A new Gear arises, its name Leopaldon. As they threaten to lay waste to the world, you prepare to mount your offense. The good news? You won't have to face them alone. Guilty Gear Isuka introduces the brand new mechanic of cooperative gameplay to the tried and true fighting madness of the Guilty Gear XX series.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 de jun. 2006

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"Black sheep of the Guilty Gear series, Isuka is an experiment with flawed controls. Still, co-op beat-em-up mode and a customizable Robo-Ky save it."

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4 de febrero

Guilty Gear Isuka is now available in all regions

After a bit of a delay Guilty Gear Isuka is now available in all Steam regions. Thanks for your continued support.

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Acerca de este juego

A new Gear arises, its name Leopaldon. As they threaten to lay waste to the world, you prepare to mount your offense. The good news? You won't have to face them alone.

Guilty Gear Isuka introduces the brand new mechanic of cooperative gameplay to the tried and true fighting madness of the Guilty Gear XX series. With support for up to four local players (either on teams or as lone wolves), Guilty Gear has never seen more hectic action.

Key Features

  • A Cast of Misfits - The colorful characters of Guilty Gear XX #Reload return for an encore, and are joined by newcomers A.B.A and Robo-Ky Mk. II! On top of the 23 characters available by default, who knows if there are even more waiting to be uncovered...
  • Beat-Em-Up Action - Isuka goes from fighter to brawler when you dive into GG Boost Mode. Punch/kick/cut/grapple your way through waves of formidable opponents, and feel free to invite a friend to help; two-player co-op can give you that extra edge you need.
  • Make an Abomination - Newcomer Robo-Ky Mk. II can be retrofitted with the moves of other characters, making him the ultimate doppelganger. Brutal command grabs, a projectile or two, almost nothing is verboten when it comes to the murderous art of imitation.
  • Beautiful Characters and Environments - From the tiniest bounty hunter to the largest brute, from sunny beaches to moonlit cemetaries, Guilty Gear Isuka's sprite art oozes character.
  • Jaw-Dropping Heavy Metal Soundtrack - From the mind and frets of Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari comes some of the most intense rock you'll ever roman cancel to. Buyers of Guilty Gear Isuka on Steam will receive a digital copy of the Official Soundtrack for free!

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Celeron 500MHz or faster
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D compatible VRAM32MB or faster 3D Accelerator Card
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel PentiumIII 800MHz or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D compatible VRAM64MB or faster 3D Accelerator Card
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card
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Publicado: 24 de diciembre de 2014
It's just a crappy, crappy port. The resolution is TINY which I could forgive; I forgive tiny resolutions all the time, but there's so much else wrong with this port that it's just ♥♥♥♥ sprinkles on my turd cake. There doesn't seem to be any native controller support which is pretty important for fighting games in general, unless you hate yourself. I do not, so it's a well-missed feature. Once I figured out how to navigate menus (which I normally wouldn't have had trouble with, except the select button can sometimes change from menu to menu), lo and behold the button icons were still the PS2 symbols. So I'm thinking "Alright, I'll just quit out real quick and look up a fix or something. Where's the quit button?" So I search for a solid five minutes thinking they hid it somewhere. There was no quit button. Pressing escape quits the game out immediately. This, again, by itself wouldn't be a huge deal; kinda sloppy, but not huge, except it does it no matter where you are or what you're doing. In a fight and just want to pause? Don't press escape. Finger slips? Don't press escape. Cat jumps up on the keyboard? YOU BETTER HOPE THAT CAT'S ♥♥♥ DOESN'T END UP ON ESCAPE OR YOUR MATCH IS OVER. DRAW. FIGHT CALLED ON ACCONT OF ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ CAT.

Look, I'm not normally a Guilty Gear player; this was my first in fact and I would have loved to tell you what I think about the game but...At this moment there's too much in the way of me enjoying it. Making games is hard, even bad games, and even just ports; it's hard to do, and I get that but this? This just feels unloved. Like they did the minimum amount of work to make it stable and technically playable on Steam. In this day when console games are being lovingly ported and even sometimes recreated for PC, this game just doesn't fly.
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Publicado: 5 de febrero
Not the game you would want if you are being introduced to the GG series. Guilty Gear X2 #RELOADED is the one you want
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Publicado: 23 de febrero
I cant really reccomend this game, as it feels more like a cheap ripoff of Guilty Gear. The mechanics of the game are flawed at best, Story is nice, it looks pretty...... but its... its hard to explain..... basically you cant walk backwards like in normal fighters and instead turn around.... totallly breaks the tempo of your matches and ultimately will get you beat more often than not. Get if got completions sake if you just have to have every fighter available on steam, or get it because you already have the FAR SUPERIOR ##2 reload.

