Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.
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Utgivningsdatum: 8 nov, 2013

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1 april

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“Survivor Squad gives a new-and-unique look at the survival-horror genre with a top-down, tactical approach to combat and zombie-slaying.”
Gamers Nexus

“Despite its ‘simple’ looks it is packed with a great atmosphere”
Dark Side Of Gaming

“A pretty fun game overall with some interesting game mechanics especially that line of sight and RTS control”

Om detta spel

Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.

Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your Squad alive by covering every corner and moving as a group.

It is a game that encourages quick thinking and fast paced play since you need to pay attention to all of your squad mates. If you leave someone behind, chances are they will be pounced on and die. Move as a Squad and cover every corner.

Four game modes: Campaign, Survival, Death Lab and Multiplayer.


  • Top Down 2d Strategy Action
  • Use Melee weapons to take down enemies silently or go guns blazing
  • Scavenge buildings for materials to craft your gear
  • Equip Gadgets to assist you in combat
  • Highly randomized world providing infinite possibilities
  • Capture Infected buildings and defend them from the horde
  • Several types of Special Infected that must be dealt with quickly
  • Rename your Survivors to have a more intense personal experience
  • Four game modes: Campaign, Survival, Death Lab and Multiplayer.


Control your Squad with the mouse carefully planning where each Survivor goes to and where to look. The Survivors have a limited view range so it is vital to ensure you are looking where the infected will most likely come from.

Certain events require you to move around a building while fighting off a horde, you must keep a close eye on your squad or they will perish one by one.

Various types of Special Infected have abilities such as Blinding Powder or Acid Pool that encourage you to quickly move your Survivors while making sure they are never alone

In campaign mode you can capture infected buildings that generate resources but must be defended from horde invasions


Play through a highly randomized world following a simple storyline with unique events and a conclusion.


Score based mode, go through as many randomly generated buildings as you can never looking back.

Death Lab:

Equip your Survivor Squad with a limited budget and take them through a collapsed Lab. Good micro management of your Squad is essential to your survival.


The new Multiplayer mode is a 1v1 scenario (Online/LAN) where one player controls the Survivors and another player controls the Infected. The Survivors must reach the extraction zone and the Infected must stop them by spawning various types of Infected around them. Will the survivors reach their extraction zone alive and well or will they be devoured along the way? It's up to you!


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Lagring: 900 MB ledigt utrymme
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Lagring: 900 MB ledigt utrymme
    • Ytterligare anmärkningar: Keyboard and Mouse with Secondary click enabled
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux, version 10.10 or later
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Lagring: 900 MB ledigt utrymme
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Blandat (727 recensioner)
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( 2.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 1 maj
The game was pretty fun, I did like it. Although I wasn't interested with the features available. Don't get me wrong though, this game was fun haha.

I give it a 7/10
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✪ Diamondeye11
( 0.7 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 20 april
Not to bad if I say so myself 6 out of 10
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Kronauer the Fartfisted
( 0.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 2 april
Looks and plays like a browser game.
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The Guardian ♛
( 5.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 20 mars
A decent idea with horrible implementation. No one knows how to use their weapon, special zombies freely use their abilities through walls, the ui is poor, and the mechanics are buggy.
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the busta
( 18.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 13 mars
hell yeah
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The Indications Blaffer
( 0.4 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 13 mars
This game is terrible.

I played it for five minutes, and it's simply not good. The characters make an annoying sound every time they move, the controls are clunky, and it all looks/feels like a flash game.

Oh, and it's also a virus. I have 20 minutes because the game kept re-launching itself every time it closed. I wouuldn't reccomend it if it was free.

