Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey. Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your Squad alive by covering...
Data de lançamento: 8 Nov 2013
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Survivor Squad v1.13 and Steam Demo

7 julho 2014

Survivor Squad v1.13 - 07/07/14

* Improved button look for machines that can't handle AA
* Fixed issue with Motion Sensor on extremely low framerates
* Fixed issue with Shooting on extremely low framerates
* Various performance improvements
* Added Anti-Aliasing to Video Options
* Added Stop voice spam to Audio Options

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“Survivor Squad gives a new-and-unique look at the survival-horror genre with a top-down, tactical approach to combat and zombie-slaying.”
Gamers Nexus

“Despite its ‘simple’ looks it is packed with a great atmosphere”
Dark Side Of Gaming

“A pretty fun game overall with some interesting game mechanics especially that line of sight and RTS control”

Acerca do Jogo

Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.

Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your Squad alive by covering every corner and moving as a group.

It is a game that encourages quick thinking and fast paced play since you need to pay attention to all of your squad mates. If you leave someone behind, chances are they will be pounced on and die. Move as a Squad and cover every corner.

Four game modes: Campaign, Survival, Death Lab and Multiplayer.

  • Top down 2D Strategy Action
  • Use Melee weapons to take down enemies silently or go guns blazing
  • Scavenge buildings for materials to craft your gear
  • Equip Gadgets to assist you in combat
  • Highly randomized world providing infinite possibilities
  • Capture Infected buildings and defend them from the horde
  • Several types of Special Infected that must be dealt with quickly
  • Rename your Survivors to have a more intense personal experience
  • Four game modes: Campaign, Survival, Death Lab and Multiplayer.

Control your Squad with the mouse carefully planning where each Survivor goes to and where to look. The Survivors have a limited view range so it is vital to ensure you are looking where the infected will most likely come from.

Certain events require you to move around a building while fighting off a horde, you must keep a close eye on your squad or they will perish one by one.

Various types of Special Infected have abilities such as Blinding Powder or Acid Pool that encourage you to quickly move your Survivors while making sure they are never alone

In campaign mode you can capture infected buildings that generate resources but must be defended from horde invasions

Play through a highly randomized world following a simple storyline with unique events and a conclusion.

Score based mode, go through as many randomly generated buildings as you can never looking back.

Death Lab:
Equip your Survivor Squad with a limited budget and take them through a collapsed Lab. Good micro management of your Squad is essential to your survival.

The new Multiplayer mode is a 1v1 scenario (Online/LAN) where one player controls the Survivors and another player controls the Infected. The Survivors must reach the extraction zone and the Infected must stop them by spawning various types of Infected around them. Will the survivors reach their extraction zone alive and well or will they be devoured along the way? It's up to you!

Requisitos de Sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space

Requisitos de Sistema (Mac)

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse with Secondary click enabled

Requisitos de Sistema (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu Linux, version 10.10 or later
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz Code 2 Duo
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 3850 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
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1. Exist a Tension.
2. Goreful.

1. Too Difficult. (When Easy Difficulty, however you can fail the game.)
2. Too Boring. Item and pattern not various.
3. Few, but troublesome bugs.

Not interest. It's incompleted game. :(
Publicada: 28 janeiro 2014
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The strategy in this strategy game comes down to firing your gun in the air and shooting all of the zombies that come out. Sometimes you have to run into a building to destroy a MS Paint blob called a "Heart" that attracts the zombies so zombies will stop coming. Oh no, but it's not just zombies! The special infected from Left 4 Dead 2 - I mean - the MUTANTS will come and eat individual characters if you send them off alone! But your characters are all together anyway, shooting the stupid zombies that run out of buildings! Phew, thought this game might actually get exciting for a moment.