This game makes babies Cry.

5/10 please make the babies stop crying!
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Publicado: 23 de noviembre de 2014
This seems way more difficult than X2 : Reload,,,,, has 4 player vs mode too,,
its definately not bad and i like the soundtrak so far,,,

Heres a video: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345099401
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Publicado: 3 de noviembre de 2014
This game is pretty much Guilty Gear XX #Reload with worse graphic (because of the scaling), with a turn button (exactly) and up to 4 players coop play.

The game mechanics themselves are not that bad, what is really bad is that they tried to fit Guilty Gear cast, that we can remember for combos and fast pace gameplay (with cross-ups) into a Super Smash Bros fighter killing Guilty Gear itself. Actually they went even further adding a side-scrolling beat them up mode... like I said before, they totally stripped any "Guilty Gear" from this title.

That said, with much pain you can still get a "normal" arcade mode (1vs1) but there's a curse on that: the turn button. Your character won't turn himself to face the opponent but instead you will turn it when you feel like you feel the need. This is A LOT confusing at start but once you master it allows a few smart tricks you won't be able to do with auto-turn. Still it's definitely totally useless.
Finally a few words about the last boss, remember I-NO from Guity Gear XX? Forget it, you will hit a giant brick in Guilty Gear Isuka, enjoy.

Graphic, as I wrote before, is a little worse than Guilty Gear XX, I mean, visuals are actually better, but since there's a lot of scaling involved, they get worse.
Music instead is good, I liked it more than Guilty Gear XX #Reload in general, I'd say it was because there's a bit of experimentation and less strict 80s power metal (still metal though).

Finally, on this there's no netplay, nor official nor fan made, no one actually cared much about this game. The only reasons you may want to play this game are: playing the new character A.B.A. (which I don't like much actually) and listening to the new tunes that are really good.
So, if you like side-scrolling fighting games like double dragon or such, buy this game and enjoy side-scrolling fighting with Guilty Gear characters, otherwise just buy the soundtrack somewhere and listen to it.
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Publicado: 21 de enero
Sort of a mixed bag. Could be viewed as the black sheep in the series. It did have the arcade of 4 fighters of a time but it can get chaotic and even unfair at times when 2 or 3 computers gang up on you from both sides.

The turn mechanic is wonky at best. Responds well at some, horribly at others.

That said it did have a GG Boost Mode where up to 2 players go on a Streets of Rage adventure and kick the ♥♥♥♥ out of bad guys.

No options to change the resolution or graphic settings. That said its made to run on a toaster.

Not bad, but doesnt really feel as polished as the other entries.
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Publicado: 21 de marzo de 2014
El juego es muy bueno como todos los de la saga, banda sonora contundente como es costumbre, gracficos de la epoca decentes y jugabilidad exquisita. Unico gran detalle ¬¬ Pantalla en 4:3 :( Bien podrian haberle puesto una mejor resolucion y en 16:9 ... 8/10
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Publicado: 29 de julio de 2014
Un machabotones para inexpertos y gente que sólo quiera echar unas partidas, y un autentico vicio y reto para los más avezados. Quizás la entrega que más controversia generó al cambiar el modo de juego, pues "no hay límite de nivel" (hay 99, si llegas...) en el arcade, y supone un enorme reto cuando enfrentas a dos contrincantes al mismo tiempo; también introdujeron los combates 2 vs 2 (algo que a mi parecer es una viciada) y el cambio de sentido manual, un poco coñazo esto último pero uno se termina acostumbrando con el tiempo y la práctica... e incluso tiene su gracia a la hora de luchar contra otra persona.

En cuanto aspectos del juego en sí, se echa en falta un modo online y logros como aliciente a jugar una y otra vez (aunque sea en solitario). El aspecto es 4:3 y resulta un poco feo en las pantallas de hoy día; sonido bien y calidad gráfica clásica (si alguien iba pensando que sería un "remake" o versión HD que se olvide...

