CastleMiner Z is an infinite world filled with deep places to explore, and horrifying monsters to slay. Build structures out of blocks, craft weapons and tools from raw materials, and explore the vast and frightening world around you.
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Data de lançamento: 9 Nov, 2011

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Recomendações de Curadores

"Good ZOMBIE hunting"

Update 1.7

We have done a massive overhaul on the game with the recent 1.7 update, giving the game a major face-lift and integrating many of the features requested by the community.

1.7 New Features

  • Complete Graphics Overhaul
  • Completely New UI to Make Crafting Easier
  • Full Support for Any Display Mode
  • Rebind-able Keys
  • Mod Support
  • Enhanced Graphic Detail Settings

Acerca deste jogo

CastleMiner Z is an online coop survival horror game in a block based environment. Travel with your friends in a huge, ever-changing world and craft modern weapons to defend yourself from dragons and the zombie horde!

Game Play

CastleMiner Z is an infinite world filled with deep places to explore, and horrifying monsters to slay. Build structures out of blocks, craft weapons and tools from raw materials, and explore the vast and frightening world around you.

Play by yourself or online with friends in any of these exciting game modes:

  • Endurance Mode: There are tales of a place beyond the mountains where Hell itself has torn through. How far can you get before you succumb to the zombies, dragons, skeletons, or other enemies that thirst for your blood? Run, fight, and sneak your way across dry deserts, snowy mountains, and icy expanses on your quest to vanquish the ultimate guardians of the abyss. In Endurance Mode, the world is randomized each game and the death of your party is permanent.
  • Survival Mode: If you enjoy Endurance, but would rather build permanent structures and defenses, Survival Mode is where you’ll spend your time.
  • Creative Mode: With simplified crafting and the ability to adjust or eliminate the enemy threat, Creative Mode is a great place to build vast structures in peace.
  • Dragon Survival Mode: For those who like their trophies big and their hair singed and smoking, Dragon Survival Mode brings you up close and personal with wave after wave of the biggest, meanest, scaliest brutes in the game.

Worlds can be saved in any game mode (except endurance) so try building a castle with enemies turned off, then grabbing some friends and loading it up with enemies turned on!

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows 8, 7 , Vista, XP
    • Processor: 2.8 GHZ Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c or better with 500 mb memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X Compatible
    • OS: Windows 8, 7
    • Processor: 3.0 ghz Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c or better with 1 GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X Compatible
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Publicada: 23 de Dezembro de 2014
My friend gave me this game.

Now i hate him.
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Publicada: 24 Abril
otimo jogo para passar o tempo :)
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Publicada: 15 Maio
jogei o jogo e ♥♥♥♥
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Publicada: 12 Abril
um jogo de esploração e aventura feito pa multiplayer....muito ♥♥♥♥
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Publicada: 17 Janeiro
GoldeMan's Lengthy Review of CastleMinerZ!
It seems, Digital DNA went off to make a new game.. I wish them luck and respect that they left this
lost cause behind!

Ok, I'm pretty sure you have all heard the sad tale of CastleMinerZ, a "Minecraft clone" which came out on the Xbox Marketplace for a mere dollar because of the lack of Minecraft in 2011, which soon was released on Xbox and blew this game out of the water. So they thought that they could possibly turn the tables by doing what Minecraft did and porting it to the other's main home, unfortinutley this led to many many problems which makes this game EXTREMLEY UNRECOMENDED in its current state.


+ For one, there is actually a pretty unique gameplay idea, what you do in this game is gather materials to search the tretarous land to find the Undead dragon where the world ends. The further you go out into the world the more zombies spawn and if you and all your allies fall, you are stripped of your inventory (Not your hotbar) and are sent back to the start. The best way to explain it is Temple Run meets Minecraft, which is pretty interesting, but unfortinutley like all the other mechanics in this game are pretty half baked and or not inplemented at all, but more on that later, and if I COULD play Dragon Endurance it currently sounds quite nice.

+ The graphics are pretty nice as of 1.7 as they have retextured every block and monster in the game, making it more like a fresh game than a dull uninspired clone which is what it looked of before. (And the sky looks fantastic at night)

+ The music is actually nice. Yes, it does come out of nowhere but it does sound nice. (My personal favorite is the song that plays when you enter the desert!)

+ A nice variety of weapons from shotguns to lazer swords!

+ The ambiance in caves is really creepy and nice. Yes, the sounds are pretty lacking (check the cons section) but whenever I first walked into a cave and heard the dripping of water I felt like I was not welcome. Then, I heard the rattling of the skeletons and I was scared stiff!

+ Game CAN be fun at times. Playing this game every once in a while is actually a fun time, sure after a while the difficulty really hurts me wanting to progress but it is fun either way! I even trying to livestream it every once in a while, and everytime my friend comes over this is a game we play!

