Chapter 1 in a four-part series! Journey across a massive world on a quest to thwart a power-crazed lunatic who wants to enslave humanity! Two hundred years ago, a sorcerer attempted to fulfill a dark prophecy that would see him rule the world. He died before his goal was realized, but the prophecy lingered on.
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Chapter 1 in a four-part series! Journey across a massive world on a quest to thwart a power-crazed lunatic who wants to enslave humanity! Two hundred years ago, a sorcerer attempted to fulfill a dark prophecy that would see him rule the world. He died before his goal was realized, but the prophecy lingered on. Today, another maniac stands determined to succeed where the sorcerer failed and he needs YOU to fulfill his plan. Are you brave/crazy enough to stop this guy?

Games that have been released in the series:

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight (DOWNLOAD HERE)
Aveyond: Gates of Night (DOWNLOAD HERE)
Aveyond: The Lost Orb (DOWNLOAD HERE)
Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy (DOWNLOAD HERE)


  • HUMOR. Lots of it. Humor is the core of Aveyond. You will laugh... or else!
  • Massive world filled with loads of monsters, loot, and civilizations.
  • Travel with a large party of friends. Pick your leader and your fighters for turn-based battles.
  • Seek out special academies to learn skills like climbing so that you can explore new areas.
  • Help Edward, one of your party members, find a wife or face the wrath of his mother.
  • Give or steal from temples.
  • Obtain a magical sword that can have its properties changed by the gem you put in its hilt.
  • Run a farm in your spare time and collect creatures.
  • Awesome music brought to you by an award-winning musician who has the entire Final Fantasy music library memorized.
  • For the lazy: find the secret treasure caves and equip your heroes with mega weapons, gold, and level ups.
  • 20+ achievements to unlock!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • İşletim Sistemi: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • İşlemci: PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
    • Bellek: 256 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Depolama: 61 MB kullanılabilir alan
    • Ses Kartı: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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Yayınlanma: 11 Şubat
I remembered Aveyond not because I've played it (RPG isn't really my favorite genre but I can appreciate some of them) but because I was also looking for small games in order to add them into a database.

So, yeah, after some hesitation, I finally added all the games available on Steam (safe for the one that was just released). So here I am, after the big storm about achievements, guiding Mel, a young thief, that happened to be a descendant of an evil sorcerer, getting sucked into the evil plan of the Lord of the Twilight, a vampire ready to destroy your world. But well, Mel finds some allies in Edward, the Prince of Thais, in Stella, a girl that lost her memories, in Tej'Ilal, the sister of the Lord of the Twilight and in Galahad, her husband that refuses to admit that he's now dead and a vampire.

Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight has ties with the previous games (Arhiman's Prophecy and Rhen's Quest if I'm not mistaken) and is the first chapter of 4 episodes. And despite being a chapter and ending a little abruptly for me, the story is well written and filled with humor. Mel is using sarcasm because of her life, Edward is very friendly and Stella is kinda naïve while Galahad is harboring a grudge towards Tej'Ilal, reminding him with sarcasm too of his condition, though she's more leaning for the peace than the destruction.

Also, this chapter is also set to learn about the mechanisms. As any good RPG, you can make a team, level them up thanks to combat (and well, even if not used, the characters are also leveling up), unlock spells for the mage and the healer, change their weapons or clothes so that their characteristics can be improved. You have also an inventory with scrolls, food, potions, etc.. to use during a battle (or not) to heal or to help hurting opponents in front of you. Some of them are tough - sometimes, the best is to come back later with a better team (the Poltergeist is an example).

Some quests needs to be done in order to advance in the story, while they're appearing as being a side-quest just for the money (like the tragic love story to find). Others are just bonus. But given the fact that you need money to buy stuff or to fast-travel, any quest is worthy to be done. Besides, when defeating enemies, you can loot them and find also money or items. You have also chests to open or bags to find.

Aveyond comes also with three difficulties: Easy where you're stronger and where most of the enemies don't spawn again after a defeat (yeah, I'm playing in this difficulty), Normal where every is balanced and Hard where you'll die more frequently - though even in Easy, I've been wiped. Well, if a character dies, you can ressucitate them but if your team is wiped, it's game over and it's up to you to load the auto-save (when entering a new screen) or a save of yours.

As I've said, the developer of Aveyond is well-known in the RPG Maker world and Aveyond is based on that. Don't forget that the game was released around 2009, so, it's normal to have these graphics that are very good but can sometimes give the feeling of "old game". The soundtrack is also correct.

I was very surprised to like the game and was disappointed when it ended. However, knowing that Gates of Night is the direct sequel and that my save at the end of Lord of Twilight can be found by the sequel and that I can continue like that is a great feature. Also, I was kinda asking myself when the game will end, because I felt like it was a long one. Indeed, it's taken me nearly 9 hours to reach the end, so yeah, while you can think that the price is high, I understand it.

Seriously Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight is enough for newbies in the RPG world or people that don't like to micro-manage a character or having sheets without end. I understand now why Aveyond was a reference back then. Don't hesitate!
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kayıtlarda 9.1 saat
Yayınlanma: 13 Mart
Aveyond is heaven. I've been there once to enhance my Excalibur.
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Yayınlanma: 1 Şubat
This game has some fairly solid art and sound design.

But everything else is generic, shallow, and half-baked. If you've played a fantasy JRPG before, you've seen this story, met these characters, battled these enemies, and so on.

The gameplay is geared around doing lots and lots of backtracking from one end of the map to the other. Halfway through, the story just sort of checks out, and from then on it's a matter of playing "where haven't I gone yet?" to string events together. What seems like a sidequest built around a cheesy fairy-tale retelling is actually (spoiler alert for the non-ending) where the game stops, and the cliffhanger leaves you with nothing resembling completion or accomplishment.
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kayıtlarda 11.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 8 Şubat 2014
Really enjoying it so far. It's a nice breath of fresh air as i don't play these kind of games often. Reminds me of the fun i use to have when playing the original Pokemon games in the 90's. Who cares about how the game was made? It's fun and i'm enjoying it. Thats all that matters.

Something i will add after progressing into the game. You may find yourself getting lost quite easily, as being able to find some of the locations in this game rely on whether you have a good memory.
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kayıtlarda 2.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 11 Şubat 2014
If you have already made experience with RPG Maker games and found them decent enough, you will find this game decent.
If you like these games, you will like this one.

A classic Top-down RPG game.

It shows it was not made with a budget to speak of.
This is noticable from the beginning, as the 'Options' menu is the bare minimum.
There is no resolution to choose from.
Windowed is not recommended because of the resulting low resolution setting.
The sound is also restricted to On/Off with no option to choose a specific level.
Button remapping is also a thing dearly missed by me.

Still, i find it enjoyable.
The story (2h in) is written well enough to keep me interested.
Both keyboard and mouse controls are viable.
Combat is simple with a classic turn based system.

If you are someone who needs a lot of options in the options menu and are more used to modern style games, you will be disappointed.
But, If you are looking for a classic turn based RPG experience, I can recommend this game to you.
It feels quite nostalgic.

I've also researched a little bit about this series and found out, that all parts of the "Orbs of Magic" series (this is part 1 of 4) are already available for download at for 10.99USD, though i recommed getting the game during a Steam sale or promotion, as the standard price is set a little bit too high.

In the end, it is a game made by only a few people, enthusiastic about old school rpg's and it shows.
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