Leadwerks is the easiest way to make your own 3D games. With a rapid development pipeline, Lua script integration, and a royalty-free license, Leadwerks is the perfect platform for your next project or your first game.
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Release Date: Jan 6, 2014

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February 23

Leadwerks Game Engine 3.4 Released

Today, Leadwerks Software announces the release of Leadwerks Game Engine 3.4, introducing many new features that help make Leadwerks Game Engine the easiest way to build royalty-free 3D games. With today’s free update on Steam, developers will have access to an all-new vehicle command set for building interactive cars and trucks with a physically realistic transmission model. Built-in water settings have been added in the editor to provide life-like water with the click of a button. Leadwerks Workshop, a one-stop shop for browsing and installing free game assets, is now more easily accessible with a visual interface built right into the Leadwerks editor. In addition, over one hundred small fixes and improvements have made their way into the new update.

The free trial of Leadwerks has been updated to version 3.4, and is now available for Linux for the first time, in addition to Windows. A 66% discount on the indie and standard editions of Leadwerks Game Engine is being offered during the week of the launch.


About Leadwerks Game Engine
Leadwerks Game Engine is the easiest way to make 3D games, helping players to become content creators. The software has been designed for ease-of-use and power, combining a simple intuitive visual interface with an advanced game engine under the hood. A royalty-free license and low cost of entry give beginners easy access to get started making their own games. For more information about Leadwerks Game Engine, please visit http://www.leadwerks.com.

About Leadwerks Software
Leadwerks Software was founded in 2006 to make game development fun and enjoyable. The company launched Leadwerks Game Engine 3.0 in April at the GDC 2013 expo. In July 2013, the company conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Leadwerks to the Linux operating system, reaching over 200% of their goal in just six weeks. A concurrent Greenlight campaign for Steam was also successful, making Leadwerks the first third-party 3D game engine distributed on Steam.

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February 1

Vote for the Leadwerks Game Player on Greenlight

Based on the success of the recent Winter Games Tournament, and the growing number of titles posted on our site, a Greenlight campaign has been launched to put a standalone Leadwerks Game Player on Steam. This will allow free self-publishing so that any Steam user can easily and safely install and play your game.

Play Free Games
The Leadwerks Game Player lets you install and play free games made by other Steam users with Leadwerks Game Engine. Choose from a wide variety of games like Asteroids3D, Crime Closer, Hunt for Food, and many more.

Free Self-Publishing to Steam Workshop
If you are a Leadwerks Game Engine user, Leadwerks Game Player lets you publish your own games to Steam through the Steam Workshop. Leadwerks Game Player uses sandboxed Lua script so that malicious code can't be executed, allowing free and safe self-publishing to Steam.

Play Your Own Games in the Living Room
Leadwerks works with SteamOS, so you and your friends can play your own games on the PC or in the living room. Just press "Publish" and your game is instantly available to all your friends on Steam.

VR Mode
Check the "VR Mode" checkbox to play any game in virtual reality with your Oculus Rift headset.

This software and all games will be available for free.

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About This Software

Leadwerks is the easiest way to make your own 3D games. With a rapid development pipeline, Lua script integration, plenty of learning materials, and a royalty-free license, Leadwerks is the perfect platform for your next project or your first game. Get started today making your own 3D games for Steam.

Now with Steam Workshop support, you can choose from tons of free content to build games with, and share your own 3D models, textures, sounds, and more.

Check out some of the great games Steam players are making with Leadwerks.

Key Features

Learn to Make Your Own Royalty-Free Games
We provide tons of documentation and video tutorials walking you through the steps to build your own 3D games. Leadwerks is the perfect pathway to go from total noob to pro game developer. And when you do publish your commercial game, there's no royalties to pay, ever.

Advanced Graphics
Leadwerks brings AAA graphics to the masses, with hardware tessellation, geometry shaders, and a deferred renderer with up to 32x MSAA. Our renderer redefines realtime with image quality more like a cg render than real-time games of the past. The use of OpenGL 4.0 provides equivalent graphics to DirectX 11, with cross-platform support across operating systems, for future expansion.

