Silent Storm from leading Russian developer Nival is a true 3D tactical turn-based Role-Playing-Game set against the backdrop of WWII. As the conflict rages on the frontlines, you’ll be leading a small multinational squad behind enemy lines to gather information and wreak havoc on your enemies while trying to thwart a mysterious new...
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发行日期: 2004年9月9日


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"Tactical CRPG developed by Nival Interactive. The game's story takes place during World War II in an alternate history - challenging & fun!"


“Features a surprisingly impressive presentation, complete with realistic physics and some of the most destructible environments ever seen in a game, which lead to some very exciting unscripted moments.”
8.2/10 – GameSpot

“With a combination of destructible environments, a great 3d engine, role-playing elements and challenging turn-based fighting, Silent Storm comes up a winner.”
8.0/10 – WorthPlaying

“I thought going in that it was going to be a Commandos clone, but it turned out to be a fun game in its own right, and I’d recommend it to anybody who enjoys tactical strategy games.”
87 % – Game-Over

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Silent Storm from leading Russian developer Nival is a true 3D tactical turn-based Role-Playing-Game set against the backdrop of WWII. As the conflict rages on the frontlines, you’ll be leading a small multinational squad behind enemy lines to gather information and wreak havoc on your enemies while trying to thwart a mysterious new rising power whose plans are even more horrific than anything the world has yet witnessed.

Silent Storm is fully rendered in breathtaking 3D – and includes fully destructible environments, realistic weaponry and unlimited tactical possibilities. Turn-based gaming has never looked this good!

The Story

1943: The world seems to face its destruction in all parts; war is raging like never before. You are the commander of a squad, leading the soldiers you’ve selected into special and top secret operations to change the tide of war in your favour – allies or axis, it’s you choice!

The new Add-On "Sentinels" begins with the end of the WWII nightmare. Veterans from all countries, even former enemies, stand together and form the secret investigation and intervention group "Sentinels", for one purpose only: To stop the evil secret society "Thors Hammer" they have faced in war.

Key Features

  • Turn-based game, heavy on tactics and team-management
  • Flexible missions, 2 different campaigns for axis and allies.
  • 24 missions during night and daytime, each one has to be prepared carefully and is enriched with random events.
  • Multiple options for mission success: brutal force and tactical cleverness can be used in the combination of your choice and in 3 difficulties
  • More than 75 authentic weapons from WWII, including experimental prototypes and rare items
  • More than 40 male and female soldiers to choose from, each one has his / her own character and special abilities
  • Destructible environment opens up tactical options, whether it’s flushing an enemy out of a building via rocket launcher or knocking holes in a wall to make a field-expedient shortcut.
  • Unprecedented realism featuring true 3D, a fully destructible environment, and real projectile physics that take into consideration trajectory, speed, and piercing performance.
  • Includes Silent Storm and Add-On "Sentinels"


    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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How you lose a normal TBS game:
The enemy slowly picks off your squad because they are way too powerful for you to take on.

How you lose Silent Storm:
You take a shot, it misses and goes through the floor hitting an explosive barrel, the resulting chain reaction destroys 75% of the house and kills all of your squad except the guy who took the shot. He is then blown out of a second story window by a guy with a machine gun.

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I've only play a little on the steam version of this game but I played the retail version a great bit (100+ hrs). One of my favorite games.
It takes a bit of getting used to and, of course, moves a lot slower than many games today.
A few warnings, in S2 the skill leveling is broken, making some of the classes much less useful than they should be.
S3 fixed the skill issue.
Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be the mods from teh community on steam. Some of those added tremendously.
It takes some tial and error on some missions as your usual playstyle might not be the best fit. And in one mission in S3 (the stealth mission) many have thought that it is impossible to meet all the goals. Without spoiling it I'll just say it isn't.
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One of the finest turn-based tactics games ever. The panzerkleins can get a bit over-powered near the end if you save-crawl too hard, so ease back and enjoy yourself.
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This game is one of a kind. I love the maps, characters the AI might be a bit dumb at times but you can fix that with some AI mods like the DieHard Mod 9/10 for me
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The strategy set the realities of World War II. The player becomes the commander of the elite soldiers performing a very dangerous task deep into enemy territory. In each mission you can directly command the five soldiers any selected from forty subordinate our people (six professions: scout, sniper, sub-machine gunner, grenadier, physician, engineer). Each has its own history, nationality, (30 nationalities) and individual characteristics (over 50 skills that we can develop along the course of the game).

