Ring Runner combines the fast-paced action of space combat with the rich story and skill variety of an RPG. Trek across the universe in a 30 hour long story-driven campaign based on a companion Sci Fi novel, or challenge 6 scenarios alone, cooperatively, or competitively through local or online multiplayer.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 9 de Jul, 2013

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Acerca de este juego

Ring Runner combines the fast-paced action of space combat with the rich story and skill variety of an RPG.

Trek across the universe in a 30 hour long story-driven campaign based on a companion Sci Fi novel, or challenge 6 scenarios alone, cooperatively, or competitively through local or online multiplayer.

Choose from 60 customizable hulls that act as templates for 400+ wildly-varied skills. Level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are all procedurally generated, yielding billions of challenges.


You awake from unelective brain surgery to find key memory centers of your brain missing. They've been replaced by Nero, your peanut-butter-craving neuro-Hud, who'll guide you through the universal super-highways known as The Rings. If you survive fiery trench runs, flail-swinging gladiators, and feuding trash moguls, you'll discover that you're a Sage, capable of rewriting the physical laws with your thoughts.

But beware The Extinguishers!

In the interests of universal order, The Consortium of the Inner Rings has slated the Sages for extinction, plunging the cosmos into a war with casualties measured in galaxies. You'll play a pivotal role in this terrible battle... if you can find out who you are.

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  • 400+ Unique Abilities - many inspired by fantasy games
  • 60 Fully Customizable Ships - five archetypes, with many hybrids to choose from
  • 30 Hour Story-Driven Campaign - universe based on a companion Sci Fi novel
  • 6 Scenarios - Play alone or coop and competitively through online multiplayer
  • Infinite Challenges - The level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are procedurally generated
  • Reliable Multiplayer - drop-in and drop-out of games with seamless host migration; no waiting in lobbies
  • Local Coop - "Duo" ships allow a friend to act as a copilot, usable in multiplayer modes and second half of campaign
  • Full Soundtrack - 20 tracks of music and hundreds of original sound effects
  • Classic Arcade Inspired Mini-games - earn Sage abilities by conquering challenges in The Subrostrum
  • 30 Prebuilt Ships - jump straight into the action with these handcrafted hulls


Challenge these Scenarios through single or Online Multiplayer:

  • Space Defense League - League of Legends/DotA in space! Complete with cruisers, bosses, swarms of drones, and waves of power up crates
  • Zombie Survival - Rack up the kills before the hordes of space zombies feast on the atoms of your brains; defeat custom bosses to gain Super Sage abilities!
  • Wave Survival - Survive waves of procedurally generated bosses, swarmers, and standard ships
  • Gladiator Mode - Run a gauntlet of procedurally generated bosses
  • Spire Battle - Fast-paced base vs base battles
  • Deathmatch - No teams; it's every Sage for his or herself

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Press Quotes

"Clearly had a little TLC put into it. The writing is solid by video game standards, the graphics are solid by indie game standards and the game’s fun by any standard."

- Indiestatik

"At its best, it takes the very idea of a twin-stick shooter, shakes it by the collar and shrieks, 'Space is enormous and deserves more than lasers and lightshows – let us strive for the beauty and variety that the stars deserve.'"
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Bites off way more than it can chew, and it’s endlessly endearing for it."
- GiantBomb