Built-in Level Design Tools
Build game levels from scratch right in our editor with constructive solid geometry. Our tools make it easy to sketch out your design and bring your ideas to life. Anyone can build their own game worlds in Leadwerks, without having to be an expert artist.

Integrated Lua Script Editor
We integrated Lua right into Leadwerks because of its proven track records in hundreds of commercial games including Crysis, World of Warcraft, and Garry's Mod. Lua integrates seamlessly with native code for rapid prototyping and instant control. The built-in debugger lets you pause your game, step through code, and inspect every variable in the program in real-time. Lua is perfect for beginners, and the integrated Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler ensures your games will keep running fast as they grow.

Visual Flowgraph for Advanced Game Mechanics
Our unique visual flowgraph enables designers to set up game mechanics, build interactions, and design advanced scripted sequences, without touching a line of code. The flowgraph system integrates seamlessly with Lua script, allowing script programmers to expose their own functions and add new possibilities for gameplay.

Royalty-Free License
Your games you make are yours. Yours to play, yours to sell, yours to give away, and do as you please. You will never be charged royalties for any game you make in Leadwerks. And because we only rely on free open-source middleware libraries, you never have to worry about purchasing expensive licenses from third parties.

Steam Features

  • Download and publish game content with Steam Workshop.
  • Publish your Lua game to the Workshop for other users to play.
  • Publish image renders and YouTube videos directly to Steam from the editor.
  • Built-in Steamworks support makes your game ready to publish to Steam.


  • OpenGL 4.0 deferred renderer with uniform lighting model supports any number of lights, all casting soft dynamic shadows.
  • Up to 32x hardware MSAA makes rendered images incredibly sharp and detailed.
  • Full support for vertex, fragment, geometry, and tessellation shaders.
  • Dynamic megatexture terrain provides fast rendering of terrains with many layers.
  • Hierarchical hardware occlusion queries provides fast visibility testing.
  • Hardware tessellation for dynamic real surface displacement on the GPU.
  • Normal mapping with specular and cubemap reflections.
  • Instanced rendering allows fast drawing of large volumes of objects.
  • Hardware skinning provides fast skinned animation.
  • Deferred transparency with multiple overlapping layers of shading.
  • Real-time mesh modification.
  • Trilinear and up to 16x anisotropic filtering.
  • Blend and transition animation sequences.
  • Extract animation sequences in the editor.


  • Automatic asset management reloads models and textures when they are modified from another application.
  • Drag and drop import of FBX, DDS, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and PSD files.
  • Visual interface controls every aspect of the art pipeline.
  • Constructive solid geometry modeling tools.
  • Brush primitives include box, wedge, cylinder, sphere, arch, tube, and torus.
  • Automatic UV mapping.
  • Brush smooth groups.
  • GPU-accelerated terrain editor makes sculpting silky smooth and fast.
  • Built-in shader editor with instant visualization and error highlighting.
  • Native user interface is used on each supported platform.


  • Built-in Lua script editor with debugger, code stepping, and syntax highlighting.
  • Visual flowgraph lets you connect objects to control game interactions and set up scripted sequences.
  • Launch your game and debug the Lua virtual machine as it runs.
  • API design with an object-oriented command set lets you code any type of game.
  • Entity scripts provide a per-object hook interface.
  • Direct programming gives you control over your game's loop and program structure.
  • Script variables are displayed in a visual interface and reloaded in real-time.


  • Navmesh pathfinding provides automatic AI navigation that works everywhere.
  • Navigation paths are displayed in the editor in real-time as you build your game level.
  • Character controller movement seamlessly integrated with physics and pathfinding systems.
  • Set entities to automatically chase another object or navigate to a position.