Sobre el juego con mando va como la seda, al menos en mi caso: Sixaxis vía bluetooth usando MotionJoy. Respuesta muy buena, precisa y sin retrasos.

En definitiva, un buen juego para aquellos que ya probamos las mieles de Guilty Gear antaño y buena forma de amenizar la espera de la nueva entrega... la cual rezo para ver por Steam en no mucho tiempo.
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Publicado: 25 de febrero de 2014
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Publicado: 26 de diciembre de 2014
¿Os acordais del episodio de Los Simpsons cuando pillan al Sr. Burns con el billete del trillón de dólares?, y le dicen: Está usted acusado por hurto mayor, pero MAYOR, MAYOR, Ehhhh.

Pues, esto es a grandes rasgos lo mismo, sólo que sustituir hurto por MIERDÓN. Cuando lo compré y tenía esos buenos recuerdos de Guilty Gear X2 Reload de mi querida Xbox, me dije, madre mía.... buenas viciadas se aproximan por el horizonte lejano.

Nada más lejos de la realidad, aghrghgrhgr, calidad de Playstation 1, controles toscos, animaciones más falsas que las de Street Fighter 2 de Super Nintendo y muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aburrido.

Instalar esto debe ser similar a sufrir una petada anal de un negro del congo que no ha visto un ojete virgen en su vida. O lo que es lo mismo, pagar miles de euros por una titulación con la misma validez que el certificado de autenticidad de un producto chino (Léase, Escuela Superior de Comunicación de Granada, C/ San Antón 73) Prepare your anu5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Publicado: 20 de enero de 2014
Un port terrible! incompatible con los controles de xbox 360.
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Publicado: 31 de marzo de 2014
No es juego HD, asi que se ve muy mal en los monitores actuales.
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Publicado: 16 de enero de 2014
Not sure why they released Isuka instead of, say, XX reloaded or even Acent Core. Why in gods name did they make a button to change the way you face? Perhaps if they just had a button to cycle through intended target rather than changing directions. Even the 1on1 matches are more difficult because of this bad design.

This game DOES have local multiplayer, which is misleading in steams classification, but NO online multiplayer. Also the graphics look very choppy on this port. Best thing about this game is the sound track.

*Edit* Looks like steam updated it to LOCAL CO-OP, which is misleading since there is also versus. local multiplayer would have been better used.
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Publicado: 14 de mayo de 2014
First off: Would I recommend this game? Yes and no.

First thing to consider is that this is a rather old PC port of a spinoff 'experimental' title of the main Guilty Gear XX series. It's unfortunate that the more traditional Guilty Gear XX #Reload wasn't placed on steam, however, the publisher of that title for the PC either no longer exists or is not interested in selling it here. Secondly, as it's a fighting game, Guilty Gear Isuka pretty much relies entirely on a controller to play the game to any reasonable extent that it is actually fun. That isn't a problem for myself, but for many people who are 'hardcore' PC gamers and lack a compatible device, that can be a dealbreaker. Third, as mentioned earlier, this game is very 'experimental' and as a result isn't nearly as polished as much of the other games in the series.

However, despite all these flaws, the game can still be very enjoyable, and in some ways, more enjoyable than the main series (in certain situations).

Guilty Gear is a series that is famous for it's intense speed, strange characters, and technical complexity. That last one is the reason a controller is necessary; the inputs required to perform even basic combos is just way too clunky on a keyboard. Whereas slower fighting games can be casually played on a keyboard if you're really hard up for cash, Guilty Gear is simply too fast paced and complex to do without a controller. In fact, an arcade stick is suggested for most players. While the series briefly pops into the general spotlight once in a while when a new title is released, it often fades out of the public eye for the most part soon afterwards. Despite this habit of people seemingly forgetting this series existence, there is a thriving community of players from all around the world-- surprisingly one of the most stable and best gaming communities I've ever been a part of. The community is driven by competition. Guilty Gear may be famous for it's quirkiness and speed, but in the fighting game community, what really sets it apart is how amazingly well balanced the game is. Every character can win, with enough skill; Tier listings are merely a suggestion of relative strength of a character based on how often that character wins tournaments, not whether a character is overpowered or too weak to compete; Strong system mechanics tie together interesting character mechanics into a cohesive battle system that is both intuitive and deep; And if you enjoy the game, putting in the time to get better becomes infinitely more rewarding and fun.

