Imagine taking the perfect online gaming experience and one of the most popular Worms games ever made, adding a touch of Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, full controller support; a little sprinkle of 1080 / 60FPS, and you have Worms World Party Remastered!
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Release Date: Jul 16, 2015

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August 24

Worms W.M.D is Out Now!

We're Mighty Dangerous!

The worms are back in their most destructive game yet. With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, brand new weapons, the introduction of crafting, vehicles and buildings plus the return of some much-loved classic weapons and gameplay, Worms W.M.D is the best worms experience ever.

Work your way through 30 campaign levels of increasing difficulty using the huge arsenal of new and classic weapons at your disposal. Use new vehicles to cause chaos amongst the enemy ranks and use buildings to gain the tactical advantage as you try to dominate the battlefield!

Take on up to five opponents in hilarious all-out tactical worm warfare with up to eight worms each, either in local or online multiplayer, including ranked play. Flatten your opponents with the Concrete Donkey. Turn them into chunks of worm meat with the Holy Hand Grenade. Rain down hell from above in helicopters or pound them into oblivion with the tank. With 80 weapons and utilities at your fingertips, this is Worms at its chaotic best!

Watch the Worms W.M.D Launch Trailer!

Thank you to everyone that has followed Worms W.M.D since we announced it last year. Your support and enthusiasm has been simply amazing. We really hope that you enjoy the game!

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July 12

Worms W.M.D Release Date and All-Stars Pre-Order Pack Announcement!

I want to start by thanking everyone for their support and enthusiasm for Worms W.M.D, it’s been nothing short of amazing. And now I’m super happy to announce that you’ll be able to get your hands on Worms W.M.D when it launches August 23rd.

But that’s not all…

We’re celebrating the launch of Worms W.M.D by gathering up our friends from across gaming for the Worms W.M.D All-Stars Pre-Order.

All gamers pre-ordering the game before its August 23rd launch will receive the following Worms W.M.D All-Stars content:

Worms fans worldwide are eager to cause mayhem with the all-new, mega-powerful Tank in Worms W.M.D., but wait until they get their hands on the Rocket League Octane Battle-Car! Soccer meets driving meets Worms. What's not to like?

Use the Goat-on-a-Rope weapon to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as the goat swings around the gorgeous digitally painted 2D landscapes using its sticky tongue to hone in on them! Laugh maniacally as the homicidal maniac with hooves explodes, turning your opponents’ troops into worm meat! We also have a pretty cool Goat Simulator three mask set. Because, why not?

It’s Payday time for the worms. Stick it to the man by dressing your invertebrate chums up in the masks that have become iconic for millions of PAYDAY 2 fans around the world and plan your attack looking like a total badass. They’ll never take you alive!

The most outrageous, over-the-top action franchise in videogames, arrives in Worms W.M.D in the form of the Dubstep gun from Saints Row IV. This baby can inflict massive damage whilst making pedestrians (and worms) dance. Yes, dance. Team17 is proud, and slightly nervous, to announce that the Dubstep Gun will be bringing the dance-pocalypse as one of our mounted guns in honour of this awesome weapon.

The free-to-play zombie survival sensation, where millions of users try their best to stay alive, shuffles into Worms W.M.D in search of brains! And in homage to this popular zomb-fest, Worms fans can dress their slimy pals in a three mask set and wage war in an Unturned mission.

Coming to the explosive rescue of worms everywhere is the fan favourite Broforce Turkey Bomb, bringing the pain in Worms W.M.D. And that’s not all! The Liberty Strike is a Broforce flavoured airstrike which will rain down fiery hell from the skies. Booyah!

The War Mage and Sorceress have vowed to protect the world and guard the rifts. But sometime after the last great battle, trouble is brewing again. Whilst we wait for the Orc Invasion, we can dress our worms up in this Orcs Must Die! three mask set and unleash the excellent crafted minions weapon.

Dress your worms up as one of gaming’s most anticipated double acts with the awesome Yooka-Laylee seven mask set!