  • Fast and accurate rigid body physics.
  • Constraints including hinge, ball, and sliding joints.
  • Joint actuators provide fast and stable motorized constraints for doors, robotic arms, and other motion.
  • Automatic physics shape calculation.
  • Generate physics shapes in the editor from models or brushes.
  • Swept collision.
  • Raycasting with lines or spheres.


  • Real-time particle editor with instant visualization.
  • Emission volumes include box, sphere, cylinder, tube, and cone.
  • Adjustable curve graph for alpha and scale.
  • Particle animation sheets with adjustable frame counts and layout.
  • Velocity-based rotation for directional particles like sparks.


  • 3D sound spatialization.
  • Emit a sound from any entity.
  • Automatic channel management frees up unneeded channels.
  • Skip to any time in sound.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
    • Processor: 2.0 ghz dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia, AMD/ATI, or Intel OpenGL 4.0 / DirectX 11 capable graphics card or integrated graphics chip, with current drivers
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Please see the forum for driver download for AMD graphics hardware. Non-English characters including Cyrillic in the user path are not supported.
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit
    • Processor: 2.0 ghz dual core 64-bit
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia or AMD/ATI OpenGL 4.0 graphics card with proprietary drivers
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Intel graphics drivers do not presently support OpenGL 4.0 on Linux. Non-English characters including Cyrillic in the user path are not supported.
    • Graphics: Nvidia graphics card is recommended on Linux.
Helpful customer reviews
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2,425.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2014
So after using the engine for some time now I decided to write a review. Having no prior experience in coding (Lua) I was able to learn by using the tutorial maps provided with the engine, as well as helpful tutorials created by other users of the engine (leadwerks.com/werkspace).

Now after creating a basic game and publishing it on the community workshop I have moved on to creating a rather big game. Keep in mind I have only been coding and using this program for about 6 months. My game is called the Hunt for Food. Check out the videos on my steam profile if you want to see what you can do with this engine in its current state (with little experience). My most recent update on youtube. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Voq5c3abIU

Ok now onto the engine itself.
Engine Developer- This engine is being built by one person (for the most part as far as I know) which is great because he is really good at communicating (he responds to forum posts everyday and will even talk to you personally if you have issues). You might think that means there are slow updates? Well that isn't true if you opt into the beta. You will get multiple updates every month if you are in beta.
Coding-The script functions are easy to learn and you will be able to code your own game after spending some time on tutorials. Lua is addicting to me now, when I start on making a script I can't stop until I am done.
Graphics- It really looks great. It's easy to make a really good looking scene and even add post-effects to it. Even with everything on low quality it looks good.
Community-The leadwerks community has been extremely helpful and a lot of people will help you out. Many useful tutorials have been made by community members.
Art Workflow-It is very easy to import textures and models straight into your game. Just drag and drop the file into your folder and the editor imports it for you. Setting up animations is quite simple now that an animation viewport has been added so that you can watch your animations play before you seperate them into sequences.
Price-At first I thought this was going to be a rather low end piece of software due to the price comparison between it and unity. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this engine to be very useful and of high quality for the low price of 100$.
License-You don't need to show a splash screen or pay any royalties and that is awesome. There is no need to worry about publishing your game if anything the engine developer will help you out.
Workshop-The workshop is full of useful assets create by the community that are free to use.

Scene Organization- Right now the scene is organized in one list starting from the first entity you added to the last entity you added to the scene. This creates problems and makes you spend a lot of time scrolling up and down a long scene list looking for a tree you placed a long time ago.
Missing Features/Improvements-The engine isn't 'done' yet. While it is usable and the things it can currently do are very impressive it still feels a bit young sometimes with features like water and vegetation painting missing. There could also be other improvements implemented to things like physics and lighting. On the other hand this leaves lots of room for the engine to grow since it isn't locked down yet in terms of development.

This engine is very fun and easy to use. The engine developer is awesome, the engine is great, and the community is friendly. You can make a game in a day with this engine if you put your mind to it and then you can put it on the workshop and have everyone in the community check it out!
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107.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 23
My short time with Leadwerks and its Sockpuppets here on Steam.

