Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play Anime MMORPG featuring strong PVE elements, a uniquely detailed world, and an engaging, well-crafted story. Aura Kingdom empowers players as Envoys of Gaia, gifted individuals that take the role of one of the thirteen classes.
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2014 年 7 月


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3 月 7 日

Patch 40 is now live!

Venus, the goddess of love, went to the Envoys of Gaia looking for romance.

Giving off a sweet pink aura, Venus releases her Cupid arrows everywhere. Not only can it reduce the enemy's damage and render them unconscious, the atmosphere of love can also restore the members' strength. She is truly a full-service Resource God.

Star Buffs
✰ Lightbringer I ~ DMG of Holy Skills +15%
✰ ✰ Combat Medic I ~ Heal +5%
✰ ✰ ✰ Combat Medic II ~ Heal +10%

New PvE packages for new characters!
As soon you reach level 30 you will get the “Uber Goodiebag” which includes another package ~ packageception!
This new package is restricted to players level 50 or above and contains coreless gear, to ease the struggle to level up.

Again, the level 50 package when opened contains the package for level 60, and this one contains the package for level 70.
But that’s not all!
All characters with at least level 70 receive the quest “Summoned to the Battlefield”. This quest provides your character with a level 70 PvP set. But choose wisely because a character can only get either the DD or the Tank-Set. On top you will receive 500 Valor Coins, to help you reach your first PvP-Weapon!

Ever struggled with inventory space? That is no more!
With this new inventory expansion you can use up to 15 bags, instead of 5 bags.
This means up to 200 more slots - per character!

  1. Here you can see all your currencies now
  2. Here you can store your bags to increase your inventory space
  3. These are the different pages to navigate in your monstrous inventory.

  • The ‘Sort’ function only affects the tab you are in
  • To move an item from tab X to tab Y - watch the gif

  • The font for the party search was adjusted, so it should work now with all resolutions.
  • Optimization for the Encyclopedia!
    • A search function was added!
    • Some categories were moved to have a better structure!
    • You can find now the requirements of the classes for special masteries.
    • Several Level 70~85 Accessories, Armors and Refining Formulas can now be bought. (Yes you can buy now formulas for Blinding, Arcane Frost and Perfect War!)
  • Item Mall Banners
    • New shiny item mall banners can now be found in the item shop!
  • New Loading Screen
    • Winter is almost over and this leads to a new loading screen background.
  • New Launcher
    • Get now the help of Tyr!
  • Mount Shuffle Update
    • The mount shuffle system in Navea was updated. You can now find new mounts inside!

Good luck and have fun,
Your Aura Kingdom Team!
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1 月 31 日

Patch 39 is now live!

The new Eidolon Muramasa arrived!

Muramasa is a Tsukumogami born from the Katana. The katana in their hand is bears within it the source of all misfortune. Muramasa has been wandering among humans since descending from Aura Kingdom. She hopes to find the humans saviour.

The daemon accompanying Muramasa is the her protector reliable company. Muramasa and her daemon sprite slay their enemies together. Muramasa katana is imbued with her daemon’s fiery blood. Every strike drains life force and strength from it’s target. Together, Muramasa and her daemon are terrifying in battle. Whenever in urgent danger, Muramasa daemon plunges into the fray, unleashing their hidden power by exploding into a raging inferno. It is a devastating blow few can survive.

Star Buffs

Shadowwalker I
DMG of Dark Skills +15%

✰ ✰
Onslaught I
DMG +8%

✰ ✰ ✰
Onslaught II
DMG + 16%

You can also get new Items:

Muramasas Magatama Necklace - a new accessory

Duel Card - Muramasa- a powerful new card

Statue - Muramasa - The beauty is here!

You can find a new tab in your Eidolon Menu (Shortcut N).

Add new Eidolons to your team, increase the star levels and collect archive points.
Collect special points and stats for completing teams.
If you can increase your points you will get a new medal, achievements and special rewards.
Starter Eidolons will not give you points and do not count for the collection.

Centurion Battlefield Adjustment (Banner)

The playtime is now 15 mins.
You can get from NPC Natalie and Lang (Coord 559, 553) a special buff (bestows the power of courage!).
Class skills and effects are void in the dungeon.
Characters' ability and skill are limited to the chosen qualification.
Original status will recover after the buff is removed.
Relic Treasure on battlefield contains stat increasing buffs.
You will also get higher bonus stats, when the boss gets defeated.

♥ Party searching UI: You can find new filters
♥ Decrease the needed time for refining equipment and crafting furniture from 3 secs to 1 secs.
♥ When players are transfigured the char icon will change.
♥ Christmas and Halloween NPCs / quests removed
♥ Add. Info: Event Special Drops from SkyTower are removed
♥ You may find the secret Gaia Chronicle Chapter IV

♥ Unbound Issue with Advanced or Intermediate Pet Improving Potion fixed
♥ Cleopawtra Skin fixed (it’s visible again)
♥ Fixed the issue that some direct level up characters cannot obtain legendary achievements.
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“Fun, polished, and addictive experience”

“If you haven't started playing, it's time to jump in.”

“Offers a unique Anime type MMORPG that many fans of this genre have been waiting for.”


Aura Kingdom is a new Anime MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Developed by the studio behind the highly popular Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom offers a grand and beautiful world for every player to explore with beautiful anime graphics.

Starting with one out of eleven different classes, Aura Kingdom offers the possibility for players to select a sub-class once they reach level 40, allowing for countless of original builds! Players will also walk along the side of their Eidolons in their journey; they are loyal interactive companions who grant the strength to unleash massive combos.

Thousands of players already walk the world of Azuria. It is time for you to join them!

Key Features:
  • Interactive companions – Eidolons are no ordinary pets. Not only do they participate in battle, but they will also remember your actions and tell you what's on their mind. They are part of Azuria!
  • Fast-paced, dynamic fights – Mobility is a key aspect in battle. Think fast, act faster! Dodge your foes' attacks and call upon your Eidolon to unleash spectacular combos!
  • Adaptability – Customize your character so he can overcome every challenge! Improve the skills that fit your play-style and switfly change them during battle to adapt to your opponent's strategy. Creativity can win you the battle!
  • A wonderful world – Travel the immense lands of Azuria, visit towns brimming with life and explore mysterious and hidden dungeons to stop the evil of this world. You can make the difference, hero!


    • 作業系統: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • 處理器: Intel Pentium4 2.8 GHz or better; AMD K8 2600 or better
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: nVidia GeForce 6600 or better; ATI Redeon X1600 or better
    • DirectX: 版本:9.0c
    • 儲存空間: 6 GB 可用空間
    • 作業系統: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • 處理器: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz or equivalent; AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 or equivalent
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: nVidia GeForce 9500 or equivalent; ATI Radeon HD2600 or equivalent
    • DirectX: 版本:9.0c
    • 儲存空間: 6 GB 可用空間
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