A new Gear arises, its name Leopaldon. As they threaten to lay waste to the world, you prepare to mount your offense. The good news? You won't have to face them alone. Guilty Gear Isuka introduces the brand new mechanic of cooperative gameplay to the tried and true fighting madness of the Guilty Gear XX series.
Data de lançamento: 20/jun/2006
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Guilty Gear X2 #Reload releases on Steam!

5 de setembro

ArcSys' presence on Steam grows ever stronger with the Steam release of Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Guilty Gear Isuka's turn-buttonless big sister! Click the banner above to check it out.

In the next few days, we'll be looking into bundling #Reload with the same sort of bonuses that we've packaged with Isuka. #Reload's soundtrack is already included at no extra cost, and Steam Trading Cards are forthcoming. Beyond that, there may be more on the horizon...

Thank you all for giving your support to these older titles; KISS and Funbox aren't the only people who appreciate it.

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Guilty Gear Isuka Update - OST now included!

4 de agosto

As of today's update, Guilty Gear Isuka now comes bundled with its official Original Soundtrack, complete with tags and cover art. Encoded in MP3 at over double the bitrate of the OGG files used ingame, you should find these a little more pleasant on the ears and convenient for the playlists. You can find the soundtrack in the GUILTY GEAR ISUKA folder in your steam/steamapps/common directory.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks...

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Sobre o jogo

A new Gear arises, its name Leopaldon. As they threaten to lay waste to the world, you prepare to mount your offense. The good news? You won't have to face them alone.

Guilty Gear Isuka introduces the brand new mechanic of cooperative gameplay to the tried and true fighting madness of the Guilty Gear XX series. With support for up to four local players (either on teams or as lone wolves), Guilty Gear has never seen more hectic action.

Key Features

  • A Cast of Misfits - The colorful characters of Guilty Gear XX #Reload return for an encore, and are joined by newcomers A.B.A and Robo-Ky Mk. II! On top of the 23 characters available by default, who knows if there are even more waiting to be uncovered...
  • Beat-Em-Up Action - Isuka goes from fighter to brawler when you dive into GG Boost Mode. Punch/kick/cut/grapple your way through waves of formidable opponents, and feel free to invite a friend to help; two-player co-op can give you that extra edge you need.
  • Make an Abomination - Newcomer Robo-Ky Mk. II can be retrofitted with the moves of other characters, making him the ultimate doppelganger. Brutal command grabs, a projectile or two, almost nothing is verboten when it comes to the murderous art of imitation.
  • Beautiful Characters and Environments - From the tiniest bounty hunter to the largest brute, from sunny beaches to moonlit cemetaries, Guilty Gear Isuka's sprite art oozes character.
  • Jaw-Dropping Heavy Metal Soundtrack - From the mind and frets of Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari comes some of the most intense rock you'll ever roman cancel to. Buyers of Guilty Gear Isuka on Steam will receive a digital copy of the Official Soundtrack for free!

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Celeron 500MHz or faster
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D compatible VRAM32MB or faster 3D Accelerator Card
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel PentiumIII 800MHz or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D compatible VRAM64MB or faster 3D Accelerator Card
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card
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Ahhhh!!! Joguei muito e muiiiiiito mesmo no PS2, e é um grande jogo de luta, infelizmente ele não se compara com os seus antecessores como o Guilty Gear X e o X2 e nem com os mais novos como o Guilty Gear XX Accent Core e o Plus.
Esse jogo é de 2004 e foi lançado originalmente para o XBOX Classic e para o PS2 e foi colocado à venda aqui no STEAM, Desura e CrownGame, em janeiro desse ano (2014).

