RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open world RPG elements. In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.
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Release Date: Mar 13, 2014

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What the developers have to say:

“RUNNING WITH RIFLES is currently in beta. To be honest, it's been in beta for the past 2.5 years, so it seems we're on our way to make RWR 1 with sequels 2 and 3 all in one game! This, my friends, happens when the developer keeps listening to the player feedback! Thanks guys, we love you!

By now, the game comes with lots of content, vehicles, deployable elements, sick amount of AI logic, multiplayer and dedicated servers, multifaction battles and a campaign. You might think we're on the final stretch here and you're right, we sort of are! Nevertheless, we still think Steam Early Access is the right place for RWR right now, as we still anticipate about 6 months of hard work ahead of us to utilize the most of the potential in the underlying game system, and, you can still affect what goes in the game!

It's also not absolutely set in stone that we wouldn't deviate from the current plans completely if things required it. For example, it'll be interesting to see how Steam Early Access will affect the player counts in RWR online, we're hoping it will!

Check the bottom of the Steam page for the upcoming stuff. We hope you have fun time running around in the game, and come say hello on our IRC channel #rwr at quakenet.

Remember to try the demo before throwing your money at us, it's common sense. We'll have the demo available in Steam soon, but in the meantime you can find it on our website

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Recent updates View all (9)

October 25

0.98.6 update released!


  • menu: fixed leaky create account / login panel, doh
  • gameplay: overpacked speed modier decreased, and exposed
  • hud: koth timer display added, minimodes timers show too
  • minimodes: fixed double winner report
  • deathmatch: minor tweaks with itemsmaps: some minor fixes from issues from the unifying work done for 0.98.5
  • maps: spawnpoints increased in the map used for deathmatch, some other minor tweaks
  • maps: minor tweaks in Moorland Trenches for minimodes

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October 21

0.98.5 update released!


  • ai: driver now shouts "get out of way" when someone's in front of the vehicle in speed
  • ai: some driving related tweaks
  • online: fixed vehicle shown in incorrect orientation briefly initially
  • online: geoinfo.xml is now also used on Windows dedicated servers, if the file exists
  • online: new experimental PvP(vE) focused game mode with short objective based scenarios, currently known as minimodes; work in progress
  • all vs all deathmatch: bullets no longer go through shields
  • all vs all deathmatch: "taxi" requests are no longer handled with shooting at a vehicle
  • campaign: removed capacity increasing vehicles from neutral faction; could lead to stabby brown soldiers in 1st final map
  • general: fix attempt made at last base having no spawn points and match not ending when countdown ends
  • gameplay: fixed "hey wait up" being said continuously
  • weapons: some unlockable primary weapons changed to respawnable
  • weapons: xm25 tweaked
  • hud: show team scores in play view for minimodes
  • maps: several tweaks here and there
  • ui: fixed stats view / log for other than 16:9 video modes
  • ui: join menu login / create account panel added
  • cli: fixed command line server address and port to use correct settings, also pre-fills username and password digest if available from earlier
  • modding: servers can now provide custom hotkeys in custom map configs, similar syntax as with custom hotkeys

  • servers: major structural changes with scripts
    * please use start_*.php entry scripts to start gamemodes, bat files use them too
    * various server related settings are now provided as *.example.php files in the RWR package: RWR will try to use similarly named files without ".example" infix first and resort to using the example files - setup your own settings in the files without ".example" and RWR updates will never overwrite your settings again

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“Average community rating”
9.5/10 – Desura

“Running with Rifles is the kind of game that you think you know how to play, but after you die a dozen times in a row you'll realize it's not actually about running around with rifles. [...] This ain't no arcade game!”

“This game stands out as a truly iconic shooter. With the vast range of gameplay aspects as well as the addictive style and pace, this game is truly one of a kind. War games have been done before, but never to such a free and open extent.”
10/10 – TheSmilingArsonist @ Desura

About This Game

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open-world RPG elements.

