Little Racers STREET fuses the fun-oriented simplicity of top-down racing games with the excitement of street racing, and the results couldn't be better!
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Data wydania: 6 Lut, 2014

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Kup Little Racers STREET

Kup Little Racers STREET - Four Pack

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"Capturing the speed & precision, with a large number of circuits & unlocks. A rare, fun challenge showing what a top-down racing game should be!"
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24 października, 2014

Ziggurat available now!

Our latest game Ziggurat has been finished its Early Access process and is now available on Steam and Humble Store:

The people who supported the game by purchasing it during Early Access have received a copy of Little Racers STREET as a thank you gift :).

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“Believe it. Little Racers STREET is very good”

“Milkstone Studios has ensured this accomplished little top-down racer has you driving within seconds”
EDGE Online

Full Controller support

O tej grze

Top-down racing evolution has arrived!

Little Racers STREET fuses the fun-oriented simplicity of top-down racing games with the excitement of street racing, and the results couldn't be better!

Experience thrilling high speed races, and drift like never before along more than 200 different events. With varied weather conditions affecting handling, you'll need precise driving to reach the first places, and success!

Two cities featuring over 60 different tracks will put your skills to test in the career mode. Start from scratch, and purchase or improve your cars as you keep winning racings and climbing the driver rankings. Complete the challenges to earn special rewards and unlock the high tier cars!

Pick the right car for each race, from an impressive selection of 40+ cars divided in 6 performance tiers. From the slow and steady Panzer to the allmighty Fetuccini Langostino, you'll really feel the difference!

The online multiplayer mode for up to 12 players is fully integrated with the career mode: Race with your friends and earn credits you can spend on new cars and upgrades!

You also can try the time trial mode and try to improve your best laps or compete against your friends, and check your position in the world leaderboards.


  • Approx. 200 events on 60 different tracks.
  • Spectacular drifting physics and handling.
  • Weather effects (Rain,Snow,Night...) that greatly affect handling.
  • 40+ cars available for purchase and customization, with 6 performance tiers.
  • 50+ additional challenges with specific rewards.
  • Time trial mode with ghost car features and leaderboards
  • Extensive career mode offering hours of content
  • Smooth online multiplayer experience for up to 12 players, integrated with career mode and supporting AI racers.
  • 2 Huge cities to drive on

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 capable hardware
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 460 or better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad recommended but not required
    • Processor: Dual Core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2 Graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad recommended but not required
    • Processor: Dual Core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2 Graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: The game has been tested mostly on Ubuntu distributions
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 460 or better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
Pomocne recenzje klientów
1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
9.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 grudnia, 2014
Bardzo sympatyczna zręcznościowa ścigałka z mnóstwem wyzwań i osiągnięć Steam.

+ grafika,
+ duża liczba tras i samochodów,
+ mnóstwo wyzwań,
+ możliwość zmiany ustawień kamery,
+ tryb kariery,
+ rosnący poziom trudności,
+ wciąga,
+ działa pod Linuksem.

- martwe multi,
- początkowe problemy z osiągnięciami Steam pod 64-bitowym Linuksem.*

Moja ocena: 8/10

* Grę uruchomiłem pod 64-bitowym Mintem 17.1. Zauważyłem, że nie działają osiągnięcia Steam. W celu znalezienia rozwiązania problemu przełączyłem się w trakcie grania (shift+tab) na forum. Wprawdzie rozwiązania nie znalazłem, ale po powrocie do gry osiągnięcia odblokowały się automagicznie :)
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 26 marca
Fajna, przyjemna gierka jako przerywnik między cięższymi grami.
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30 z 48 osób (63%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 2 osób ta recenzja jest zabawna
3.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 grudnia, 2014
Still better than Need for Speed: Rivals
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8 z 10 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
18.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 9 listopada, 2014
A good little racing game that could have been great and even become a cult classic as Micro Machines once did. If the visual execution and the gameplay feeling of an arcade racer are skillfuly done, there are too many flaws that cannot be simply overlooked. Some are detrimental to the game, some just minor details. From bad to worse:

