the player by giving out review scores, this game did not give any. Review scores are important to give us facts how good is our product. But no dice, no feedback, no nothing. In tycoon games it is important to have feedback. For example, if we are told that our sales drop in such areas, we should know the cause. Bad product? Bad pricing? Bad sales? We must have information. This game lacks those, so the players could not make informed decisions to make something.

Bad Game Structure
No menus. Simply horrid. You can't access functions inside the game, you have to go out to main menu to get that. You can't go to settings, you have to go to main menu to access settings. Not to mention that the game will drop to desktop for a few second if you go to main menu. That is simply unacceptable.

Look and Feel
Simply lacking. The game has some quality in drawing, but very lacking in other aspects. The music is bad.

Final Verdict
I got this game from a bundle, so it is not a bad loss to me.
I think this game is the Big Rigs of tycoon genre.
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Pubblicata: 17 febbraio
Looks awesome. Sounds awesome. The worst game i ever played however. Even free single-dev indie games were better than this! Lots of glitches, voice keeps talking while paused, also, 3 people talked at once one time, there are no captions, and sometimes i can't hear what the tutorial says, he repeats it OVER AND OVER AGAIN instead of placing some text on the screen, logos suck, there is a character that looks like Gordon Freeman, animations are quite bad, preety much a failed copy of Game Dev Tycoon (Unless this was first, so Game Dev Tycoon is a waaaay better version of this.) I hope it will be removed from Steam soon, because it's NOT worth 10€. I'd rather keep it up and collect more for a Valve game. Or even a PS2 game. Anything, but not this. Well, at least i got it in a giveaway, so i didn't have to spend any money. Also, it's hard to know what is clickable and what is not in that game. I give it a 3/10. Maybe a nice idea, but it was realised terribly.
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Pubblicata: 11 febbraio 2014
There's a major problem with this game at the time of this review being written: There's no executable file. The game doesn't run. If you buy this, you will be throwing your money away on a game that does not, cannot, run.
Someone in the forums linked to an archive on dropbox that is supposed to fix the problem by flat out replacing the game files, but seriously, don't get suckered like I did, just go buy a better game that actually works, like Game Dev Tycoon, or Game Dev Story.

TL;DR: Don't buy, it doesn't work.
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Pubblicata: 11 febbraio 2014
One of the most counter-intuitive games I have ever had the misfortune of playing. This game is so raw and unpolished. Some of the screens are still in German. I'm fairly certain there are only 2 voice actors for a multitude of characters. The tutorial is far from user friendly. For a game about games and the industry, you'd think this studio might have taken a moment to consider their audience / customers. Just terrible.
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Pubblicata: 12 febbraio 2014
Dopey me, I mistakenly thought this was a sequel to Game Dev Tycoon, which I actually enjoy. Alas, this is a completely unrelated (and FAR inferior) game.

Terrible, terrible interface design; horrible (and buggy) tutorial; actual game play is dull and confusing.

Do not bother purchasing this game, it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! :-(

If you think this concept sounds interesting, I would seriously recommend you check out Game Dev Tycoon instead. It's a pretty simplistic model of the game development industry, but quite decent for a casual, under-$10 title, and far more interesting with a much better user interface.
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2014
Ok, questo è stato il mio più grosso errore mai commesso su Steam.
Io lo chiedo a voi, che spendete volentieri 20 euro per un gioco decente: quanto siete disposti a spendere per un "gioco" di qualità sotto il discutibile se paragonato allo standard di Facebook (quindi non osiamo immaginare quali epiteti dovrei tirare fuori se lo paragonassi allo standard di Steam), visibilmente incompleto, mortalmente buggato e offensivamente brutto a vedersi? Perchè io ho pagato, mio malgrado. Ho pagato poco ma è un poco che rivorrei indietro. Ci ho voluto credere e sono rimasto fregato, come capita spesso.
Mettiamola così: l'idea di fondo non è male. È un manageriale, si decidono i dettagli, ci sono un sacco, VERAMENTE UN SACCO di opzioni e possibilità, ma ogni cosa positiva svanisce nel nulla davanti a una realizzazione così miserabile da fare infuriare anche il più strenuo difensore degli indie games che, per sfogarsi, passerà un mese su COD.
Non so se rendo l'idea, ma sono disposto a tollerare un sacco di cose. Ho tollerato Pizza Syndicate perchè mi era costato diecimila lire quindici anni fa, ed è riuscito a frustrarmi così tanto da farmelo ricordare ancora oggi. Ho tollerato Duke Nukem Forever perchè faceva ridere, nonostante fosse un titolo tutt'altro che al passo con i tempi, e se l'è cavata con la sincera dichiarazione "Che vi aspettate? È DNF, io non mi aspetterei molto più che porcate e sparatorie" che, per avermi fatto aspettare 12 anni, è stata anche troppo lusinghiera. Ho tollerato Daikatana, Final Fantasy XII, Sonic 3D Blast, la presenza della Wii in casa mia - non di certo una mia idea - e tante altre cose. Ho appena finito di scrivere di come - seppur sconsigliandolo - ho tollerato The Stanley Parable solo perchè l'ho pagato due spiccioli e mi ha divertito per due ore. Ma GT1.5 è oltre la mia capacità di tollerare.
Sconsigliato e considerato un insulto.
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