Aura Kingdom ist ein kostenloses Anime MMORPG mit verschiedenen PVE Elementen, einer einzigartigen detailierten Welt und einer fesselnden und gut-überlegten Geschichte. Aura Kingdom bietet euch die Möglichkeit ein Gesandter Gaias zu werden und eine der elf verschiedenen Klassen zu meistern!
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Veröffentlichung: Juli 2014

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"F2P game makes the 8 cards rather pricey, but 3 of the backgrounds you'll make will get your money back if you're lucky"

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1. September

End of Summer Patch Notes (Part 2/2)

End of Summer Patch Notes Part 2

Part 1 of the Patch Notes can be found here!

Sky Tower - Floor 26-30

Bry’s Forum Guide for Sky Tower
Doge’s terrible cheat sheet for Sky Tower

This patch brings us the new floors 26-30.
The new floors directly follow the 21-25 floors available on Friday.
You receive no additional lives, only 15 lives for 21-30.
Here you can loot Level 75 trophies, accessories, and weapons!
Dare you face these legendary creatures?

Sky Tower Elite Raid opening hours (all in EDT / server time):
• On Friday from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
• On Friday from 15:00 PM - 17:00 PM
• On Friday from 20:00 PM - 22:00 PM

New instance: HeII Purgatory of the Lava Lord

Can you beat the heat? Only a true Envoy can best this blazing inferno.
The entrance to this instance is in the Oblitus Woods, same portal as Ghostweep Cave. Spoopy.

Entry Requirements: Being level 70
Modes: 5 players
Reset timer: 6 hours

There are four bosses total in this instance, and their drop list is here:
• Mysterious Costume/Hat Chest II
• Mysterious Stone Chests
• Level 75 Gold Equipment.
• Luminous Secret Stones.
• x30 Dragon Points.
• Intermediate and Basic Chest enchantments
• Intermediate and Basic Weapon enchantments

Caution: Kaiser Zeta or Kusanagi may spawn at the end with the chest!

Various effects of new equipment sets and stones:

Set 1
Max HP +8%
Damage Reduction -6%.
If attacked, 40% chance to recover 692 HP per second for 15 sec, stacking up to 5 times.

Set 2
Damage +8%.
Crit +5%.
When attacking, 40% chance to inflict 986 Damage over Time for 15 sec, stacking 5 times.

Base effect of new mysterious stones
• DMG 7%.
• CRIT 2%.

New instance: Subterranean Ruins

Entry Requirements: Being level 50+
Modes: Solo
Reset time: 24 hours

You can reach this instance Star Sand Desert (x319, y153).
There are three difficulties to choose from. (Levels 50, 60, and 70.)
This is a dungeon-type Tower Defense, you must protect the tower by using different unique spells and strategizing on your own.
Rewards: Experience, Valor Coins, and a Ruin Defender’s Chest.

New Medals

The following new medals are available:
• Dueling Medal: Bronze and up.
Challenge opponents, be victorious! (Losers will be banished to the Shadow Realm.)
• Grand Medal of Sky Tower:
Got what it takes to beat all 30 floors of this dungeon?

Bug Fixes
• The various World Boss reward bags/chests/packs can now be opened.

Enjoy the new patch!
Your Aura Kingdom Team

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1. September

End of Summer Patch Notes (Part 1/2)

End of Summer Patch Notes Part 1

Note: We are aware of the 1/1 durability bug on low-level Scythe weapons. A minor patch will be applied this week to fix it.

Patch Notes Summary:

1. Weapon Specialization System
2. Card Game
3. Sky Tower - Floor 26-30
4. Bank expansions
5. New instance: HeII Purgatory of the Lava Lord
6. New Solo instance: Subterranean Ruins
7. New Medals
8. Changes related to Sky Tower, fishing and various other professions.

Weapon Specialization:
This new feature is available from Level 60. To access it, press K (or Skills menu) and select the last tab.

Once you hit Level 60, you unlock two paths that bring you three skills, active or passive (bonus stats or modified versions of existing skills) as shown below:
1. New Skill(s).
2. Improvement of one or more skills.
3. Passive bonus stats.

The two paths are unique for each main class and it can be leveled up by gaining experience while defeating mobs (both in and out of dungeons) and Bosses in dungeons. (Quest EXP won’t count). The maximum level of weapon specialization is 50 for each path.

