RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open world RPG elements. In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.
User reviews: Very Positive (1,586 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 2, 2015

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"A Top-Down shooter that strays away from the typical run and gun style and encourages you to use your head to devise tactics such as stealth."

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April 17

1.02 update released!


  • Linux: fixed vehicle tracking issues in campaign when continuing an existing campaign, fixing cargo vehicle deliveries
  • map view: fixed frame overlay being rendered behind the background occasionally
  • menu: added port forwarding note in Activate server screen
  • Mac: fixed init_match.xml being looked for in wrong location, causing Final Mission 1 AI commander to function in a unintended way
  • vehicles: humvee has slightly higher acceleration
  • maps: some minor fixes
  • campaign: some extraction points moved to not being extracted accidentally
  • Dominance: added server side overrules for potential client side sight range and camera modifications
  • AI: fixed a bug with bot behavior to jump back and forth between guarding and beginning to approach an already manned deployed weapon when area under open fire but enemy not detected

This Sunday at 6pm UTC, we'll have a pure PvP classic event on {SAS}Beerdrinkers!
We will try to break the record of 64 players by making a 64v64! Let's hope this won't turn into a complete mess and that the server can handle it! :)
As the event name suggests, there won't be any AI on the field, backdooring are allowed and the whole map will be capturable!

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April 9

1.01 update released!

Hey runners,

we had a great week behind us with the release of RWR. We had a peak of 1391 simultaneous players and around 420 on the online servers and we are, as I speak, still on the front page of the Steam store, this is awesome!
We had to rent a few additional servers to make sure you guys can find a server to play.

Today we have mainly some hotfixes for you.


  • compatibility: different shadow camera setup for AMD APU based systems, fixes crashes/freezes
  • online: IP ban manager added
  • online: server name added in the network status data
  • online: a few potential crash situations fixed, thanks for the crashdumps guys
  • map12: fixed final mission 2 bug with script phase controllers not running after becoming defeated, effectively causing the wall to never come down
  • menu: added more visible button to enter the playground tutorial
  • menu: wiki button link pointed to manual section, button made bigger
  • badges: typo corrected in one of the kill streak badge texts
  • dialogue: corrected target character for commenting on hostile vehicle takeover

Important for server admins: Updating servers won't be required, 1.01 is compatible with 1.0.

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“Average community rating”
9.5/10 – Desura

“Running with Rifles is the kind of game that you think you know how to play, but after you die a dozen times in a row you'll realize it's not actually about running around with rifles. [...] This ain't no arcade game!”

“This game stands out as a truly iconic shooter. With the vast range of gameplay aspects as well as the addictive style and pace, this game is truly one of a kind. War games have been done before, but never to such a free and open extent.”
10/10 – TheSmilingArsonist @ Desura

About This Game

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open-world RPG elements.

In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.

The open world approach lets you define your own path and story in the campaign. Push back the enemy with your comrades or go deep behind enemy lines to sabotage their efforts and loot valuable items.

As you gain experience, you are promoted with higher command over soldiers and equipment. Call in artillery fire missions or paratrooper reinforcements when the situation gets tight! Use your squad to man armed boats, tanks and APC's, or, become the expert lone wolf you always aspired to be - it's up to you!


  • hundreds of locations to explore from trenches to towns, deserts to snowy valleys
  • emergent AI that will question if you're as smart as you think you are
  • realistic cover system
  • dozens of different weapons, support and cover items, radio calls, vehicles
  • side objectives to keep you busy: destroy radio towers and other assets, steal cargo trucks, rescue prisoners
  • 40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, coop, PvP, PvPvE
  • speech bubbles!
  • deaths and fails, a lot of them, including your own!
  • ...and of course, mods!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6600, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6800, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM - please note that the game is not playable with ATI/AMD proprietary drivers!
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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Posted: April 29
No one that plays this game seems to know what the Geneva Convention is.
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 25
Led a squad with Staff Sergeant Juan Obama and Sergeant Charles Rambo in it, then proceeded to cry as they got brutally gunned down charging across an open field. 10/10 Would charge again.

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11 of 15 people (73%) found this review helpful
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21.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 26
Read All Quiet on the Western Front befeorehand for full effect.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
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11.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 26
Really fun to get into the nitty gritty and see your economy ruined as you continuously run into battle with nothing but an ak with your friends
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19.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 16
Fun top-down shooter with epic tug-of-war battles that can last from tens of minutes to several hours.