Esse jogo é um port descarado da sua versão do PS2, você ainda vai ver que mostra os botões de PS2 como o X, triangulo, bola e quadrado, para mim um conhecedor da série e dos consoles isso não é um problema, mais pode ser chato para quem é apenas um PC Gamer que nunca usou os consoles da SONY.
Infelizmente o jogo é 4:3, e não possui como configurar a resolução, que isso hein? Por outro lado existe boas opções de configuração que não possuía no PS2, como é o caso de deixar em 60fps ou adicionar Pixel Shader.
Uma coisa péssima é o fato de que se você possui apenas o controle de XBOX 360 você terá problemas ao executar combos e especiais e ir para o "2° plano" nas batalhas, ele não reconhece os "triggers" como botões e sendo assim terá que configurar o L2 e o R2 nos POV (Ou seja no controle digital), e isso com certeza tira grande parte da ação do jogo (Para mim, simplesmente não dá para jogar, pois tira as suas opções de grandes combos, especiais etc.), porém se você possui um outro Joystick no PC, especialmente aqueles de no formato de PS2, será realmente de grande ajuda no jogo. Outra coisa bem ruim é o fato do jogo não salvar sozinho, você precisa sempre ir no menu de Opções antes de sair do jogo e ir em “Save/Load” antes de fechar o jogo, para salvar seus dados....
Não acredito que esse jogo vale seu preço full (R$ 16,00 Atualmente), simplesmente pelo fato dele ser um jogo com 10 anos de idade e ainda ser um port feito na cara dura de sua versão de PS2. Porém com um bom desconto e se você curte um bom jogo de luta, com certeza vai valer a pena telo em sua Biblioteca na STEAM.

PS: Des do dia 4 de agosto de 2014, todos que comprarem o jogo ganham o OST (Original Sound Track) FREE, para aqueles que já tinham comprado o game, também ganham o OST FREE, basta ir na sua pasta de instalação do jogo no STEAM (steamapps\common\GUILTY GEAR I♥♥♥♥) e suas MP3 estão na pasta “Guilty Gear I♥♥♥♥ Original Soundtrack” Oh yeah!
Esse jogo da carta STEAM, porém não possui conquistas.
Publicada: 15 de agosto
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Graficos ruins V
Jogabilidade ruim V
Port feito nas cochas V
Não vale nem o preço no humblebundle(U$1,00) V
Publicada: 20 de maio
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Publicada: 31 de julho
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Lixo de jogo, não vale a compra...
Apenas relançaram sem qualquer melhora gráfica ou de jogabilidade...
Publicada: 25 de maio
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First off: Would I recommend this game? Yes and no.

First thing to consider is that this is a rather old PC port of a spinoff 'experimental' title of the main Guilty Gear XX series. It's unfortunate that the more traditional Guilty Gear XX #Reload wasn't placed on steam, however, the publisher of that title for the PC either no longer exists or is not interested in selling it here. Secondly, as it's a fighting game, Guilty Gear I♥♥♥♥ pretty much relies entirely on a controller to play the game to any reasonable extent that it is actually fun. That isn't a problem for myself, but for many people who are 'hardcore' PC gamers and lack a compatible device, that can be a dealbreaker. Third, as mentioned earlier, this game is very 'experimental' and as a result isn't nearly as polished as much of the other games in the series.

However, despite all these flaws, the game can still be very enjoyable, and in some ways, more enjoyable than the main series (in certain situations).

Guilty Gear is a series that is famous for it's intense speed, strange characters, and technical complexity. That last one is the reason a controller is necessary; the inputs required to perform even basic combos is just way too clunky on a keyboard. Whereas slower fighting games can be casually played on a keyboard if you're really hard up for cash, Guilty Gear is simply too fast paced and complex to do without a controller. In fact, an arcade stick is suggested for most players. While the series briefly pops into the general spotlight once in a while when a new title is released, it often fades out of the public eye for the most part soon afterwards. Despite this habit of people seemingly forgetting this series existence, there is a thriving community of players from all around the world-- surprisingly one of the most stable and best gaming communities I've ever been a part of. The community is driven by competition. Guilty Gear may be famous for it's quirkiness and speed, but in the fighting game community, what really sets it apart is how amazingly well balanced the game is. Every character can win, with enough skill; Tier listings are merely a suggestion of relative strength of a character based on how often that character wins tournaments, not whether a character is overpowered or too weak to compete; Strong system mechanics tie together interesting character mechanics into a cohesive battle system that is both intuitive and deep; And if you enjoy the game, putting in the time to get better becomes infinitely more rewarding and fun.

This is all true of nearly every Guilty Gear game, particularly the ones starting from #Reload and after. This does include I♥♥♥♥, but with a grain of salt.