A three mask set from the award-winning 2015 hit The Escapists is a must-have accessory for all wormy wannabe escapists. And if you want somewhere different to escape to, there’s a new mission waiting for you.

Ahhhh, precious memories of mutually-assured worm destruction! Don’t you just wish you could re-live them? We’ve got you covered! Unleash the Ming Vase, Sheep Launcher and Kamikaze weapons, get stuck into five classic missions and head into battle in a classic Worms three mask set!

TF2 brings the worm pain with the devastating Sentry Gun weapon and nine mask set featuring the full TF2 crew of Pyro, Demoman, Medic, Spy, Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Heavy and Engineer.

See all of this in action in the All-Stars Pre-Order Trailer

Stop by the Worms W.M.D forum to let us know what you think of the All-Stars Pre-Order. And if you liked the announcement please give it a big thumbs up!

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About This Game

Imagine taking the perfect online gaming experience and one of the most popular Worms games ever made, adding a touch of Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, full controller support; a little sprinkle of 1080p / 60FPS, all rounded off with enhanced weapon sounds effects and an improved frontend. And you have Worms World Party Remastered.

With both single player and up to 6 players leading their worms into manic multiplayer mayhem, this unique, wacky, outrageous, addictive and deadly (to Worms anyway) combat game is remastered and ready for action.


  • Access the fantastic "Wormpot" which gives you over 1000 different game styles. All modes are available offline, online, or a mixture of both!
  • Over 20 Multiplayer missions: players can now team up with a buddy to tackle cooperative missions where working together is the only way to twin. Alternatively, check out the competitive missions and fight in specially prepared scenarios.
  • Single player and multiplayer, 2-6 players either local or online.
  • It’s a veritable feast with nearly 60 weapons, ranging from the relatively calorie-free bazooka to the full fat concrete Donkey. Oh man!
  • If you’re late to the party scene, don’t worry. Our friendly training section will soon have you dancing with the rest of us.
  • Shiny 1080p graphics with 60 fps
  • Enhanced weapon sound effects
  • Cloud Saves
  • Full Controller Support
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Achievements


  • Quickstart Game - get to play quickly with predefined team and weapon set against AI (Wormbots).
  • Training - host different disciplines in which to train. You work against the clock.
  • Missions - ranged between easy and hard. Custom terrains for won missions unlock for normal games.
  • Time Attack - Missions but with different ways to complete them. The player must figure out which one is the fastest.
  • Deathmatch challenge – similar to normal games. Player take on a number of computer teams in an ever-increasing spiral of difficulty. Rewards given to high ranked teams.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.4 gHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, Nvidia GeForce 8000, ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
    • Additional Notes: We recommend updating your PC's hardware drivers before playing. If your PC is no longer supported by your manufacturer and your hardware drivers are very old, you may experience difficulty running the game. Please check with your PC manufacturer for more details.
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Mixed (249 reviews)
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18.0 hrs
Posted: August 14
I have decided to change my recommendation since you can download the missing voices and other files and easily add them to the game's data, but those files shouldn't have been missing in the first place. I also can't seem to get replays to work, which is very disappointing. It's still a very fun game and playing in 1080p is awesome, so I do have to recommend one of my favorite games ever.
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ⒻⓊⒸⓀ em0_tion
0.7 hrs
Posted: August 9
so many good childhood memories <3
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Bobby Zeal
9.1 hrs
Posted: August 7
Worms World Party was released in 2001, two years after Worms Armageddon. It was referred to many as a big disappointment, because it hardly offered anything extra to the plate – Wormpot (where you can alter the game in various ways), some extra single play missions, a mission editor… and precious little else.

In Mid 2015 – Worms World Party Remastered was released on Steam. Once again, the new features were very minimal. It boasted higher resolution (which Worms Armageddon had YEARS ago), Steam Trading Cards, Achievements and a few other things that in my opinion, were not very noteworthy.

Thankfully I bought this on a sale at around £3, and that was only to revisit the single play missions. There was no way I was going to fork out £10.99 for this half-baked product.


