Quien con monstruos lucha cuide de no convertirse a su vez en monstruo. Cuando miras largo tiempo a un abismo, el abismo también mira dentro de ti... Secuestrado. Encarcelado. Torturado. El mago Irenicus te retiene en su fortaleza, intentando arrebatarte los poderes que te pertenecen por nacimiento.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 nov. 2013

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"Must Play for all true CRPG-enthusiasts. AD&D 2nd ed. game that continues the great story of BG 1. RtwP combat; memorable characters - Epic Game remake!"

Acerca de este juego

Quien con monstruos lucha cuide de no convertirse a su vez en monstruo. Cuando miras largo tiempo a un abismo, el abismo también mira dentro de ti...

Secuestrado. Encarcelado. Torturado. El mago Irenicus te retiene en su fortaleza, intentando arrebatarte los poderes que te pertenecen por nacimiento.

¿Resistirás el mal que aflora en ti, forjarás una leyenda de proporciones épicas, y finalmente destruirás la esencia oscura que ronda tus sueños? ¿O por el contrario abrazarás tu naturaleza monstruosa, sembrarás la destrucción por los reinos, y ascenderás a la divinidad como el nuevo Señor del Asesinato?


  • Throne of Bhaal: ¡Viaja a Tezhyr en la emocionante conclusión de la saga de los Hijos de Bhaal y recorre las estancias llenas de tesoros del Torreón del Vigilante!
  • El Puño de los Caídos: Ayuda a Rasaad, el monje del Alma Solar, a hallar la paz en su búsqueda de venganza y determina el destino de una secta herética.
  • Un precio pagado con sangre: Siembra un camino de destrucción por los Reinos junto a Dorn, el guardia negro, mientras lidia con las crecientes exigencias de su oscuro patrón.
  • Una voz en la oscuridad: Recluta a Hexxat, la misteriosa ladrona, y ayúdala en su misión de recuperar artefactos perdidos de tumbas situadas en tierras tan lejanas como Zakhara.
  • Defendiendo lo Salvaje: Protege a los inocentes y lucha junto a Neera, la maga salvaje, contra una despiadada escuela de Magos Rojos.
  • Los Fosos Negros 2, Gladiadores de Zhay: Explora la profundidad táctica del combate de Dungeons & Dragons. Haz que tus captores se enfrenten entre sí mientras esquivas trampas y luchas por tu vida contra semiliches, azotamentes, y githyanki.
  • Multijugador mejorado: Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition facilita la tarea de encontrar y unirte a partidas multijugador incluso tras un cortafuegos.
  • Pantalla ancha y más: Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition incluye soporte completo para pantalla ancha, arte de zona remasterizado de modelos originales, y una miríada de mejoras en la interfaz y la jugabilidad.
  • Versión 1.3: La última actualización de Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition arregla cientos de errores y añade montones de nuevas mejoras como modificar el tamaño de la letra, desplazamiento inteligente de miembros del grupo y mucho, mucho más.

Nota: se ha localizado solo el texto. Los sonidos están en inglés.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 1 GHZ
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires Steam Run-Time
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Publicado el 16 de mayo
Uno de los grandes RPG de la historia. Es una completa obra maestra para los amantes del rol y una buena adaptación del juego de mesa.
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Publicado el 5 de julio
I played this with my friend, we had been waiting for years upon years to play this game on multiplayer and were SO excited for the enhanced edition. Like for 10+ years we waited for this to happen, and it finally did.

And oh boy, was I disappointed.

All that time, he had said that he solod the entire game as a Paladin, cutting through everything, chopping it all to bits, but oddly he never took the conversation further when I started namedropping specific items and builds.

I know why.

I will tell you why.

We have just escaped the mindflayer prisons and are finding a way out.

Me- "Wait, let me open the door and we will pull them here and trap them."
Him- *Charges in and gets killed in 3 hits by mindflayers*

We are helping the rebellion of a sahuaguin prince who wants to overthrow a usurper to his throne and wander into a pit of zombies that poison us with every hit.

Me- *Surrounded by monsters, low on health, poisoned, pauses the game to choreograph a battle plan*
Him- "Stop pausing the game, let me win!!!"
Me- "No, wait, I'm a druid, let me figure this out or I'm toast, I'll buff you with haste."
Him- "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME WIN!!" *Spams unpause so I think sod it, I die, he dies*

We find ourselves confronted with some kind of puzzle, 6 treasure chests lay in a circle around us and the floor is riddled with traps.