This is all true of nearly every Guilty Gear game, particularly the ones starting from #Reload and after. This does include Isuka, but with a grain of salt.

For Isuka, the developers attempted an idea that hadn't really be executed in a 2D fighter before: 4 player simultaneous combat. In 3D fighters this has been done many times, and there have been tag team games for ages, but this was the first time in a 2D fighter where 4 players could simultaneous duke it out. Unfortunately, these characters are carbon copies of their #Reload versions (with the exception of the first appearance of A.B.A.) and therefore were not designed to play in a 4 player environment like this. The only appreciable difference between the versions of the characters is that they have additional attacks and animations to change 'lanes' on the stage to determine who they want to attack. These attacks aren't exactly good or efficient to any extent, making them pretty useless in actual gameplay. In fact, the addition of a background lane was poorly executed itself, as seeing what's happening behind the foreground players is difficult due to the style of animation used, which executes a lot of special effects and can cover a great deal of the screen.

This isn't to say the game isn't without it's merits, however. This game makes a great party game; however, lack of internet play means you're gonna have to find some buddies to hang out and play on your PC with. The game is quite old now, however, so theoretically it should run on most laptops without much of an issue, so it's pretty portable in that respect. Free for alls can be hilarious and silly (especially if everyone chooses Potemkin), and 2v2's can be intense and produce surprisingly awesome combos and mixups. 1v1 feels wonky because the addition of the background lane and the turn button is clunky when there's only one person to focus on; it's unfortunate that a regular 1v1 mode like #Reload was not included. Another addition was the Robo Ky Mk. II, which is a second edition of Robo Ky that is highly customizable, allowing you to equip practically any special move that any character in the game possesses. The animations for this are often hilarious and absurd, such as pulling out a gigant electrified fly swatter for Anji's command grab attack, or a giant frying pan for Zappa's Raou Bellow's Malice super, and flinging bacon at the enemy. You could level up and earn points to purchase these moves and stat bonuses from the games 'GG Mode', which is essentially an adaptation of the normal system inside a beat'em up like stage. The better you perform (higher damage/longer combos, not getting hit, etc.) grant more points and even unlock special things like Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky, which are incredibly broken and fun characters. The enemies for the GG Mode are not full characters at all-- most have a total of three attacks, however, they too are unlockable. For the arcade mode-- which is probably incorrectly named, considering it's much more like a survival mode, you can play through 50 levels at a time of increasingly difficult battles. You can play with a friend or alone, and every 50 levels you can increase to the next 50 levels, which culminates at 1000 levels of gameplay. This may sound like a walk in the park, however, the opponents get incredibly difficult, and the final boss for every 50 levels is a 'Gear' named Leopaldon. He's big, mean, and has super armor and autoblocks, making him quite difficult to beat. Unlocking Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky are very difficult but eventually become your best bet for combatting the level 1000 monster of a boss.

The game suffers from a lack of foresight, however. Several characters fail to function properly (Zappa and his Dog summon, Eddie and Little Eddie-- the summons only attack in the direction the main character is attacking, which severely limits the functionality they presented in #Reload. e), and you sort of have to trick the button configuration to set the Dust and Turn buttons to single button inputs instead of multiple button presses-- which there are multiple of in Guilty Gear anyways. The attacks for the characters weren't modified to better suit fighting multiple opponents, even when it seems appropriate, and attacking teammates makes them 'get hurt', although they take no damage, but can easily lead to them taking damage from opponents. This is likely why they added a background lane for the second pair of characters, but it's a lazy solution that could have been avoided by thinking a little harder about the concept. As a result, the game can be... frustrating, at times. Moreso than simply losing in a normal fighting game, because you may lose because your character simply doesn't function properly, or because your teammate hit you. It's an unfortunate departure from the usual level of quality we often see for Guilty Gear (and indeed, any games from Arc System Works in general).

This is all well and good, but is the game fun? Is it worth your money? Potentially. If you're looking for something you can play with your friends, or to see if you might enjoy the Guilty Gear series, this isn't a terrible option-- not the best, but it's not completely awful either. Maybe buy it to see if you like the style and playstyle, then buy one of the other games (Preferrably Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + on ps3 or xbox 360, or Guilty Gear XRD coming 2014). Cheers!
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Publicado: 16 de enero de 2014
I blindly bought this because it was Guilty Gear, and I was starving for either Guilty Gear or BlazBlue to come to Steam. Little did I know that this was the four-player all-at-once Guilty Gear.