- Achievements and Trading Cards, which is something I guess.
- Wormpot offers a lot of diversity. You can have permanent Double Damage, Super Rope, or Unlimited Crate Shower to name but a few selections.
- A lot of Single Play Missions. Although some are pretty samey, some are really unique and actually quite fun to play.
- The Mission Editor is also fun to use; good if you're the creative type and you know a group of friends who will play your missions.


- Let’s get the biggest problem of the game dealt with first. Online Multiplayer is virtually non-existent. Compare that to Worms Armageddon, where you usually see twenty plus people during the evening (UK), here, you are lucky to see one person at any time. This is a major issue, especially since multi-play is the absolute foundation of Worms.

- Although Wormpot is a unique feature, about 75% of the options to choose from are just plain uninteresting and lazy. High powered Firearms, High Powered Animals, High Powered this, High Powered That. We’re not all kids that crave ‘big-boom’ weapons. It just shows a lack of originality.

- The screen feels ‘choppy’ , and that’s with all the features cut down. Likely, this is something I encounter on my computer only, but when Worms Armageddon runs smoothly on the same resolution, why am I having issues here?

- No features to unlock. It was a rewarding experience in Worms Armageddon, where you got an extra utility or an extra option to modify should you complete a mission. Here, everything is unlocked at the start – so it doesn’t feel all that satisfying when you do beat a hard challenge. Then again, there isn’t really a lot more features at the start anyway.

- The Steam Achievements, again, are unimaginative. Complete all the missions, Complete Deathmatch, Drown 100 worms… yeah fair enough, but the majority are pretty lame and can honestly be accomplished by accident. Woo, I attacked the same worm with the bow and arrow twice. Wow! Have an achievement!

Overall, Worms World Party is the inferior younger brother to Worms Armageddon. Unless you can get it really cheap – and that’s really just for the single play missions – don’t waste your money here.

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8.3 hrs
Posted: July 28
You know what, this is STILL a brilliant game - and even better now it's in higher res :)

Of course the multiplayer doesn't work IF YA DONT FORWARD UR PORTS!

It all works fine ... If u want multi, one hosts, read the hosting guide ;)

Well worth the money.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: July 26
Just don't buy it...
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0.1 hrs
Posted: July 23
I was 6 or 7 years of age when I got Worms World Party for my PS1, never seen a game like that, gave me so much laughs and so much hours of fun.
I got Worms World Party for my computer a long time ago and same effect.
Imagine how I reacted when I realized there was a "remastered" version of it on Steam AND on sale!
I bought it immediately and I wasn't satisfied.
It doesn't work with my controller, I see no difference between this version and the old one, online still doesn't ♥♥♥♥♥ work, etc etc.

Will this be fixed? Will this game light up the childhood fire of many kids within their hearts who played it before?
I don't know, but in the mean time, i asked for a refund.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 22
Its a cashgrab!

Don't buy this crap if you loved the original game.

The sounds are completely off and you cant even use the "sample" when creating characters.

This game might look like the original, but the feel is nowhere to be found
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0.6 hrs
Posted: July 22
Bought myself and my girlfriend a copy of this to play together.

Small problem, multiplayer doesn't connect.

Refund pls.
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Dogemonzo #GFUEL
22.5 hrs
Posted: July 22
it's worms. 10/10
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9.9 hrs
Posted: July 17
For starters, just to make things clear, this isn't a "remake". You know, like the old games getting remakes with modern graphics and possibly new features? No, no. This is not a remake, and people seem to be confusing it with one. This is a "remaster", which means you can just nicely run this game in 1080p on modern PCs without any pixelation or issues. There obviously isn't a lot to remaster in a flippin' Worms game, so the difference isn't huge, but the point is that it works! It doesn't crash, it doesn't bug out, it doesn't do weird things - it just works, and that's all I wanted. they also give you some remastered sounds as a bonus, but I just switched to the old ones to get my nostalgia fix (and because I think they still sound better than the new ones).