Weapon specialization level 30 brings further bonuses to your skills/stats. To change paths, simply click the button underneath the interface. You can swap every 10 minutes (while not in combat or doing a profession).

You can allocate points (you get 2 per level, so 100 total) in various stats:
Note: Stat increases scale with character level.
• Increased Damage
• Increased Crit Rate
• Increased Speed
• Increased Hit Points
• Increased Defence
• Increased Evasion
• Decreased Damage from all elemental targets
• Increased Movement Speed
• Increased Crit Damage
• Increased Accuracy
• Increased Healing
• Increased Drop rates
• Increased Wind Skill Damage
• Increased Flame Skill Damage
• Increased Lightning Skill Damage
• Increased Ice Skill Damage
• Increased Holy Skill Damage
• Increased Dark Skill Damage

New profession: Card game

• Introduction
You’ve got fishing, archeology, cooking, and harvesting, but today another activity makes its way to Aura Kingdom: The card game!
You must reach level 60 and accept the introductory quest. (It pops up as a red blinking scroll.)
To complete the quest, you must visit <AK Card Association> Simone, located near the southwest fountain in Navea.
Participating in card duels will earn you a card rank, experience points, and experience in the profession itself.
You will unlock more rare cards as your card dueling level increases.
This will also unlock more shop stock from the NPC.
Specifically, card duels take place in real time and all the cards have at least one active skill, though rarer cards may possess several skills (some of which may be passive). The effects of them vary: Increased damage, Regeneration, Multi-Target Stuns, etc.

• Beginning the card game:
Once you have completed the introductory quest, you can access a new icon in the lower right of your interface.
This will open the interface with five different card sets for you to create.
The card sets will contains cards from the game. Cards can be:
• Monsters and bosses of the game,
• Various NPCs,
• Fish-Kings,
• Eidolons, and others.
There are currently about 600 cards available, we’re unable to list them here.

• Creating your deck:
You can create your card deck(s) by going to the interface.
Careful, there are rules for the deck:
- You can have only one copy of each card in each deck - so no duplicates.
- 5 stars: One card is allowed per deck.
- 4 stars: Two cards are allowed per deck.
- Your cards’ combat power is limited by your level.

Pro tip: Well-planned elemental attributes will also give your deck an edge against certain opponents.
DMG is inflicted x1.25 according to elemental advantage. DMG is decreased by -25% against the opposite element.

• Normal Competition
There are several types of fighting available, the simplest is dueling NPCs. This is a normal competition.
Click the NPC, then click the card icon on his profile to start the game.
As NPCs get harder, you’ll need more combat power to defeat them.
Note: Cost is 1 Duel point per Duel.

Difficulty Beginner: 0
Difficulty Intermediate: 20,000
Difficulty Hard: 150,000
Difficulty HeII: 300,000

• Ranking according to the opponent and level of difficulty,
• Card dueling experience,
• General experience,
• New Cards

• Simple Duel: Players versus Players
You can directly challenge another player to a card duel by targeting someone, right clicking on their username, and then selecting the option from the dropdown list.
This is a free fight and doesn’t consume Duel Points: Neither player receives rewards.

• Random Duel: Player versus Players
On the new card interface, there will be an option to choose for a random duel. There you will be put in a queue until you’re matched with another player with similar deck power. This will consume 1 Duel point per random duel. (Like regular PvP, minus the blood and guts.)

• Duel Points
You can have a maximum of 30 points, you recover 1 point every 15 minutes.
Duel points are shared across the entire account, not per character.

Improving your deck
Existing cards can be ‘Strengthened’ with the option in the Card interface, with their cap level being 99.

New cards can be obtained:
- By purchasing cards from the Navea NPC with gold,
- By purchasing cards with PvP points,
- By purchasing cards with Duel card currency,
- By winning against an opponent in a competition,
- By opening Fish Kings,
- By talking to your Eidolons.

Card Duel Level Bonuses
Like all Aura Kingdom professions, the level of your card dueling adds bonus stats, and little goodies, here's the list:

4th skill bar

With this new mechanic, another hot bar has been added.
The default shortcut is Shift key + numbers 1 to 8.
You can change this from game settings: ESC → Settings → Shortcuts.
Gamers, rejoice! You can now conveniently spam more skills than ever before.

