Krautscape is an action-packed racing game with bird-like flying cars, focused on competitive multiplayer gameplay. The leading player actively builds the racetrack while the chasing players can take shortcuts by flying off the track to overcome obstacles.
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Data de lançamento: 31/mar/2014

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Comece a jogar agora e participe do desenvolvimento do jogo.

Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado não está completo e pode ou não sofrer alterações no futuro. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, aconselhamos esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

“Krautscape is an awesome new experience in racing games and to maximize that experience we felt Early Access would give us the flexibility in being able to get the game out and show it to players while we finalize our content and iron-out any problems in the process.

The core mechanics behind Krautscape are complete. You'll be able to race against your friends online, creating awesome new tracks every time you race with three modes for you to play. With Early Access we would like to expand on our multiplayer offerings by adding more players, but to do so we want to make sure online matches are 100% stable. Obviously adding more players creates more chances for hiccups, so we'll be rolling out updates to add more players to races in time. We'll also have some exciting new content for you to play by yourself and we'll have a big update that adds more variation to tracks and cars so you can win in style!

We hope to be in Early Access for a short period of time, 3-5 months at most. During that time you'll be able to purchase the game at a special Early Access discount priced at $7.99! This of course will include all future updates. After the game is complete and taken off Early Access it will be sold for its normal price of $9.99.

We would love the Steam Community to be involved in bringing out the full potential of Krautscape. To do so we want players to be active on the game forum pages so we can take all feedback and reported issues and put them into fixing the game and making it as much fun as possible. We're a small team but we will be absorbing everything the community has to say and we hope that you and your friends will enjoy Krautscape while we bring this exciting new racing experience to the world!”
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Recomendado por curadores

"Looks like a surrealist painting. Is actually a racing game upon rainbow roads. Create shortcuts by using your wings to fly across the red sky."

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12 de setembro

Big update: Singleplayer mode and much more!

We’re proud to finally release the long awaited singleplayer update for Krautscape, along with many other improvements, like improved driving/flying physics and greatly improved algorithms for generating the track.

Let us know here in the forums what you think, we're happy to hear your thoughts about it!

Some thing didn't make it into this update, like achievements, or customizable controls, but you can expect it in one of the next updates. Like we mentioned in the last announcement, we're now actively working on it and the plan is to finish the game as soon as possible.

Krautscape 4.0.0

Singleplayer mode:
  • 3 Game Modes: Drive, Fly, Build (names are not final)
  • Drive Mode: 30 prebuilt tracks to practice driving skills. Checkpoint race, with best time & medals
  • Fly: 25 prebuilt tracks to practice flying skills. Collect cubes and deliver them at the gate, with best time & medals
  • Build: Build as much as possible for high score, time runs out. Integrated with steam leaderboards

  • Obstacle queue: obstacles are queued and only built when the next player builds a track element.
  • Combined obstacles: up/down arrow can be combined with bends
  • Combined obstacles: loop can go left or right, depending on which lane the building player builds
  • Replaced narrow track obstacle with two new ones
  • Replaced walls by bumps
  • No automatic walls when building straight, there is now a small rock created in the direction of the track, so nobody can just build a straight track.
  • Two new asymmetric track shapes
  • More accurate checks if there is enough space to build
  • Smoother track generation, is now based on bezier curves
    Optimized track physics, higher resolution meshes for sharp bends

  • Update to PhysX 3.3 with Unity 5: Better performance and accuracy
  • New driving physics based on edy’s vehicle physics
  • Improved flying physics that makes it easier to gain back speed

  • Cloud sync for singleplayer progress
  • Countless bugfixes and other improvements

Known Issues:
  • Splitscreen mode on quality settings “fantastic” doesn’t work.
  • OSX: The game fullscreen window has no focus on startup. Click once at the beginning to activate it.

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9 de julho

We're back!

Development state

Many of you asked what will happen to Krautscape, if it's still in development and so on. Some of you are worried that it is abandoned, and I can completely understand this feeling, as there wasn't any update for a long time and not much communication from our side.

Krautscape is a project mainly worked on by one person (me), which means if I don't work on it, nobody will. And for different reasons, during the last year I couldn't find the time to work on Krautscape, mainly because of other projects that had deadlines with people relying on me. Some of the delay I was expecting, other parts were not expected. It just added up and now we're here without a Krautscape update, more than one year later.

We're back? We're back!

I wasn't confident enough earlier to announce anything, before I knew for sure when I could work on the game, and I didn't want to promise too much without being 100% sure what I can deliver.

Now the time finally came when I can confidently say "we're back!". Last week I started to work on the game, together with Flurin Jenal, who already worked a bit on Krautscape some time ago. We're currently working on the much needed single player mode and we're quite happy with what we have so far.

3 Singleplayer game modes

Without giving away too many details, what we can already say is that we expect to have 3 single player game modes. Each one has a different focus:

  • driving – for beginners
  • flying – for players who proved that they can drive
  • track building – for players who proved that the can drive and fly

The new game modes are still in the state of (working) prototypes still need a lot of polishing. This means it will take some time until we can release them, but they will come.