Now that we have that out of the way, the actual review:

It's a great game. It's basically Worms Armageddon with a few added features and most things unlocked from the start. (To be fair, I don't have the Steam version of Worms Armageddon, so I don't know how that looks like, but I at least assume they couldn't have changed much) It's honestly the golden era of Worms, and it never got even near the perfection of Armageddon-World Party ever again, sadly. So many hours spent in local multiplayer with my friend when we were young, getting gold medals in all the missions and challenges, achieving elite rank in the deathmatch, ahh. Worms is also where all the "party" games started, really. It's THE party game.

The only real issue could be the online multiplater because that, too, has not been changed from the original. And you probably know how that looked like in late 90s to early 2000s in some games... I'm not entirely sure if it even works.

If you have never played it and like Worms, what are you waiting for?
If you have played it before you know how great it is, so what are you waiting for?
If you are not familiar with Worms it's time to get familiar with this piece. What are you waiting for? (Also perhaps stop living under a rock)
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
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18.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
I have decided to change my recommendation since you can download the missing voices and other files and easily add them to the game's data, but those files shouldn't have been missing in the first place. I also can't seem to get replays to work, which is very disappointing. It's still a very fun game and playing in 1080p is awesome, so I do have to recommend one of my favorite games ever.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 28
You know what, this is STILL a brilliant game - and even better now it's in higher res :)

Of course the multiplayer doesn't work IF YA DONT FORWARD UR PORTS!

It all works fine ... If u want multi, one hosts, read the hosting guide ;)

Well worth the money.
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015

Oh, Team17, why you do this to us...

Pros: 1080p gameplay, yay

Cons: Everything else, the menus are in 640x480 so it's a pain in the capital B to alttab and don't even try to use the overlay, this will make multi-monitor users have problems as well, there are no key bindings nor control schemes for keyboard/mouse, lack of graphic and audio settings, basically is just a copypaste of the original game interface, by the way the "new" audio isn't a great thing either, you will be turning it off because it doesn't match the game style. There's no good online (yeah, wtf Team17), no steamworks matchmaking, I don't remember seeing a direct IP connection so I guess you will have to use Hamachi and similar software to play with friends without lag, because there's just this UK Wormnet master server where I was unable to join a single damn match and there's no people whatsoever, "the perfect online gaming experience"?! yeah sure. Did I mention the game crashed 3 times in 20 minutes? what the hell? and there are people having compatibility and optimization issues as well in the forums. I heard people having FPS problems as well, so yeah, another strike.

Don't bother buying this, don't even think of it, is a copy-paste of the original game with no improvement aside from the 1080p gameplay, all it's features could be achieved with a free mod for t he original game. If you are wondering why I don't have this in my library anymore, it's because I asked for a refund, you should do the same. Developers should learn how to do a proper "remastered", don't give them your money so they can undestand that and stop releasing lazy games like this.

If you want a true 2D Worms experience, buy Armageddon.
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323 of 336 people (96%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
22.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 18, 2015
FIrst of all, let's make one thing clear: All of the negative reviews, including this one, are not towards the actual gameplay, Worms World Party was a fantastic game all those years ago, and is just as much fun to play today, same as Worms 2 and of course, Worms Armageddon. The reason for the masses of bad reviews is because Team 17's idea of "Remastered" is far from the truth of what a remastered version of a game should be. As a seasoned fan of the Worms series ever since the Amiga days, it really pains me to click "Not Recommended" on this review...

Worms World Party Remastered, it's essentially exactly the same as the original, but with 1080p In-game Graphics (this does not include the in-game menus unfortunately) and 60 FPS gameplay, both of which have been a part of Worms Armageddon for a long time now, so ultimately it's nothing new, and seeming as how they're almost exactly the same game, it feels very much like we have been cheated paying £10.00 for something that isn't new and far from actually being remastered.