At first it looked promising to get a true alternative to Unity "on the cheap", in regards as annual subscription comparison to other engines vs up front fees. The reason for that is, indie developers are on extreme low to no budgets and calculate different than studios taking small risks, only, and are prepared to cut deals on a royalty basis when a game hits the shelves. Or one could spend little to no money for other engines (see below).

The good:
With under 100 quid, Leadwerks is in the indie pricelist acceptable with no royalties to pay. The Engine has a clean user interface and eveerything for most parts makes sense how to do things. Every newbie will manage to get around quickly how to use the controls in Leadwerks.

The bad:
Leadwerks' asset pipeline can be quirky when importing static or animated meshes via FBX (a caution to LightWave users). The asset creation tool should be at least Autodesk FBX convertion tool which is free of charge, before importing anything into Leadwerks. Another topic to address is textures with alpha - Leadwerks will not automate anything for you at this point, instead you have to fix everything yourself and depending on complexity, you can spend hours to get a tree look right.

The ugly:
Leadwerks comes in two flavours; Indie Edition (Lua Scripting language) and Standard Edition (Lua and C++). As such, this is where the Game Engine won't crack the shell to be one tool to rule them all. At least not with the API Documentation efforts been made so far. In fact, it's a disaster to read the API Documentation. Not in everyone's favor to get a skinny bone to chew on. Last but not least, Leadwerks Documentation includes old stuff, depricated or missing non-consistent with the current 3.3 version (including but not limited to like, there is no vegetation painter as opposed to a previous version, no screenspace ambient occlusion, no sample content for the special effects and shaders, glass refraction, not enough from this and not enough from that and overall nothing to offer but "learn Lua").

The bottom line:
Leadwerks is not a game engine, but offers the potential to be one in the future (only time will tell).

Suggestions to free royalty-free alternatives:
- S2 Game Engine - free version for commercial use without royalties (AAA Graphics Engine)
- NeoAxis Game Engine - free without limitations but no full source code access
- Torque 3D Game Engine - MIT License with full source code


The "Developer" of Leadwerks gave me a permanent ban, because I told the truth that Leadwerks is a rip-off. The graphics software doesn't offer a game engine you get.

1. Shaders: no, you can't write a GLSL, instead you have to port it over to Leadwerks to actually work.

2. Asset pipeline - if there is any, instead your FBX files get screwed up and you run into a loop


4. and I could write volumes what a great mess Leadwerks is.

5. don't spend your money on it, get Unity 3D, Neoaxis, Torque, S2 Engine or the 20 quid deal with Epic Games UE4
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899.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2014
If you read this before the end of the 2nd December 2014, and you are wanting to be be able to write a 3D game, get this now. Its incredible value at 50% off. If you have and use visual studio and write code in C++, and want to use it to write a game, splash out and get the Standard version too. I bought mine in a previous sale, with -25% off, and have invested many hours in using this latest version during the beta testing of 3.3.

There are lots of video tutorials on you-tube, which are really useful for a beginner to understand how to start to use Leadwerks. The Forum http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/ is a great community resource, which is always worth a visit when your stuck, answers to many of your questions can be found by searching in here. If its not already answered you can ask the community, and there are some really great people who have been using Leadwerks for years, including Josh (Leadwerks CEO) who respond with knowlegeable answers.

The steam workshop is really improved in version 3.3 and the community provide free resources for you to use in your programs. For the indie edition you can even publish your completed game, or prototype onto the workshop for other Leadwerks users to try and comment on, this also gives you a count of the number of subscribers. In addition the latest feature of publishing games also gets you a web page for you to customise, and can create links to standalone zips of your completed game for non leadwerks users to try, though I haven't actually got to this stage yet.

For those who want to create their own models, you can update Blender, with an export utility thats provided, and then make models and import them into Leadwerks. Other vendors such a WorldCreator can also be used to create landscapes and these can be imported using the RAW files, which you can then paint and alter in Leadwerks, or you can just create landscapes directly in Leadwerks. Many other proprietry programs can also be used to create models and can be imported into Leadwerks.

