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'Things will explode, things will die, you will dodge, you will do maths...Yes maths!' Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is an intense vertical shooter with a brain train twist. Through the chaos and explosion try to answer the falling math problems to increase your multiplier and power up your ship.
發售日: 2014年2月5日
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Some FREE DLC!!!


Hey Steam people!

As a thanks for being so awesome and increadbly supportive since I released SKH-Resurrection I thought I'd throw you guys the Original Super Killer Hornet as a thanks.

It's not much I know but it's something :)

The orignal SKH is a fast paced endless shooter with maths. It's a little rough around the edges as it was my first game but I hope you can find some fun in it.

So huge thanks again for everyone who's played my little game, I can't thank you enough.

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V1.7 Now available with WASD controls and few fixes


Another update! Main change is the WASD and mouse controls as requested.
Also Tab rotation has been moved to F3 to fix the tab error.
On some PC's the game was running way to fast this has now been rectified.

New controls are as follows
W - Up
S - Down
A - Left
D - Right
U or Mouse 1 - Fire
I or Mouse 2 - Flamer
O or Space - Bomb
F1 - Full Screen
F2 - Screen Resolution
F3 - Screen Rotation

Of course the original control are all still intact :)

I hope this helps a few of you out, let me know if you have any issues.


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“Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is a refreshing SHMUP. It forces the player to think on their feet while dodging a bullet storm”
A- – 30 Plus Gamer

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend picking it up if you're a fan of the genre.”
8/10 – The Games Den

“Flump Studios made an absolute masterpiece with this game”
8/10 – Press Start to Begin

Big Picture


  • 6 intense and diverse levels
  • Epic boss battles
  • Unique and rewarding multitasking gameplay
  • OST by the Sixty Fours and Dylan Barry
  • Includes arcade, time attack and survival mode
  • Classic auto-bomb system to aid beginners


'Things will explode, things will die, you will dodge, you will do maths...Yes maths!'

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is an intense vertical shooter with a brain train twist.
Through the chaos and explosion try to answer the falling math problems to increase your multiplier and power up your ship.
Featuring a superb sound track by UK rock hip hop maestros the Sixty fours as well as classic tracks from Dylan Barry.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 1.1 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 3 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 compatible graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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Good little time killer.
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A great twist on the SHMUP blueprint, and it gets bonus points for having bees as a focus. I'm inspired to do a 1cc run, which I haven't been inspired to do on a SHMUP since Touhou 7. I might wait for nightmare mode to make it harder...but I might wait for the "all bullets, no maths mode" to save my head when I do.

Also, friendly devs are always a bonus, yet another reason indie>AAA of late.

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first things first why is everyone complaining about the math the math is very simple 2+4 5x1 etc. This game doesn't reinvent the wheel but is worth a try on sale 5$ or under is worth picking this game up. In conclusion if your looking for a shmup that will keep you entertained for a few hours or longer (longer than cod campaign mode) then this is your game. If your lokking for a shmup that reinvents the wheel and all that stuff steer clear of this game and let me know if you find it because a great shmup has been on my wishlist for a while.
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Not Bad
could be more bullet to dodge
Score 6.9

Not a Cave game !
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A bullet hell/vertical shmup shooter with a killer soundtrack and math puzzles. Yes, math puzzles for bonuses.

This game is absurd in what it consists of, but man is it good. A rock-solid game that becomes more and more challenging without ever getting unfair.
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Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection feels like the sort of game that would come to a developer out of a bizarre fever dream. Imagine a hyperactive shmup, involving a homicidal insect (which may actually be a spaceship), fighting a barrage of alien demon creatures across planets. Now picture it set to a soundtrack by British hip-hop rock artist The Sixty Fours, in which you create combos and get upgrades by solving basic math problems, and you've got a pretty good idea of what Killer Hornet is.

For as ludicrous as the premise sounds, as a fan of shmups I was still open to giving it a chance and hoping to be if not impressed, then at least entertained. The problem though is two fold: firstly the outlandish components fit poorly together, and on top of being really weird seem gimmicky, like the developers pulled random nouns and adjectives out of a hat and based the game around them.

Second, taken by themselves the different parts that make up Killer Hornet are of a very low quality, almost to the point of embarrassment. The shooting is bland and the enemies the very definition of "cannon fodder", flinging themselves into the path of my gun and being incredibly boring to fight. Few new enemies get added over the games 6 levels (which take about 30 minutes to complete, but this is countered by bosses being reused repetitively to inflate the length of the levels without actually adding anything new. Neither of the two soundtracks are noteworthy, with The Sixty Four's being particularly jarring as it is essentially the same as playing an MP3 over the sound effects and doesn't effect or connect with the action on screen. Most glaring though is the art direction, an area I historically give a lot of slack for the sake of "artistic expression", but in this case cannot dismiss how truly awful it looks (made even worse by running at a locked 640x480 resolution).

It's been awhile since a game has inspired the roller coaster of momentary surprise and excitement so quickly followed by disappointment and disgust that Super Killer Hornet did. It's a shallow, poorly made game with an absurd price tag that I honestly don't believe belongs on Steam. It's crazy setup might have made for a fun 5-minute flash game, but is not something I can get behind as a retail title, and my advice for anyone considering it would be the same as for those confronted by an actual hornet: stay away or expect to get stung!