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Tower of Guns is a fast paced first-person-shooter for the twitch gamer... with a few randomized elements to keep it fresh with each playthrough. It's a short burst "Lunch Break FPS"... not unlike Binding of Isaac mixed with Doom 2. Tower of Guns was made by a guy named Joe (with his brother Mike composing the music).
Release Date: Mar 4, 2014
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Tog 1.21 AKA "Wingnut" Released!

August 18

Hi Folks!

I just pushed out another update to ToG--this one has a lot of bugfixes...some major, some minor. Here's the list of fixes:

  • Bug Fix: added a unduck check, tilt check, jump prohibit check, physics check, and a speed failsafe to cinematics to combat a major speed wiping bug on an endless mode loop.
  • Art fix: added an glowy oblivion plane to L11 in case the player looks backwards in the final tunnel
  • Optimization: Lowered cap on number of SFX pickups sounds that can be played at once
  • Bug Fix: fixed that dang cartesian lattice bug, which actually ended up being a much more severe bug that I’m surprised hasnt reared its head in uglier places…OR MAYBE IT HAS ORLY
  • Art, Pop, and Collision Fixes in l2r2b19, l6r4b, l6r2b2, l3r3b3b5
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Stories: For some people (those who bought the game in the last month) random dialog/plots didn't work! For everyone else, you probably never noticed this bug.
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted near clip plane, which fixes many near collision issues, but potentially causes zfighting with long-distance views. Not sure if I prefer this way over the other way.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed delay on end animatic chain flythrough
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted pipeorgan lootspawnoffset to accomodate clobbered loot
  • Bug Fix: Fixed door gate mechanism in togodrome
  • Console Cheat: Added cheat "Tog_ImLame stupidspeedbug". Those of you who have seen that endless-mode speed=0 loop bug, it *should* be fixed for you now. But just in case, I added this code to increment player speed by 2 with each use, so that way you won't lose a good run to this bug if, for some reason, it still pops up for you. This was a damn tricky bug, and I'm not confident my solutions was infallible.

Most of those are pretty rare bugs, but some of them could be rather unpleasant.

Anyway-Happy ToG-ing! Thanks for being awesome gamers.

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Tower of Guns 1.19b Update--just a few fixes!

July 2

Hi Folks,
I just pushed out another update to ToG. It's not a large update..even though it will come across as a 300mb download. I wish I could figure out why the heck Steam likes to update so many files with each update...I'm aware it's not kind to those of you with bandwidth limits, so my apologies to you folks.

Anyway, this update is for a few hotfixes and relatively minor tweaks such as:

  • Added a console command to toggle the hud for screenshots (togglehud)
  • added a couple of interesting new surprises to diceroll mode
  • fixed a major, though very hard to reproduce, issue with pausing and tilting at the same time
  • alleviated the vanishing boss items issue a bit more..it STILL might not be solved completely, but it should be getting pretty rare now.
  • fixed a few other minor gaps, collision bugs and typos people pointed out
  • added a console only mode called "Hot Foot Mode"--it's not a fully mature mode, but like "Backwards Mode", is a fun way to waste an hour or two. In short, the mode is like this: you have unlimited jumps. But *every* time you land you take damage. Goodluck. It's mostly for those youtubers who like to play ToG in silly ways. The console command for Hot Foot Mode is "TOG_imlame hotfoot".
Anyway, thanks for all the support everyone! You all make making updates fun.

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About the Game

Tower of Guns is a fast paced first-person-shooter for the twitch gamer... with a few randomized elements to keep it fresh with each playthrough. It's a short burst "Lunch Break FPS"... not unlike Binding of Isaac mixed with Doom 2. Tower of Guns was made by a guy named Joe (with his brother Mike composing the music).

Key Features

  • SINGLE SITTING FULL EXPERIENCE: For all of those who have too many games (or too little time) this is a game you can pick up and play again and again, without remembering where you were or what you were up to. If you're gonna win, you're gonna do it within an hour or two. That's a big if though... it won't be easy.
  • ALWAYS A FRESH EXPERIENCE: Random enemies, random powerups, random bosses, tons of unlockable items and weapons...even random-level compositing! You never know what to expect when you sit down in front of Tower of Guns.
  • CRAZY POWERUPS: You've played first person shooters where you can double jump, but have you played any game where you can centuple-jump? You can in Tower of Guns, with the right items.
  • GUN-MODIFYING MADNESS: Do you like rocket launchers? You'll like them more if you're lucky enough to stumble upon a "shotgun" modifier. A rocket-launching shotgun is very satisfying. Mix and match your gun with a dozen different Gun Mods!
  • OLD-SCHOOL TACTICS: For the fans of the faster shooters, it's all back. Circle strafe your way to glory at insane speeds; Tower of Guns is all about moving fast!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 275 GTX +512mb memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: windows compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Warning: This game is CPU/GPU intensive. There are a lot of bullets. It is stable on older Nvidia cards (8800 era), but the framerate made for a sub-optimal experience.
Helpful customer reviews
13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
3.5 hrs on record
Styled very much like a classic arena FPS, except it's you versus all sorts of spikey, explodey, shooty contraptions, not other players or AI bots. The game moves fast and smooth, a necessity for this style of run-and-shoot twitch shooter, and plays equally well with KB+M or controller. Love the cel shaded artwork and the weird "alien factory" type design of the game world. There's also a good sense of humor that is thankfully never overdone. I had no idea what to expect in this one and it has turned out to be one of my favorite 2014 games to date, a half hour at a time adrenalin rush that I've kept installed on all my computers since the game was released.
Posted: July 9
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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.5 hrs on record
I have fallen in love in just a weekend.