I hope this announcement gives you some more confidence about the future of Krautscape.

– Mario

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Sobre este jogo

Krautscape is an action-packed racing game with bird-like flying cars, focused on competitive multiplayer gameplay. The leading player actively builds the racetrack while the chasing players can take shortcuts by flying off the track to overcome obstacles. But the track is needed to score and to get speed – the vehicles don't have any thrusters to accelerate while flying. The three multiplayer game modes are designed to support nonlinear gameplay and intelligent movement instead of forcing you to drive perfectly.

Key Features

  • Short and action packed multiplayer racing sessions
  • Build a racing track while racing – every race creates a new track
  • Flying cars!
  • Three multiplayer game modes with completely different goals & gameplay
  • Multiplayer game modes are playable online, on LAN or in splitscreen mode (up to 4 players)
  • Single player practice mode
  • Original adaptive soundtrack
  • Keyboard and gamepad

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 MB Graphics Card comparable to Radeon X1600
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.7+
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 MB Graphics Card comparable to Radeon X1600
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 MB Graphics Card comparable to Radeon X1600
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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Publicada: 17 de setembro
Análise de acesso antecipado
Alright, here's the deal with this game, the game got released, got attention, and slowly faded into a small community, however after a while the dev had to focus his attention on another projects so eventually the population faded into zero, luckily the dev is back! :D

About the game

The game is truely fun and competitive, it recently got a big singleplayer update(still no bots, doubt bots will ever PROPERLY happen due to how racing works), the racing + flying physics got updated recently and they need alot of tweaking, IF you get this, get it with friends because that'll be where this game shines, in competitive multiplayer.

Let's hope the dev keeps working on the game!
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Publicada: 5 de outubro
Análise de acesso antecipado
It needs a ton of work, but is otherwise fun. Very unique game that i recommend and i hope that online mode gets more players. It takes practice and doesn't handle quite like a typical racer. It is a mix of arcade and sim in its current build. The colors are... eh, something else. I really recommend those get changed around.

Would like to see the ability to make your own tracks, perhaps some different kart designs down the road or hoverships.
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Publicada: 30 de setembro
Análise de acesso antecipado
...Krautscape's trailer does the job well enough; cherry picks the best bits for others to see. I'll hand it to them; they gave the great impression of a game that promises high speed racing with the allure that, if you fly off the track, you can gracefully fly like a bird and reclaim victory from the jaws of defeat.


Lies and deciet.

Starting out the game, I headed to singleplayer; I heard multiplayer was basically non-existant, and I wanted get a grip on the controls, see how the mechanics worked.

...The controls are GARBAGE. Your car is not a car; it is a block of ice with a motor and it is HORRIBLY unbalanced in the air (one errant twitch, not going perfectly straight? Your straight rise up becomes a tumble).

The first few levels try to teach you about how the car controls; turns and junk, have you pass through checkpoints. It'd be great if the car's turning wasn't ABYSMAL. Don't even think about using the brake, either; you just try to stop on a dime, and going fast and trying to make sharp turns with a that block of ice and a brake? You spin (like a record). You spin out, skid, stop. There goes your medal. Reset level.

I had the patience to go an hour into the single player levels, and I didn't even get any flying action; it was awful turning with painfully slow acceleration (don't even get me started on boost pads coupled with tight turns; WHOOPS, THERE'S THE ENDLESS ABYSS) and a horribly slow restart back into the game.

Super Meat Kart this is not; you have to pause. Hit reset. Go back to the start of the level, wait five seconds to start again, go with your slow start...and inevitably, crash and burn, time and time again.

I was stuck on one level, a seemingly simple thing: bunch of boosts up a ramp, platform on the other side. You'd think they'd get THAT right.

...10 minutes. A sixth of my playtime. Dedicated to slowly accelerating to the boosts up, boosting up, rising...

And hitting the tiny grey support platform in front of it, falling back down into the abyss, yet again. For ten minutes.

I can finally see why people are skeptical about Early Access. You don't know what you're getting into, especially when a large percent of the reviews for this game are positive.

...I dove into the abyss, and came out a bitter, angry man.

I'll think of giving this game another shot when things aren't awful, but for now, for those reading this that're skeptical?

Buy it. See for yourself. And after you're done, give the dev a pat on the back and show him how to do things better.

Make something better than...this.
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Publicada: 17 de junho
Análise de acesso antecipado
This game is dope, but no one's ever online.

Buy it so that people will be online.


Add me if you want to play.

EDIT: The game really needs a "Host Game" option where you can invite your friends, it's a crap shoot trying to get into games with them. Granted, it's pretty easy to do when there's no one online, but connecting itself is kind of overcomplicated.
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Publicada: 17 de maio
Análise de acesso antecipado
surprisingly fun making who knows what while waiting for someone to join (not that anyone really joins, I think I've played against three people)

Buy it so we can play together
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