In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you. To your superiors, you're nothing but cannon fodder...
The open world approach lets you define your own path and story in the campaign. Push back the enemy with your comrades or go deep behind enemy lines to sabotage their efforts and loot valuable items.

As you gain experience, you are promoted with higher command over soldiers and equipment. Call in artillery fire missions or paratrooper reinforcements when the situation gets tight! Use your squad to man armed boats, tanks and APC's, or, become the expert lone wolf you always aspired to be - it's up to you!



  • hundreds of locations to explore from trenches to towns, deserts to snowy valleys
  • emergent AI that will question if you're as smart as you think you are
  • realistic cover system
  • dozens of different weapons, support and cover items, radio calls, vehicles
  • 40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, coop, PvP, PvPvE
  • speech bubbles!
  • deaths and fails, a lot of them, including your own!
  • ...and of course, mods!


  • Boss battles - when a faction is completely defeated, it's time for a boss battle. These maps will be something different from the usual campaign maps, possibly placing the player against overly powerful enemy units, on a special stealth mission or a frontal assault against the remaining enemy forces - we don't know, help us decide!
  • More maps - with 9 maps already in the game, we are still working on at least 3 new maps
  • New side objectives - we have comms truck and radio tower sabotage objectives, cargo truck and item theft missions, spotting, and more is in the works: there will be prisoners to set free, strategic structures to destroy, treasure to hunt - we're open to ideas too!
  • AI improvements - the players know the crux of RWR is the AI, but we're not quite done there yet: would be great to see the AI building defenses with sandbag cover, for example
  • More online game modes - What mode would you want to play? It would be possible to add e.g. Capture the flag (or vehicle), survival, bomb planting - the modes are scripts so they can be modded too
  • Usability - we know certain things are a bit in the dark for newcomers so more attention needs to be directed on discoverability of features, possibly by providing special maps to function as training grounds
  • Badges, ranks, medals, ribbons - we're overhauling the award system
  • Writing - we've barely started to bring forth the background and setting of the game
  • Steam Integration - achievements, server lists, Workshop
  • Mac port!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6600, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6800, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM - please note that the game is not playable with ATI/AMD proprietary drivers!
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
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6.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Running With Rifles
Field Rating Review
The graphics definitely aren't anywhere near top notch, but they chose a style and went with it, and it works darn well. Animations are fluid and satisfying as well.
With a unique style of gameplay being offered, running with rifles sets itself apart from other games by providing a top-down war experience. You live, you die, you come back as someone else and continue the fight. A constant game of tug-of-war across multiple HUGE connected maps with hundreds of units and three armies at war. Prepare to die a lot, and love every minute of it. There are still however some drawbacks with the AI, and some minor frustrations with combat here and there. But they are still being fleshed out, and as of right now it's wonderful.
No story to be found here, so far.
An absolutely blast with friends. Easy to pick up a game and go. Rank up together, command your own squads, and take back the territories. Watch each other be mowed down by enemy gunfire, or get tactical and flank the enemy together on a stealth mission. Play it how you will, you'll enjoy it either way.
Worth coming back to over and over. The game could use some more diversity to keep gameplay from getting dull in the long run, but overall you'll find yourself wanting to play this one with friends every chance you get.
I've been playing Running with Rifles since it was first announced and released, and my they have come a long way. Years since it began they've added several new huge maps, dozens of new weapons and gameplay elements, vehicles, and a third army to fight for. If you don't pick this one up now, keep your eye on it. It's going very, very good places.
Posted: October 20
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
25.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Most top down games don't peak my interest however Running with Rifles has been superb and I have yet to try multiplayer due to the fact I live in a rural area with bad internet. However its supported and ready for servers and the devs have a server of their own up known as SAS.