New bank tabs - More space

New tabs in the bank interface have been added for all characters.
You’ll find: :
• A tab for profession materials (cooking, fishing, etc.).
• A tab to store your various mounts and pets.
You want to put away that Quick Ostrich / Beebis, do you? I know you do. Don't you?
Well, you can't. Items that cannot be stored in those spaces will be dark in your inventory.

To be continued in Part 2!

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“Fun, polished, and addictive experience”

“If you haven't started playing, it's time to jump in.”

“Offers a unique Anime type MMORPG that many fans of this genre have been waiting for.”

Über dieses Spiel

Aura Kingdom gibt es auch in Deutsch!

Aura Kingdom ist auf Steam nur in englisch zu erhalten. Folge uns zur offiziellen Webseite um die deutsche Version zu downloaden:

Aura Kingdom ist ein neues Anime MMORPG veröffentlicht von Aeria Games. Entwickelt von den Machern der beliebten MMORPGs Eden Eternal und Grand Fantasia, bietet Aura Kingdom eine große und einzigartige Welt für jeden Spieler, der mit schönen Grafiken die Anime Welt erkunden möchte.

Wählt eine von elf verschiedenen Klassen und entscheidet euch ab Level 40 für eine weitere Klasse, dies hilft euch unzählige und einzigartige Charaktereigenschaften aufzubauen! Ihr werdet auf eurer Reise stehts von verschiedensten Eidolons begleitet. Diese Loyalen und starken Wesen, können ihre atemberaubende Stärke in gemeinsamen Combos entfesseln!

Tausende Spieler erkunden bereits die Welt von Azuria. Es ist Zeit für dich, ihnen zu folgen!

  • Interaktive Begleiter - Eidolons sind keine Haustiere. Nicht nur, dass sie sich im Kampf beteiligen, sie Interagieren mit dem Spieler und hören auf Ihren Verstand. Sie sind ein wichtiger Teil von Azuria!
  • Rasante, dynamische Kämpfe - Mobilität ist ein wichtiger Aspekt in der Schlacht. Denke schnell um schneller zu handeln! Weiche den feindlichen Angriffen aus und entfessel die Eidolons für spektakuläre Combos!
  • Anpassungsfähigkeit - Passe den Charakter an, damit er jede Herausforderung meistern kann! Verbessere die Fähigkeiten, um den Spielstil und die Strategie an die des Gegners anzupassen. Kreativität kann man in jedem Kampf gewinnen!
  • Eine wunderbare Welt - Bereise die atemberaubenden Ländereien von Azuria, besuche die Städte voller Leben und erkunde geheimnisvolle und verborgene Instanzen, um das Böse der Welt zu stoppen. Nur du kannst es schaffen, Held!


    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium4 2.8 GHz or better; AMD K8 2600 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6600 or better; ATI Redeon X1600 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz or equivalent; AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 9500 or equivalent; ATI Radeon HD2600 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
41 von 44 Personen (93%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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0.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10. April
Ich spiele Aura Kingdom seit der Closed Beta der US Version, jedoch bin ich mittlerweile zur deutschen Version gewechselt.

Aura kingdom ist ein klassisches MMORPG im Anime Style. Spieler die auf verschiedene Weise ihre Kräfte messen wollen ob im PVP oder PVE haben hier gute Chancen auf ihre Kosten zu kommen. Die liebevoll gestalteten Questreihen helfen super sich in den unterschiedlichen Welten zurecht zu finden.

Hauptsächlich hat man, nach dem Interessen weckenden Tutorial, eine Hauptquestreihe welche abgeschlossen werden muss um weitere Gebiete in der Storyline erkunden zu können. Jedoch hat man neben der Hauptquest unzähliche andere Quests die man abschließen kann um schneller an Erfahrung zu gewinnen.

Der Spieler ist jedoch nie allein in Aura Kindom unterwegs. Stetig stehen seine Begleiter die Eidolon an seiner Seite und unterstützen ihn im Kampf. Die meisten Eidolons kann man im Spiel erfarmen. Jedoch gibt es einige, welche nicht im Spiel erhältlich sind jedoch über den Shop im Spiel oder auf der Homepage erworben werden können.

Im großen und ganzen ist Aura Kingdom in den ersten Level für Casual-Gamer ausgelegt, danach beginnt das Grinden, denn die Hauptquests sind dann zuende und man muss tägliche Quests wiederholen und die vielen verschiedenen Instanzen stetig neu bestreiten. Allein oder im Team hat man dadurch verschiedene Herausforderungsstufen.