One significant negative in an otherwise well-designed game is that co-op requires manual router/firewall configuration/troubleshooting/time-wasting – an unusual choice for a title released in 2015 when 99% of games do not require this. Fortunately, it's worth the effort.

- Skinny from the Fat B*stard (curator link)
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30.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 21
Tons of fun
Yellow people (The Simpsons approves)
3 factions with their own weapons
The sh*t will get real when you reach high ranks
Miniguns brotha,f*ck*ng miniguns
Become a great leader as you lead your army to victory or become a lone wolf and sabotage enemy supplies and Infrastructure
You can adjust the enemy AI as you wish (i highly recommend the maximum blood and hardest setup for maximum rage,despair and sorrow to simulate the feelings of a real war)
Every time you die,you character dies and another trooper you be at your command when you respawn (i really miss you Private Ryan :/ )
The developers are very responsible always sending patches and answering the community (h*ll,they even helped me fix a corrupted game save)
Tons of vehicles (from prisoners transport,intel trucks and tanks)
The AI is very Independent when not in your squad,they will try to take areas,hold them off,call for backup and air strikes/supplies
The dialog between the soldiers are awesome
The ragdolls and explosions are very realistic
Tons of weapons
This is not a simple point and shoot,you need strategy modafuc*a
All the factions have elite soldiers

Some minor bugs (if you encounter them,report to the developers so they can fix it)
The easy settings are way too easy
Once you conquer a world map region,its most probably that you will never loose it
As you rank up,no changes in your outfit,leaving you with the feeling of being an ordinary soldier.
Some vehicles driveability are not good at all.

RWR is an awesome game and will provide hours of fun when you conquer regions and blow your enemies back to hell,and at same time disappointment when you got f*ucking rekt by the same enemies as they reconquer bases and defeat your forces in the map

Obs:Some vehicles are not comfortable to drive because they have too much polygons

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17.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 18
Dale Obama is lyfe
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5.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 11
If Battlefield had a baby with Alien Swarm - this would be it.

It's good. Think of what Battlefield would be like if viewed top-down. That's basically what it is.

You get to command a squad (which gets bigger as you level-up) to wipe out the enemy and conquer areas of the map. Once conquered you get access to all their vehicles and weapons - and new spawn points. The armory allows you to outfit your character exactly how you like to play. The vehicles are quite cool as well and the AI is not stupid.

There seems to be a lot to learn - which must be done via trial and error since the tutorial is pretty weak. Saying that, I think I picked up most of the basics fairly quickly. Once I had sorted out the controls (crouch and prone are for some weird reason not set as toggle keys by default) I got on quite well and won a few matches/missions.

The multiplayer is fun. You can play the campaign together co-op or against others and it has a variety of different game modes and it also includes dedicated server support.

Jimbo Rating: 7/10
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15.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 4
What can I say about RWR?
Let me put it this way - I have a buddy that rage quits. Everything.
14hrs < edit 32hrs :-o > in he is yet to rage quit this game.
Single player is good.
COOP is better.
PVP is insane.

Stick to cover, crouch lots, and you'll do well.

Nuff said.
10/10 would not rage quit.
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40.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 4
HI there...
I'm the buddy that rage quits
have'nt rage quit yet :P
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Posted: February 28
Early Access Review
1 battle took 4 hours to complete.

And during that time I was sneaking into enemy bases, spraying miniguns, using a crap ton of RPG's, and most important of all: running with my rifle.

Buy this, the devs deserve your money.
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24.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 2
Early Access Review
In my Alien Swarm review I stated that it was easily my favourite top down shooter to date, Well, as good as Alien Swarm is, it's just met it's best contender yet, That being said, Running With Rifles is more of a open sandbox, tactical top down shooter in which you take the role of a simple soldier in a fight of potential hundreds, the old saying "One man can make a difference" is one you should keep in mind when playing.

The main objective of the campaign is to capture all of the areas on the local island the game takes place, but how you go about doing that is completely up to you, there is no set method for you to follow and you're given the creative freedom of how to overcome your current mission, this is what makes the game stand out for me. Would you rather stand with your brothers in arms on the frontlines, directly taking the fight to the enemy? Would you prefer to sit back and support with sniper fire or perhaps manning an Abrahms tank? or maybe you'd like to take a team around and attempt a finnicky yet rewarding amphibious stealth attack? All are viable and all will help bring your team one step closer to victory, best of all, it will be you who had ultimately changed the tide of the battle.