Its a fast paced action game from a top down camera angel using your mouse to pan around in a limited space, like a field of view. Climb obstacles drives vehicles, and plan attacks properly or expect a quick punishment as it should be. Bullets effect your character randomly so that means some might drop you dead like a headshot should or others you may survive from giving you just a few seconds to escape. Don't camp the ai to long or expect to be ambushed, unless thats what you intended! Play how you want in a battle field capture and move manor, but set in a open world where your welcome to travel around. So much to be said like the end battles with the more powerful ai before winning over a zone. This game is great for you looking for a new unique gameplay thats quiet addicting!
Posted: October 8
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40.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Why you should buy this game (based on version 0.98):

Running with Rifles has loads of depth for the asking price. It's reminiscent of Cannon Fodder, but plays more like a arcade/realism FPS from an isometric perspective. It's sandbox quality allows for a large variety of tactics with no "right answer" but whatever works. Very few games allow you to play as a field commander within a larger battle, and the designers did a good job of making this intuitive. Excellent seamless co-op (if you can find a game, see below).

Why you should consider not buying this game:

There are hardly any populated servers up anymore as of October 2014, very few are adversarial and most are located in Europe with poor ping times (for me). The game is playable as infantry with high ping but the vehicle netcode needs work.

Vehicle implementation is poor. The AI pathfinding is reckless and/or homicidal and jeeps regularly TK crowds of infantry. Tanks cannot drive over small obstacles or push other vehicles out of the way, and the AI driver will often get stuck. As vehicles are decisively powerful, their relative lack of polish is very noticeable.

All in all ten dollars well spent, but a little more polish and a more active MP community would make my recommendation far less equivocal.
Posted: October 7
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2.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Running with Rifles is an awesome game that combines Cannon Fodder that as a child i loved with fast paced shooter like Battlefield. You can play single, co-op games or even large scale pvp battles with AI controled Bots. Maps are realy big with all kinds of equipment on it like tanks, trucks, jeeps. Shooting to bots or people is easy and simple but to master it theres a bit of road ahead, but with many different kinds of weapons you will not be bored.

In simple words: If you want to go back in time and feel again as a kid playing Cannon Fodder this is the game, if you didnt play that kind of games check this one you will not be disappointed.

9 / 10
Posted: October 8
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23.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
This game is truly a work of art.

The Good

It's very easy to sink hours into this game whilst being completely oblivious to time. This is not the sort of game where you can enter a battle with a gameplan. You have to stay with your team and work together to overthrow the massive opposing armies and slowly conquer the battlefield. 'Going rambo' is about as feasible as it would be in real life--you die right away--and this is done intentionally. The whole point of the game is that "The war goes on without you" and it really makes for an innovative and amazing experience in doing so.

The game features singleplayer and multiplayer, and I find multiplayer to be where this game really shines. You can communicate with other players to devise tactics to capture key points on the map, sneak behind enemy lines with a few friends to destroy enemy communications, or just lead the assault on the main front. All of this can be done on singleplayer too, and it's still enjoyable mind you, but multiplayer is definitely the strong suite of this game.

Most modern games involving guns make you the most important person, but this game takes a step in the opposite direction and forces you to work with your team. Your player has no 'health bar' and the chance you will die from a bullet is based on percent. For instance, a sniper rifle bullet may have a 90% chance to kill you, whilst a submachine gun bullet might only have a 70% chance. This may sound a bit quirky at first, but it really does it's job in keeping you with your team and makes you be very cautious in any situation.

The feeling you get knowing that you mean almost nothing in a match is a new experience, and also a very comforting one. I'm not saying this at all in a bad way, this game feels fresh and new and is certainly worth picking up for a humble $10.

The Bad

But like all games, there are a few downsides you might want to consider: The game features plenty of maps and weapons to keep you occupied for potentially hundreds of hours. You might sink 2 hours into a skirmish game and not capture a single area. In my own experience, this has a postive and negative effect. On the postive, this can feel awesome. You go to bed after an hour of playing in an online match, only to wake up the next day to find players are still on the same map and you can pick up right where you left off! On the flip side though, this can be frustrating in skirmish modes, because too long of a standstill and you may be inclined to just quit and start a different map.