For I♥♥♥♥, the developers attempted an idea that hadn't really be executed in a 2D fighter before: 4 player simultaneous combat. In 3D fighters this has been done many times, and there have been tag team games for ages, but this was the first time in a 2D fighter where 4 players could simultaneous duke it out. Unfortunately, these characters are carbon copies of their #Reload versions (with the exception of the first appearance of A.B.A.) and therefore were not designed to play in a 4 player environment like this. The only appreciable difference between the versions of the characters is that they have additional attacks and animations to change 'lanes' on the stage to determine who they want to attack. These attacks aren't exactly good or efficient to any extent, making them pretty useless in actual gameplay. In fact, the addition of a background lane was poorly executed itself, as seeing what's happening behind the foreground players is difficult due to the style of animation used, which executes a lot of special effects and can cover a great deal of the screen.

This isn't to say the game isn't without it's merits, however. This game makes a great party game; however, lack of internet play means you're gonna have to find some buddies to hang out and play on your PC with. The game is quite old now, however, so theoretically it should run on most laptops without much of an issue, so it's pretty portable in that respect. Free for alls can be hilarious and silly (especially if everyone chooses Potemkin), and 2v2's can be intense and produce surprisingly awesome combos and mixups. 1v1 feels wonky because the addition of the background lane and the turn button is clunky when there's only one person to focus on; it's unfortunate that a regular 1v1 mode like #Reload was not included. Another addition was the Robo Ky Mk. II, which is a second edition of Robo Ky that is highly customizable, allowing you to equip practically any special move that any character in the game possesses. The animations for this are often hilarious and absurd, such as pulling out a gigant electrified fly swatter for Anji's command grab attack, or a giant frying pan for Zappa's Raou Bellow's Malice super, and flinging bacon at the enemy. You could level up and earn points to purchase these moves and stat bonuses from the games 'GG Mode', which is essentially an adaptation of the normal system inside a beat'em up like stage. The better you perform (higher damage/longer combos, not getting hit, etc.) grant more points and even unlock special things like Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky, which are incredibly broken and fun characters. The enemies for the GG Mode are not full characters at all-- most have a total of three attacks, however, they too are unlockable. For the arcade mode-- which is probably incorrectly named, considering it's much more like a survival mode, you can play through 50 levels at a time of increasingly difficult battles. You can play with a friend or alone, and every 50 levels you can increase to the next 50 levels, which culminates at 1000 levels of gameplay. This may sound like a walk in the park, however, the opponents get incredibly difficult, and the final boss for every 50 levels is a 'Gear' named Leopaldon. He's big, mean, and has super armor and autoblocks, making him quite difficult to beat. Unlocking Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky are very difficult but eventually become your best bet for combatting the level 1000 monster of a boss.

The game suffers from a lack of foresight, however. Several characters fail to function properly (Zappa and his Dog summon, Eddie and Little Eddie-- the summons only attack in the direction the main character is attacking, which severely limits the functionality they presented in #Reload. e), and you sort of have to trick the button configuration to set the Dust and Turn buttons to single button inputs instead of multiple button presses-- which there are multiple of in Guilty Gear anyways. The attacks for the characters weren't modified to better suit fighting multiple opponents, even when it seems appropriate, and attacking teammates makes them 'get hurt', although they take no damage, but can easily lead to them taking damage from opponents. This is likely why they added a background lane for the second pair of characters, but it's a lazy solution that could have been avoided by thinking a little harder about the concept. As a result, the game can be... frustrating, at times. Moreso than simply losing in a normal fighting game, because you may lose because your character simply doesn't function properly, or because your teammate hit you. It's an unfortunate departure from the usual level of quality we often see for Guilty Gear (and indeed, any games from Arc System Works in general).

This is all well and good, but is the game fun? Is it worth your money? Potentially. If you're looking for something you can play with your friends, or to see if you might enjoy the Guilty Gear series, this isn't a terrible option-- not the best, but it's not completely awful either. Maybe buy it to see if you like the style and playstyle, then buy one of the other games (Preferrably Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + on ps3 or xbox 360, or Guilty Gear XRD coming 2014). Cheers!
Publicada: 14 de maio
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