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics: XNA Hi Def Profile Compatible GPU
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
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Publicado: 1 de Noviembre
Several aspects of this game alone are enough to make this game great. Nontheless, they all come together to make a fantastic experience
I'll start with combat. The game starts you out with some crappy ships and crappy weapons. This fits in line with the plot. As you get more vessels and new armaments, you start to pick favorites, and by the time you get to design your first fully customized craft, you already have a good idea of a few combinations that may become standbys for the battles to come. Fighting involves destroying, distracting, subverting, evading, tricking, stunning, outrunning and overpowering the enemies. I am very well convinced that someone could spend a year on this game and barely scratch the surface of all the amazing combinations that have yet to be discovered.
The plot? Enthralling. Through gut renching losses and righteous victories, this game engrains you. Between the universe threatening drama, cheeky humor pervades the dialogue, and the characters, even minor ones, can be quite lovable. What also helps to make this story concrete is the depth of the lore. That, along with the fact that some of the Sci-Fi technology makes sense helps to make this a real feeling world.
The music isn't flashy, but it is a great case study of how one can do great things with only a few tools. I heard there guys aren't even musicians. The graphics use shiny light and pretty colors to draw you in, with atmospheric backgrounds the fit right in place.
Some of the cons involve the layout. It can be difficult to navigate the hangar and switch ships. Finding your favorite presets can be irksome, and there doesn't seem to be a way to test ship combinations without going into a story mission. Most of the game is fighting, with some racing and stealth in there too. This is, however, broken up by the jovial dialogue and a few puzzles.
In short, this game had a lot of careful quality and love put into it. It is easily worth more that $10.
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Publicado: 19 de Noviembre
Surprisingly polished and deep, Ring Runner's gameplay draws inspiration from old school shmups like Asteroids, and Mechwarrior for ship customization, campaign and progression.

The campaign is linear but varied and very long to complete (don't rely on my Steam stats), and also challenging if you decide to play in Sage difficulty or higher. I recommend playing on Sage, the game is way too easy otherwise. Most missions can be replayed with a different, fully customized ship and that, in my opinion, is one of the greatest strengths of the game.

The story is engaging, has a nice touch of humor, and features many characters whose personality can be felt without ever seeing their faces. The game is backed by an original lore that justifies the way all technologies used in the game work, which adds a lot to immersion and will surely appeal to all Sci Fi fans like me.

Ship customization is incredibly deep for a game with such a classy shmup gameplay. Here are some ship kinds you can fly:
- A heavy gunship with thick shields that shoot rockets all over the place, or let its couple dozen turret pets do the shooting.
- An agile and accurate fighter that also relies on heat to cripple its foes. Yes, there is a heat stat just like in Mechwarrior.
- A "Caster" ship that creates gravity fields to snare its targets and wipe them out with damaging AOEs.
- A melee ship that can pull others toward them to drill them or smash them with a space flail (!)
- A cloaking rogue ship that creates holograms to confuse the crap out of the AI, then deal huge damage while they have their backs turned. Special attention has been given to stealth mechanics ; enemy ships will only spot you while you're cloaked if you get in front of them or fly into a radar ray.

You can also combine all of the above with hybrid ships. My favorite ship is a less stealthy rogue with the agility of a fighter.

Graphically and artistically, Ring Runner isn't particularly fancy, but it's polished and it will run smoothly on any PC.

Another point that really surprised me: the game's soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in a long time, it's really amazing and nicely fits its atmosphere (or its lack of atmosphere - it's space after all). You can easily find it on the internet.

TL;DR: If you like games with classic shmup mechanics, deep customization and an original Sci Fi story, this is the one.
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Publicado: 7 de Noviembre
This is literally my favorite game ever. (Yes, I have played a ton of games from many genres.) It is so because of its unique combination of story, humor, space, RPG style, gameplay variety, strategy, and newtonian (correct) physics. The game is completely unlike anything I have ever before played or since. I have now played almost 250 hours, and it is the only game I have ever purchased twice just in case anything ever happened to steam I would not want to lose this game. I also really appreciate how clean the game is—that when my children play it I won’t have to worry about swearing or anything like that.

The main story is well written and takes about 30 to 40 hours to complete. Although it is primarily space combat, the game also features circuit racing, stealth missions, tower defense, many rpg elements, zombie survival, arcade games, a plethora of cultural references, fast food, and nonlinear gameplay -- all skillfully integrated into the story. On top of that, the well done ship customization makes the game almost endlessly replayable. $10 for the best game ever.
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Publicado: 18 de Noviembre
This is a stupid game. It's mean. It does things, like make you cry, and care, and stuff. Wah.