Me- "Ok, let me disarm all the traps."
Him- *Charges across the room, gets turned to stone* "Reload."
Me- "No it's okay, I'll stone to flesh you." *Stone to flesh on him*
Him- *Walks into exactly the same trap, turns to stone*
Me- "Why did you do that?" *Rests, stone to flesh on him*
Him- *Walks into the same trap again*
Me- "Stop doing that, are you dumb?" *Rests, stone to flesh on him*
Him- *Finally stops, lets me disarm all the traps on the floor*
Him- *Walks around the room opening all of the chests one by one, eating acid arrows, magic missiles, and then finally a death spell*
Him- "Reload."
Me- "No, I can revive you." *Revives him* "Just stand right there don't move." *Disarms every single trap*
Him- *Opens all the chests takes all the items equips the +4 spear on his other character*
Me- "That's an upgrade for me can I have it?"
Him- "BRB." *for 45 minutes*

We are in the sewers under the city and encounter a particularly nasty pack of bandits who killed us on two attempts to fight them head on.

Me- "Ok wait here, I will pull them to us one by one, they are tough man, the spellcasters cast stuns so we need to get them alone."
Him- "Ok."
Me- *Moves toward them slowly to get aggro, notices he's running up behind me, pause it* "Wait back there, please."
Him- *silence*
Me- "OK? Wait back there ok??"
Him- *silence*
Me- *unpauses it*
Him- *Charges passed me and attacks them all, gets stunned, gets killed*

We get ambushed in a lodge in the windspear hills, we are low level compared to this area and quest but we are powering through. He gets killed playing with a solo mindset and trying to take on a heavily armoured dwarf who is cleaving a third of his health with each hit and a couple of his lackeys. I manage to take on the wizard by myself and use up my last healing spell keeping myself alive, as I know my friend is dead and I've already wasted my other charges on him.

Him- "Why didn't you heal me? It's your job."

I rooted and managed to kill the lackeys using bear form and using my potions. With just me and the dwarf left, I notice that he really does hit mega hard and decided to run out of the house to try and lose aggro and catch a rest. He didn't stop following me, and 2 wild dogs came out of nowhere and attacked me too. In a moment of true tension I turn 180 and run straight passed the dwarf with dogs in tow. To my sheer amazement and relief, the dogs started attacking the dwarf and he stopped to fight them!! In the moments of freedom I got, I casted a root spell from out of view distance and then ran inside the house.

I noticed I still had my daily heal spell up, so I used it on myself, getting me to about half health and I turned into a bear and waited. In comes the dwarf, mad as hell and covered in dog's blood. The next 10 seconds were a blur. He hits me, hard, I'm one hit from death. I hit him, he misses. I hit him again, he misses. I miss.... he misses, then I kill him with a final maul to the face. PHEW!!!!!

Carrying all of his gear, I only have enough strength in bear form to carry it plus his corpse to the temple in the city to revive him. So I trundle across the land carrying him and all of his gear over my back, as a bear. By far the most epic and tense moments I've EVER HAD in any RPG, ever. Full stop.

Him- "If you didn't pause it so much I would have killed them. It's so annoying when you're pausing it all the time"

Me- "Did you see what happened? It was epic man."

Him- "No I was chatting with my bro in his room."

The game is full on amazing, always has been, always will be. The new characters are a little annoying and I ended up turning the girl in the copper coronet to stone because she wouldn't shut up about going to the crypt to find the treasure, like literally she went on about it nonstop and her voice.... argh.... she makes a pretty statue.

But just make sure you have a teammate who understands what this game is all about, understands tactics, is patient and has an IQ above 80.

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Baldur's gate 2


easy : wow this is so easy

normal: okay this is kinda difficult

hard: why do i feel like im playing dark souls

insane: cant even get past the prolouge without all my party members dying
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Great game.

I like how this game allows us to continue playing with our character from the first game, been able to level up again after reaching the level cap in the previous game gives a good feeling of continued progression to this game.

Having now played Icewind Dale 1 and 2 and Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, these games have become my favourites. They don't make them like these anymore.
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Highly recommended.

I don't need to tell the people who have ever played this game before what they already know, but now that I know I have one of the highest amount of hours on record I felt the need to explain a little about why this game is one of, if not the greatest sequels to an already great saga. Truly a specatcluar return to a lifechanging game, and by that I mean I probably spent twice the hours on this game the first time back in the early 2000's. I've already played through twice as a good and evil character and I would recommend doing the same. I didn't change up my party selection much(usually dorn, jaheria, viconia, hexxat, and edwina..ahem..edwin) all leaders in their pre-ordained classes. I also exported my char from the first game, to get a head start on levels and mage spell memorization. The voice actor for the villain (Joneleth) is exceptional and makes for a harrowing macabre theme throughout. The graphics and cinematics are the only drawbacks I can think of but thats not why you play a game like this.
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