In our hands and was given more than 75 authentic weapons from World War II, from knives, bayonets and hand grenades, and ending with a sniper rifle and experimental weapons. Await to comply two large campaigns, one on the side of the Allies, the other on the side of the Axis, giving a total of 24 non-linear missions for various purposes, including release prisoners and the destruction of important enemy installations. The game takes place in a turn-based system, similar to that used for example.'s Famous X-COM, and observe the action in full 3D (changeable weather conditions, day and night, a number of visual effects).

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In my opinion one of the best turn based strategy games with RPG elements ever made. Equal to the original Jagged Alliance and in some points even better! Must buy for Fans of turn based strategy. God i spend so much time of my youth with that game and yet not one sec of this time seems wasted.
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Turn based classics, one of the best
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My favorite turn based strategy game, besides the first two X-Coms.
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Not a bad little game. Its an older game that I remember trying as a kid some where but it still is a solid one. I like how you can choose both sides, axis and allies, and hire troops to work with you on the batlefield. I like the base and the mechanics. Very few bugs and crashes.

The game reminds me of jagged alliance and is a great alternitve however I do wish they would have a shop to where you can buy ammo or requisition it for more of a you earned the money you get to buy what you need feel rather then scavanging and waiting for the armory to populate weapons.

Out side of that, that's all I really have to complain about wiht this game. The random encounters do get reptitious though and while not really a bad thing, it lowers the life of the game just a little bit. Also they should impliment a auto loot after each level or allow you to choose the loot left on the ground but seeing how old this game is, I doubt that will happen unless its modded in by the community.

As its on sale I am very happy to pay 2.50 for the collection. I wouldn't of bought it at 10$ but i would still reccomend it.

Anyway hope you liked the review!
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This game is an absolute classic! It has deep turn-based strategy and it still holds up today. If you're a fan of X-Com type of games, I can't recommend this enough! Get it!
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It's a good classic game. I remember playing it a lot in my younger years. It can be difficult, but the turn-based and team management aspect of the game is very good.
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Very good tactical simulator for all who loves UFO/X-Com/Jagged Alliance
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100% chance of hitting with a sub machinegun at close quarters: Misses all shots
2% chance of hitting with a luger from a large distance: All massive damage hits

10/10 would play again
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This golden oldie was one my favorites many years ago, I'm glad to see it getting a new lease on life. You won't like it if "too hard" is in your vocabulary.
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Еhe best in this genre!
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this game is the ♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!! >:D

way more realistic than CoD, that's for sure
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This review is for Silent Storm 2:
This is a fun squad based game that takes place in WWII. It is a bit of an alternate history because you quickly start investigating an incident where someone gets killed by a plasma guy (Axis side). You have some character development options such as a skill tree you can put points into.

I bought it on sale for $2.50 and it is a total steal at that price. Its even worth the full price ($9.99 I think). It holds up well despite its age.

I have not yet played the Sentinels version which is the next in the series. I am playing that next...
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This game is awesome. If you love squad-based action/strategy games as much as I do, you will undoubtedly agree. The character progression is great, the loot is bountiful and the gameplay is addictive. But what makes my heart skip a beat is the combination of believable physics with highly destructible levels... Enemies in the next room? Empty that machine gun into the door and catch them off guard. Goons in the basement? Detonate a charge and bring the floor/ceiling down on their head. Pesky fiend hiding in the library? Have your skilled sniper fire a high-caliber round through two walls and a bookcase and right between the ribs... Take all that, set it in an increasingly fantastical version of WW2 (mechs, anyone?) and you have a recipe for good times. If the visuals and presentation were better, even a little bit, this would be fighting for a spot in my 'top 10 favorite games of all time' list.
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In the house across the street there are several Nazi's bunkered down and need to be eliminated. Do you:

A) Set up heavy machine gun fire and unload into the house until it's a smoldering pile of rubble?
B) Hide in the shadows and plant explosives on key structural supports and bring the building down on the Nazi's?
C) Blow a hole in the wall with your bazooka and rush the Nazi's from behind?
D) Kick in the door and take them from the front like the badass you are?

If you answered E, "why can't I do all of those things?", well you're in luck because with Silent Storm you can! But wait, there's more! he ways to complete your mission are only bounded by your imagination in this Nazi killing simulator.
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