Joking aside, honestly, this game is the most polished small-scale game I think I've ever seen. It's gorgeous. It's smooth, easy to play, easy to learn, and a riot of fun. Once you really begin to master it, and start playing against other people, or challenges, it reaches to another height of gameplay. From story, to mechanics, this game is honestly incredible. One of my top 10 games ever.
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Publicado: 23 de Octubre
Storyline is fantastic, the dialogue is well-written and humorous (think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), the gameplay is fun and engaging, it has nearly limitless replayability due to the level of customization... I don't think I can say enough good things about this game. The fact that it was made by only two people (brothers no less -- what a neat personal story that makes for Triple B), and is their first game to boot, is amazing. Not only is the game good, but they have continued to update the game and tweak things here and there after it was released, in addition to releasing a free addon multiplayer mode reminiscent of MOBAs like LOL or DOTA.

The only criticism I can think of for this game is that some of the ship types are not 100% balanced, but given the vast number of customizable elements of each ship type, I am frankly amazed that it is as balanced as it is right now.

tl;dr 10/10 would buy a thousand times.

Last-minute disclaimer: it says I've got .8 hours of play on record, but I played this game for hundreds of hours well before it was released on Steam.
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Publicado: 27 de Octubre
This is one of very few games that captures you and won't let go until you are done with it, and when you done it doesn't leave sour taste in your mouth. Story is superb, game mechanics is very deep and complex, yet simple to get a hang of (mastering it is another matter). Game is amazingly well designed, and scripted. Apart from playing it yourself, only way to describe it, is to remember that first game, you spent playing all summer brake long, fell in love with and just kept coming back for more, and when it was done, you look for more of it, either waiting for sequell, reading book it's based off or joining a forum for those that share same passion for that game, Remeber that feeling? one that you vividly remember, but can't seem to capture again? This game brought it back for me. I feel guilty for buying it while it was on sale, because it worth every penny, and then some.
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4.8 h registradas
Publicado: 26 de Octubre
A bit hard a start, a bit confusing too.

Passed 2 or 3 hours (The story line is one of the best I had pleasure to follow for loooong time ! A big respect for that.), the game just becomes wonderful.

Really, a pure gem in ambiance, writing, humour...

I rarely hardly recommend, but here is a pure UFO in gaming industry. Clearly simple : A must have if you like space rpg.
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Publicado: 14 de Noviembre
Sounded fun on the store page It wasn't.
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Publicado: 29 de Octubre
sorry.. i couldn't even suffer through the tutorial :(

maybe will try back later
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Publicado: 6 de Noviembre
Have tried several times to survive the first mission.

Cannot, despite the fact that I've played (and loved) "Newtonian" space games before.

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2.5 h registradas
Publicado: 30 de Octubre
Kind of boring. No voice acting. Played 2 hours then never went back to it.
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29.6 h registradas
Publicado: 14 de Noviembre
Juego increible!!!!

Un juego de naves con campaña de más de 20horas de historia, donde puedes personalizar tus naves comprando cientos de tipos de armamento así como nuevas naves. Además hay 5 arquetipos de naves que se juegan de forma muy diferente, desde ataques de melee, pasando por tanques voladores que plantan todo tipo de torretas hasta naves invisibles donde lo que manda es el sigilo.
La historia está muy entretenia con el aliciente de haber todo tipo de misiones diferentes que te hará controlar todos los arquetipos, además el juego esta plagado de referencias a peliculas y videojuegos clasicos.

Si te gustan los juegos de naves, personalizarlas y además encuentras este juego de oferta no te lo pienses un MUST HAVE!!! (Con un mando te lo pasas como un enano jejeje)

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72.9 h registradas
Publicado: 28 de Octubre
As of writing this review the game costs 8,99€. And now after I finally finished the story I must say that I even deem that price to be lower than what could be expected when comparing it with other games. There are thousands of games out there that cost a lot more and won't even deliver a half of what this game has to offer.