Water effects can be found in the forums, I have recently been adding this to my Work in Progress. You can create your own textures, from photos, crop them to squares in GIMP 2.8, other photo editors also work, and either reflect them horizontally and veritcally to form a new tile, or for images like grass or mud simply use the Filters > Map > Make Seamless to get a tile that you can port straight back into Leadwerks. Then you can use Leadwerks to make a normal tile, that will give your tile 3D surface effect. There are hundreds of textures already availabe on the Workshop, provided by the community, in addition to the starter set you get with Leadwerks installation, so don't worry even if you don't yet have the artistic skills.

You can paint your map with the workshop and built in textures to start with then simply replace the textures with your own as you make them, and you dont have to repaint the map to do so, as the painting is done by layering the textures. Simply replace one of the 16 textures in the terrain tool, with your own.

If your not into landscapes you can use CSG brushes, ie basic geometry for builing your map, boxes, cones, wedge, cylinder and sphere, and compound geometry Arch, torus and tube. Or combine both methods.

With Leadwerks you get an animated model, called a Crawler, which you can easily colour and size to your requirements. It comes with a script which can control its behaviour to some extent, and you can adapt the script to make them respond in slightly different ways.

Once you are near to finalising your map, you can run a Build Navmesh tool, which will scan your map and mark out all the places that are navigable by the Crawlers. This can be viewed in the editor to see the pathways between places on your map. The Leadwerks engine automatically uses this Navmesh to control pathfinding for the Crawlers without having to code anything yourself. The Navmesh does take a few minutes to complete, on slower pcs, time to put the kettle on.

You get 1 pistol as a starter weapon, other weapons are available in the optional (pay extra for) FPS weapon download, and there are some more free ones on the workshop provided by the community.

You also have ambient lighing and detailed lighting to add to your scene, these can be incorporated inside models, like car headlights for instance, use spot lights inside the model, to shine out and use a point light outside the model to show the headlight shining.

You can also add particle effects, called emitters, to your map and by tweaking the colours, make steam, or smoke, or lava blobs.

Overall its a fantastic tool, and its has a royalty free commercial license builtin to it, so no more royalty payments need to be made to leadwerks, even if you go on to sell the game you make commercially.

There are always things that can be improved, and Josh does a great job of taking Leadwerks forward adding features to the beta release, the latest version 3.3 has just gone live, I guess about 6 months between releases.

This product does need some coding skills to get the most out of it, but if you don't code, you can still do many things like creating landscapes adding crawlers and still have a lot of fun. The FPS weapon pack is already to use and requres no coding skills to use it. The scrips that make the gameplay are available to look at and amend, so once you understand how things interact, you can start by changing some of the scripts values, such as walking speed, and see how the gameplay changes, many of these values can be made to appear on the scenes list of items, as each entry can have its own script tab and you can show the values being used and change them.

I would reccomend having a decent PC, with a SSD drive, as this will save you a lot of loading time. I have an NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti graphics card and quite often get 60fps wondering around my levels. In ceartain areas though, through bad coding or design of a level can cause this to drop to 5 fps, but with a bit of tuning these bad areas can be brought back up to 15fps, without too much hassle, like for instance turning off shadows on the Crawlers, or reducing the number of particles used in an emitter from 9000 to 300, but making them much bigger.

The workshop could do with some more animated models, with some nice movements, jumping, stagering, lunging, rolling etc. So if your an animater, your work would be a most welcome addition to the community workshop.

Hope you enjoy your Leadwerks experience, I know I have.

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54.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 17, 2014
Outstanding graphics, Lightning fast, Lua integration, easy to use... this engine is perfect for any indie developer or professional game studio. I would recommend Leadwerks to anyone.
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2014
Will edit into a proper review later, but for I'll just use this to address some issues people have been having.