Worms World Party itself does offer a handful of features and content that were never included in Worms Armageddon, the Wormpot options for example make for a ton of unique options to give the gameplay a litlte more variety, it also has more missions and a co-op online mode, but aside from that, Worms Armageddon is easily still the superior game due-to the fact that it has recieved constant updates for many, many years after it's release.

What I expected to get from Worms World Party Remastered was the second coming of a Worms Armageddon so to speak, the entire game being completely remastered, updated and with a new layer of polish to compensate for todays standards, but most of the updated and awesome features included in Worms Armageddon were not included in Worms World Party Remastered, what we were left with was nothing more than an option to use some remastered sound effects as opposed to the classic ones. I am thankful that the new sounds are fully optional instead of being forced down your throat though as it just doesn't feel the same without the classics.

Right now, this needs a lot of work to justify it's price tag and the title of "Remastered", online play doesn't even work properly as of the moment without some pain-staking workarounds (see the 'Guides' section on the Community Hub), the frame rate can sometimes be incredibly choppy and the fact that Team 17 didn't think to include the updates that Worms Armageddon received just baffles me...
Just before this was released, they delayed it's release a little longer after discovering a bug that they wanted to fix first, which shows Team 17 care about their products, they always have done and I salute them for that, but re-releasing a game that hit shelves over a decade ago when Worms Armageddon is already available and vastly superior is just something that I can't support.

I am hoping that this game gets the patches that it deserves and truly needs to live up to what we all hoped it would be, but until that happens, I'm sorry, but I just can't recommend this to anybody else, I even told my brothers to steer well clear of this game and stick with Worms Armageddon instead, and I give the same advice to all of you. Don't pay for an inferior product when there is a better and very similar option available instead.
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204 of 230 people (89%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015
If you want to enjoy a few hilarious weapons(Note: Armageddon also has those weapons, but WWP seems to drop rare weapons more frequently - through "Crates, crates and even more crates" lobby setting. Thanks master of memes!), game schemes and modes from 2D worms universe EASIER, and only if in that case, get this.

Otherwise you may want to stick to Armageddon. This game has a few issues yet to be solved. Such as voices doesn't quite match what you have selected(e.g. Russian voice still has English screams),The biggest setback is Network part. Without TCP/IP option, and wormnet doesn't work(for me), It gets very tricky to have fun with your friends over Internet.

I'll check later to see if it gets better.
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174 of 193 people (90%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
11.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015
- It is Worms World Party. One of the best games I have ever played.
- You have Wormpot options. Enable blood, x2 damage etc.. Something Worms Armageddon never had.

- Menus are 640x480
- No Windowed Mode (If you have double or more screen your mouse can easily go to the other screens while you are playing)
- Almost impossible to play online. Even Armageddon have 60-100 online players in their lobbies. WWPR have max 10 players. (Same like other Worms games - I am looking at you 3D Worms games - unable to play online because of lack of players)
- Even you find enough people to play. You need to struggle like 15 to 90 minutes open ports, change your net settings etc to host a decent game. Even at Worms Armageddon you can easily host a game with hostingbuddy but not at wwpr.
- Some voices are wrong, missing.

If you have Worms Armageddon or Worms World Party do not buy that game. If you dont have well I think Worms Armageddon is still better. At least you can able to play online... Waited like 2 weeks for WWPR (released with 1 week delay) and I am just heartbroken.

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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015
I was expecting this game to be fully modernised for PCs of today since the old version's menu and gameplay are in low resolution, the controls are slightly awkward, and online play was sometimes hard to get working (I feel as if that's okay considering the game came out in 2001 before Steam.)

They promised us an improved frontend and 1080p/60FPS which as a customer I can assume it was for the entire game, but upon purchase and launch I found that the main menu ran at 640x480 which is exactly the same as the original release of the game, and the mouse movement in menus was far too sensitive with no way to change it at all. I didn't see a keyboard rebinding menu at all in the options, only a button that opens a screen displaying gamepad controls. The keyboard controls were awkward because I had to use the jump button before I could even move at all, and the keybinds were not displayed for me anywhere.

