Ring Runner combines the fast-paced action of space combat with the rich story and skill variety of an RPG.Trek across the universe in a 30 hour long story-driven campaign based on a companion Sci Fi novel, or challenge 6 scenarios alone, cooperatively, or competitively through local or online multiplayer.
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Data de lançamento: 9/jul/2013

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Sobre este jogo

Ring Runner combines the fast-paced action of space combat with the rich story and skill variety of an RPG.

Trek across the universe in a 30 hour long story-driven campaign based on a companion Sci Fi novel, or challenge 6 scenarios alone, cooperatively, or competitively through local or online multiplayer.

Choose from 60 customizable hulls that act as templates for 400+ wildly-varied skills. Level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are all procedurally generated, yielding billions of challenges.


You awake from unelective brain surgery to find key memory centers of your brain missing. They've been replaced by Nero, your peanut-butter-craving neuro-Hud, who'll guide you through the universal super-highways known as The Rings. If you survive fiery trench runs, flail-swinging gladiators, and feuding trash moguls, you'll discover that you're a Sage, capable of rewriting the physical laws with your thoughts.

But beware The Extinguishers!

In the interests of universal order, The Consortium of the Inner Rings has slated the Sages for extinction, plunging the cosmos into a war with casualties measured in galaxies. You'll play a pivotal role in this terrible battle... if you can find out who you are.

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  • 400+ Unique Abilities - many inspired by fantasy games
  • 60 Fully Customizable Ships - five archetypes, with many hybrids to choose from
  • 30 Hour Story-Driven Campaign - universe based on a companion Sci Fi novel
  • 6 Scenarios - Play alone or coop and competitively through online multiplayer
  • Infinite Challenges - The level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are procedurally generated
  • Reliable Multiplayer - drop-in and drop-out of games with seamless host migration; no waiting in lobbies
  • Local Coop - "Duo" ships allow a friend to act as a copilot, usable in multiplayer modes and second half of campaign
  • Full Soundtrack - 20 tracks of music and hundreds of original sound effects
  • Classic Arcade Inspired Mini-games - earn Sage abilities by conquering challenges in The Subrostrum
  • 30 Prebuilt Ships - jump straight into the action with these handcrafted hulls


Challenge these Scenarios through single or Online Multiplayer:

  • Space Defense League - League of Legends/DotA in space! Complete with cruisers, bosses, swarms of drones, and waves of power up crates
  • Zombie Survival - Rack up the kills before the hordes of space zombies feast on the atoms of your brains; defeat custom bosses to gain Super Sage abilities!
  • Wave Survival - Survive waves of procedurally generated bosses, swarmers, and standard ships
  • Gladiator Mode - Run a gauntlet of procedurally generated bosses
  • Spire Battle - Fast-paced base vs base battles
  • Deathmatch - No teams; it's every Sage for his or herself

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Press Quotes

"Clearly had a little TLC put into it. The writing is solid by video game standards, the graphics are solid by indie game standards and the game’s fun by any standard."

- Indiestatik

"At its best, it takes the very idea of a twin-stick shooter, shakes it by the collar and shrieks, 'Space is enormous and deserves more than lasers and lightshows – let us strive for the beauty and variety that the stars deserve.'"
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Bites off way more than it can chew, and it’s endlessly endearing for it."
- GiantBomb

Requisitos de sistema

    • SO: XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processador: 2 GHz
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Graphics: XNA Hi Def Profile Compatible GPU
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Armazenamento: 250 MB de espaço disponível
Análises úteis de usuários
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Publicada: 1 de janeiro

Ring Runner... oh Ring Runner... tão bonitinho... tão gostoso de jogar... boa seleção de cores, boa trilha sonora ,mecânica bem afinada... por que eu não jogo você mais tanto quanto acho que deveria...? ah... sim... a história é uma confusão...

Ring Runner é um top down space shooter que acerta em muitas coiss... você tem a disposição uma infinidade de naves armas e acessórios, cada uma com um modo bem peculiar de combate com mistura de estratégias ativas e passivas.

