Welcome to Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation! The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing, and has big plans for the future. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.
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Release Date: Aug 16, 2013

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“Unholy Heights is a 2D game that perfectly blends the freedom of an indie game with the notorious creativity of Japanese developers. The basic concept is simply wonderful and is backed up with fun, refreshing gameplay.”
7/10 – DarkZero

“Unholy Heights is bound to put a smile on nearly everyone’s face”
4/5 – Video Game Writers

“At the end of the day, it's a cutesy fun experience . . . and horribly murdering adventurers is really quite satisfying.”
Total Biscuit

About This Game

Welcome to Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation! The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing, and has big plans for the future. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.

Unfortunately, heroes have caught wind of the Devil's plan, and will stop at nothing to wipe him out. Knock on residents' doors to call them to battle, trap heroes in devious pincer formations, and command your troops to victory. Monsters get jobs, fall in love, have children, and even skip out on their rent. Keep them happy or you might not have anyone to fight for you when heroes come knocking. But don't be too soft: there's always prospective baddies looking to move in, so kick out the freeloaders when the time is right!

Being a landlord is a difficult job, but it can't be harder than running Hell...right?

  • Every monster is different. Some are lazy. Some are strong. Some are perverts.
  • Use an intuitive mouse-based control scheme to command your troops into battle.
  • Encounter more than 20 different monster species, and take their money.
  • Build a reputation with different monster families based on your performance and play style.
  • Take on quests at your pace to unlock new monsters and furniture.
  • Build a stronger army as residents have children far stronger than themselves.
  • Get monsters in the mood for love with inappropriately shaped erotic cakes.
  • Look on in horror as lovingly hand-drawn monsters and humans horribly slaughter each other over money.
  • Monster occupations, hobbies and desires are all procedurally generated to keep you on your toes.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3 or newer) / Vista (SP1 or newer) / 7
    • Processor: Pentium III 1.0GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 or better
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
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Posted: January 6
Yes, this is the Slumlord Simulation you are looking for, and it's so adorable your teeth with rot. So enjoy gaming through your halcyon days wearing dentures, cooing at babby skeletons, and getting irritated that the Succubus couple in 302 won't stop pillow-talking to come help with the nasty raiders trying to steal your hard-earned gold (YOU'RE MY ONLY LONG-RANGE DEMONS AT HOME, GET YOUR BUTTS OUT OF BED AND OUT. THERE.)
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Posted: December 3, 2015
An apartment management tower-defense game about your resident monsters against humans.
While the idea of being a landlord is enticing the tower-defense part can get incredibly tedious & repetitious since there's not a whole lot of strategy to use here from beginning to end.

The idea of the tower-defense is just to stop humans from stealing your money and if they get away with it you only lose your highly expendable tenant should they have died defending the money taken so there's no real fail state. You try and stop the humans by knocking on the room doors of the monsters of your choosing and IF they're home (which most usually are) they'll do their tower-defense thing and help kill the intruders.
As you get further into the game you're able to invite specific higher tier monsters depending on what monster race you've been appealing to or otherwise. To get further into the game & earn faster money though you've got to go do quests from a quest board. While every quest grants you money there are quests that unlock new monsters for you to be able to have in your apartment, quests that unlock a new piece of furniture you can buy for your tenants, and main quests that finally allow you to expand your apartment one floor at a time. The downside to this though is that every quest from side to important are essentially all the same "stop the humans" only with varying wave numbers and a few human types with soon to be higher stats. Whatever strategy you had against weaker humans you can do the exact same thing against the stronger humans with stronger monsters in somewhat bigger numbers because the monsters you get aren't entirely different either aside from the stats when it comes to being useful in defending.

The landlord simulator part is at least more intriguing. The job is primarily housing interested monsters of your choosing and appealing to their tastes by adding or improving things in their apartment, sometimes specifically when needed as some monsters prefer having certain items in the room depending on their race and/or job.
It's a bit more taxing to house monsters when you have a certain race that's disliked by another race living in the same structure. You can still appeal to both but getting them to all be satisfied in their living quarters would take much longer.
There's a maximum of 3 vacancies per room where each vacancy specifically houses one tenant, that tenant's lover, and those two's child. So long as one tenant in a room is satisfied and alive they'll eventually find a lover and conceive a child who will also grow up for you to take money from. If the child dies another child will be conceived by the parents. If a parent dies the other parent will find another lover. If both parents die then the grown-up spawn will eventually find a lover of their own and eventually conceive their own child. I'm not sure what happens if both parents die while the child remains a child. As all the tenants in one room are old enough they usually find jobs of their own which is supposed to be a good incentive for raising their rent.
The room upgrading is incredibly bare & simple which leads to a few questionable things. For example upgrading a two-door fridge apparently grants the room a BBQ set and upgrading that gets it a built-in kitchen. You can buy a tenant a game console and/or a PC tower for their room but I find it a bit odd that you're not exactly buying it for them but for the room itself, and you don't even have to buy them a television for the consoles as far as I've seen.
Depending on how fancy a room is and what the current tenant's job is you can adjust rent to their's and your pleasing. Certain monsters though are less likely to even want to pay rent even if you set it to an incredible low. You can evict them for being deadbeats, wait a bit longer to see if they come up with the money, or wait for them to run away from paying you.

The game itself sounds better off as an idle-game somewhat but unfortunately alt + tabbing even when the game's a small window pauses the entire thing. It was pretty nice trying to be a landlord for monsters but with how tediously bland progress is I can't entirely like the game even for its cheap price.
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Posted: November 22, 2015
If you have the patience to stare at your screen for at least an hour and grind for gold to make your residents happy, who you will eventually kick out for being late on their rent, then this is the game for you. However, I am not one of those people and wouldn't recommend buying this game.
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Posted: January 11
Awesome little gem, with depth you cant see at first. Part tower defence part tycoon, you can brute force it to the end but if you want a highscore you will have to master the in and outs of a demons needs and wallpaper preferences.
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Posted: December 1, 2015
Review in English/Spanish
Análisis en Inglés y Español:

A hero came by as the three deadbeats from room 303 tried to run away without paying rent. I just let them die. The hero was a prick and decided the carnage was not over, he killed a couple and their young child. I shed a tear. They were skeletons, don't ask me know how they reproduced.

Protip: Never let hobos live in your apartment complex.

Un héroe daba un paseo por mi apartamento en medio de la noche mientras 3 residentes intentaban huir sin pagar la renta, no hice nada para salvarlos y me entretuvo ver su dolorosa muerte, acto seguido el héroe asesino a una pareja y a su pequeño hijo eran esqueletos, así que no tengo la más mínima idea de cómo le hicieron para tener hijos.

En resumen, nunca le alquiles un cuarto a un mendigo.
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