If you are using an AMD graphics card running the latest drivers, then this will NOT work for you, but an easy fix is simply to downgrade to 14.9 from 14.10+ until the issues are resolved by either the Leadwerks developers or the AMD development team.
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A developer has responded on Dec 16, 2014 @ 1:00am
(view response)
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15.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
I've spent considerable time using engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. After spending roughly an hour with this software, following along with a video tutorial, here are some of my initial thoughts upon it.

Note: I only submitted this review with a "recommend" because I can't fairly judge its entirety based on only an hour of impressions. If I find anything else notable later on I'll edit this review and include it as well. Anything I misrepresent is simply a result of the engine not being clear enough to convey within an hour.

Since Leadwerks supports Lua scripting, it's a novice friendly engine to use. Lua is one of the easier languages to pick up, and many people can get by with just a primitive knowledge of programming

There appears to be quite a nice PlayerController script (among others) built in, which allows for a new developer to quickly get into their game and start focusing on mechanics rather than technicalities.

In comparison to UE4 and Unity, this engine is priced quite modestly. As it stands, however, EU4 still remains the cheapest and likely the most powerful. I don't feel I need to comment much on it's pricing, as you can deem from this review and others if it's worth the cost. I personally purchased it while it was on sale for a third of the price. Even its full price isn't that bad for what this offers.

Workshop integration allows for users to share their work with others, which I find to be a neat touch.

It has a ton of features that I haven't even begun to touch on, but this review is simply my first impressions.

The editor camera controls are horrendous. Having WASD move the camera position and right click to drag the rotation is similar to UE4, however even EU4 allows for a pivot camera with Alt + Left Mouse drag. The first thing I did was assume Maya camera controls, and was unpleasantly surprised to see there seems to be only one consistent way of navigating your camera around the scene.

When editing rotation, scale, position, etc, of an object in the scene, the orientation manipulator does not reflect the change in mode. This results in the user having to actually select the axis of rotation and drag accordingly, whereas any other software suite ever provides different widgets for each mode (Arrow caps for translate, Boxes for scale, Protractor for rotation, etc). While on this topic it would be noteworthy to mention I have yet to see a way to scale in all dimensions, resulting in the user needing to adjust XYZ scale independently.

Keyboard shortcuts: There seem to be none. Everything requires that you click tiny buttons on the GUI to use different tools (including Transform, Rotate, Scale, etc) which is exceedingly maddening after having ingrained these shortcuts into my head with every other 3D software package I've ever used. There is no good way of focusing on an object unless you click a small button on GUI or right click in the scene list and select "Go to". The functionality obviously exists, but is not implemented via any keyboard shortcut. Again, this makes simple tasks frustrating and tedious.

To my knowledge, Leadwerk's script editor provides no auto-complete or "intellisense" of any kind. While that sort of feature isn't necessary as long as there is a good amount of documentation, it sets it a tad behind other engines like Unity and UE4 which implement IDEs that incorporate it.

If you're looking at this software, you're likely looking into or know of Unity and Unreal as well. If you already own the full version of one of those, I can't imagine you'd find any compelling reason to buy this. In fact, if you have experience with other engines this might just frustrate you as well. The main issue I've had has been trying to use pre-existing knowledge about how I expected it to work based on other 3D software packages.

Honestly. I really wanted to like this. It was an inexpensive option and I bought it on a whim hoping to get something out of it. While I'll still continue learning to use the engine, I can't imagine it'll be my primary go-to.

I would, however, highly recommend this if you've never dabbled before in a 3D engine and just want to give the idea a spin. From what I've read and seen online, it's good for beginners and doesn't appear to have that steep of a learning curve. I would personally love to see this engine include features such as keyboard shortcuts (I find it funny that sort of thing has to be requested) among the others I mentioned.