- The algorithm that randomize each race does not seem to adjust the number of racers to the size of the race, transforming some of them into stock car racing where you spend a lot of your time shouting "Get out of the *@%*$ way" at your screen, which was not my idea of the game. Unless it was endorsed by NASCAR, which it is not.
- The AI racers become more skilled after each lap (so do you, which is a good kind of balancing), but over 10 laps (the random factor allows 15+ laps races), the other racers attain near-perfection driving, forcing your loss in a way. That and some cars seem to be over-powered compared to the category you're in (but maybe that's just me being a bad driver).
- The game has a lot of grinding built in, just so you know.
- The general visibility is sometimes broken by too much information (a lot of cars, scenery, lighting...) and you'll be confused wondering whose car you're driving (unless you painted it flashy pink with lime green bands just to recognize it). The track readability is not that great either. Plus, parts of the background will be in front of your eyes, blocking the street and the cars from your view. Which is dumb, the background is fine where it is... in the back.
- Your car will bounce off random edges. Some you will see (sidewalks), some that are invisible according to the way the track is divided. The fact that any car with a certain velocity will lose its momentum and bounce back is beyond my comprehension though.

That's a long list but I still like this game. I'm just disappointed because it could have truly been a magnificient one with a few tweaks. Maybe the next one will be better.
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3 z 3 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
69.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 marca
This is a Racing Game Top-Down Style.

This games also brings me back to the '90 era.
Codemasters released another Micromachines game and this really looks a lot of
the way it plays and looks.
Only big difference is that the game takes place at some street racing
More than 55 cars to drive with in 6 difference tears.

The controls a really need to get used to.
Because of the feeling how the cars steers en how the point of view is.
There are some difference between cars only you will not notice it a lot.

The game offers you have different game possibilities.
You have Single Race, Career, Time Trail, Free Roaming and Multiplayer.
Career mode is really the most fun to play and race over 190 events on 60
different tracks.
You think you are fast you must try the Time Trail Mode.
Free Reaming is very special for a game like this and it's a really fun and good
addon to this games and 2 Huge cities to drive on
Multiplayer can be used offline and online to play with friends experience for up to 12 players.

Graphically the game looks pretty good.
And even weather conditions to participate in this game.
This gives the game new difficulty rating.
Game has some also have some good background music.

In short it's a very solid game that can be a little addictive to play.
I really enjoy this game... and only for 5.99 retail ?
So it's possible to buy fun and good game only if you ask me they are very rare.

It's a good game is you like top-down racing games.
I will give it a 7/10.
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2 z 2 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
11.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 7 stycznia
Its a really nice game of cars, in the line of Micromachines or similar games. The graphics, while not really complex, have some interesting details like wather effects or reflections. The gameplay is adictive a lot. Sumarizing, it's really funny and well done :)
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3 z 4 osób (75%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 13 listopada, 2014
Only just got this game and i love it!

Its like the old micro machines from codemasters for all you old school gamers.

Its got great mechanics and is fun to play. Grpahics and sound all fit well and the career mode is well done. Great game for kids and adults alike! I will give more feedback when i get to play more.
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4 z 6 osób (67%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
12.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 30 października, 2014
I love this game!
Going in my expectations were that I would spend an hourish playing another cheap, flash game quality, mobile port. The kind of experience only really enjoyable when sitting on the toilet. In most regards, that’s exactly what this title looks like; yet it still caught my attention somehow.
I think the charm comes from the fact that it takes me back to when I was little and pretended to race hot-wheels cars. The way all the cars handle and interact reminds me very much of all the silly drifts and hairpin turns I would do racing around the living room.
For looking and feeling like something you would find on sites like Newgrounds, there is a lot of content. There are two large worlds with tons of tracks, plenty of cars (even though many feel like filler and only a handful are truly practical), and all of the car upgrades truly make a difference in the way you will need to drive. The difficulty is the main sore spot I’ve found with the game. The “medium” difficulty is generally a cake walk yet randomly will ramp up to insane races. “Hard” is genuinely challenging yet on certain tracks or with inclement weather the AI just breaks.
Despite it’s appearance, Little Racers STREET is awesome and a great buy if you’re looking for a simple bit of blissful arcade racing.
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5 z 8 osób (63%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
17.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 20 grudnia, 2014
I usually ragequit from driving/racing games. I often do that fast. This game didn't make me quit. I found it fair (unless you change to unfair mode :P) - and that's why I liked it. There are 5 difficulty levels and you can always choose the one that suits you best.

LR Street doesn't stand out from the crowd, but it's solid in every regard. Graphics and music are simple, but they don't deter. Menus are simple, and even though they are simple and easy to navigate and read I didn't like them. I had impression that this part of the game was just rush and never finished, but that's my only complain. There is a basic selection of sound and graphical options, but you don't need more. Keys customization as well as joypad support are good. Game controls nice with both peripherals.