Tower of Guns is like traveling back in time, but everything is better than you remember. You've got an FPS game that actually has guns not modeled off real-life weaponry, but instead over-the-top creative concepts. You not only have the ability to jump without needing to press your knees against a wall and vault over, but you can jump to your wildest dreams. No stop-and-pop cover-hugging here, get your ♥♥♥ out there soldier. Or grandmother. Or 80's gamer. Because even the storyline is randomly generated.

I normally try to be fair and critical in my reviews, but I can't help but rave here. A little indie game took me in its arms and told me that FPS was still alive and circle-strafe-bunnyhopping in the clouds, and I didn't have to wait for it to come back down. I could pick up 3 jump height boosts and reach it in 7 jumps. It's taken me longer than planned to write this review, beacuse it was hard to pull away.

Alright, minor rants. Some areas are too dark to easily spot enemies, but there's still more color variety than Borderlands. Twerp bots can be annoyingly hard to hit. I want to hold more than one gun. Some area generation can have bugs.

Screw this, I'm back to playing it. I'd recommend it at full price for anyone that enjoyed Quake or Unreal games. Yes, Doom didn't have jumping, and I grew up on that game. But we had to learn to walk before we could centuple-jump. Enter the Tower already...
Posted: September 1
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
This isn't really a review of the game (which I very much liked) but of the developer.

I had a small issue with installing the game after a patch. Specifically, my virus protection read some file as a threat. It had never done that before, so I panicked and posted something angry because I am a hotheaded jerk on the internet. Well, the developer was on top of it in a flash...literally. My post was up for about 5 minutes before s/he calmly informed me of the obvious, which is that it was a false positive, evident by the fact that I was the only one reporting it. (I run a tight ship on my PC, but I do use a weird virus program...never had a problem before now.) S/he walked me through some steps, even sending me a replacement for the single file causing the trouble.

Anyway, the game is great. But in our days of kickstarters and early access, it is a common sight to see developers and the communities at each others throats. I gotta support a team or individual who realizes that today, maybe unfortunately, game development includes a service aspect. And I was the irrate and unreasonable customer.

10/10 Would buy from again.
Posted: June 27
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.3 hrs on record
*Smooth UT style shooting, strafing and jumping
*Frantic action full of explosions and killer robots
*Great cel shaded graphics and matching quirky, guitar-heavy soundtrack
*Enough unlockables, secret areas and randomized elements to make each run unique
*A genuinely funny assortment of story lines
*A little rough around the edges, e.g., collision issues and falling through the world
*Sometimes the difficulty can be a bit frustrating, but that's standard with bullet hell games

Overall Tower of Guns is a spectacular one-man project that deserves the attention of anyone that enjoys roguelikes and old-school shooters. I've been playing the game since it was in beta and the developer has done a great job of consistently improving the game and is very open and responsive about its development.

PS If you enjoy Joe's writing he also has a very funny book called The Armpit of Evil available on Amazon.

Posted: June 20
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14 of 23 people (61%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
For a game with 'permadeath' to be tolerable, even enjoyable, there are three conditions that must be met, in my opinion:

1) Each playthrough must have the potential to be a unique experience.

On this point the game only partially succeeds. There is some small variation in level order, with each level made up of a series of several distinct rooms or 'chambers', which are again randomly selected from a pool. However, many of these rooms are similar and it will not take you long to become familiar with all of them.

2) The game must be relatively short

I've reached the 5th level so far and, although this may be close to the end for all I know, it is still too far in to feel entirely happy about starting again from the beginning.

3) The difficulty must be reasonable and consistent throughout.

Now here is where the game utterly FAILS. For most of any particular playthrough of TOG, the difficulty is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is make sure you keep moving while keeping your finger on the fire button. Most of the 'enemies' in the game are in fact static turrets, that fire a bazillion intimidating-looking missiles in your direction, but at an unfeasably slow pace and with no sense of movement anticipation. Once you have the targets in your sights it is actually a pretty dull experience.

However, due to to a certain portion of the enemies (turrets) spawning in random positions, there is often a moment of frenetic insanity when you first enter a room where you are bombarded from what seems like all directions. In most cases it just takes a split second to figure out where the barrages are coming from, find something to hide behind or which direction to move in to dodge the bullets, and it's a dull cakewalk again. But in that split second, if you find your view blocked by the ostensibly quaint, but actually quite obnoxious and distracting 2D smoke and explosion effects, and happen to run in the wrong direction, you are liable to recieve a ♥♥♥♥load of damage all in the one moment and DIE. And start again. From the beginning. When it really isn't even your fault.

The game has some quirky humour, plenty of easter eggs to find and a generally appealing steampunk-esque look and feel. But there is no point in this game where you feel your reflexes and cunning have helped you survive. Rather, it alternates between dumb luck when you enter a room and routine clean-up operations once you know where the guns are.

I'd give it about 2-3 hours of gameplay before the novelty gives way to irritation, so not a very good deal.
Posted: April 4
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125 of 160 people (78%) found this review helpful
31.7 hrs on record
If you enjoy The Binding of Isaac and First Person Shooters which echo Unreal Tournament, then pick this up! It's proper good.
Posted: February 13
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  • "Best of E3-Indie" 2013 Award nomination, from HardcoreGamer.com
  • Boston Festival of IndieGames, 2013 Digital Showcase
  • Indiecade 2013 E3 Showcase