TL;DR: Good for a new developer / Frustrating for anyone who's used anything else
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31.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014
I've used so many different graphics engines over the years and found them all very difficult to understand. To me a person who builds games for a hobby really does not have the time to learn not only game design, but programming also. Just the part for programming could take a person years and years to learn. So far, after doing the first 3 tutorials, Leadwerks so far has been so easy! I would highly recommend this software to anyone! I'm very excited about what I have learned so far. Great program!!!
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 22
I'm very disappointed with this software. It's incredibly basic, with simple add ons which IMO should come with the software, costing ridiculous amounts. There are currently bugs preventing the updated ATI GPU drivers (which I need for other program's) from running this software altogether.

The work people have done with previous versions has been practical thrown out, as it's changed so much with no backwards compatibility. So it seems little consideration is given to people trying to make things with this software.

The only great things this has going for it is the royalty-free part. It is fairly easy to use too.

I'm pleased I at least waited for the sale discount and opted to only get the lui version.
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2014

We've actually got a dev, who has provided a solution to an issue! Not just told us where to go! Never seen this before! Nice one Leadwerks!

Despite this software claiming to work with AMD Graphics cards, I strongly suggest you do not buy this application until the AMD issues are resolved.

Do not buy this, until myself or someone posts a review with proof that the AMD drivers are working. Save yourself £75.99.
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A developer has responded on Dec 16, 2014 @ 12:58am
(view response)
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436.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 5
Ok so after taking a break for leadwerks i decided to go back and give it another go, I wish i never the comunity is so hostile dont get me wrong there are a few good people there but that is by far outweighed by the bad. If you dont know all there is to know forget it they make you feel small and offer no real help. The softwere its self is great but missing a good few key fetures and there is alot of coding to do so its not as easy as it says.

If it were to get a better forum with some good mods ect, it really needs a better structure there is no easy way to find things not alot of example stuff like scripts and if you ask for one or help with anything boy do you know about it.
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34.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 22
All I can say is, that after trying other game engines, this one is the easiest to work with.
Being a total noob in game making, after going through some documentation and forum topics, I was able to create a fully working prototype scene for my game in about a week.
Yes, you have to learn Lua or C++ to add specific functionalities. The possibilities however are truly endless...
I see a great potential in this engine.
A huge thanks to all the advanced contributors on the official forums for helping out beginners with their great tutorials and examples!
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674.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 23
Excellent Engine!

#1 affordable
#2 LUA Included(Indie edition is LUA, ONLY! if you want to use C++ buy the DLC as well at this time!)
#3 +1 Being some what like the source engine (without all the hassle most of the time)
#4 A Excellent Community on the forums
#5 any thing you can think of you can make it become real in this engine
#6 A great Developer and listen's to feed back great, he will also help you to if you need it


uh it's hard to say what the cons are, if any, of course this engine is still being worked on and some features are missing, right now like a craving tool(which is coming soon) a road tool, vegitation tool, of course none of this is needed right now, and this is a Excellent overall engine for any Game Developer Either Professional or Hobby, only way you can fail is if you are not willing to learn.
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Posted: January 4
If you are familiar with Valve's Hammer Editor, Source SDK, or Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools, then this is the indie dev tool for you. Everything I felt I couldn't achieve in those, is easily obtainable in Leadwerks. The workshop and forums are still growing, but very helpful. The developers are constantly browsing forums and reading/giving feedback. The sister website is just as helpful, with a workshop of it's own. You'll need seperate programs for modeling and texturing, but those won't cost you anything.

I won this item in the holiday auction, best 10K gems I ever spent.
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Posted: February 23
I've spent about 2 months (mostly offline) working on and trying to figure out Leadwerks Engine. Now I decided to make a review.
If you'd like to develop games on Linux, LE should be a good choice. Otherwise, it is ridiculous to use this engine.

Graphics are not very good. Games made with LE look "old-gen".
Scripting (Lua) is not as easy as they say.
If you create a "game prefab" and then change value of a variable of its script in inspector, you have to create a new prefab with it to use it in a game map. That's insane.
Writing your own shader scripts is really hard. I couldn't get how to code shaders in LE (with glsl) eventhough I create my own shaders in Unity (cg shaders). There are a few simple shaders and some special shader examples around but it is hard to create "your own style".
It is easy to understand the logic behind usage of this engine but it is so difficult to create "something good"/"something unique".
You can use post-screen effects easily but can't manage them in detail (unless you create your own ones).
Occlusion culling is supported. This is only feature that I really like.