Driving mechanics... well, it's present and I just learned it to beat AI in career. Just learn and you should not have problems winning the races. Speaking of modes there are a few of them: career, time trial/lap record , daily challenge, multiplayer and freeroam. Nice, that's quite rich. AI/Bots - their difficulty ramps up as you change car classes - they are easiest in E class and of course much more difficult in A class. Car customization is present and is decent. You can improve your car's performance (better nitro, brakes, control etc etc), you can choose patterns and paint too. You don't have freedom in this regard, but what game offers is enough. As you change classes you can buy better cars. Every class has a few specific cars you can buy/improve and use for races. Track selection is decent - you won't be owerwhelmed, but you won't have to drive 5 same tracks till you throw up. There are 5 types of camera setting in this game. It's great, as you can choose the best or simply the one you like most.
AI/Bots are good. It is possible to change their number between 1 and 11. They can annoy you at times, but this was the first game I didn't want to bash developer for unfair AI opponents. They get better and they will win, but I never found them unfair. It was always my fault (bad turn, too much speed, bad control over the car). They may block and ram you at time, but again - it was never aggravating as it is other games of this genre.
I was happy with a Ghost Car feature. You can set a certain number of those to use in time trial/lap record races. They will not collide with you, but they will pose a challenge and help you beat records.

You are probably wondering "So much text, so little substance? Why are you recommending this game?". Yeah, it's my fault that I can't pass my enjoyment with this game on you. I would like to, but it's also partially game's fault - it's solid. Nothing less, nothing more. As I said it doesn't stand out, but what it does, it does fun enough for me (a driving games hater) to tell you that I had a blast. I even did 100% achievos and in-game challenges. It was that fun.
Buy it. It's a solid indie racing game.
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6 z 10 osób (60%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
10.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 października, 2014
Little Racers STREET, well what can I say, but" what an ( AWESOME! ) and cute little game, and I'd like to say Thank you so much to an awesome and lovely friend for this cute and fun game, I just love it ♥♥♥. This game makes me laugh, smile and well if a game can do this for me, then I most certainly am recommending this very cute little race game, because it is just so fun to play. Best Little Racers game i have played by far. Thank you Dear Friend for this Game. ♥ :D
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
12.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 marca
Addictive, challenging game. Becareful how much you upgrade your car, you can make the mistake i did at first, and class up your car before you are ready. Luckily there is a downgrade feature which i think is very nice, you can downgrade the car to keep it within a certain class or to change how the car is set up.

The graphics are nice, handling physics is a bit odd but fun once you get used to it. I'd say it is both a mix of sim, and arcade. You have to figure out a good rhythm for the corners. How you boost on the straights matters can mean loosing or winning a race. There is no penalty for restarting a race in Career mode that I've noticed which is nice until you learn a track. Some tracks have jumps, and blind corners.

There is a difficulty setting which affects how much credits you win from a race. It is set to default on Intermediate, but even Easiest can be tricky depending on the track and car that you have. What is tricky about Easiest is that you lap slower cpu, and they can get in your way when taking some corners or on tight track sections. This is annoying if you are trying to do a perfect race without any damage.

Controls, and rumble feature are very nicely set up, you can change them if the default setting isn't what you want. I play using a 360 Afterglow controller.

Overall, first impressions say a lot. This is nicely done. I will update this review as i play it more and get indepth into other modes, and multiplayer.
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 14 marca
At first when I saw this game I was reminded Super Off Road or RC Pro Am (on NES) and was hoping for something similar. I got it, and I got a little more.

Definitely what is shown on the trailer is the basis of what this game is. It's a top down sort of racer with dynamic camera angles that definitely make up the game. The first camera angle reminds me somewhat of Super Off Road,RC Pro Am, or Sim City 3 when you take control of vehicles. Not a bad angle, and a good one for nostalgic feel. However, some problems persist with views as you'll see buildings get in your way. None the less an outline of your car is shown but sometimes it is difficult to see. Which brings me to the next camera angle which is dynamic and shows you more of the track ahead of you. The variety of camera angles adds depth to the game. One would think of course seeing your player would be of utmost importance. It is but it adds to the game play. The driving itself is relatively simple and reminds me of literally having a toy car between my fingers (which is not a bad thing). For a grown man I like the game for the grown-up feel it gives but I like it at the same time sort of bringing me back in time when games were simpler (such as Pro Am or Off Road). The driving handles great and the ability to see if you beat your best track time is made even easier. Nitro is also a big factor within the game and when to use it. I find even playing at medium difficulty you may come in first a lot, but there will be some races where it will feel sort of inconsistent and you'll find yourself having a hard time catching up to first. Damage is sort of negligible but I'm only on class D and as the cars get faster more damage may occur. Damage of course has to be paid after each race. After completing races there are achievements such as completing every course on a certain racing level. There are credits rewarded in career mode after racing which enables cars to be upgraded or new ones to be bought. There is even a free roam mode to choose from! That's pretty sweet!