CONS: (I really hate to do this but the time has come)

+ Extremley unbalanced and near impossible. What I mean by this is one zombie (which mind you dozens of them spawn) can knock you down to under half health and they are relentless with attacks, which would be cool BUT once you are near them or their body collides with your, you slow down to a crawl and you have no choice but to look around to see it hit you once and once more spawning you back and the beginning and the hours upon hours of grinding lost. Weapons are not explained well and sometimes a weapons shoots further or has better accurancy than what it should be (IE: A pistol has better aim than a RIFLE!) And while on the topic of accuracy, aiming on sights does absolutley nothing, the only thing it does is move your model to the crosshair and even then the bullets still go wherever the hell they want. Finally, once you walk not even 100 blocks from the tower at spawn a dragon will spawn, this is a HUGE problem as most players want to explore a bit more and grasp game concepts before a freaking boss is thrown at them.

+ Animations are broken beyond belief: Player animations are glitching with clipping polygons (or whatever they are) and zombies just slide along the ground when they fail to catch a player only for them to despawn for no apparent reason. Players look slightly to the left than what the model shows and aiming on sights doesn't even have a model change on Multiplayer.

+ Multiplayer syncing is BROKEN: Sometimes mobs spawn and other players wont see them, but they are there client side and thus causes confusion between players and causes a waste of ammo from other players and being attacked and killed in 2 hits by an invisible mob is not fun, especially in a very lengthy non saving campaign like this.

+ Mobs are completley broken and don't function logically: First off, no fall damage for the enemy so falling into the depths of hell is just a rash in the rear for our fellow enemies! Secondly, after not hitting a player for about 10 seconds the enemy stumbles around and just dissapears which helps to levelize the mobs in the game but it extremley wonky and doesn't feel right at all. The AI is VERY predictable, if a zombie jumps to you just move back a bit and you can catch him easily. Oh, and Skeletons can spawn in lit caves.

+ VERY LITTLE VARIETY IN BLOCKS AND MOBS! Only a mere 5 mobs exist in the game, and 3 of those 5 spawn in specific locations (Dragons are 1 per biome, Aliens are at space ships, and Demons are in hell only. And dragons should have more attacks with their different varieties. Blocks, HEH! In CastleMinerZ there are a mere 13 or so blocks in the game, making castle building tideous and boring and very very unsatifying.

+ Survival has little to no point, as the world generates in a set pattern, and what is the point of survival as most people say? "Find a nice place to settle and survive the night" well, it still uses the same generation as Endurance which causes you to be forced to stay in the first biome of the world.

+ Endurance is way too predictable, If you made someone play Endurance twice a week apart and didnt tell them the world was randomly generated I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even notice as it always goes in the same order and with little variety in the biomes infact I can name them all here: (I also have some opinions on the current biome list)
1. Plains
2. Floating Islands
3. Desert (More like a flat land, here and on Space Ships spawn)
4. Mountains
5. Snow
6. Ore Lands (Just the above ground being gone and just caves exist pretty terrible)
7. Hell (You can get to hell in the first 5 minutes by digging down 40-50 blocks which is TINY for a cave system to change into a whole new world)

+ Mining is boring! With a little over 4 ore types it sufferes even when the word "Miner" is in the name! It feels like a chore every time with and just makes me want to quit the game early just becuase there is no variety in the below.

+ Sounds and Music Placement, while admittedly the music is pretty nice, it comes out of nowhere and doesn't have a point, maybe if it played after you killed a dragon it'd be a nice reward. The sounds are TERRIBLE with very low quality sounds and some really obveous freesounds sounds (My friend pointed most of the royality free sounds (findsounds/freesounds) which is rediculous and just don't sound nice at all, with the constant wind blowing and the really terrible zombie sounds and the annoying clacking of the skeletons which could be scary but the poor audio direction along with the ♥♥♥♥ poor sound engine doesn't help at all.

Overall CastleMinerZ is a poor Minecraft inspired game that has little variety a POOR difficulty curve spanning from easy to balls-to-the-wall-hard in 5 mintues and awful sound direction really hurt what could otherwise be a unique block game. Maybe soon they will fix everything, but at the time it is not recomended in the slightest.
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Publicada: 3 Janeiro
My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Don't ever smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because this game gave me cancer anyway.
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Publicada: 4 de Dezembro de 2014
gave me a new kind of autism 10/10
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Publicada: 16 de Dezembro de 2014
didnt even buy it and i demand a refund
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Publicada: 23 de Dezembro de 2014
Length of Time Played: 16 Hours
Distance Played: 75% Before Boss

Opinion of Each Aspect (Sorted By Importance)

Gameplay: Abysmal
Controls: Acceptable
Stability: Good
Graphics: Poor
Difficulty: Poor
Sounds: Acceptable
Music: N/A
Story: N/A

Other Notes:
Ease of 100% Achievements: Time Consuming and Difficult - Idling is required. A hosted server with at least 2 people is needed for certain achievements.
Replay Value: None - Go play Minecraft with some mods.
Lack of any crafting: The only things you can craft are pickaxes, spades, axes, torches, crates, teleporters, walls, and an assortment of weapons/ammo.
Enemy variety: Fast/slow/ Zombies, Skeletons, Aliens, Dragons. No much in the way of that.
No progression: You can get the best stuff within 20 minutes if you get lucky.