The first problem is that this seems like what is called a Lazy Port. This is a port where very little in terms of changes are made. This is shown in the Configuration Menu that you must visit in the game's folder before you can play in order to configure your controller to that of a PS2 Controller, plus the fact that the copyright on the Title Screen is 2004. There is no in-game option to exit the game, which exists in EVERY PC GAME EVER!

Speaking of the Config Menu, you MUST visit this in order to play. For same reason, I was getting some error concerning Direct 3D and some gibberish. All I could conclude was that I had to play in Window Mode, which I don't like to do. And the fact that I cannot use the full screen options on this game with a brand new computer furthers my theory about this port. My system is just too new for this game to handle.

To make matters worse is the game itself. When set aside the rest of the Guilty Gear games, this one seems like the odd one out. Performing moves became very confusing due to the turning mechanic. You don't turn automatically when you press left or right. You have to press a button to tirgger it. This is made harder in the Arcade Mode when, in the middle of a battle, once you somehow reach Survival Level 20, you instantly encounter two opponents who want to kill solely you, and they have just as much health as you. They do not have less health or do less damage. It's just a two on one and there's nothing you can really do except either improve with this broken system or to continue and hope that your next set of opponents, which will shuffle even on continues, will not be as brutal.

If you are looking for the Guilty Gear experience, look elsewhere. This isn't the game you're looking for. Don't be suckered in like I was. Pass it by and look for a better fighting game.
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Publicado: 16 de enero de 2014
Guilty Gear Isuka is more of a party game, rather than a straight up fighter in my opinion.
But I feel the game plays great for what it is and could potentially be a great game to play with a bunch of mates.

Buyers beware! Local multiplayer only!

Make sure to use the config of GG Isuka in the steam apps folder! This will save you a lot of pain when setting up X360 controllers or any other peripheral. Enable the zAxis to enable the use of triggers. Have fun!
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Publicado: 19 de enero de 2014
A surprisingly shoddy port of one of the weaker (but not terrible, or even that bad) Guilty Gear titles. Somehow has less graphic options then the console version did and no updates to multi-player in any way shape or form.

The actual game is sort of interesting as an experiment with Guilty Gear's formula and the added characters and little extra gimmicks like Colour Edit and the Robo-Ky Factory are still pretty nice too.

The turning system takes a bit of getting used to but for about 7 quid (GBP), it's not that bad a pick. That said; online retailers will have both this and Guilty Gear X2: #Reload availible for about the same price, so I can't reccomend the poor as ♥♥♥♥♥ Steam port here unless you have no alternative or you just really want to make I-No's outfit match her skin tone
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Publicado: 1 de julio de 2014
I'm giving this game a thumbs-up for three reasons:

1. It introduced A.B.A.

2. Boost Mode is actually pretty fun.

3. The soundtrack is one of the best Ishiwatari has ever done.

Otherwise it's a pretty forgettable entry in the GG series, but still worth it for those three things alone.
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Publicado: 5 de septiembre de 2014
All in all, this is basically a port of the PS2 version of the game. You pick a character, you customize it and then you enter a tournament. But for some reason this game seems endless as opposed to a plot driven script as in Guilty Gear X2 Reload. There are lots of character challenges and lots of opportunity to level up your characters. Although the play can get confusing if your on the screen with mutiple people. Be aware that the character does not automatically change the way it's facing on the screen depending on what side you are on. You have to click the shoulder buttons in order make them face the way you are on the screen. I guess its strategy really.

I do love arcade games and publishers love for PC ports. Especially when it's hard to track down a physicial copy before. At least its a worldwide release (So I seen) and everyone can enjoy the game. Just remember there is a lot of button mashing to do and you may find yourself in the computer for a couple of hours.
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Publicado: 18 de enero de 2014
I hate to rate things poorly, but this unfortunately is one of the weaker Guilty Gear titles.

The issues with this aren't tied to the game however, it's tied to the weak port.

There is little controller support (I still haven't figured out how to set up a controller to player 1), and more importantly, there was nothing done to add an online component.

That's right, this is local multiplayer only.

If you're in it for the nostalgia, go ahead and grab, just don't expect to be able to do much outside of local on a keyboard.
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