RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open world RPG elements. In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.
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Release Date: Apr 2, 2015

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SUMMER SALE! Offer ends July 5


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June 22

1.52 update released!

Hello everyone!

Good to see that you guys are still out there and running, and for those who aren't yet, make sure you grab the game while the price is hot. Right now, we indeed have the highest discount we've ever had on Steam!

Also right on time for the Summer Sale, we've got an exciting update for you guys.

First of all, we took another look at the field of view (FOV or line of sight, if you will) feature, and added a new field visualization aid for it as the PvP mode Dominance confused some players with its suddenly disappearing and reappearing enemies and items. It'll still do that, obviously, but now you'll have a much better idea where the seen and unseen regions are thanks to the visualization. You can enable/disable it in Options > Quality and performance options; by default it'll activate for Dominance only. The effect is rather taxing in terms of performance, so players with an older system might want to skip this one.

Speaking of Dominance PvP, we've updated the RWR Demo with the ability to play online by joining official Dominance servers! It's just like full version, apart from XP and RP limits.

With the FOV visualization in place, it made a lot of sense to also change the character behavior so that it'll turn to face the direction of aim and sight - previously you basically saw the character turn only when actively shooting or moving. It doesn't change gameplay too much in other modes but for Dominance it can help you understand where the enemy players are looking at and thus tell you if they see you or not - that's pretty important!

Hope you started well in the Summer,
Keep running,
Osumia Games

Changelog v1.52:

  • characters: added live aiming, changes character behavior in various ways
  • visuals: added optional FOV/LOS field visualization, by default on for gamemodes with fov rules, can also be useful in regular gameplay; not recommended for slower PC's
  • vehicles: mobile armory respawn time decreased from 5 to 3 minutes
  • weapons: ARES Shrike rate of fire increased by 6%
  • weapons: PAW-20 projectile blast radius increased by 20%
  • maps: minor fixes
  • dominance: modified version of Moorland Trenches added to the map rotator with 3 new sub-stages
  • dominance: some balancing tweaks
  • misc: social media buttons (Discord, Facebook, Twitter) added to the game menu
  • modding: fixed free cam in debugmode so that roll doesn't occur
  • modding: added a vehicle flag for non-destructible on collision with terrain (destroy_on_top_hit in physics tag, by default 1, destroy_on_top_hit_time in physics tag, by default -1.0 meaning insta, top_hit_tracking_time in physics tag, by default 2.0)

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May 30

1.51 update released!

Hey Runners!

RWR version 1.51 is out! Along the bug fixes, we've made some re-balancing by raising the importance of the support player role by adding, besides the already existing repair wrench, a new wrench type into the supply quad resources. Also C4 has been added in the supply quad to further increase the impact of this fun vehicle.

Kill combo has gone through another look too. Recently it was decreased all too much after giving cosmic rewards for big artillery combos, so we came up with a formula to reach a new golden mean. Higher than ever rewards are given for smaller combos, but also big combos still give substantial rewards. This should hopefully make everyone happy and encourage vets once again to use those important strikes in Online Invasion!

As by popular request, two new rare weapons have also been added to the already huge collection of over 70 firearms!

An important note for the next version is an RP cap that will be implemented into vanilla when the Pacific DLC will be released. We decided to inform you properly several weeks prior so that you have time to burn your RP in case you have more than the cap of 600.000 RP. The RP limit is being added because some higher ranked players are collecting RP without spending them for cooperative purposes - just use the RP guys :)

And now to the part most of you were eagerly waiting for since the announcement of a DLC:

The WW2 Pacific war themed "RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC" DLC will be available on AUGUST, 4 2017!

Even though we have been asked quite a few times already, we still didn't fix a price tag yet but it will most likely be around 10 USD.

Changelog v1.51:

  • maps: few tweaks here and there
  • weapons: rare ARES Shrike light machinegun with 6 burst-shots and 60 rounds added as giftbox reward - can only be operated prone or crouched
  • weapons: very rare PAW-20 semi-auto grenade launcher added - fires 20mm grenades which detonate on impact
  • weapons: Claymore trigger radius raised from 0.65m to 1.2m
  • weapons: lowered the sound volume of the MG-42 shot. No more ear bleeding
  • equipment: "wrench" is now called "small wrench"
  • equipment: "large wrench" added as a Supply quad resource only - repairs 50% more but more expensive
  • equipment: C4 now also added as a Supply quad resource
  • equipment: Vest-III's last layer puts the wearer into wounded state if hit by a bullet instead of being dead
  • vehicles: slightly lowered the speed limiter to match the avg running speed of the soldiers
  • campaign: adding the wrench to the armory
  • invasion: AI distribution in the map "Misty Heights" (map14) has been tweaked (most official servers have been tweaked since a few weeks already)
  • dominance: claymore not exploding but disappearing on enemy character collision fixed
  • dominance: wrench was missing
  • misc: kill combos reworked to allow better combo bonus on high multi-kills. Smaller combo bonuses are also more effective
  • misc: added an under repair flag for the AI to not drive/enter a vehicle while being repaired
  • misc: equipment hud images realignment
  • fix: crash fixed when inventory is open and the game resets itself, related to online
  • fix: fence/wall combo now use the penetration of the wall instead of the fence
  • fix: map attack and defense map target markers not being applied with zoom in all cases
  • fix: anti-air emplacement after map restart after getting defeated caused radio call drops to show up non-functional
  • fix: some trench walls weren't climbable
  • fix: fixed a bug with AI vehicle usage causing abandoning of the vehicle sometimes
  • fix: fixed building base top material issue
  • online: sync join connect at game init: if it fails for a valid reason (like server full), cancel reconnects
  • campaign: fixed a bug with campaign stats and continuation option not showing up after leaving the last map
  • modding: data*.pak files with various shader programs, materials and particle scripts have been extracted into vanilla for easier overriding
  • modding: added support for package specific loading screen visual: splash.png

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“Average community rating”
9.5/10 – Desura

“Running with Rifles is the kind of game that you think you know how to play, but after you die a dozen times in a row you'll realize it's not actually about running around with rifles. [...] This ain't no arcade game!”

“This game stands out as a truly iconic shooter. With the vast range of gameplay aspects as well as the addictive style and pace, this game is truly one of a kind. War games have been done before, but never to such a free and open extent.”
10/10 – TheSmilingArsonist @ Desura

About This Game

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open-world RPG elements.

In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.

The open world approach lets you define your own path and story in the campaign. Push back the enemy with your comrades or go deep behind enemy lines to sabotage their efforts and loot valuable items.

As you gain experience, you are promoted with higher command over soldiers and equipment. Call in artillery fire missions or paratrooper reinforcements when the situation gets tight! Use your squad to man armed boats, tanks and APC's, or, become the expert lone wolf you always aspired to be - it's up to you!


  • hundreds of locations to explore from trenches to towns, deserts to snowy valleys
  • emergent AI that will question if you're as smart as you think you are
  • realistic cover system
  • dozens of different weapons, support and cover items, radio calls, vehicles
  • side objectives to keep you busy: destroy radio towers and other assets, steal cargo trucks, rescue prisoners
  • 40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, coop, PvP, PvPvE
  • speech bubbles!
  • deaths and fails, a lot of them, including your own!
  • ...and of course, mods!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6600, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 6800, ATI x800, Intel HD3000 or equivalent with 256MB VRAM - please note that the game is not playable with ATI/AMD proprietary drivers!
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Try out the latest demo to see if the game will run fine for you.
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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