This would be a kickass flash game, but this isn't worth $9 the developers are asking for, and isn't worth your time.
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( 1.0 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 11 mars
it isa waste to me
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Omprov Samen
( 4.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 11 mars
Never updates
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( 0.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 8 mars
I would both recommend and not recommend this game.If you like Strategy-like games this could be a great choice or a bad one. I really love strategy games by this was a hit or miss, and sadly I missed. If your interested in this game do your research.
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The Clitoris
( 0.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 3 mars
Its a slow paced, un fun Hotline Miami
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Calico Bombshell
( 0.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 21 februari
I have 36 minutes of game time on this "game", and 30 of those minutes was waiting for the game to find me a multiplayer match.
Those 6 minutes was me trying the singleplayer after giving up the multiplayer search.
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( 29.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 20 februari

I actually really like this game. There's a few controls that are frustrating that they fixed in Survival Squad: Guantlets. Although i own both I prefer this one as it feels a little slower paced and I can get around most maps without being immediatly mobbed. I find it a great little casual time waster.
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Jobblie Jabblers
( 3.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 16 februari
Is sheet mate.
Go buy real games.
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( 0.4 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 15 februari


10/10 unplayable -ign
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( 0.3 timmar totalt )
Recension av förhandsvisning
Upplagd: 7 februari
This game is a horrible bore. Apparently I only played 17 minutes until I uninstalled it, but it felt like 2 hours.
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( 3.8 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 7 februari
Really nice atmosphere game with a prety cute graphic.A lot of defferent levels and crafts.
Also have a lot of icons and achievements.
9/10 for the Steam sale price
7/10 for the ordinary price
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( 3.8 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 30 januari
would play it 24/7 if it had coop campaign with 2 survivors
plz add
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( 2.3 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 29 januari
this is a nice idea for a game.It need more to the content , offcourse its a 1$ game but i would buy it even 25-50$ if it had more in it . Also the multiplayer is fun when you get someone to play with which is pretty hard .
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( 2.7 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 23 januari
Please, not another one of these games..
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Upplagd: 7 februari
This game is a horrible bore. Apparently I only played 17 minutes until I uninstalled it, but it felt like 2 hours.
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Upplagd: 12 januari
this game isnt good, its hard to play and is prob better to waste ur money to buy some wood.
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4.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 12 december, 2015
Survivor Squad is a pretty fun game. Controls are a bit wierd but once you get used to it, it's okay. (There is the option to change the key bindings) The game is pretty repetitive and it gets very difficult as you progress through the game. I haven't been able to finish the story mode yet. The game is a bit buggy but it is still playable. If you do want to try this, look up videos about it and get it when it's cheap because I don't think it's worth buying it for $8.99

Overall I would rate it 7.5/10
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16.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 15 november, 2015
Within 10 minutes of playing, my characters' tiny inventory was completely filled with random garbage I couldn't get rid of. It's 2015. How has a developer still not figured out having way too restrictive inventory kills your game? Not that there was much promise here anyway.
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27.5 timmar totalt
Recension av förhandsvisning
Upplagd: 5 december, 2013
The trailer sums up why this game is awesome. 4 person squad that you take with you to clear buildings from zombies, total awesomeness!

But... The game isn't complete yet. It's not even close. And they don't reply to any questions, bug reports or anything. Looks like they got their money and ran off like so many indie dev's nowadays.

I made a huge bug report topic where I posted every bug I could find over a month ago. I also sent them an official bug report using the form they made for it. Then after not hearing anything from them I sent them an e-mail asking wether or not they were ever going to finish the game. They responded that it's done in their eyes. After stating that many attacks go through walls they replied that attacks are suppósed to go through windows. Are you guys even reading my e-mails?

Pretty much everybody who has ever played this game disagrees with the statement that this game is completed. I guess they just confirmed that they took our money and then ran off.
Do not support these developers!

After a long time I started playing again two or three times for an hour this week and it was remarkably bugless. (I didn't reinstall windows, steam or the game and I'm pretty sure there wasn't an update, so there was no reason for the gameplay to improve.)

I stand by what I said before, but if you are in luck and everything works as it was planned it sure is a lot of fun. Also using cheats can help. I always get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ when a zombie does a special attack through a wall, but I just give all my guys Kevlar to compensate for the damage they shouldn't take. Makes it all a lot less frustrating.
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En utvecklare har svarat på 2 dec, 2014 @ 2:54am
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9 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
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1.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 19 maj, 2015
This game has a serious case of "I got it cheap/free so YOLO!" review syndrome. (Sorry to use that acronym but honestly, that's how stupid most of these positive "reviews" are and they already tricked me once...)

