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Confronteer de superieure kracht van de vijand en herstel je eer als jij, de oppermachtige vampierjager, zelf in een vampier wordt veranderd. Ontketen verwoestende aanvallen door je vampiervaardigheden te combineren met krachtige zwaardsteken.
Releasedatum: 13 nov 2013
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Confronteer de superieure kracht van de vijand en herstel je eer als jij, de oppermachtige vampierjager, zelf in een vampier wordt veranderd. Ontketen verwoestende aanvallen door je vampiervaardigheden te combineren met krachtige zwaardsteken.

De hack'n'slay van ontwikkelaar Deck13 (Venetica, Jack Keane) biedt zowel solo- als multiplayermodi. Je kunt op elk moment overschakelen van man-op-man gevechten met Jeremy naar aanvallen op afstand met Alysa die gebruikmaakt van twee kruisbogen. Speel in de coöperatieve modus met een vriend die op elk moment aan het spel kan deelnemen of verlaten. Door samen te spelen ontdek je tal van nieuwe tactische opties.

Overmeester vijanden met de vampiergreep en drink hun bloed om je kracht te verbeteren. Maak onderdeel uit van een dramatisch verhaal vol verleiding en verraad. Leer speciale vaardigheden, zoek wapens en voorwerpen en ontdek geheime schuilplaatsen.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium IV® @ 2.0 GHz or similar processor with SSE3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader model 3.0 hardware support, minimum 256 MB VRAM, NVidia GeForce 7900 GT / ATI Radeon HD X1800 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c® compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo @ 2.6 GHz or similar processor with SSE3
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader model 3.0 hardware support, minimum 256 MB VRAM, NVidia GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c® compatible sound card
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4.0 uur in totaal
For starters, I did not know what does it mean that when Kalypso is one of game makers it surely will be a mediocre title. Soon enough I was given an opportunity to experience that. Blood Knights is one of those vamphyric games that I like. Running along and killing bad guys, monsters, warewolves sure is fun. And it is in this game. What is more, graphics are really juicy, and beautiful. But when it comes to the story itself it is as shallow as a hole dug by a child in a sand with a little spatula. Come on guys, you could have done better! It takes about 4 hours to finish this game on medium level of difficulty. At this rate heroes have best equipement and burst through waves of enemies without sweat. Dear player, a fan of vampyric games, if you are reading this, please mind that it would be better if you spend your money firstly on LEGACY OF KAIN series and then come back for BLOOD KNIGHTS. Cheers!
Geplaatst: 11 mei
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1.5 uur in totaal
Before we start let me use my healing powers..

This game is overall something I have been wanting for a while but stopped for a few reasons

pros: easy to learn
A decent story
A dynamic dialouge between your main character and your companion
Some really fun moments


That of course happened right before a save spot, the issue with this game is that you're not allowed to save unless you find one of those save slots.. :( that's just a big no no from me... If just they had a fixed save like F3 for quicksave...

due to that reason I am no longer playing it :( I will reccomend it, but not if you're bothered about the savings. so it's a neutral thumb for me.
Geplaatst: 17 juni
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4.4 uur in totaal
Why do I even own this? That was the question going through my head when playing this. A terribad something that tries to cater to all kinds of people, falls flat in every respect and tries to cover it up with huge mammary glands (more like Boob Knights, am I right?). At one moment in time this might have had potential - but as it stands it's a less than average mix of action, twinstick shooting, hack'n'slash, RPG elements and a silly B-movie plot.

It's not that these elements are wrong, but they don't click in Blood Knights. Everything is so limited, and doesn't fit the scale of this game. You have RPG elements - but it's not like you can actually grind for XP, you will reach max level by the end of the game anyway. You have skillpoints, but skills don't do much besides giving you that awesome +2% crit-chance you always wanted and none of them alter gameplay drastically. There is loot too, but it is again so limited and hardly game-changing, you do more damage and can survive longer for the most part. All of this feels tacked on and kind of out of place - after all, you basically go from stage to stage clobber everyone and everything up, take their stuff and watch unfunny and stiffly animated cutscenes, rinse and repeat. Why do I need levelings and loot? Right, I don't.