In addition, the game devs have implemented rare weapons, which is a great idea, except for the fact that no one ever wants to use them because they are, for all extensive purposes, extremely difficult to find and dependant on RNG, which makes them feel utterly useless because once you die holding one, you're probably not getting it back. More weapon varities that can be easily obtained would be an amazing, and debatebly a neccessary update.

Also, the title is aptly named. You will be doing a lot of running. There are vehicles on each map, and you have the ability to call in your own as well, but they are somewhat scarce and can be difficult to control. The level up system is another thing that could use some tweaking because it is very harsh to new players, forcing you to use one gun until you slowly level up to unlock more.

The Verdict

Keep in mind that while this game has both positive and negatives, this game is still in early access and is getting updates every few weeks that adds more content and balances plenty of things.

This game is definitely worth a try if it looks intriguing at all to you. If you're still having a hard time deciding if it's worth the purchase, try downloading the free demo off of the dev's site. It only has one map but it really allows you to get a feel for the flow of battle and how the game works.

Overall this game is truly a fresh experience. While it has a few flaws here and there, I imagine everything will be ironed out by the game's full release date. I hope this game gets more recognition because it really is fun, and most people don't even know it exists. PLEASE spread the word about this game!

Posted: October 18
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Early Access Review
Amazing amazing amazing! Smash together the old army men toys with video games and you somehow end up with this.
Posted: October 19
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4.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
this game is amazing! loved it ever since i started! for a game of this price, it has a lot to offer
Posted: September 30
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20.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
A fantasticly fun shooty fun-time.
Posted: September 28
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2.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
I was pretty suprised about the game, its epicness is something experience. As you run down a street you soldiers bleeding out, dying a horrible death or a constant flux of soldiers from both faction it gives you a sense of how insignificant you actually are. Best $10 spent so far.

Cannon fodder and execution simulator 2014 10/10.

Posted: September 25
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20.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Really fun and refreshing game. EPIC.
Posted: October 3
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3.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
After only 37 minutes of play under my belt, I can say this is a really fun little game. I've only played campaign so far, but can imagine the fun with a whole bunch of friends over TS!
Don't let early access put you off. this sis a little gem.
Go grab it!
Posted: October 5
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6.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
This game is amazing.

I honestly didn't think I'd like it too much. The more I looked into it though, the more interested I became. 5 hours in and absolutely no complaints. Feels like a finished game. One of the hidden gems in the early release section, if you ask me.

Highly recommend this one to friends and strangers alike :)
Posted: October 8
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10.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier a private, who is just a piece of a big puzzle.You can pick sides, the "Greenbelts", "Brownpants" and the "Graycollars", employing a high-flying nearly-isometric perspective, RUNNING WITH RIFLES makes it painfully clear that you’re no different than any other soldier that’s currently deployed.You don’t have more health, you don’t survive longer, run faster nor deal more damage than the AI does. But this is where the fun lies.You don’t *have* to push for points of interest nor do you have to pull off crazy (inhumane) combat maneuvres to win.It’s all about going with the flow and knowing when, where and how to hit.I encountered minimal amounts of lag with smooth framerate at the highest settings, while playing CO-OP with 13 other player against hundreds of AI enemies.All in all this is a really nice game, definetly worth 9,99€ and I am looking forward for new and exciting content!
Posted: October 6
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8.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
This is a game that definitely qualifies as a "hidden gem."

In this top-down shooter, you are a single soldier in a large battle. It's a little like playing as a creep in a DOTA or LOL. You die easily and often. The game's controls are simple, however you just can't run in, blasting away and mowing down foes. You are no better or tougher than any other NPC soldier. You don't have magic regenerating health, special abilities or OP weapons. In fact you don't even have a health bar - although equipping a flak jacket does make you more survivable.

You join the Green, Grey or Brown factions as they push to capture bases, across a wide selection of large maps.

The game has charming cell-shaded graphics, and I like that the soldiers use amusing speech balloons rather then repetitious voice responses. Seeing a speech bubble "OMG grenade!" pop up before a tint cell-shaded soldier is thrown in the air is amusing - to hear it said aloud 100x would be less so.