Das Höchstlevel ist derzeit 80, jedoch ist der Content nur bis Level 70 ausgelegt, dies bedeutet Level 80 zu erreichen, erfordert ein starkes Durchhaltevermögen und unmengen an Motivation.

Alles in allem jedoch ein Lohnenswertes Spiel. Vor allem auf dem deutschen Server merkt man das sich die Supporter mühe geben die Spieler auch auf Dauer zu unterhalten.

Kurz und knapp:
Positive Aspekte:
- sehr gute Aufstiegstmöglichkeiten als Non-Casher
- Spieleinführung von Anfang an leicht gemacht
- sehr schöne Spielewelt
- verschiedene Features die im Spiel klasse umgesetzt wurden
- Langzeitmotivation durch das Farmen verschiedenster Erfolge
- süße Charaktere
- eine einzigartige Storyline

Negative Aspekte:
- Endcontent sehr gering
- lange Wartezeiten auf neuen Content
- Gruppen sind nur in Instanzen gut

Ich hoffe dieses Feedback gefällt euch. Ebenso wäre es schön wenn ich durch mein Review einige dazu bewegen konnte sich über Aura Kingdom ein eigenes Bild zu machen.
Ich empfehle sehr den deutschen Server :)
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11.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 6. August
,,Fuchs sein fetzt." -Ahri aus League of Legends.
Ne war ein wiitz zurück zum eigentlichen Thema, Aura Kingdom.

Wenn man sehr viel Zeit damit verbringt ständig Mausklicks auf einer Karte zu setzen die am Ende zwischen Sieg oder Niederlage entscheiden ist dieses Spiel ziemlich einfache Kost, in der Tat es ist sogar spaßig.

Vorher hatte ich Neverwinter gespielt (da ich nun mal ein Fan der alten D&D Spiele bin wie dem etwa gleichnamigen Titel Neverwinter NIGHTS oder Baldurs Gate mit Minsk und seinem riesigen geschrumpften Weltraumhamster.) und im gegensatz zu dem ist dieses Spiel besser und was mich am meisten schockierte der Community Markt ist erstaunlicher weise sehr stabil in Gegensatz zu anderen MMO´S wo schon wahrscheinlich ein Zerfledderter Stiefel der Rechtschaffenheit +1 (rechter Stiefel Teil eines Sets 1/2) um die Millionen (hier Spiele Währung einführen) kosten würde.

Der Anime-Stil ist ziemlich putzig auch wenn es typisch Japano ist das man den weiblichen Charakteren unter dem Rock gucken kann (87% der Kostüme für Mädels erlauben es einen, einen Blick unter dem Rock zu werfen und die Farbe und das Kätzchen oder das Herzchen auf dem Höschen der Trägerin zu bewundern....,hentai wie der Japaner sagen würde...)

Einziges Manko ist dass das Spiel ausschließlich nur in Englisch ist. Man versteht zwar was diese unsymphatischen Statisten von einem wollen aber im Grunde genommen (oder vielleicht immer) überspringt man den Quest Dialog um zu wissen was man nun tun muss. Es gibt einen Quest verfolger der es einem erlaubt sofort zum jeweiligen Questgebiet zu laufen aber es nimmt am Ende nur den Reiz wenn man nur einen Mausklick machen muss um zur Höhle der Volldorsche (nicht echt) zu gelangen. Ausserdem muss man noch einen externen Clienten installieren und eine umständliche Registration machen die von einem verlangen eine 6-Stellige PIN zu erstellen. Als ob der normale Mensch nicht schon genug Nummern sich merken muss.

Rassen-Wahl gibt es nicht (um Rassismus zu vermeiden) aber man kann umfangreiche Klassen wählen (über 9 Klassen) und wer wäre nicht schon versucht ein süßes Fuchsmädel mit Pistolen zu erstellen. Keiner hier? Naja nicht jedermans Geschmack.