The action itself is pretty okayish, the hack'n'slay parts I don't really care about, too lightweight and buttonmashy. However, the female vampire sporting the dual-crossbows felt nicely "twinstick-shooter" and quite fun to play. If they had only stuck to that mechanic and built a pure action-game around that. Instead, you get some lacklustre platforming, simplistic switch-puzzles, the aforementioned RPG-stuff and even an empty, barren "hub" that you can return to in order to trade with excatly one merchant and grab one of like three sidequests (the one I did was "shoot 4 torches" - amazing, I know!). If this was an amateur project to experiment with various gamesystems and ideas, I could understand the patchwork-like design choices and the limited variation but as a retail product I don't get it. I mean, you have a handful of enemies that you fight again and again in small arenas, there are maybe 4 bosses that vaguely could be called that, and you usally fight in the same-ish areas (ruins, mountains or mountain-ruins with a random castle-intermission thrown in every now and then) - why on earth would you makes this a game that only does everything?

A whole other topic is the non-sensical storyline (lots of relics, the catholic church in rome and well, vampires!) and the particularly embarassing portrayal of female characters in this. It's the worst kind of "forever alone"-material outside of certain japanese games that I have seen in a long time. When your characters defining traits are "big boobs" and "bigger boobs" you are doing it wrong. The first half of the game the dialogue between the male hero and female hero could be summed up as "shut up, woman!" which is not my idea of witty banter. Needless to say this fits the overall quality of the game quite nicely.

For the fan of abyssmal b-movie trash turned videogame this might actually be a little gem (if you have enough beer at hand), it really is that cringeworthy. But for anybody else, I see little appeal. None of the system implemented are fleshed out enough to justify a purchase AND there are tons of alternatives that do them better anyways.

Why bother with Blood Knights? I have no idea. Save your money or spend it on Vampire: Bloodlines or the Legacy of Kain-series instead.
Geplaatst: 4 mei
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4.8 uur in totaal
It's not bad at all, a cool little RPG game for all vampire lovers.
Geplaatst: 27 mei
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2.4 uur in totaal
I'm actually enjoying this game more than what the reviews on Steam give it credit for. However, I can understand why people would suggest that it is a poor game. However, having only bought this from the Indie Gala Blood Knights Bundle because it was a part of the Steam Trading Cards program I have to suggest that it's been worth my while. I'm not certain that I'll finish this but for now I'm satisfied.

It's your typical A-RPG style game. The camera is a negative - I wish it were controllable but it apparently isn't. If there are "secret" areas that can be found the camera is a hindrance in that department. The first boss battle was more pot luck mashing buttons than knowing what to do. The game tells you to destroy the alter but doesn't give you anything else to explain how to do so.

If you don't expect an epic game, it isn't, you wont be disappointed. I can think of many other games that are worth less time than this one.
Geplaatst: 30 mei
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9.4 uur in totaal
I love vampire games and I will forgive them many things.

However no matter how I try and justify this game to myself the truth is I wasted the money I spent on it and the time I spent playing it.

The voice acting is terrible, the combat is boring, pretty much none of the cool vampire abilities you would expect are in this.
The story is just painful, seriously painful.

But ofcourse this isn't the worst part of it.

It is fair to say that pretty much none of the monsters will kill you, if nothing else the AI is too dumb for that.

What will kill you and kill you alot is the most brain dead camera perspective.
Expect to be killed by off screen boses, have all the directions mid platformer jump, run off a cliff due to sudden perspective change.

Seriously if you want a Vampire game that is platforming and is an action rpg just go and find an old version of legacy of kain.
Learn from my mistakes and dont waste your time or money on this painful experience.
Geplaatst: 26 november 2013
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