It's a bad game. At any price unless you really don't value your time...

It has potential but the controls, UI and mechanics are poorly implemented and thought out. It really does seem like a glorified flash game. I don't see the point of having a squad game when it's a pain to control them independently and the AI is so painfully not there.

I can see the appeal of it to some but the fact is there are so many other survivor games that simply do it better.
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14.9 timmar totalt
Recension av förhandsvisning
Upplagd: 22 april, 2014
I bought this game on sale, thinking "Eh, 4 dollars, what's the worst that could happen?" Turns out the answer is "a lot".
Before writing the review, I completed the campaign, played some Death Lab and Survival.

Lacking. There are keyboard shortcuts, which is a plus, but the amount of micromanaging is just annoying. There is no way to give your squad very basic commands like "walk over there, but hold your formation" or even "guard here, look a little bit left or right occasionally". I mean, yes, they aren't trained soldiers, but come on - that's very basic "use your brain to survive" stuff.

Variety / Difficulty / Replayability
Personally, I found it too easy. Take an easily defendable position (beware windows), shoot single zombie, run back to squad, profit. If there are hearts, use melee and sneak your way through. After the hearts are disabled, progress as usual. As this works almost every time, it also gets repetitive. New equipment isn't a necessity, it just achieves victory faster.

The different game modes. Yes. Campaign is as described above. Then there is Death Lab, which I actually liked. Kind of. It, too, got old pretty fast. Survival mode is a joke. I kind of expected it to be like the campaign, just without the story and a larger or procedurally generated map. Turns out, there are no branches, no loops, no nothing - just node after node, going in a straight line to the right.

So, is the campaign worth replaying? After all, the store page promises random elements. And again, no. While it does, in fact, randomize the campaign map, the actual nodes seem to draw from a pool of predesigned maps and/or houses. While this in itself isn't bad, there are just too few of those to keep things interesting. Even halfway through my first (and only) campaign playthrough, I never encountered any new layouts (excluding the "story nodes")

Just look at the forums. Also, I played this game some months ago, and the bugs are still there. Chances are they will never be fixed, with the developer disregarding bug reports and calling the game "finished". Again, read the forums for details on this. I can just list the bugs I personally encountered. They range anywhere from "minor" over "annoying" up to "gamebreaking".
-) Gamebreaking: Rescuing more survivors than you have space for locks you on the "send survivor to city" screen.
-) Grabbers and Jumpers don't care about walls. And by that, I really mean WALLS, not windows. I encountered this many times while defending, but I is especially glaring with the survivors hiding behind the "hidden button" doors, suddenly being surrounded by Jumpers halfway. And yes, that also happens before the button is pressed. One time, I actually watched them glitch through the door (Apparently, they cared more about the locked-in survivor than about my squadmates standing directly behing them).
-) Once hunger and bug-related deaths start to fill up your graveyard, it is virtually rendered useless, as there is no scrolling.
-) Many more minor stuff (like the game randomly unpausing when giving commands), but really, I won't list them all, considering the much more major bugs.

Survivors / City Map / Resources
Good idea, but IMHO, poorly executed. The resources themselves are sparse at first (not a bad thing!), but around the early late-game, they are completely useless. Except for food, of which you will not have enough. By far. Ever. You will have way too much of everything else, mainly because the blueprints drop much faster. By the time you first have enough resources for the first firearm blueprint, you will have found much better ones. Even with reasonable mid-gear upgrades, your squad will have the best equipment far before the campaign is over.

The survivors... Apart from attracting more zombies on heart maps (IMHO the only difficulty spike over the course of the campaign) they are useless as well. When they don't break your game (see "Bugs" above), they idle around in your cities. "Idle", because it is very easy to avoid the zombies attacking back. In fact, the only time that happened to me was when I explicitly wanted it to happen (Achievement! Yay!). And even if they WOULD need to actually defend your cities - chances are they couldn't. Remember what I said about food a little bit earlier? When you run out of food, survivors die. Seems logical. BUT: The dying survivors are NOT selected randomly. It always hits the most recently rescued ones. Chances are pretty good that those are the survivors manning your cities on the front, leaving them empty.

