Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse. Born was created from the absolute nothingness: The Void. But somehow he separates himself from the black emptiness and appears in the world.
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Release Date: Sep 25, 2013

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“is the kind of game that many will look over because they think they’ve played things like it hundreds of times before. It’s not. This is a project filled with incredibly smart puzzle design and an important message at its core. Anyone who absentmindedly picked it up during a sale should do themselves a favor and play right now. If you don’t yet own it, then definitely consider making a purchase in the near future. Nihilumbra is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will stick with you. (4.5/5)”
9 –

“The whole game is great, but for me the presentation takes Nihilumbra from being a fun and clever indie game to something really special. Its presentation rivals games like Braid and Limbo. Everything looks hand drawn and a bit ethereal, a mix between a Tim Burton movie and a Jhonen Vasquez comic. The visuals are complemented by an orchestral score that’s just Danny Elfman enough, and narration that is very well voiced for the story. The tone of the game is serious, and the presentation really supports that rather than undermining it and making it come off as silly.”

“Nihilumbra shines brightest here (Void Mode). Where the story merely hints at the potential of behind its mechanics, Void Mode demonstrates their genius. It brings out Nihilumbra’s best levels, testing your mettle while retaining the game’s penchant for easily understood puzzles. The mode tests you without employing opaque logic, making you reexamine how you approach problem solving. Plus, there’s even a couple story hooks that bring some additional closure, thus sweetening the deal. (4.5/5)”
9 –

About This Game

Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse.
Born was created from the absolute nothingness: The Void. But somehow he separates himself from the black emptiness and appears in the world. This is where his long odyssey begins, in which he will learn how to use the colors around him to gain powerful abilities and transform the world.

However, his experiences come at a high price. The Void must be one. It seeks to reclaim him and will never stop chasing him, destroying everything in its path along the way.
To survive, Born will have to condemn the earth he walks to its inevitable obliteration by The Void...

Advise: Nihilumbra has been designed in a way that everyone can enjoy its story, even without previous experience with puzzle games. However, players seeking for a challenge will find it on the second half of the game: the Void Mode.

Check for a browser demo!

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For a better understanding about the game design and development process, we encourage you to read our Nihilumbra HD Gamasutra post-mortem.

Key Features

  • The ability to change ground physics using five different colors.
  • Use five worlds as your canvas and transform them at your will.
  • Original soundtrack composed by Álvaro Lafuente.
  • Unlock a great surprise by completing the game. Replayability assured.

New for this version
  • Voice Acting
  • Levels adapted to widescreen.
  • New HD Textures.
  • Improved and Fully Remastered Soundtrack.
  • Art gallery.
  • Re-imagined and intuitive controls and menus.
  • Improved atmospheric and weather effects.

Nihilumbra presskit.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Snow Leopard or later
    • Processor: Intel Mac
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Nihilumbra is not compatible with Apple Trackpad.
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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3.9 hrs
Posted: September 25
I honestly wasn't expecting this game to be as addictive as it was. I thought it would be an easy time-waster, but it's actually challenging in it's own ways and the story plays out in a rather endearing way.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: September 23
In the trailer you see a shadow guy who manipulates colors to clear objectives and kill enemies thoughout "cleverly designed" levels.
In my head I imagined fast-paced platformer action as I quickly swap between colors and refine my skills.

Instead Nihilumbra is a slow-moving, utterly boring puzzle-platformer that I still might have recommended if it weren't for the monotone narrator's self-indulgent didactic script that plays literally the entire time.

The boring narrator keeps telling you how you feel.
"you are mystified"
"you are scared"
"you wonder what this means"

No, I don't. Stop talking dude. The game is bad enough without that guy telling me I'm interested when I'm not.
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6.0 hrs
Posted: September 20
I adore this game and I cannot say enough good things about it. It is such an amazing game. The concept is beautiful, the visuals are beautiful, the soundtrack is beautiful, and it's just overall such a fun and addicting game. It does have some doom and gloom, but, the premise is about nihilism so that is to be expected. I personally really adore the gameplay. It has a quirky little story to go along with it, but, the main action is with the puzzles. The colors that are introduced in this game all do different things. Figuring out the best combination of colors to use in order to execute the action can be a bit challenging at times, but, it's oh so fun. The soundtrack is also breathtakingly gorgeous. Did I mention the visuals? I cannot say enough about the graphics of this game. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Gorgeous art, gorgeous soundtrack, fun gameplay, deep and existential story. Buy this game, you won't regret it, I promise.
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5.2 hrs
Posted: September 19
Absolutely love this game!