I am severly disappointed with the quality of this game and I hope that they take the criticism recieved on board. If they bring this game's quality up to the standard expected then I'll be happy to re-purchase.
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015
as much as i adore the Worms series and World Party to me is the best one of the series, this is a joke of a port yet they call it a remaster. believe me it is not a remaster and not even a good port. low resolution menus, unstable framerate and some audio glitches. this game isn't that hard to remaster yet Team17 managed to screw it up badly. it all looked fishy before release when they kept ignoring many of the questions we were asking in the forum and now we know why.

coming from a really die hard Worms fan, it really pains me to say this but stay away from this terrible port, trust me on this .
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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2015
If you are expecting an elaborated remasted with lots of new things better don´t buy this game, instead if you don´t have any worms game on Steam and this is your favourite one go for it. Also if you wan´t to play Worms online W:A is the most played with the biggest community.

The reason for this negative review is highly caused by the "Remastered" word in the title, this game looks exactly like the Armaggedon on Steam except for the sound, for sure most of the negative reviews came from this fact.

-It´s a Worms Game, so its fun
-Sound better than the original WWP

-The game lacks fps, I think this is a minor problem that T17 is going to resolve soon
-The Main Menu isn´t remastered, stills at old resolution and isn´t friendly as in newer worms game, for example you can´t use arrows for preview sounds or maps fastly and need to click the drop-down menu, select the map/soundbank, preview it, and again...
-I expected for a new online system with some kind of matchmaking, but still the old system.
-Graphics are not redone (I understand thats a Remake, not a Remaster), so at 1080p the game feels bad with a high zoom out to keep the pixel ratio

At last I want to sorry for any misspelling at this review and hope this help you to decide if you are going to buy it or don´t
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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
Worms World Party Remastered is a complete disaster. The only changes applied is the 1080p option, and adding "Remastered" to the title's name. You might be dissapointed about this game. You might feel like "Oh boy, WWP! What a nostalgic game, I can't wait to play it!" And unfortunately you have became, or will become something like "Well, this is even worse than the original WWP lol."

Well if you want to get the retro Worms experience you were looking for, I suggest you to refund this game and buy Worms Armageddon instead. You may thinking "Why? Worms Armageddon is prequel of Worms World Party. Probably it's even worse." Well guess what? It's far better game than you can imagine. It's the perfect online gaming expreince Team17 talking about. Well though, funny thing is Team17 didn't do much to improve, the superiorities of WA are there thanks to it's fanbase and 2 coder (Deadcode and Cybershadow) hired by Team17 from community to make patches.

Well you might be wondering why should I refund WWPR, and get WA instead? What are those superior features of WA? You may think I'll just wait a bit for WWPR to get his patches etc. Well, don't wait! Everything you are waiting for is in Worms Armageddon!

Let me count some, for example bigger sized map support, you can play on maps with any size, you can play on any png-8 bit maps in WA. Also replay recording. You can watch played games exactly how they happened. And replay files are ridicilously small, such as between 100kb-500 kb. And there are very active community, with over 50 new game modes. There are active leagues working with replay sharing, if you win a game, you send your replay as a proof for your victory. And you can watch every replay of any game whenever you want. There are over 200k games played on leagues so far! And it's still active. For example, the recent games page of the most active league, TUS:

About new game modes I previously mentioned. For example, you remember the famous ninja rope right? Imagine racing on a map with it, it's called Rope Race in WA. An example video of a Rope Race:

Well, do you want to know what other spectacular features the game has? Check this video on wormtube, to understand why Worms Armageddon is so superior to Worms World Party Remastered:

You might be thinking is this a Worms Armageddon promotion or WWP Remastered review? Well the reason why I talked about WA is, WA became a such game with only 2 people and the fanbase. And Team17, after all those years, with all the resources they had, they can't even come up with a better game. That's why this game is so bad and that's why I lost my respect against Team17. And I want people to have the game they deserve, Worms Armageddon.
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