Graphics / Sound
Very good. The graphics fit the gameplay, the music fits the situations, and... yes. Short review, but that's all there is to say about it. I especially liked the Death Lab BGM.

So, the summarizing question: Knowing everything I do now, would I buy the game again?
No. Plain and simple. For reasons, see everything above.
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2.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 17 april, 2015
I'd like to start off by saying that I got this on Humble Bundle so I'm not exactly fussing over the fact that I 'bought' this game. It's still not an impressive game to me.

Wow, I played two hours and I think I got all I need to say and there's not even much to say about it. I don't have anything to really say that's positive about this game other than the idea. You're a group of survivors and you need to survive. There are different gamemodes and from what I remember there is survival, campaign(you start with 2 survivors, need to find more, you can secure 'nodes' (locations) across the map and it ties into the repetitive nature of the game and you also have objective locations you need to make your way to), and two others. They weren't very rememberable. Your nodes can also be attacked but I didn't care for the game enough to actually let it happen). The nodes themselves in the campaign mode act as 'checkpoint' spots that you can backtravel to when you fail a mission and you have spare survivors or if you finish a mission.

The gameplay is extremely flawed with very bad movement controls (click to move squad and click + hold to designate facing direction for EVERYONE which makes it useless because why the would you want everyone to face in the same direction while you're getting beat up from behind and to the sides). Your squad lacks peripheral vision. The movement itself is held down by a part of the combat that is missing but I'll get to that. There's also these 'hearts' that constantly attract more and more zombies but there's also alarms that do the same thing and from what I could tell, the effects *STACK*. The alarms are only worse than the hearts because the power buttons are almost always on the other side of the entrances to the building but, then again... Some hearts are ominously locked inside a shed that require you to search the house for a code / button amongst the 20-something lootable items all the while getting hit wave after wave of annoying zombies.

When a squad member is attacked, it takes about a second for him to react, turn around / face the zombie, and then another 1-2 seconds to actually fight back. The melee is pretty random since even if your survivor is facing an enemy, he doesn't always react immedietally. I don't know if they decided to wank off because they get off to zombies or if they had a brain fart but my character with the axe kept on getting hit first when he should've been able to just chop the brain-dead(literally) zombie away with his weapon. Pistols also have a VERY low range (6 IIRC but another you get has 8, still extremely low) and make it extremely hard to keep range when there's even 3 zombies coming towards you. The zombies also move pretty fast when *not running*, so think on that. If you get a 'horde' after you, chances are you're going to get beat up pretty bad. Now, the thing that annoyed me the most is that there is NO AUTO ATTACK WHILE MOVING. This may seem stupid but attacking something while moving would be entirely realistic and even then this is a video game and the way the gameplay has been built up makes it seem like it would be crucial and yet it's not there. It's like playing a game where you can only shoot when not moving but the enemies move faster than you so you have to stop moving to attack them but you react very slowly, turn around slowly and the enemies keep coming non-stop. Oh, yeah, and you're short-sighted. Overall, the actual gameplay movement is slow and badly done. If your squad could act faster, not be stupid then I'd be kind of fine with it.

The special zombies I saw so far pretty much mimic the L4D Spitter / hunters but there's more ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t tacked onto them. The spitter gives no chance to avoid the acid since it's pretty much an immediate effect. The hunter or 'jumper' does as the name implies. It jumps *at* a survivor. No, it doesn't knock him down. It... Hits him. Fast. Or something. I don't know since the animation looks barely any different from any of the other zombies. The worst part is that, again, the effect is immediate. He pretty much teleports to your survivors and he takes a huge chunk of health in a few seconds which mixed with the combat and movement controls makes it pointless to even try to save the survivor (health items are costly to make and rare to find. You're lucky to even find a bandage. I maybe got 3-5 in 10 maps total which is only 60-100 HP for 4 squad members (20 per bandage)). There's also beefier zombies but honestly they only make the fast speed of the zombies and overall stupid intelligence of the AI seem worse than they really are. I got these beefy 'big' zombies pretty early in all of my attempts and I wouldn't be wrong to say they make hordes of zombies extremely unfair and unfun to fight.