You can easily tailor your equipment to the situation and there are many, many methods of taking care of your enemies, from rifles, grenades, pistols, MGs, mounted MGs, snipers, tanks, jeeps, C4s, impact grenades as well as a number of shotguns, smgs, rocket launchers, more rifles, body armours, silenced weapons and even apc turrets, if you get bored of one weapon, there will be a number of potential candidates to take its place.

The game does have a ranking system which releates to the in-game radio you can use to call in support from your base of operations, the higher your rank, the better support you can request, so long as you have RP to do it - a tradable resource on multiplayer servers that players obtain by capturing bases, spotting important targets such as enemy tanks and destroying opposing communications - you can request down reinforcements to help finish capturing a point, you could bombard a heavily fortified enemy position or maybe you just need that little extra edge of a friendly tank storming the opponents down.

Thats the general gameplay, so how are the controls? In short, very good for what it is.
The controls are very smooth and responsive, there is a slight slide in the game, probably to help emphasise that your soldier is quite heavy and can't just change on a whim, you can go prone and crouch which both increase your general accuracy by a significant amount, you can jump up smaller buildings, climb ladders and hop over fences to your hearts content, but that doens't mean you shouldn't be staying behind cover the second you spot the enemy force.

RWR is a fine top down shooter, I love the art style, sound effects are crisp and war torn and the game itself is just great fun to play, with friends especially, I remember this one game I was playing with two amigos, we had been at this fight agaisnt the Greycollars for 2 and a half hours, It got to the point where we had to use a tactical mindset, one of us stays behind with a squad to defend the base under attack whilst the other two attempted to push the base to relieve some pressure, I love games that put you in a particular mindset, one where you really think about your next moves and RWR does that surprisingly well.

Modulaatio Games, I hope your game does well, in summary, Running With Rifles feels refreshing, new and most importantly, enjoyable and fun. If you're at all intrested, I'd happily recommend it, worth it's price, replayable and quite something else.
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Posted: April 3
This game has successfully become the least/most innocent game on Steam.

One second you and your pals are having a good time watching the wacky ragdolls, the next second you are slitting the throats of surrendering enemies.

10/10 would War Crime again
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Posted: March 10
Early Access Review
Well, now I have completed one campaign and played a little bit online and I have to say, this is one of the finest games I have played in a while! This game is dangerously addictive as you play to conquer a military theater of war.

In the game, you can play as three factions, the Greenbelts (Americans), the Greycollars (Germans) and the Brownpants (Russians) as common foot soldier. Now, you are not just a regular everyday action hero like in most of the big games. Here, you are as weak and as expendable as the AI you fight with and against, another regular joe, another number.

In this game, a single shot (unless you are wearing a vest) will kill you. Sure, you can keep on going with your soldier with his randomly generated name, ranging from standard names to the occassonal name such as 'Pigfat', and run with a massive streak or keep him alive for the whole mission or campaign even. It is certainly possible, but it will be difficult as it is as it is almost certain that your guy will eventully die, there is almost a certain inevitability about it. But luckily for you, you can respawn straight off the bat with another soldier with a new name.

For an indie game, RWR is actually very deep in tactics and how you play. The AI, whilst not godlike, is actually rather smart. They will keep their heads down if surpressed, move in to blow up your valuable tanks with rockets, swarm you if alone and will flank if given the oppitunity. Coupled with the fact that you are just as weak as they are, tactics are a must.

In the game, you quite literally run with rifles to different objectives in order to capture, but there is nothing to stop you from getting a sniper rifle, silenced pistol and some C4 and proceed to blow up a radio tower on the otherside of the map. There is nothing to stop you from hanging back and defending a freshly conquered site, the game offers a great freedom on how to play. You can get a squad that increases in size as you level up and lead the charge (which will probably get you killed) or go and be a lone wolf and do your own thing.

And the details and additions to deepen the gameplay are obvious and very useful. Players of a certain rank will be able to call in support in the form of artillery strikes, airborne reforcements, dropping of cover and even deploying ground vehicles. Armories allow you to buy weapons, equipment and other useful pieces of equipment. Stashes allow you to place your valulable weapons and gear, and bonus items are scattered around, such as rare weapons or items to increase your currency count.

All in all, Running With Rifles is one of the best indie games I have played, it is hillarously fun and exciting, as well as being dangerously addictive!

My only real area of critism is the final missions of the campaign, which are the only missions that I have not enjoyed. The first involves being the only guy present and having to infiltrate an town filled with a horde of enemies. It was painfully frustrating, even in a large group. The second was just as bad, where you have to storm a castle and an arena in order to fight the only 'real' boss of the game, an tank armed with a weapon akin to the artillery strikes. A lot of it was just charging in and trying to fire a few rockets off, or trying to sneak through the defenses to get your hands on a mortar to try and kill it with that. Utterly horrible and I hope they are at the very least reworked to make your time easier, or replaced all together.