Hey, while I'm busy comparing this game to Left 4 Dead 2: Survivor Squad is also missing the writing, characters, decent mapping, advanced strategy, adrenaline-filled horror, and anything from Left 4 Dead that isn't 'shoot all the zombies in this building and then steal all the wood and scraps for modest gains in RPG stats'.
Publicada: 20 janeiro 2014
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despite all its flaws, survivor squad is an incredible little gem. yes, we have played more zombie games than we probably ever wanted to play. yes, 4 survivors in a squad and left 4 dead copycat "special" infected are as cliche as they get today. as is looting and everything else that goes on in any such game. however, a nice 2-part gameplay with essentially turn-based overview for node/settlement management and real-time top-down shooter for fights is very well implemented.

overview part allows to choose the node to attack, along with showng how much time remains until infected push back. building settlements on large nodes will allow you to generate more resources and use these ase a base closer to where action is, along with defending these nodes when infected do come to attack it.

fight is nicely dark and otherwise low-visibility action where you need to keep the eyes of your team facing every bloody direction all the time to survive. survivors can outrun infected but not for long and not when there are too many of them. choice of melee weapons or firearms also comes into play - melee is quiet and will not attract large amounts of enemies from all over the map while firearms are more powerful but will attract infected from a large area. gameplay elements are actually quite well designed - hearts that will cause more zombies to spawn until destroyed, floodlights and alarms that do the same until switched off. fortunately, last 5 zombies around every building get highlighted so headhunting the last one is not too much of a chore.

both overview and maps for the fights are somewhat random but will start repeating themselves a bit too much at around half or two thirds of the game.

itemization/crafting/upgrades system is solid - find blueprints from nodes, find the necessary ingredients (some are obviously hard to find) and cobble together next useful item. 3 levels of items on each slot is not much but it is enough. survivors themselves will also get levels up to 5, eventually allowing you to select 4 out of the 19 available skills. some are more useful to others for specific playstyle but all around, combined with itemization, the mechanic works well enough.

going through the campaign will normally take 8-10 hours but can take more or less if you rush or try to experience everything. there are also couple minor additional gamemodes like death labs - descending through levels of lab filled with infected starting with 4 survivors and limited budget for items - and survival - nature of which is fairly obvious. multiplayer exists, but it is a regular deathmatch and requires an open port.
Publicada: 10 fevereiro 2014
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This is a fun game, but good luck finding anyone to play multiplayer. You can technically spend as long as you like with single player, building up safehouses, resources, and survivors to fight the infected onslaught. Otherwise, you can just burn through this game in a few hours -- you only need to kill the "brain bug" type of monster to win, so you can leave plenty of areas uncleared before completing the game.

If you want a moderately challenging single-player campaign, pick this up when it is on sale. $5 or less is my recommendation.
Publicada: 8 julho 2014
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Survivor Squad is a top down game where you move your survivors from one area to the next, clearing out hordes of zombies while striving to find the hidden laboratories that host the cure for "the infected". Part of your play, besides killing everything that attacks you, is finding other survivors, searching buildings to gather supplies, and crafting items to better equip your team.

You can choose to clear areas with a team of 1-4 survivors at a time, and as the game progresses, there are certain harsh situations you might find yourself in, such as having to diffuse a bomb while being trapped in a building or having to quickly find the switch that turns off the alarm before being swarmed by zombies, meaning you will occasionally need fast reactions so as not to get overwhelmed. Despite what I have read on here, shooting everything in range is not always a viable option (especially when a horde is passing by) and even though the strategic decisions you get to make in this game do not have much depth, there is always the occasional benefit from choosing to be stealthy or using a gadget.

Unfortunately, the game could use improvement as it has several shortcomings. The art style seems poorly made, there are several situations where your movement gets glitchy, the audio is bad, and the game depth is not very satisfying. Overall the basic mechanics are there and are viable, but it seems like they could all use some polishing to make this game good. Despite its shortcomings though, I will not thwart you away from this game as it could be a pleasant casual game for those who are not looking for something complex. I will instead recommend that you watch some gameplay videos before deciding to play it.
Publicada: 20 junho 2014
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