The resource management is pretty neat but honestly it starts to demand a lot as you go on, granted it depends on the size of the node you try to secure or the amount of survivors that you have. For me, I rarely found extra survivors. I was lucky to find even one. I went through 2 large nodes and found a total of *ZERO* survivors, so there's that for you. Now, scrap and wood are rare/excessively common depending on, what I assume to be, RNG(random number generator). Each survivor can carry 6 slots (some items take up 2, a few such as food crates or gas cans take up 4)of items but you can find at least one blueprint for a medium backpack but it takes a lot to even make one. In the end, you will find it VERY repetitive to loot items. When you finish a level, any items on the ground or lootable objects not looted are removed / not lootable on return. It really ♥♥♥♥s the whole experience up especially since you can't loot everything so you have to leave some for the magical zombie genies to steal your discarded crap.

Overall, I'd say this game has a good idea but play a few hours and you might just realize how flawed this game is. Usually I'd be able to persevere but this game enraged me with how unfair and annoying it is that I had to take a breather and just uninstall it. It's unfair, it's not fun at all and the difficulty is centered around bad controls and bad balancing issues. Perhaps I'm just bad at it but I was doing pretty well until I got to the point of mass-spawning of enemies and the inevitable succumbing to the horrible controls.

5/10. It's okay.
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Upplagd: 13 september, 2015
Like flash games? Well here's an over-glorified flash game for you. In Survivor Squad you control up to 4 members of a squad on missions to eliminate all zombies in an area, exploring and looting as you go about it. You can then craft new weapons and supplies at your bases, which cost those same resources to establish. You spend gas to travel from area to area, and there's a store. The fact that I can tell you everything about the game four sentences says a lot about what you're getting here.

-The controls are horrendous. your squad has really little to no AI to speak of. you have to tell them where to move, where to turn, and occasionally where to attack. If they're alone and a zombie sneaks up behind them, they're dead because apparently they didn't hear it a flesh-eating monster running up behind them and think to turn around and shoot it. They only ever turn to shoot something nearby them if a teammate spots is spotting it beside them in their cone of vision that extends about four yards in front of their face, because hooray near-sightedness. And they also don't start shooting until the enemy is halfway into their cone of vision. Making guns nearly-useless, due to the fact that they also refuse to reload by themselves. They'd rather stand still and get eaten than reload. No, YOU have to select them and hit R manually, or they're ♥♥♥♥ed. You also cannot tell them to turn and face a new direction without moving first. Which is a hell of a ♥♥♥♥ing hassle.
-The "Story" is pathetic. After going easy on you for the first few levels, prepare for story-based missions where you have to help some guy, or retrieve some item, while pushing against an UNLIMITED tide of zombies until you accomplish your goal, with your UNLIMITED ammo, where enemies charge you from all directions, leaving you finding your squad walking back to back a few feet at a time in what is the most boring mission layout I have ever seen in a game.
-The voice ac- oh wait, there was no voice acting. Or maybe there was and it was so bad I didn't remember it. I'm going to stand by saying there was no voice acting. Leaving you to have to actually READ things others are saying while your squad is being eaten alive because you forgot to check the bottom of the screen to see if they were out of ammo and needing you to hold their hand and hit R.

I'd tell you everything else that's wrong with this game but there is literally nothing else to criticize, the game is too small to have anything else to criticize. At least it has two other game modes, survival and sandbox. Sandbox being essentially story mode but without the story-driven ♥♥♥♥ missions, but it also has no ending as well. Just repetitive gameplay until you die or get bored.

3/10. If I had no other games available, maybe I could push myself to finish the story mode at least, but thankfully, I do have other games available, and if you do too, do yourself a favor. Steer clear so far of this game that you forget it exists.
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8.6 timmar totalt
Recension av förhandsvisning
Upplagd: 18 november, 2013
Survivor squad is a tactical overhead RTS that focuses on survival in a zombie apocalypse/outbreak. Players must take control of the survivors and scavenge for food, gas, and supplies whilst managing inventory space and surviving hordes of the flesh eating dead.