O grande problema de Ring Runner é que a campanha linear adota um péssimo sistema de narrativa. Em determinados pontos, você vai se sentir forçado a pular mais de 20 parágrafos do diálogo entre os dois protagonistas... ou o protagonista e seu implante cerebral. Isto vai acontecer muitas vezes em um mesmo level e simplesmente quebra o fluir do jogo.

Adoro ler e o texto de Ring Runner pode não ser ruim, mas a distribuição do mesmo é exemplo de um dos piores modos de utilizar texto em jogo. E isso é o que me mantém longe de Ring Runner, se você não lê, toda a ação parece desconexa e a história não consegue ser interessante.

Esse problema com a distribuição do texto também complica o processo de aprendizado. Algumas mudanças bruscas de mecânica exigem instruções específicas que se perdem nas dezenas de parágrafos que o jogo tenta fazer você ler.

Mesmo assim, volto a este joguinho de vez em quando e ele vai te garantir pelo menos alguns minutos de boa distração com um modo de combate bastante relaxante. A R$ 16,99 pode ser um pouco demais, mas este joguinho está, volta e meia, com preço reduzido entre R$ 3,99 e R$ 1,69 e nesta faixa eu definitivamente recomendo.
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18 de 21 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 4 de outubro de 2015
I don't normally play top-down shooters, but this game is something really special. The Newtonian physics are not just a gimmick to make it stand out - they are a core element of the game and numerous mechanics are built around them. The build customization is like nothing I've ever seen before, with an extreme range and variety of viable builds - from a fast, highly lethal ship wielding only a massive photon bat, to a flying fortress deploying a field of turrets. Different configurations for the same hull can have radically different gameplay, and there are over 20 "sidegrade" hulls to choose as a base!

The story is not tacked on at all - it is front and center, and the writing is highly enjoyable. There is a lot of great humor and very "natural" dialogue from characters who have no voice acting or portraits, yet are far more memorable than the cast of most games nowadays. The game's universe manages to combine a serious main plot with side adventures involving things like robbing a bank with a bunch of trash trawler rednecks or shooting pirates until they agree to buy Dvorak keyboards.

The game's mechanics, immense customization and somewhat slow and lengthy (though skippable) tutorial galaxy make it hard to learn and harder to master. Once you do get into it, it's a unique experience guaranteeing crazy amounts of fun. You can feel that the developers put their heart and soul into their game, and diving into such a lovingly crafted experience made me very happy.
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11 de 13 pessoas (85%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 14 de dezembro de 2015
There aren't very many games I play till I get 100% completion.

I have only played one other game to 100% completion twice (super mario 64) and I plan on doing another 100% completion of this game.

I also don't normally write reviews.

I'm doing all the above because I think this game is fantastic and more people should play it.

This game is unique and while its certainly not for everyone it has a literally overwhelming amount of content in it.
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7 de 8 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
33.4 hrs registradas
Publicada: 20 de novembro de 2015
Ring Runner is a well executed top down shooter. The game feels great to play for the most part, though when using a mouse and keyboard it's sometimes difficult to accurately execute moves that require you to flick your mouse.

The game's single player campaign doesn't take itself all that seriously, but knows how to handle that kind of humor. In addition there's way more lore than you would expect in this game. Details about the universe are attatched to the story mode, as well as every ship part.

Speaking of ship parts, there's a ton of them. This is a good game, but ship customization is what pushes this game into being great. There's a research system and a ton of ship parts, none of which are straight upgrades without a drawback. This means that you'll spend a ton of time just sitting in the hangar making new ships and testing them out.

The multiplayer seems okay. Me and my friends didn't suffer any lag or latency issues and it all ran smoothly. The multiplayer consists of a few co-op modes like arena and zombies. There's also some PvP modes but as of this moment I have no experience with them.

Pick this game up, especially if it goes on sale. If you both enjoy tinkering with things and playing top down shooters then you'll love this one.
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Publicada: 4 de novembro de 2015
This here, is a hidden gem.

If you are still deciding:

#Love space games,
#Longing for incredible amount of ship customization,
#Doesn't mind/love retro style space shooter,
#Looking for potential replayability,
#exhilarating ship abilities,
#Brilliant soundtracks

Butter is sweet, Grab this.

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