I would like to see quite a few things in the game for the future, such as:

- More vehicles: Sure, you have a few vehicles, jeeps, rubber boats, transport trucks, IFV/APCs, tanks and on some maps a patrol boat. But it is still left up to the infantry. I like that the infantry has a solid chance against vehicles, but I would like to see more. A light tank? An artillery vehicle? Perhaps even aircraft, that would offer a whole realm of possibilities.
- Additional gamemodes: Whilst the campaign and multiplayer is fun, a few additional modes wouldnt hurt. Currently, the only two modes are the regular capture-the-bases missions and a handful of King-of-the-Hill style missions. A few new game modes such as a capture-the-flag, assault, or sabatage gametype would be interesting.
- New maps/additional campaigns: If I recall correctly, modding is a thing the developers are interested in. Mods or not, a would like to see some new maps in the future or perhaps a brand new second campaign to keep things fresh.
- Global War: This is asking for a bit much here, but if multiple theaters/campaigns are introduced along with other features, you could have an (online) global war between the Greens, Greys, Browns and any other factions that get added (Redcoats for Brits? Bluehats for French? Whiterobes for Japanese?) and fight over the world, trying to secure each map, ultimately leading to a final battle if one side conquers most of if not all the world. (Hopefully not something horrible like the current final missions)

All in all, a brillant game worth your money. 9 out of 10 easily, only damaged by the horrible final missions that need to be addressed.
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Posted: April 12
achieve major rank in singleplayer campaign
gather a squad of 10 soldiers
engage with enemy brownpants.
take cover with squad behind a short wall
throw grenade
grenade hits wall and lands at my feet
grenade detonates, killing 6 men in my squad
demoted from major back to captain
shameful display.
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Posted: December 18, 2014
Early Access Review
Running With Rifles is a game in which you start out as a simple grunt in an army filled with hundreds of people. It's a simple looking game that can run even on my toaster. You start out as a Private in either the Greenebelts (BOOO) Graycollars (BOO YOU STINK ASWELL) or the Brownpants (YEEEEEEEEEAH!) Depending on what faction you choose when creating a new campaign, you'll be sent to one of the vast, diverse maps. Soon, if you're doing what you should be, you should get into a huge, bloody firefight trying to capture a sector, watching your comrades fall before you, and maybe even dying yourself. But don't worry, death isn't permanent. There's a lot I can say about this game, but to keep it simple I'll just list what I like, dislike, and want in the future.

What I like:

- The ranking system. Start out as a private, kill enemies and capture objectives to get XP, rank up. When you become a corporal you get a mobile radio that allows you to call in mortar salvos, which can be useful if you need to unwedge some pesky Graycollars.
- The radio. You expend RP (resource points, which you get from trading in weapons and collectables) to call in support, such as mortar salvos, reinforcements, and eventually as you rank up even more, artillery salvos and tanks.
- The weapons. Weapons are taken from real life (M16, AK47, LAWs, etc.) and add to the immersion of the game
-Firefights. The firefights you get into in this game are amazing. Watching as a bridge that had nothing but Jersey barriers and abandoned cars turn into a battleground with blood spilled everywhere, corpses strewn about and wrecks of cars is just, ohhh it's so amazing.
- Day-to-night cycle. It's not always daytime in a battle. I dunno if this happens or not, but it'd be interesting to see both sides pull back during night to recuperate and resume fighting the next day.
-The maps. Maps are all varied, some big, entrenched sections of land, some small coastal cities, some tiny peaceful isles caught in the middle of a bloody war. My favorite has to be Black Gold Estuary
- The graphics. Nice and simple, not too demanding. Hope they never change.

RWR is a pretty great game, but there's still some things that I don't like.
- The AI is a bit wonky while driving. Sometimes if you hop in a car with them driving they may turn back and not go to the objective, but other than that they're fine.
- Lack of naval assault/ land assault vehicles. You get APCs that have an autocannon turret, a tank, and sometimes a Humvee, but most of the time you'll get jeeps. For naval assaults you get a rubber boat which doesn't offer much protection, and on Black Gold Estuary you get a badass patrol boat that is armored and armed to the teeth. More on these next.
- The Squad AI is pretty bad in my opinion. If I tell them to move to a position, they should seek out the nearest cover, because most of the time I'm behind sandbags and my squad is hovering around behind me getting picked off by Graycollars.
- 3-faction maps. ♥♥♥♥ those, they're fun the first time playing them but after awhile they get stale, boring, and frustatingly hard. Especially Power Junction. The smallest map in the entire campaign is a King of The Hill map, that's fine. But three ♥♥♥♥ing factions? On the smallest map going for one point? No, it's just too hard to enjoy.