Personal Grade: F
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Publicada: 10 Abril
Used the laser sword. got cancer
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Publicada: 6 Fevereiro
A lot of fun, but easily misunderstood. The point of this game (Could be better advertised) is to get as far from where you start as possible. The world and the enemies change and get harder the further you go. Think of it as an arcade game, albeit with a lot of freedom and strategy and some nice multiplayer dynamics. To avoid confusion. It's not Minecraft. If you're looking for a Minecraft experience you will be somewhat disapointed. If you try to play it as though it's Minecraft you will be somewhat disapointed. Anyways let's see if I can get out to 2000 metres this time :)

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Publicada: 19 Janeiro
I dug to hell, I saw satan, I died. 10/10
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Publicada: 25 Abril
One of the best 5 hours of my life with my ONLINE best friend Wolfpack. We accomplished so much!

We learned how to be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ "Yay wewe speshiul"
I shot my friend with an RPG 5 times
I glitched through a block and constantly saw white.
We found a floating alien crater.
We watched a bunch of aliens fall from the crater trying to get us.
We failed at building a bridge from the ground to the crater and fell down many times.
I ended up risking my life and jumping down where all the aliens were falling to build up to the crater and collect our stuff.
We built a base and Saitan attacked us 3 times in it.
Saitan and his zombie minions penetrated our ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
We killed Saitan about 1 time out on the surface.
We walked into hell and ended up finding Saitan 5 more times and killed him.
We found the Undead Dragon and slaid it while also fighting Saitan.
We found the surface after fighting the Undead Dragon a third time.
We ended up fighting for our lives until we both ended up being slaughtered.
We fricked around and started to shoot the ground with our lazer guns until we died from fall damage or falling into lava.
Our starting spawn got glitched out and we could only spawn in lava from then on out.
We decided to try and find a way to fix it but we never could.

All the people who said it suck barely have any hours into it and also probably played it alone. Me and my friend had a lot of fun playing this game and it was totally worth it! Feel free to leave reasons why it is ♥♥♥♥ though.
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Publicada: 19 Maio
my peed my self infidity/10
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Publicada: 15 Maio
I just spent 6 hours mining diamonds.. bloodstone... and everything else. you could imagine..... I jump into lava. I lose 400 bloodstone... 170 diamonds... a anti dragon rocket launcher... much more... moral of the story... even if the lava doesnt harm you right away. once you get in hell. It harms you.... it bloody harms you alright.... 10/10 Lava Simulator
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Publicada: 18 Fevereiro
You know those videos that all the comments just say "R.I.P Headphone users" and "Darude - Sandstorm" ?

This game is essentially that.
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Publicada: 5 Maio
ran through dessert
chased by every enemy

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Publicada: 6 Janeiro

DDNA recently stated (located at bottom) they might just make a new one to remove the old XNA coding. I absolutely loved this game on console, and personally, I'd give this game almost a 8/10, WHICH is saying a lot because it's an indie game being compared to games of a higher budget and of better game designers.

(Keep in mind that this game is being compared to others of it's kind and is completely based off of my tastes and my opinions. I also did this review when I was really tired and just got off of the game)

I have played this game since it's days early on the Xbox 360 Indie Game. This game is well known on the Xbox as well for being the version of Minecraft that was even prefered when Minecraft Xbox 360 Version came out, because Xbox Minecraft was bad anyway. The game follows the same principles as Minecraft, like blocks that you mine and making Mineshafts to improve the tools that you currently have. However, this game is mainly made for survival rather than creativity. You also save your main inventory bar, even when you die, making it easy to just save items that are in your main bar. The game has 3 MAJOR game modes; Endurance (with a Dragon only endurance mode unlocked later), Creative (Which is pointless about calling it "Creative" because of the idea that there are no creative building materials), and Survival (Basically, endurance without the goal of getting as far as possible).