The visuals are suitable to this game, and maybe in a few places could have been better. I like the fact that toy cars were used. Cars have a custom paint option. It's almost like having my micro machine toy car the color I've always wanted it. It's not need for speed detail but it's enough detail to keep the game cool.

The sounds are decent, nothing too amazing but nothing short of good. When the guy says final lap or new best time it sort of sounds off. Either than that no complaints.

I like this game and would like to see a DLC or something added. Maybe add weapons in the game and make it like mario kart? Why not a demolition mode? I'd suggest more things but I'm not getting paid here for them. (Cop chases anyone)?

This is a good game... I like this game so obviously it will get a good rating. I bought it on sale and if it suits you I'd recommend buying it. Sucks that it isn't local co-op but I can see why (would be hard seeing each car). Food for thought though! There is a bit of a grind with career mode when it comes to getting new cars but the races are short and enjoyable enough that you won't notice. The bonus of it is that some races have a pretty big pay-out. If you don't care for some achievement or potenital card opportunity then just keep on going to the horse races.

Indie Rating : 7.6/10. Could have been easily an 8 if more game modes were added.

Also the multiplayer seems to be somewhat alive at certain times. Either than that it can be pretty quiet. Buy a four pack?
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 27 marca
You should only play this game if you have friends and good internet. Its a fun racer that I would enjoy but my internet when playing this game is meh. Its pretty much a top down racer like some old arcade games, But over all would play Mario kart over it. 6/10
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1 z 2 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 grudnia, 2014
Excellent time filler - becomes repetitive after a while however. Do NOT buy this game if you want a storyline experience, this is purely a race engine and most comparable to Micro Machines - 7/10
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1 z 2 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
36.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 1 lutego
Great game if you have 5-10 minutes time and want to have a quick race!

Daily challenges motivate to start at least once - sadly multiplayer is not very crowded :-(

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1 z 2 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
4.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 9 lutego
A cute little gamepad + sofa game that is easy to pick up when relaxing at the end of the day. Might not last for tens of hours, but I've already got my money's worth.
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5 z 10 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 grudnia, 2014
With Death Rally (the original developed by Remedy I mean, not the remake you can get on Steam) being free and working on any modern Windows version, you would think that making a game like this would be as easy as downloading it, and then playing it a whole lot until you get what is that made this genre great.

What you get instead is games like Little Racers Street, where I can't help but feel like the dev team said, OK we're going to make the game we want eventually, but in the meanwhile we need some cash: so they watched youtube videos of classics while thinking about what they're going to have for dinner that day, and after some time lo and behold they've cobbled together a Cargo science version of the classics.

Superficially, they LOOK more or less the part, but play like crap. Little Racers STREET has a sloppy presentation, it almost looks like it could be a freeware game from a few years ago and to say the music is place-holder is to be generous. But the handling? the handling, I hear you ask? It's vacuous at best, and the career progression is grindy. The only good thing I can say about it is that the AI is not as murderous as Mini Motor Racing EVO (that would be, throw your controller at the screen degree of vicious). And that's about it.

Save yourself a few cents and play Death Rally (the free one by Remedy if you don't mind my repeating). Or Slicks'n'slide. Or ATARI's Super Sprint or Ironman Super Offroad: I can guarantee those are good games and if you don't like them, well it means the genre isn't for you. This? This is just going for the nostalgia angle.
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1 z 2 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
1.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 16 marca

[Disclaimer]=> I've played only half an hour at the moment of writing this review, and probably will renew it when I will have something to add. And I am sorry for my english ^_^

First of all, I want to point out, that I played a game similar to this in my childhood. It was in SEGA. Idea of that game was just like in Little Racers Street (further on - LRS). And I really loved it! It was fun playing with my friends and beating them. That experience has triggered me to try this game out.
I bought LRS on a sale, but yet think I really overpayed for it. Yes, this game looks pretty good, it doesn't need great graphics. But physics are awful!!! Just...terrible!!! In my own opinion, of course You don't have to put a lot of effort to do a drift. In fact you don't have to put ANY...Car drifts anytime you press left < and right > buttons, and it really annoys. I can't understand what for do I need break/back and handbreak (left Alt) buttons. When you press break/back button, car almost stops, so there is no point to use handbreak! You don't even have to release "forward" button. If you do it, you will loose your speed very quickly. You ONLY have to turn right/left in time. And this "turning" is really bad.
I am so dissapointed with this game, which I hoped would remind me of my childhood.