There are four modes of play. Multiplayer, where you pick a side of the zombie apocalypse, Humans or zombies. Death Lab, where you have to fight through hordes with a timer and make it to the decon chamber of the next lab. Survival, where you generally just try to survive the apocalypse itself. And finally, Campaign mode, which follows a storyline with unique events and a conclusion.
The game itself is incredibly hard and sometimes it isnt fun, but it keeps drawing you back in. The campaign starts out in an empty hospital with the player waking up from an induced coma. You take control of the randomly generated character and wander through the halls until you hear a growling noise, and are pounced upon by one of the dead. A man shoots the undead creature, and you stand up, bewildered and scared. The man explains what happened, in a typical zombie scenario style script, and the two of you go on your merry way.

Wait, havent we seen this before? Oh yeah, like in every single zombie themed movie or television series-Im looking at you, The Walking Dead. The whole zombie apocalypse thing is getting rather old to the point where this all seems rather repetitive and all the movies, games, and books just kind of glue together into some ominous pulsing conglomerate of gray mediocrity. Im not sure whether to poke it with a stick like a small child, or to ignore it all together. Since we've obviously decided to do the first option, Let me just state that Survivor Squad isnt that good. It isnt bad, but it isnt GOOD. It's OKAY. A lot of games are okay, but this one just strikes me as mediocre and uncreative. And boring. The game itself is a solid thing, like an idiot, but that doesnt make it good. The game has taken to cheekily calling its special infected "Leapers, Grabbers, Spitters" obviously its referring to Left4Dead. There is also a distinct lack of women in the game, like all the women in the zombie apocalypse got teleported to some island in the pacific, far removed from the events of the world. I mean, what the heck! Thats a bit weird, if not a bit mysogynist.

Okay sure, there are some good features in the game, such as occasional variation in maps, the survivors are randomly created and have random names and appearances, there is some good voice acting, and the modes can be genuinely fun if you have hours of your life to just throw into the wind, but thats about it. The game is more or less suited for an alpha rather than a full release, and thats what caught my attention. "Oh hey, this doesnt look done, why is it being released for nine dollars?"

Over all? Six and a half out of ten. 6.5/10.
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Upplagd: 24 december, 2013
I actually really enjoy this game despite it being VERY hard at times and a little buggy.
The game can go from being easy as pie in one moment, to almost impossible at the next but I find that keeps it exciting.
Rather than being able to rush through the game, you have to think, pace yourself and plan which many games now don't seem to do.
There are different game modes too, depending on how you want to play and the random generation make the game highly replayable.

My few gripes are firstly - the mulitplayer. There was such potential for it and so many ways it could be handled and instead it's ended up being a 1 v 1 type thing.
Also, the game has it's fair share of bugs, which I found bearable (the game autosaves before each node) but many people seem to be pretty annoyed by them so if you're looking for a bug-free experiecne this may not be the game for you (but neither will Skyrim or Fallout).
But for the price of the game you cannot complain. I got my money worth at least three times over (I own it on Desura too).
If you enjoy randomly generated games that can get hard but are incredibly addictive then this is for you.
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Upplagd: 21 mars, 2015
didnt much care for the game and bought it on sale a while ago, nobody is gonna see nor read this review so might as well say what i feel.

the game is what the title says, its about a squad of survivors, you are tasked with guiding 1-4 survivors though buildings, getting supplies and going elsewhere (never played the storymode, i assume survival is about the same). you have to make some choices to take some supplies and leave others, other than that, didnt play all that much, maybe enought to get the cards and a few achevements. got a bit boring and a tad repetitive after i kept dying :/. i do recommend the game, just not at full price
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Upplagd: 26 januari, 2015
1 Room, 4 entrances, 4 guys.... guy 1 guards entrance 1, guy 2 guards entrance 2, guy 3 guards entrance 3 and guy 4 guards entrance 4.
Simple enough... except when a couple of infected come through entrance 3 the all turn towards entrance 3
now I'm getting overrun from entrance 2 and 4 .... YOU'VE GOT YOUR JOB LET THEM GET ON WITH THEIRS! If they get into trouble I WILL TELL YOU to turn around.... that's MY JOB!!!!