Endurance mode is exactly how it sounds. It is made to see how far you can go before you and your party dies by the enemies. Endurance is the main game itself. This is the only mode where you can get achievements (For now), and is the only mode that you can not save your progress in. This means that you will have to spend MANY hours playing through the game. Even though the gamemode is built for running through the world without stopping, the gamemode has many downsides. For example, you only start with a pistol and a small amount of ammo, so getting the resources to continue, such as stronger weapons and lots of ammo is very hard to do. This is because the enemies are kind of Overpowered at the beginning and can pretty much 2 shot you to death. I have never once in my life seen a group actually have the motivation to just run immediately without sitting at spawn and mine for hours on end. The alternative to doing this is to sit in spawn and create a mine to get better weapons, then run. This makes grinding needed, as diamonds are required in VERY large numbers to get really good items to be able to have a fun running journy without needing to hide from enemies 24/7. (This is how I personally see this game mode). Also, overpowered dragons spawn almost immediately after running and they have well over all of your 200 bullets of health and can destroy your structures that you make without giving a damn, making your pistol absolutely useless until you upgrade it with a lot of resources. However, the game mode in itself is okay when you drop down to the depths of hell and grind for diamonds (With music <3) for a few hours to get around 100+ diamonds, which barely scratches the surface on how many you actually need to even get past the second area of the game (They drop in very large numbers by the enemies in hell, you just need to make the ability to get back up to store them). The whole point of this gamemode is to run to the "Hell on earth", which is 1500+ meters out and kill the strongest enemy in the game, the "Undead Dragon". Other than a few things that need to be reconsidered by the Devs, like the anti-saving bs, I think it is a fun and recommendable gamemode.

Survival is exactly how it sounds. Because the game does not have much of a creative mind to it (Such as doors not being able to be double-doors and most building materials being able to be destroyed by enemies), the point of this game mode is mainly to just mess around with a saveable map. This gamemode also allows you to teleport to friends and to the spawn, which is nice for if you are stuck somewhere (Which the alternative in Endurance is to just click "restart game" which doesn't delete anything and restarts everyone to Day1 at the spawn). This gamemode also gives you the ability to choose how the enemies spawn (at night only, or at night and in new territory). Personally, I do not recommend this gamemode to anyone who is playing, because it is really pointless and isn't very fun after an hour or two. If you want to be able to save and have a fun gamemode for just messing around and killing enemies, just do creative. I'd recommend for this gamemode to be able to have a creative side to surviving, so you can have more than just "killing zombies for hours" as a reason to play the game and get very involved in it.

This is NOT the kind of Creative mode that you are thinking right now. This is almost the exact opposite. The idea of creative mode is that it is the SAME thing as survival, but instead all resources don't deplete. That means that if you make an AK with 5 iron (After mining the iron), you still have 5 iron in your inventory and the AK. You can not spawn items in or enemies in. You still have to find and mine all resources to be able to get stuff, meaning that you are going to have to still mine over 50 bloodstone to make an AK. This gamemode doesn't really suit the name, Creative, as it is the same exact thing as the previous gamemode, but with a duplicating backpack. Personally, I only see this gamemode as fun if you are just wanting to mess around and just build the most powerful items in half the time it takes to do it in any other game mode.

In conclusion:
This game needs a lot of improvement before it can be really called a "Fully made game". I fully trust that the Devs know what they are doing, but I haven't seen a major update in a while, so I'm starting to lose hope. This game would be nice if you just have spare money lying around and want a mess-around game without buying and modding Minecraft a lot. I ended up being really stupid and I bought the game when the Developers were really full of themselves and made the game like 20 dollars. Remember, that I probably have a different taste that you who is reading this, but I can guarantee that it is not worth it at the current moment. Unless they change this game, I won't remove this review, however the CMZ2 might actually lift off somewhere it if goes through!

This game is not worth it at all. If you really want this game, you are gonna have to take it as it is, because it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere soon.

::EDIT:: DDNA Stated This: "It isn't official but here is the deal. We are limited to what we can do with CMZ, partly because the code is old and partly because it is based on XNA for the Xbox. XNA makes it nearly impossible for us to port to other consoles, MAC etc.

If we moved to the new tech we are using for Savage Lands, we could do so much more and easily hit all these platforms. I would love to make a really awesome version of the game that has some amazing stuff. It just isn't possibly to do this by continually patching the game."

I put this on the trello board because I wanted to get a feel for how the community feels about this. Do people really want micro updates to the existing game, or would they rather have a game that is way better overall?
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Publicada: 30 Março
Absolutely terrible. This game in all aspects are just complete crap. There is no variety in enemies, the gunplay is horrible (and yes for whatever reason there are guns in this minecraft rip-off), no original content (meaning that most of the games elements were stolen and slightly changed to make it seem as it's own). If I were you, I would not buy this crap of a game. It doesn't deserve a spot in Steam, and the fact that it's an Xbox Live port from years before Minecraft even came to Xbox Live to achieve money with a crap rip off. Stay away from it if you don't want to waste your time. For a more in depth review of this horrible game, look for the Cynical Brit's video on youtube titled "► WTF Is... - CastleMiner Z ?".
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Publicada: 23 Abril
This game is a complete disaster, tries to copy Minecraft with ♥♥♥♥♥♥ engine and gameplay.
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