So there's not that much wrong with the game besides wonky acting AI, and the lack of boats. There's some other things I'd like to see in the future of this game.

What'd I'd like to see:
- Halftracks. A mix between a tank, a troop transport, and an APC.
- Higgins boats/ AAVs (Assault Amphibious Vehicles) , just to give landing forces a bit more protection.
- More banter between the soldiers, it'd add to immersion.
- Limited ammo as a toggleable feature. You don't have unlimited ammo for your rifles, and when you run out you either scavenge for weapons or you go back to the armory to resupply. I think it'd make the mobile armory more importance.

Overrall a 9/10, fun game.
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Posted: April 8
This game plays like a real-time version of Frozen Synapse, positioning, teamwork, and situational awareness are key. At its best RWR is fast paced, engaging, and fun skill based tactical gameplay.

There are some problems with RWR, namely the graphics don't always adequately reflect the respective heights of different pieces of cover, sometimes making it difficult to know whether or not you can be shot. This is even more troublesome when using rockets or grenades, as an object you believe you can fire over (or the ground) will sometimes stop and explosive meant for the enemy resulting in your death and the teamkills of any number of your squad mates.

The modding scene for this game is starting to spin up and means there are even more exciting options for gameplay around the corner for Running With Rifles. Get a 4-pack and play with your friends and their squads for even more tactical and strategic action!
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39.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 14
Do you like respawning? Dieing? Are you a masochist? Do you like crawling back to cover begging for a medic only to be turned into pink mist by a mortar round? If the answer is yes, then you sir should go see a doctor.

The battles are chaotic, fast paced, but can last hours per map. The slightest mistake will get you killed instantly. Teamwork is key, although getting every one on the same page is even more difficult. When everyone one does work together, its beautiful.

Not for those who want to be Rambo.
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7.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 5

Sorry, i have to say this:
Simply, BUY IT!

It is most likely better than SEX! Well... it depends on your partner, but... you know what i mean! Right?

Okay, here we go. Let me tell you more about this fantastic game. If you've ever played game called PlanetSide2, then this is quite similar but from top-view and without classes (although you can switch any weapon you like). This game is tactical top-view shooter. You have so many possibilities to do.

You can:
... take sniper rifle to eliminate your enemies from higher distance
... shoot while driving vehicles
... throw into the battle with knife or shotgun
... destroy enemy buildings
... throw grenades to enemy soldiers and make penta-kill
... take cover behind boxes, walls
... climb on the roofs
... enjoy large map with a lot of players
... create a squad and give orders to your men
... run with rifle

- spawn trucks (mobile spawn points)
- mobile armories (you can change weapons here)
- humvees (with machine gun turret)
- rubber boats (yes! there is water and moreover we can sail)
- patrol ships
- jeeps
- APCs
- tanks

- snipers (bolt-action, full-auto or even silenced)
- shotguns (pump-action, full-auto)
- assault rifles (full-auto, semi-auto)
- machine guns (light, heavy)

- pistols (classic, silenced, desert eagle)
- rocket launchers

- cover deploys (you can cover behind them)
- medkits
- stationary guns
- stationary mortars
- riot shields
- tank traps

- grenades (hand grenade, impact grenade, stun grenade)
- c4s
- AT mines
- claymores
- flares

Anyway, I am average FPS player but in this game i can kill almost anything. Everything depends on your position and intuition. This game has potential to be very popular and in my opinion there is also a space for a tournament.

Well guys, I was shooting tons of enemies, hiding behind boxes, climbing on the roofs, driving jeeps, tanks, ships but mainly, i was RUNNING WITH MY RIFLE.

Buy it, developers deserve it and you too!
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14.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 3
An easy-to-learn, hard-to-master top-down run-and-gun with a surprisingly large amount of depth. An absolute blast to pick up and play, especially with friends!

The lack of Steam matchmaking makes the work of port-forwarding and hosting a server something of a chore, but this is easily fixed with a bit of patience (and a VPN of your choice,) and the results are well worth it!

All that, coupled with the low price, make this game a must-have if you're looking for a bit of frantic action. Absolutely recommended!
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