Despite it's inherent simplicity, the game requires some thought. You can't "rambo" in with magic regenerating health, special abilities or OP weapons - though you can "earn" better equipment in game, or loot it off fallen friends or foes. You are not the Chosen One. You are, in fact, just another one of many tiny pixellated warriors on screen. You are reliant on you wits (hopefully better than the AI) and ability to select and swap equipment. You will need to crouch, prone and find cover just like a FPS. It plays more like ARMA than the top-down bullet hell arcade games it resembles. It somewhat reminds me a little of a much deeper, more fully-fleshed out version of the assault mode from Company of Heroes: Tales of Valour (with many times more weapons, actions, options and maps).

It is "early access/beta" but seems fully functional to me - definitely there' s $10 worth of game, with singleplayer and multiplayer. I have no real complaints, although I'd wouldn't mind seeing more options for controlling your squad.

EDIT: I would wholeheartedly recommend this game except for the VERY poor online/multiplayer connectivity. I don't mind that dedicated servers are dead (it's a small indie game); I DO mind the lack of friends list/easy way to connect with your friends. In fact it's worse than most 90s games - you need to access your router to "forward your ports" - not something everyone has access to. Or could indeed be bothered with.

(The game FAQ says "ensure your ports are properly forwarded - we're not going to explain, google it" - a arrogant and ♥♥♥♥♥♥y attitude.) Most people would try to log on, read this, say "screw it" and move on to another game. A more user-friendly multiplayer is needed for this game to grow.

8.5/10, downgraded to 6/10 for very poor multiplayer tools/accessibility, in a game that cries out for a good multiplayer community.
Posted: October 11
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12.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Precious permadeath chaos.
Posted: October 14
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1.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Saw a ton of videos before deciding to put 10 bucks on it. Have to say, it plays just as good as it looks on videos! Then again, that is to be expected when you are dealing with a game that is currently shaping up gradually with constant updates and improvements. It provides a toy soldier vibe mixed with RTS elements.

It is fun to play alone.
A blast to play with friends.

With more updates and new elements, this can become a very solid game. Definitely worth getting.
Posted: October 15
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40.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
A very addictive and unique game experience. Watch the trailer(s) and you know exactly what you can expect. Dozens of weapons, a large number of maps, multiple game modes, an active modding community and much more.
One of the most played games in my collection (around 800 hours' worth through Desura since the early beta).
Posted: October 16
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288.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
This is a very good game.
Posted: October 9
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6.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
This game will never make you bored. It's pure amazingness, this game made me like Steam games, i think this is the reason why i started to like steam after the first few of my games came out good, but then i got bored after a few hours. I was about to quit until i saw this game in early access for only $10!
Posted: October 1
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2.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
There's a war going on and it doesn't really care if your in it or not.

I'v played about 300+ hours on this game before it made it to Steam. It's amazing. You know those times when instead of being a leader moving all your units around to defeat your enemy, and your tired of being the hero that can kill a whole army and absorb every bullet comming your way? This game is not a like that . Take a break from Command and Conquer or Battlefield and try this game in which your just another solidier fighting in another war. Your not special in anyway ( Except that your human). When was the last time you've played a game like that? Dont answer that.

So to start off there is a good amount of weapons on each side depending on which faction you are. There are 3 factions, Green, Grey, and Brown. They are kinda based off of each faction, U.S, Germany, and Russia. Each faction has their own set of weapons. Now another great thing about this game is that there are many different ways to play it. It's kinda a open world game and you can have your own rules. You can sneak behind enemy lines, and sabatoge their weapons and arsenal helping your own team, you can guard one of your bases, or even go on the front lines, do what ever you want. Personally I do all three. Each campaign map has it's own secrets and challenges. On most I go on the front lines, helping my team fight it's way to victory. When I see that my faction is gaining enough momentom, I go stealth and try to blow up some of the enemies supplies. It's a good feeling when it's dark and your in the enemies base just stealth killing everyone and no one is aware of it.
Posted: October 14
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