It's pretty basic and doesn't stand out so much from all the other similar games, but the art is awesome, it get's slowly harder but never so hard that you get super ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off (unlike some games!) so you don't lose patience. Shame it's not compadible with controllers cause it'd be better playing it that way. Can't wait for part 2! Would definitely reccomend it. :)

Only thing I didnt like was the random narrators voice. Great game though, I couldn't put it down.
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Dirty Soap
3.4 hrs
Posted: September 18
i loved the time i spent with it
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11.9 hrs
Posted: September 17
This game is amazing! It starts as a pretty innocent game, but in the latter parts the difficulty suddenly spikes and I must admit it's pretty challenging. The music is stunning, the game's darkness is fascinating, and most of all, it forces you to THINK. Highly recommended!
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136.3 hrs
Posted: September 17
Get this game!!! At the beginning, the narrator is kind of mean, but it gets deep at some points. Th end is beautiful, I'm completing Void mode now!
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6.3 hrs
Posted: September 15
The game has some bugs which are probably caused by my use of my ultra wide screen(21:9, 43:9). The resolution is supported, but in the void scenes you will immediately die when the games resumes after a death. Work around this by going to the game menu and then resume the game. The game is a quite easy puzzle game that sometimes requires fast reaction. After completing the game a new much more challenging mode is enabled. Suitable for casual games and children.
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 4
Product received for free
Basic Information
Title: Nihilumbra
Developer: BeautiFun Games
Publisher: BeautiFun Games
Genre: Platformer

General Impression
Nihilumbra is one of the few 2D platformers to which I could find no deficiency. It is a chain with no weak links. Everything from the way it looks, sounds and plays, feels perfect. Storywise, few platform games leave a more poignant impression in regards to the levels themselves which seem deserted and devoid of any chromatic diversity until the protagonist arrives. Color plays an important role in Nihilumbra (loose Latin translation for “shadow of nothing”), since you will face more puzzles than enemies in this game. The use of colors in altering the landscape and avoiding obstacles bares a powerful contrast to the barren levels. While it never becomes too easy, after completing the first playthrough you unlock the Void mode, which significantly increases the difficulty. The game’s asking price is fully justified and you have both Achievements and Cards. Nihilumbra remains more of a contemplative journey than one filled with action and combat. And that is exactly what sets it apart from generic platform titles which fail to deliver a story.

Strong Points
+ Interesting game concept, storyline and effects.
+ Diversified levels with two game modes.
+ Steam Trading Cards & Achievements.

Weak Points
- None.

Rating 10/10

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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 1
Product received for free
Game: Nihilumbra
Publisher: BeautiFun Games


Nihilumbra is a puzzle platformer which heavily depends upon the use of five colours. Your main goal throughout the game is mostly solve the puzzles and kill monsters using the power of your colours which have various different properties like Burn, Stick, Electricity, Slide and Bounce. All the areas in the game has a different colour scheme which requires you to use the given powers in a different manner each time.
Nihilumbra is divided into two parts: A tutorial sort of Story mode, and the Void mode. The story mode is quite short lasting around 4 hours and relatively much easier than the latter. Void mode is where the real meat of the game lies. It is difficult to cross, no one holds your hands during these levels and sometimes it can be brutal to surpass these levels. Overall, Nihilumbra presents a different kind of gameplay which is not seen much in today’s games.


The art of Nihilumbra is very unique. It lends beautifully to the atmosphere created by the gameplay. It helps create a very solid environment which doesn’t let go until the very end. As the gameplay relies mostly on the use of various colours, the visuals do make you feel as if all the different colours are popping on the screen. It also helps that the protagonist is entirely purplish black which shows how much the colours might mean to him. The visuals are sharp and very intelligently done. Nihilumbra sports a visual style which will remain in your minds for quite some time.

Sound and Music

While not as exceptional as the above explained visuals, the sounds still do a good enough job to support the environment of the game with minimal soundtrack while you are doing absolutely nothing and some intense music during the final stages of the game. It really helps set the mood right and helps the game grow to another level where it really shines.
While it is nothing that we haven’t heard before, it still shows that a good soundtrack combined with solid and unique visuals can create a strong atmosphere.

Nihilumbra has spent time on the shelves and runs buttery smooth with no crashes, screen tearing or freezing at any given point of time. I did encounter a couple of bugs but nothing took me out of the immersion or broke the game. It is a very stable game which might even run on even the lower-end of the computers.

