Sea of Stars is a starship roguelike, a sandbox adventure game of interstellar exploration and combat. Travel from star to star, upgrade your ship with new systems and weapons, build up your flotilla with allies and mercenaries, and take on a variety of alien menaces.
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發售日: 2015 年 10 月 29 日


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"If you love games like Star Control 2 or Starflight, but only have 30 minutes to kill, this will scratch that itch easily, as it's a blast."

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10 月 29 日

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars released!

Digital Eel is pleased to announce that Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is now available on Windows and Mac OS X! To celebrate the launch, the game is on sale with 33% off for the first ten days.

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is a single-player science fiction roguelike set in the same universe as its predecessors, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds. Turn-based star map navigation is combined with a real-time combat system. Each game session is a complete adventure that you can finish in one sitting – but the game world is randomly generated and will only reveal a fraction of its secrets each time. Discovering new items, alien races and random events will keep you busy for years! To extend the game’s longevity even further, we encourage people to make mods and will even provide tools for it.

Coming out nearly a decade after Weird Worlds, Sea of Stars brings the universe of Infinite Space to a new audience. Beyond the prettier graphics and great soundtrack, the game world is more alive than ever before with each alien race developing new technologies and improving their patrolling fleets as time passes. The combat system has also been completely re-thought with an intuitive interface that allows you to hold ships in reserve and react quickly to a changing situation.

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars was made possible in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign to pay for art, 3D modeling and the soundtrack. Thank you for your support!

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09 月 24 日

Sea of Stars pre-release build 9/24/2015

We now have our first release candidate available for those enrolled in the public beta! Click here for instructions on how to enroll if you want to participate in the final round of beta testing.

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Sea of Stars continues the Infinite Space series of games that defined the genre of short-form space roguelikes in Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (2001) and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (2005). It compresses a galaxy-spanning starship adventure into the space of a single sitting, but as the game world is randomly generated each time you play, you will keep coming back for more. There is enough variety in items, aliens and special encounters that you will always discover something new - no two sessions play the same.

Sea of Stars begins in the Glory star system, in an area of space known as the Purple Void for its colorful nebular clouds. The long-isolated Terran colony of Hope has discovered the secret of faster-than-light travel, and an age of interstellar adventure has begun. Choose your starship and blast off into the Infinite Space in search of fame and fortune! Travel from star to star, explore planets and discover strange lifeforms and artifacts left behind by ancient empires. Find technology to upgrade your ship and gain allies to grow your flotilla. Encounter bizarre and delightful alien races, trade with them or blow them up - the decision is yours. And sometimes, you will face an existential threat to all life in the sector, and get to save the world.


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB OpenGL compatible
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 16-bit stereo sound
    • OS: OS X 10.9
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB OpenGL compatible
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 16-bit stereo sound
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張貼於:11 月 2 日
Each installment of Infinite Space replaces more of the charm of the original with bigger, clunker graphics and worse UI. Meanwhile, the content stays roughly the same. As much as you might have loved the original, this new version is not worth your time.
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7.9 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 31 日
It jarred me at first, coping with the 3D navigation, and the different interface. I faced the Brood in my very first fight. To my knowledge, they didn't even exist in Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, and I had played Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space more than 100 times before I ever encountered them (really shocked me to discover them!). So, yeah, they mopped the floor with me. Second try went better, but still abysmal. Third game, I explored everything, completed my mission, and had amassed a fierce armada. I can't wait to see what the next mission brings! Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars delivers so much replay value, in another new incarnation, with old favorites, and new surprises (I got a few already)!
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張貼於:11 月 12 日
Infinite space is back! It's still silly, it's still fun, and it's still the game we all loved. Apparently quite a few people were epxecting a completely different game. They would also probably be complaining about that too.

While this game does have some small gameplay innovations, it is mostly an update of the game series with new graphics, UI, and such. If you're happy with the previous game, stick with it. I for one, feel it is a worthy update and as fun as ever.
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張貼於:10 月 30 日
no interesting planets to see or discover. a crappy combat system. worthless commerce and nothing to do. if you want to play this, just go get infinite space 2 or maybe read a book or sleep or eat a food
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7.8 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 4 日
This is a fantastic game. I've played the others in the series and they get better with each one. If you enjoy a space exploration game you can play in less then 30 minutes, then this is the game for you. The developer has been great about adding new content on a regular basis.
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