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Journey across a massive world on a quest to thwart a power-crazed lunatic who wants to enslave humanity! Two hundred years ago, a sorcerer attempted to fulfill a dark prophecy that would see him rule the world. He died before his goal was realized, but the prophecy lingered on.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 7 Feb 2014
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The next Aveyond game is out!

18 abril 2014

We've just launched the next game in the series, Aveyond: Gates of Night. You can get this game for 30% off until April 25, 2014. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

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Acerca del juego

Journey across a massive world on a quest to thwart a power-crazed lunatic who wants to enslave humanity! Two hundred years ago, a sorcerer attempted to fulfill a dark prophecy that would see him rule the world. He died before his goal was realized, but the prophecy lingered on. Today, another maniac stands determined to succeed where the sorcerer failed and he needs YOU to fulfill his plan. Are you brave/crazy enough to stop this guy? Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is part 1 of the Orbs of Magic series.

Games that have been released in the series:

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight (DOWNLOAD HERE)
Aveyond: Gates of Night (DOWNLOAD HERE)


  • HUMOR. Lots of it. Humor is the core of Aveyond. You will laugh... or else!
  • Massive world filled with loads of monsters, loot, and civilizations.
  • Travel with a large party of friends. Pick your leader and your fighters for turn-based battles.
  • Seek out special academies to learn skills like climbing so that you can explore new areas.
  • Help Edward, one of your party members, find a wife or face the wrath of his mother.
  • Give or steal from temples.
  • Obtain a magical sword that can have its properties changed by the gem you put in its hilt.
  • Run a farm in your spare time and collect creatures.
  • Awesome music brought to you by an award-winning musician who has the entire Final Fantasy music library memorized.
  • For the lazy: find the secret treasure caves and equip your heroes with mega weapons, gold, and level ups.
  • 20+ achievements to unlock!

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor: PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Hard Drive: 61 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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Buenisimo el juego , recien lo estoy empezando y me encanta , ya que tiene cosas parecidas al Golden Sun y Zelda ( de Gba ) , los cuales me encantan , pero para PC! .
Si te gustan ese tipo de juegos este no te defraudara , quizas el unico inconveniente que tenga para algunos es que solo tiene ingles , pero bueno , para mi personalmente no es un problema , ya que no te ponen ingles dificil .
Ultra-Mega-Recomendado! :D
Publicado: 4 abril 2014
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Partiendo de la base de que llevo jugando RPGs desde la Master System II (Ys) y que he rejugado juegos antiguos por su historia o personajes, queda claro que para mí el apartado técnico, gráficos y demás no es lo más relevante en este tipo de juegos.

Aveyond empieza bastante bien con la presentación del personaje principal y entrelazando dos lineas argumentales, aunque sin haber podido hacer ningún combate previo ni mejorar al personaje en ningún momento al inicio me encontré que uno de los combates solo pude completarlo tras varios críticos por mi parte y fallos de los enemigos. Tuve que cargar la partida varias veces hasta que derroté a los enemigos, hablo del inicio del juego prácticamente y cuando aun no se ha podido evolucionar para nada el personaje.

Siguiendo adelante en la historia te encuentras que a menudo no dejan claro donde hay que ir y no queda otra que ir paseando por el mundo hasta que das con el lugar adecuado. Esto es bastante habitual en muchos RPGs (hablar con todo el mundo, investigar, etc), pero cuando te hacen recorrer medio mundo una y otra vez solo por tonterias que no hacen la historia interesante en absoluto algo falla.

Después de varias veces de tener que ir de un sitio al otro sin mucho sentido y rompiendo totalmente el ritmo de la historia no he podido seguir jugandolo.

La historia no tiene mala pinta, tiene los típicos elementos de estos juegos, pero cuando empiezas a avanzar y ves que constantemente te rompen el ritmo artificialmente para alargar el juego dando paseos, pesa más la sensación de perdida de tiempo que el querer seguir viendo que sucede.

Es una pena, porque he intentado terminar el juego, llevo 3/4 partes del juego pasado aproximadamente pero se me hace demasiado tedioso tener que ir de una lado al otro a cada paso que avanzo en la historia. Así que al final he decidido darle la oportunidad a otro juego y dejaros el aporte por si os sirve de algo.

Es una pena no poder recomendarlo.

Nota: 3/10

Publicado: 9 junio 2014
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I really want to like this , but this game is just alright and thats being nice. Intially it was fine, however as you proceed you discover it really lacks depth, ingame looks shoddy lacking creativity, the gameplay is a snooze and the so called humor, perhaps it's there if you're 10. And the the price certainly should not be 10$ it's not even the full story just a part which is super dissapointing.

This game is good for a rainy day, however paying full price is not worth it. I may give the sequel a try if it goes on sale significantly.

When it comes to games like this I just cannot resist, but unfortunately there is almost always, too high of an expectation and a less than average gameplay experience. Based on my play through of the beloved final fantasy and golden sun series and many others, growing up. Golden sun being one of my all time favorite jrpg games its understandable how many games seem to underdeliver. :D

Understandably this may have been a typical, low budget, rpg-maker game it still could have been better.

This game was dissapointing, But still worth the try if onsale.
Publicado: 1 marzo 2014
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This is only a piece/chapter not a full game, and i felt the description of the game did not let me know that. Granted it was cheap on a bundle, If I had paid full price I would of been upset!! Also several ;points in the game its is more of going over every spot you been again to find some hint or clue for current quest. Also ONE QUEST GIVEN YOU CANT EVEN COMPLETE IN THIS GAME.....ITS FOR THE NEXT PIECE/CHAPTER. It runs well enough. The fighting is smooth. The sound is monotonious but runs well. Graphics are done decent.. There is few things for growth or enhancement of your characters....Two never get any new skills or abilities at all....One only has the two it starts with.... To be honest this felt like an extended demo...I finished it in 10 hours.... It definately is no Laxius Force or Skyrim.
Publicado: 8 abril 2014
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I recommend this game with caveats. If you like "old-skool" RPGs with turn-based battles and 16-bit graphics, then this just might be your thing. However, if you also like getting a complete game, then be aware that this is just a chapter in an ongoing series.

The interchange between characters was nice, but it wasn't frequent enough for me. The journal just contained basic descriptions of the main and side quests you'd undertake. However, not all side quests get logged, so, how do you know when that NPC is just yapping or if there is an actual quest to be had? I also found myself being lost a number of times. Where do I go, what do I do? I eventually had to resort to a walkthru. I used it as sparignly as I could. There is no widescreen resolution but controller support was appreciated. Combat was the typical pick your actions and then take turns.

For the most part I enjoyed this game. I'll look for the later chapters to be on sale and pick them up then. Overall, I'd give this a C+ or a B-. If the dev would make the journal better to include all quests and allow you to talk to your team members for hints as to what to do next, then I would have given it a solid B.
Publicado: 10 agosto 2014
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