Man kann natürlich wieder Geld investieren ja aber es hat nicht sonderlich viel auswirkung auf das Spiel. Es handelt sich eher um Costum Items (wie Fuchs-Ohren und einen Neunschweifigen-Fuchs als Reittier :3 Ja habe ich mir schon geholt) die nur gering eine Auswirkung auf die Statistik haben. Ansonsten kann man es locker, ohne einen Pfennig zu investieren, spielen. PRO-Tip: Dies gekaufte Währung namens Rubine, sammelt sie lieber und verkauft sie im Aktionshaus, es gibt ein gutes Angebot dafür und am ende kann man sich den Costum-Gegenstand kaufen den man möchte ohne auf diesen Kisten Trick hereinzufallen wie in CS:GO oder Hat Fortress 2.

Die HUD ist und bleibt für mich dennoch etwas unübersichtlich. Zu viele Fenster und man klickt oft versehentlich auf das Chatfenster. Dennoch ist es wirklich ein gut gelungenes RPG un ich kann es jedem weiter empfehlen der nach abwechslung in seinem Gaminggericht (ausser Hardcore RPGler und MMOmoschern) sucht. 9/10
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0.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 13. Mai
I can confirm that AeriaGames & Aura Kingdom perma bans (or suspends) accounts due to inactivity of billing..

Meaning if you made a brand new account and played one of their games.. lets say Aura Kingdom for instance, making your very first microtransation or item shop mall purchase on that account or in that game, entitles you to a one time bonus package for first time purchase

After that, your account is now a timebomb ticking.. as you were to ever go inactive from the game, or decide not to ever spend more money on the game for a total of 90 days to 180 days or longer, you would get randomly suspended for inactivity of billing. none of the payments to aeriagames are "recurring", so they have no valid reason to ban for something like that.. but they do because they're a very greedy company I do not recommend them

If you were a VIP item shop mall spender and you spend ALOT of money on the game, you will get a random permanent ban for trading with gold farmers, or chargeback fraud even though it didnt happen, they will ban you for it

Please think twice about investing into Aura Kingdom & AeriaGames their one of the worst publishers out there, and pretty soon they will shut down just like gPotato did.. (gPotato was even worst)

If for some reason you still want to play this game, Here is some steps to NOT get perma banned from AeriaGames & Aura Kingdom for no reason:

  • Do NOT spend any money on the game at all! not a single penny.. nor have any payment information on your account profile

  • Do NOT merchant ingame.. the art of buying low and selling high to make ingame profit would get you perma banned for trading with gold farmers

  • Do NOT farm dungeons & bosses! you WILL get banned for botting believe me

  • Do NOT participate in any AeriaGames Forums discussions at all.. they will ban you from the forums as well as in game for just stating a simple opinion or rant


I can give you a scenario of how two of my AeriaGames accounts were permanent banned for no reason:

First account I created back around 2006 and played Grand Fantasia

  • Created a Wizard Character

  • Made a two or three microtransations and bought stuff from the item mall

  • Leveled up to 40 doing quests

  • Upgraded all equips using alot of enhancing items from the Item Mall

  • Stayed level 40 to be within that PVP level bracket (was the best on the server at that time)

  • Being proooooo (no actually i was more like a P2W noob but i was good at PVP anyway) I had alot of PVP honor points saved up so i bought the level 50 PVP set

  • Bought even more enhancing stuff from the Item Mall and upgraded all of those equips, sold whatever i had left in game on the marketplace.. (I remember the Gaia Blessing or whatever its called was worth like 10k gold each at the time)

  • Leveled to 50 to be within that PVP level bracket

  • Got bored and quit the game for awhile

  • Few days later I get Permanent banned for buying gold from a gold farmer?

Made another account Last year to play Aura Kingdom with a friend

  • With what previously happened to my other account i decided not to spend a single penny on the game

  • Leveled to about level 55 solo & doing quests

  • Seen a special bonus package deal for new accounts that makes a 1st AP purchase. decided hell i'll just buy that since its less than $5

  • Leveled up to 66 and crafted my own armor and weapon set using the materials i gained farming solo & party dungeons myself

  • Grind was becoming hella boring, and i had no idea what the heck Sky Tower was.. so I quit the game

  • A few months later I get suspended from the game (can not login to the game at all) due to Inactivity of Billing (note I have not made a single purchase in a couple of months, and the purchase I made in the past was NOT recurring.. Ban email message below)

    Also to reply to many of the previous comments stating that the suspension is "temporary", that is not always the case, many people dont even remember their full account credentials and/or cannot recover their accounts at all.. and like i've mentioned earlier this is my SECOND account that I no longer have access to.