Parametr Description Pts/10
Graphics not really stunning, though it's not the main thing in game 5
Gameplay have different options: free roam, career mode, multiplayer, fast race, time race and different types of cars 7
Physics big minus of the game...terrible physics 1
Soundtrack is not special (just short beat that repeats), annoys after some time 4
Other sounds in general sounds are ok. But when you here "Final Lap, Fastest Lap". That's crap. Feels like game developer recorded them himself 2
Cost WTF? 5.99$ is a robbery. No, seriously, this game should cost 0.99$ max, better be free -1
Extra at least you can choose camera view in settings
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4 z 4 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
6.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 10 maja, 2014
Little Racers STREET jest ścigałką dobrą w swoim typie i jest dużo do pochwalenia, ale problemów nie unikneła. Mały problem to zmiana wyglądu auta, który pozwala tylko na zmianę koloru, ale tak biedne nie są. Teraz pochwalić muszę dużo, przedewszystkim grafike i efekty, głównie pogoda jak np. śnieg pada, po prostu podoba mi się grafika oraz wygląd aut. Muzyka jest ciekawa, ale nie na tyle, żebym ją mógł rozpamiętywać. Poziom trudności jest zróżnicowany, także pod względem mnożnika otrzymywanej nagrody po ukończeniu trasy, czyli jedziesz na najłatwiejszym to AI nie jest w stanie z tobą konkurować, a jak jedziesz na najtrudniejszym to zostawią cie w tyle, że możesz najwyżej zrobić Rage Quit. Teraz auta, tych jest 40+ wśród 6 tierów i są zróżnicowane pod kątem szybkości i innych parametrów, gorzej wygląda zmiana wyglądu autka, która pozwala jedynie na zmiane kolorków, o czym wyżej wspomniałem, ale i to muszę pochwalić, bo paleta barw jest duża. Gra jest też aktualizowana, więc problemów będziemy spotykać coraz mniej, dla mnie problemem są napisy, które wyskakują po przejechaniu okrążeń, a poprawili jakieś napisy podczas wyścigu. Wymienie plusy i minusy:
+Grafika i efekty pogodowe
+Audio i muzyka
+Różnorodność tras(zapomniałem o tym) i aut
+Dostosowywanie aut, czyli tuning i wygląd(choć aspekt zmiany wyglądu wypada na ten moment średnio)
+Zróżnicowany poziom trudności(5 ich jest) oraz mnożnik nagrody po ukończeniu trasy dostosowany do poziomu trudności
+AI w zależności od poziomu trudności albo będziesz ich miał gdzieś albo oni ciebie
+Tryb jazdy wolnej, ale szkoda, że są tylko 2 mapki.
-Poprawią niech te napisy po zrobieniu okrążenia, bo przeszkadza to na niektórych trasach
Ocena to 9/10, lepsze od Mini Motor Racing EVO.
PS. Piszę te recenzje po raz drugi, bo głupi zapomniałem kliknąć LPM na "Napisz recenzję", fail dnia :O
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4 z 5 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
6.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 19 września, 2014
Little racers street to na pierwszy rzut oka zwykła, toporna arkadówka- ścigałka, jednak gra ta mnie bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczyła- bałem się że rzut izometryczny sugeruje już "badziewie" a się bardzo pomyliłem- gra wciąga niemiłosiernie, jest dobrze wykonana, model jazdy i trasy też są niczego sobie :)
Gra nie wnosi nic, ale to nic nowego do gatunku, ale to nie znaczy że jest to gra zła- przeciwnie jest to bardzo dobra gra, idealna jako relaksator, oferując wiele wyzwań, tras i samochodów.
Twórcy indie powinni brać przykład z twórców tej gierki bo jest naprawdę bardzo dobrze wykonana i nie żeruje na stwierdzeniu "To indyk, może być brzydki/ toporny itd. ".
Polecam tą grę :)
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