The gameplay is very varied and outright fun most of the times. Those few moments of frustration I had I've brought upon myself by choosing a somewhat higher difficulty. The game forces you into many different roles but constantly performs well at doing that, and even up to the last levels the gameplay occasionally gets some new twists. That's nothing I could say about many games, actually at this niveau Ring Runner is the first I've encountered.

The story is... really incredible for a game with this price. It is really long, it is immersive, well thought through, interesting, awesome and at times breathtaking. It offers twists up to the very last moments and nothing ever felt out of place. The game even manages to convincingly think up a new way of faster-than-light travel, and managed to sew it perfectly into the story.

If you have any remote interest in games like this, get it. There's even a Demo to try out first in case of doubt.
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Publicado: 17 de Noviembre
Game was a pleasant surprise. Good story and sense of humor. Hard to understand parts of ship management due to lack of information.
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Publicado: 22 de Noviembre
Great game, hilarious missions and dialogues. TONS of customization, weapons, loadouts, ships, abilities, *foaming mouth*. Just a dozen hours in and I can’t wait to get the bigger ships, the biggest guns, and go on a rampage. Learning curve is stable, with gradual introduction to more and more mechanics and ships as the story progresses, which is great because you don`t get everything dumped at you at once. It does feel constricting at time when they force a ship type on you once you get use to a certain genre, overall though, lots of fun
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Publicado: 4 de Agosto
Yet another space shooting game masterpiece. Awesome graphics and cool effects, various type of ships and weapons, highly customizable spacecraft. Just feeling lots of fun while playing.
The game options are very detailed. Support keyboard/mouse or gamepad input. And there's single and multiplayer mode. Story in campaign is interesting and humorous.
Generally speaking, this is definitely a great game which has nice graphics and rich content worth to play. Recommended!

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Publicado: 27 de Junio
Ring Runner is a 2d space shooter with a very interesting story, great flight and combat mechanics, and a huge number of different playstyles depending on the completely customizeable ship configuration- all packed in a very neat visual presentation.
If you still have a few bucks left during the sale, and you liked SPaZ, Space Rangers or similar games- do yourself a favor and grab it!
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19.1 h registradas
Publicado: 19 de Octubre
Just finished my first playthrough of this game, I highly recommend this game. With solid graphics, a phenomenal story with plenty of suspense, surprise, laughs and sadness as well as some amazing gameplay, this game is a very great buy. Ring Runner sticks very tightly to its interesting and unique lore, immersing you even more in the story and the world you travel through. There are also various difficulty modes to suit whatever challenge you are looking for. My playthrough on just Runner difficulty alone lasted me about 18 hours, but during those 18 hours I was always looking forward to the next development in the story. Missions have all kinds of variation and difficulty scales well. Ships are customizable when it comes to performance and weapons. There are various hull types that provide different play style hybrid hulls that combine two hull types and sometimes even three.
If you were like me when I found this game, a gamer craving a good and unique story that really sucks you in backed by good gameplay, pick up Ring Runner. I promise you that this game will fill the need.
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86.5 h registradas
Publicado: 10 de Octubre
I would like to admit that at first I turned a blind eye too Ring Runner Flight of the sages. That being said I wish i could go back and leave a good lump on past self's chin.

This game has given me what I have craved for a vary long time A STORY LINE! yes! something basic like this is what i wanted in a game a story line that well...IT was B.E.A.utiful! (and i thought i'd never say that...) Game play lets me either play as my caster murdering billions of baddys and feal like a god! or test my F5 Mecury on flooded gate mode and i feal like a cube of ice trying to smother out a star! and the soundtrack...without it this game would fall flat on its face...even the story line with all it's hilariousness, seriousnes, and sadness... without E. C. Dryere and his masterfull work ((in my opinion) star eater <3) this game would...just not be the same.

anyway....this brick of text is large enough...my final begrudgement for people who have not gotten this game...TRY IT! plz!
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18.8 h registradas
Publicado: 8 de Octubre
An incredible story and brilliant game with deep customisation. Very rewarding once you get into it, although the tutorial drags on a bit (like 2 hours longer than it needed to be)
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