Nihilumbra is a very good game which captures your attention from the get go and never lets go. It’s unique visual style and a solid gameplay really deserves the applause and it is a game you won’t regret buying. The story mode might be short but the Void mode more than makes up for it.

Rating : 8/10

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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 11
Nihilumbra is an amazing game for serveral reasons but some of them are :

1. The artstyle of the game
2. you can complete in in a few hours but its worth the time
3. think outside the box ;)
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 15
Just Finished Nihilumbra today ! I will have to beat hard mode now, but I really enjoyed it,the music suits perfectly the game ,there's such a nice ambience, the all game is beautiful and very poetic. I strongly recommand it. GG @BeautiFunGames !
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 19
2D yet amazingly addictive
Storyline is catchy
Minimal complexity yet requires creativity

Love it
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4 of 8 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
31.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 14
the forced screenscroll animation and level design are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, boxes frequently get stuck in corners and force suicides, and the achievements are broken without a shell script workaround.

the devs still haven't responded to my email with information on the achievements issue from nine months ago.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
138 of 169 people (82%) found this review helpful
23.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
Underrated magic

This game is amazing, really. It's a small life, which the player lives with the Born. A life full of danger, fear, regret and melancholy.
When the game takes you by the hand the only thing you can say is "WOW! this world is beautiful!" And the game does not release you until the final credits. And the only thing you can say after all is "What have I done, I have to fix it ..."
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71 of 79 people (90%) found this review helpful
13.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2013
I knew nothing about this game at the moment I bought it. Worth every penny, true hidden gem. If you like logic platformers which don`t require cat-like reflexes Nihilumbra is the game for you. Don`t play it when you are down, it`s a bit depressing.
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66 of 75 people (88%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
Escaping from the void, trying to become more than you are and risking the world you seek in order to do so. This is the story of Nihilumbra, a puzzle based 2D platformer from Beautifun Games.

The game follows a vey narrative series of events travelling from the cold Icy hills through the forest, the desert, the volcano and finally to the city. Each location brings with it new challenges and a new skill to brave them. These skills come in the forms of colours, paints that can be spread around the environment at will. The first colour you obtain is blue, allowing the creation of ice. Then comes the green followed by the brown, creating bouncy and sticky surfaces respectively. From the volcano comes red, the ability to burn some things and supercharge others. Finally there is yellow, the ability to create conductive lines to transfer power from energy sources to unpowered machines. It's the combination of all of these that will let you progress and aid in your escape from the void.

The gameplay is well established as you play, with a "tutorial" for each new colour. The levels are relatively easy on the first play through but after finishing once there is a new "Void" version of the levels, being more difficult and involved. The controlling of the colours is intuitive and easy to do, and if you make a mistake it's just as easy to undo your moves.

The visual style is fantastic with detailed painted backgrounds and foreground objects that have a parallax effect. When applying colours it is always easy to distinguish. The soundtrack is one that is extremely well fitting and only adds to the atmosphere. The voice over is a crucial part of the game and it wouldn't be the same without it. The tone of voice is one that makes the player feel safe while traveling and discovering.

Overall the game is solid and everything seems to work as intended, some sections seem to be reliant on trial and error. There is a large difficulty curve between finishing the first playthrough and starting the second, it could have eased into it more.

It's has a good bang for your buck and the only thing I would like to see is a level editor with steam workshop integration. Other than that it's a great game.
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14.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 8, 2014
One of my all-time favorite games. Nihilumbra is a side-scrolling puzzle game, where you control the lone protoganist, Born, guiding him through five varied realms. Born is alone, too- aside from the enemies in the game, which are few and far between, every landscape you travel through seems abandoned, deserted. It adds an apocalyptic feel to an already stark and melancholy game.

Born starts out with very few tricks up his sleeve- he can jump and move inexorably to the right, and the enemies he encounters are deadly. As you progress, though, you pick up new skills that allow you to alter the landscape around you- colors you can paint on the world to allow you to slide, bounce, stick, and more.

There's really two parts to this game- the story mode, which is relatively straight-forward but still retains a challenge, and the mode you unlock after beating the story, which is devilishly hard. The controls seemed fluid to me, though they take some getting used to- one hand moves Born, while the mouse uses the various colors to guide him along. The game rarely rushes you, and when it does, it's considerate enough to provide enough checkpoints to prevent too much repetition.

This seems to be Beautifun's Freshman game for the PC, and I am definitely looking forward to where they'll go from here.
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