There needs to be an option to stop them turning around, or at least limiting it to only if their team mate is being attacked

That said.... Pretty good game all things considered :-)
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Upplagd: 21 april, 2015
There is so much you could do with 9 dollars that is better than this. I'd get more enjoyment out of a few rolls of charmin ultra than this game. Tried to get into this game. In short it's a very limited game and theres a lot of broken mechanics which really makes it unplayable.

Characters can get grabbed and pulled through windows (windows are unbroken and you cant walk through them) so you can have a unit maxed out with gear and he just gets yanked through an unbroken window into a house of 20 zombies and dies, nothing you can do.

I've had my survivors pushed into rooms through windows(once that require buttons to be pressed to get out) so your characters get stuck in rooms that no one can get to.

Your units are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. You have to tell them everything, and when you tell them things, they don't do. examples. They will run straight into zomibes with mellee weapon equiped, and if they can't get to the spot they are trying to get to, they won't kill the zombies, they will just run in place while they get eaten alive. You tell them to face a certain way, They turn around to shoot zombies other characters are already killing, then low and behold, they won't turn back around to face the way you told them to face.

I could go on but it's the short and sweet, Terrible mechanics, so much is broken, difficulty would be fun if you could actually control your units. Go spend your money elsewhere, you'll feel you wasted it here.
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Upplagd: 8 juli, 2014
This is a fun game, but good luck finding anyone to play multiplayer. You can technically spend as long as you like with single player, building up safehouses, resources, and survivors to fight the infected onslaught. Otherwise, you can just burn through this game in a few hours -- you only need to kill the "brain bug" type of monster to win, so you can leave plenty of areas uncleared before completing the game.

If you want a moderately challenging single-player campaign, pick this up when it is on sale. $5 or less is my recommendation.
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Upplagd: 23 april, 2014
Paid $2.25 for game, and i still dont feel like it was worth it.
I want to like it, i really do. But i just can't.
The only diffculty in this game comes from stupid AI which would rather continue to walk than stop and attack a zombie that's beating them to death.
Oh, and bugs... Ive run into that classic one that wont allow a mission end, 2 times out of 3 games.
Which is good if you want to kill 500 zombies in 15 minutes, but not good if you'd like to advance the "story"
It reminds me of games ive played for free on newgrounds back in the day, so i cant recommend this game even for less that 5 dollars American..
(I feel bad typing that, because i love indie studios though. So try it for yourself, when it's on sale, but youve been warned)
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Upplagd: 10 november, 2013
Excellent game if you enjoy tactical squad based combat with RTS control mechanics vs hordes of undead in open and closed spaces.

Very easy to recommend for it's retail price and that's with me just sampling the single player mode with 3 more including multiplayer (1v1) to try out.
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Upplagd: 26 mars, 2015
Day 1: Found my first survivor!
Day 2: Another one...
Day 3: And another one...
Day 4: Now we are four!
Day 5: Dang it, another one! And I can only take four with me...
Day 6: One more to count...
Day 7: Now we are seven...

Day 8: And sheit... Ran out of food!

The End!

11 / 10
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Upplagd: 20 januari, 2014
The strategy in this strategy game comes down to firing your gun in the air and shooting all of the zombies that come out. Sometimes you have to run into a building to destroy a MS Paint blob called a "Heart" that attracts the zombies so zombies will stop coming. Oh no, but it's not just zombies! The special infected from Left 4 Dead 2 - I mean - the MUTANTS will come and eat individual characters if you send them off alone! But your characters are all together anyway, shooting the stupid zombies that run out of buildings! Phew, thought this game might actually get exciting for a moment.

Hey, while I'm busy comparing this game to Left 4 Dead 2: Survivor Squad is also missing the writing, characters, decent mapping, advanced strategy, adrenaline-filled horror, and anything from Left 4 Dead that isn't 'shoot all the zombies in this building and then steal all the wood and scraps for modest gains in RPG stats'.
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Upplagd: 16 november, 2014
The recent updates (1.14 specifically) add much more to the game where originally it was lacking a little when i first played at the start of the year.

Right now it's in a good state, it's stable and also provides enough content for the price. I'm glad i picked this up again.
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