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One fine day, Eryi went to eat the melon that she had been SO looking forward to... but it was nowhere to be found! Then she noticed a note on the table. She picked it up and read: "Your melon looked delicious, so I took it. From Farta X" Fuming with rage, Eryi set out from her house to get her melon back from Farta.
Utgivningsdatum: 19 Nov 2013
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Eryi's Action is Live! Steam Achievements Coming soon!

19 November 2013

Eryi's Action is finally live on Steam!! BUT due to a last-minute hiccup the 32 achievements we have in the works are going to be just tad late. Everything was going so well, but that rug got pulled at the last minute!

Please bear with us and we'll update the build with achievements just as soon as humanly possible, but in the meantime, enjoy the trading cards and Cloud support that DO work right now!

Please note: Steam keys will be provided as promised to everyone who purchased Eryi's Action prior to Greenlight approval. We will send an update as soon as we've coordinated with the distributors. Watch this space / the Nyu Media Twitter / Facebook / or forum for updates!

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“Swearing at your monitor and pointing at it viciously is actually a relaxing experience.”
9 – Capsule Computers

“This game has single handedly made me rethink my whole gaming life”
9.5 – Go! Gaming Giant

“Eryi’s Action will absolutely hook you in”
90 – GamerTell

Om spelet

One fine day, Eryi went to eat the melon that she had been SO looking forward to... but it was nowhere to be found! Then she noticed a note on the table. She picked it up and read: "Your melon looked delicious, so I took it. From Farta X"
Fuming with rage, Eryi set out from her house to get her melon back from Farta.

Eryi's Action is a 2D ‘trapformer’ by developer Xtal Sword that is visually inspired by Super Mario, but has gameplay akin to games like I Wanna Be the Guy. Don’t be fooled by its adorably charming looks – this game abounds in traps and wants you to die! However, where IWBTG was murderously difficult, Eryi's Action is additively challenging and FUN!
Trap placement is often laugh-out-loud funny and seriously engaging. Some traps simply need to be learned to avoided, but others are puzzles that will require your skill and wits to beat. Either way, Eryi’s action delivers laughs, frustrating and satisfaction & all for just $4.99!

  • 12 action-packed stages & boss fights!
  • Adorably charming world & characters!
  • Fiendishly cunning traps!
  • It’s okay to fail! Autosave has your back!
  • FUN! You'll die a lot, but you WILL go back for more!
  • 32 achievements!

Created by Xtal Sword: http://xtalsword.com
Localized & published by Nyu Media: http://nyu-media.com

Xtal Sword and Nyu Media Ltd assume no responsibility for any damage, injury, rage, addiction or mental trauma caused by playing this game. Play at your own risk!

Systemkrav (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX-compatible Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible Sound Card

Systemkrav för Linux

    • Memory: 200 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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I'd recommend this game to anyone who doesn't feel that every game must be beatable for the first time without dying. Because, that's just not what Eryi's Action is all about.

Before you buy / play this game, you should know what you're getting into.

This is a troll puzzle / platformer. It will kill you as most traps you don't see coming until they're sprung on you, and then you need to figure out a way past them. Most of the time, this is easy. Sometimes, the solutions could stomp you for a while - I ended up using a walkthrough to get past a few traps.

That said, I found this game quite fun, and the traps funny the first time they killed me. Afterwards, I'd laugh at myself for falling for the same traps over and over after forgetting they're there, while I'd hurry from the checkpoint to the latest revealed trap.

My favorite traps are the multistage ones, where you think you have a way past them, but that just springs another trap :)

P.S. This game is *not* one of those "tough as nails platformers." Some parts are moderately hard, yes, but nothing close to what's required in the likes of Super Meat Boy, They Bleed Pixels, Electronic Super Joy, or Gianna Sisters.
Upplagd: 26 November 2013
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본격 인명경시 개막장 게임, 에리의 액션 리뷰 (클릭)

2. Cute Graphics
3. Classical 16bit style BGM


For Masochist, It's very nice game.
But, if you are light gamer, it's very suck game.
Upplagd: 9 Januari 2014
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You die like 500+ times for a melon

11/10 ♥
Upplagd: 2 April 2014
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Eryis Action is what is right about this type of platformer. By the type I mean the tough as nails and brutal sort which repeatedly hits you again and again and yet, somehow still has you coming back for more punishment. In this game everything is trying to kill you from the obvious (Spikes, Enemies, Lava) to the non obvious such as windmills falling apart as you walk under them, blocks that throw spikes out without warning, traps to stop you from finishing the level unless you play smart.

And thats the key thing here, smarts. Yes, some trial and error is involved but that is the reason you are given unlimited lives yes? The way through is simple and thats this. Dont think this as a platformer game. Thats only going to keep you angry, fustrated and at times totally unable to move along. Instead think of this as a PUZZLE title as soon certain things keep appearing, certain areas become noticeable as you go along and on reaching new areas, you already have a good idea on what to do and not to do.

Thinking this as a puzzle title also helps when the game gets to its most brutal ways and can have you thinking of alternate solutions, ideas and 'experiements' Does this go here? What would happen if I made this do this and so on. It works brilliantly and I find it so much more fun thinking of it this way!

The controls are fine, nothing to comment on. Precise enough when you get the hang of them and usually if you fall into an open pit (one that hasnt just appeared out of nowhere that is), its your own fault, not the game. The graphics too are bright, colourful and pretty to look at. Okay though... some of the backgrounds are a bit dull but thats about it.

Essentially: Not a Platformer - Its a Puzzle. Think that way. Go in too with a 'Screw you game! You cant beat me!' attitude along with a never give up one and you are definetly going to have a good time.
Upplagd: 25 November 2013
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This game is evil. It seems to sense when you let your guard down or have come to expect something and then laughs as it springs another clever trap to take yet another life away.

I have no doubt that there is a devious form of artificial intelligence built into every single copy and programmed with the sole motivation of crushing you. It is clearly rewarded with every successful trap as there is no doubt that this game, this evil force, this new form of life(?), is gaining great delight at your every failure and soul crushing death.

I used to think platformers were the one thing I understood. I understand nothing! Up is Left and watch out, cause Down, Down took off and in its place now is Right, Left took Rights place and now I don't know how to climb a ladder!

Play this game, or rather give this game a chance to play you, either way you will almost certainly enjoy it as long as you go in understanding that you are about to be the beaten down, confused, tricked and just when you think its over, just when the goal is in reach, only one step away, you will be afraid to take that step, you will know by then that this game, this evil entity, this surreal and dark form of artificial intelligence is absolutely and without a doubt, out to get you. It's waiting for you to take that step and you realize you can't wait to see what the hell is going to happen next, so you do.

Awesome game!
Upplagd: 3 Mars 2014
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