I don't regret the money I spent for LE. I regret the time I spent on LE. Unity Free is much more better than LE eventhough the free version doesn't support some features like dynamic soft shadows, occlusion culling etc.
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Posted: February 9
Great software. I previously had no game programing experience (although I do work day in day out with other programming/scripting languages) and Leadwerks allowed me to jump right in and start developing from Day 1. The online community support has been amazing and not a single question I have had hasn't had an answer (or enough information to lead to creating my own answer). Definitely suggest for anyone thinking about getting into game development!
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Posted: December 31, 2014
A good Game Engine for new Indie Developers or just for learn the Basics of Creating a Game.
You can make your own game without any experience.
Watch the Tutorial Videos and learn how you can use this Game Engine.
For People with experience in Game Development, they can use Lua [ A Programming Language] to make an Professional Game.

- Easy to use
-Good Physics
-Full License
-Model Packs
-Steam Workshop
and more!

- Nothing

Some People say that are Errors in this Game Engine. But i don´t have these Errors.
The Development Team of this Engine are good People and they Help you, when you have some Questions.
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Posted: January 17
I was very unset by what for me was the most important part of this whole program, the tutorials. For whatever reason when I would open Leadwerks and it would show the window asking if I would like to see tutorials, I would click the link and nothing would happen, after that not working I would search for tutorials they would all be in text. This made it hard for me to know if what I was doing was correct or not. I was hoping that the program would have built in tutorials that I could use to learn from, but these things where not there for me to learn from and that maps did nothing but add more questions to my endless list of "How do I do that?"s. If anything I was hoping that It could teach how to make other objects move and react but It does nothing for me. Untill something has changed and I can learn how to make a slightly complex game with help from the program itself, I will regret spending my money and unless you have experiance with programs like these I would suggest not spending your money.
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Posted: February 8
The Leadwerks Game Engine is easy to get started in but also has great depth to what you can do in it.

The editor has a CSG toolset which means when you start out you can quickly put together a simple level, then drag and drop a player object, weapon and monster and then play test it at the click of a button. You can make indoor levels and outdoor terrain levels. The terrain editor is fun and easy to use too just like the CSG tools so there is a lot of level making possibilities at your fingertips without needing to model in a seperate program. And although the tools are easy to use the results you can acheive are high quality.

When you want to get more advanced with your game you can do so by editing existing lua scripts or creating new scripts and importing custom models, sounds and textures to make your game more interesting and unique.

The engine is ideal if you want to make a first person game but with scripting you can also make other types of game like third person perspective, rts, driving and even platform games.

The most important thing for me is Leadwerks has been enjoyable to use and it's fun to make a game with and you can also sell any games you make royalty free which is a great prospect.

Since I got the software the developer has been very active adding new features and fixing bugs, so all in all I would definately recommend Leadwerks for game making.

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Posted: February 1
Being a noob in coding, I can confirm that LUA is really easy to code with. I was able to jump in and immediately make a little demo / game and it is very user and noob friendly. The creator (Josh Klint) is a very laid back and chill guy, and its always cool to meet someone like that. Very good software I can reccomend to anyone whos looking to make games and spread their ideas!
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Posted: January 17
Looks like I picked up the wrong edition, my problem with the indie edition is the lack of C++ support. If it had been a lot more obvious on the store page that this edition did not have C++ support, I wouldn't have bought it. It actually took some searching around to find an old post that explained this limitation, I would've prefered it was listed on the store page.

LUA is definitely great for scripting, but it will only go so far, eventually performance issues would crop up and I would not want to then port LUA to C++.

I do not recommend the Indie Edition if you need C++ support.

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