    Others had the same problem on various occasions, and while customer support "sometimes" does help them with their problem, they end up getting banned (or suspended) AGAIN

    LINK: Similar problems other people had

    LINK: More Similar problems other people had

    LINK: Even More Similar problems other people had

Aeria Games: Your account has been suspended - 25/03/2015

To: <my email address right here>

Dear <my account name right here>,

This is a notice of a suspension of service to this account due to billing inactivity.

To ensure the safety of your account a ban has been put in place to prevent any misuse.

If you would like to reclaim your account please send a ticket to our customer service representatives.

Here is a link:

In order to expedite your claim we ask for you to provide the following information in your ticket.

The name of the account you are trying to reclaim
The email address for the account
Most recent AP transaction history

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and we look forward to assisting you.


Aeria Games Admin Team
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295.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. August
The game where all Sword Art Online character nickname is taken on the first day it opens
The game where in Sword Art Online u cant log out but this one u Cant login instead (Suddenly Maintenance)
The game where Swort Art Online Towers floor similar like Sky Tower in this game
The game where Kirito and Asuna name is everywhere (including __ xXx 12345 , to make sure u will be Kirito or Asuna)
The game where people pay Stupidly high price for SAO costumes (Up to $50 usd)
The game where u dont need mana just buy tons of hp potion and go ride your limited edition ostrich given by Gaia

Overall SAO/10
Play this if u like the art , the story is abit boring and honestly its Pay to Win~ Unless u kill goat sama :3
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274.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16. April
What is there to say about Aura Kingdom?

Well, there's a whole lot I can say, I can't just say IGN 1/10 too much water to cover this beast.

Aura Kingdom is a fine game, filled with the moe kawaii erm desu chan san senpai nani sore goodness you would expect from its charming aesthetics of course, but that's not all kids!

Let's start with the gameplay. CLASS IS IN SESSION (lol puns am I right)!

You got your Guardians, your Magicians, your Bards, your Ravagers... OH IT'S SIMPLY SPLENDID! Each class chooses a subclass at level 40! I always thought that your 40s were a time of crisis but not in this reality! Party up with a group of friends and you'll have a blast!

Questing is super duper party snooper until you reach 50s which are still okay but then there's level 60 and KABLAMO! You're stuck at 60 years young for quite some time unless you got the skills and the will to survive...


"How do I make friends?"
Thanks for asking Jenny, before you get down to business to defeat the Huns you'll want a neato pateeto party of cutie patootie warriors! However many people give you the cold shoulder in this world. All three servers will have their share of antisocials, regulars and over the top bards with strange tendencies to touch your thighs and such. Chimera is the big boy, filled to the brim with peeps, but not a peep can be heard from many of them! Siren is my homeland, a middle ground where less people live but still a large enough amount, and then Hydra is a server full of jolly alts and such, a level 1 on Hydra could have 600 lvl 80 characters hidden away. Spooky? Loominarty confirmed lel jk don't get spooked now!

A good way to really make chums is by joining a guild. Guilds grant a lovely exp bonus and plenty of fun events to bring your show and tell objects to. e.g. Guardian Angels (Shameless plug) or jimmies Wonderboys (might not be real). Guild members can form parties with ease, teach eachother techniques and all that bizzle AND THE BEST THING IS THAT IF YOU SPAM GUILD CHAT THEY'LL HAVE TO TALK TO YOU! HOORAY!

eyy der gud, if ya like animoo. Actually you don't need to like anime at all I suppose, the style is PRETTY FLY without straining a low end computer with the terrain deets. The monsters are pretty goofy sometimes but hey, what ya gonnas do about it tough guy? That's what I thought. If you like TF2 or Sanctum it's sort of along those lines! UNDERSTAND!? OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Listen here chap or chappete, don't touch the store, especially the paragon table if you value your life. The lucky packs, roulettes and all that goobertron can get you addicted hardcore! Vegeta what does the scouter say about my spending spree? YOU SPENT OVER 9000 pounds on a hat! WHAT 9000? DARN YOU LUCKY PACKS!

Overall I r8 8/8 k no memes involved I love this game despite the lack of middle ground between easy levelling and impossible levelling ya dig? Also yes I like cosmetics and such because I'm such a nerd when it comes to armour GEEZ get off my back, you're not my mamma! Mamma!?

8/10 cats

+Interesting story
+Fun Gameplay
+Dancing whilst nude

-Where are the cats
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