Love pixels? Fond of platformers? Is there a special place in your heart for the 8-bit and 16-bit era? Want to have fun? Yes!? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a “12-bit” action platformer full of pixels and platforming fun!
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Data di rilascio: 21 nov 2013
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Mutant Mudds OST - Download for Free!

Visit our bandcamp page here and download the entire Mutant Mudds OST for free.

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“Just like the original, one of my favorite parts of the Mudds series are the little nuances that hearken back to the golden age of retro games — small graphical details that really show not only that the game was a labor of love, but that Renegade Kid actually played said retro games for inspiration. All of those details look even better in Deluxe, preserved in the new vibrant HD visuals — the same goes for the catchy chiptunes soundtrack (with all new music for the ghost levels), and deliciously retro sound effects.”
90% – Gamer Limit

“I had great praise for this game before and so there is no doubt that I was going to hand it great praise once again. It is just as fun the second time around as it was the first time on the 3DS, with the original levels. The new levels and enhancements made it even more gratifying, and players don’t even have to wait long to experience the new ghost levels. As players beat an original level, the corresponding ghost level unlocks, giving them quick access to experience the spooky mudds.”
90% – Fanbolt

“Mutant Mudds Deluxe is the ultimate version of an already great game. Some tweaks to how it plays in addition to a fair amount of new content place it far above the original game. If you own the original but some things about it bothered you, give Deluxe a go. If you’ve never played the game, buy Deluxe as soon as possible. Mutant Mudds Deluxe is an outstanding throwback to another age, and it can’t be missed.”
90% – Blazekick

Riguardo questo gioco

Love pixels? Fond of platformers? Is there a special place in your heart for the 8-bit and 16-bit era? Want to have fun? Yes!? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a “12-bit” action platformer full of pixels and platforming fun!

Our hero, Max, may be just a 2D sprite, but he can leap into the third dimension by jetting between the background and the foreground playfields with his trusty jetpack in this unique dimensionally-woven experience.

Armed with a heavy-duty water cannon, Max has what he needs to vanquish his long-term nemesis: the Mutant Mudds. Max must blast and hover his way across the soiled landscape to seek out mysterious Water Sprites. Legend says collecting all of the mysterious Water Sprites will wash the filthy Mutant Mudds away for good!

Key Features

80 hard-as-steel levels spanning across 5 pixelated worlds and 9 neo-retro art themes!
Jet between three 2D playfields and enjoy lovely depth-of-field blur effects – an eyeball treat.
Obtain power-ups from Grannie's Attic to gain access to secret level doorways!
20 ghoulish ghost levels where the rules are turned upside down + spectral power-up.
Unlock Grannie and other playable characters to harness the tri-power of all power-ups!
Steam leader boards show the best level completion times from around the world.
Includes 20 lip-smacking delicious ‘Grannie’ levels, specifically designed for veteran players!
Steam achievements earn you pride and bragging rights, while sharpening your skills.
Dozens of foot-stomping and booty-groovin’ chip-tune music tracks to snap your fingers to!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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12.0 ore in totale
A great retro "12 bit" style game, tight controls , simple platforming + jetpack & shooting mechanics . lots of stuff to collect , hidden stages to find , secret characters hidden in some levels , unlock upgrades , etc
Some levels are super easy and others will probably make you punch a hole in your wall , thankfully there are checkpoints and you can take 3 hits before death .

there are hidden "v land" stages have a red color pallete , like a virtual boy (hence the V) and kinda messes your eyes up after a while , like a virtual boy ahah .
Also hidden "g land" stages have a grey/black color pallette , like an old gameboy. and "cga land" stages have a cga color pallette of old school DOS games.
These effects are really pretty cool and nostalgic , especially the challenging cga land stages

one of the more standout features is there are layers to the stages you can jump in between , usually 3 layers. while the effect is still pretty cool on pc/console , i think it was designed for the 3ds and the 3d effect looks much better on the nintendo 3ds

overall its feels like a polished , fun retro style platformer/shooter
Pubblicata: 7 ottobre
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3.3 ore in totale
Its a good game to Play when you're bored of Everything Else.
Pubblicata: 7 ottobre
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8.1 ore in totale
This game is...It's not bad I'll say that first and foremost. But the gameplay is generic as there really isn't anything new or fresh that would make me recommend you go immediately to go buy. The game does look good and it sounds good, but as I said the gameplay is generic since your characters don't have that much control in fact they control like they're in a DOS game, and when I mean control I mean your characters have very limited range of movement such as dashing, crouch-walking, and aiming in all directions, it's really lacking.

I would still recommend checking the game out if you can get it on sale, just not for $9.99 [US].
Pubblicata: 8 ottobre
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14.5 ore in totale
Finito proprio adesso al 100%. Platform retrò, con grafica pixellosa, personaggi strampalati e dei controlli semplici ma precisi, che consentono di giocare i vari livelli in modo davvero piacevole. La difficoltà è ben calibrata, infatti negli ultimi stage e negli stage segreti si deve sudare un pò per raggiungere la fine, ma non diventa mai frustrante.

Le critiche che gli vengono mosse sono:
1 - non avere storia: ma quale platform ha una storia degna di nota!? e poi i protagonisti sono simpatici all fin fine :D
2 - non è divertente: beh dipende dai propri gusti, io l'ho finito tutto d'un fiato.
3 - è ripetitivo: i fondali e i mostri in effetti sono un pò ridondanti, ma il level design è spettacolare.

Certo dispiace che su pc non si può sfruttare l'effetto 3D di cui questo gioco beneficerebbe non poco.

Per me è promosso!
Pubblicata: 9 settembre
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What is Mutant Mudds?

Story: You start off the game and there's a 10 second cut scene about two things playing a handheld device. That's the story I guess. Nothing else is shown for the rest of the game about what exactly these puddings are, or why you are murdering these puddings.

Level Design: They're either super straight forward, hop from platform to platform no danger involved, oh sorry try again if you fall, or, mass spammed with enemies that just slow down the hopping process as you wait on each platform and shoot to kill the enemies on the next. Checkpoints exist, but more often than not they're at the very end of the level, 2 platforms prior to the exit. What is the point?
Certain... mini levels? Exist within the other levels. For completing one you get presumably an extra "high-five" on the level select screen. Most of these levels require the usage of a power up that you borrow from a random grandma's "attic" (except it's just a normal house by all means), and seem to forget which item was required to get into the mini level, because a majority of it can be completely bypassed with said item.

Enemy Design: Goomba, Small Goomba, Large Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Fireball from Lava, Spike-ball that spins from the background to foreground. Also a ghost version of each one exists.
There is also a flying... circle pudding. That craps bombs non-stop. Upon touching the pudding you are harmed. Upon landing, the bomb explodes in a huge radius that is practically undodgeable unless you're focussing on dodging the bombs and not getting rid of circle-flying-pudding-guy.

Other Thoughts: Controls by default are very odd. Jump and Shoot is done with the mouse, but apart from that the mouse serves no aiming or menu purpose. Oh right, there's also a menu which I never had to open once. Can easily be remedied though via the drop down and put into basic controls, (arrows + Z + X).
The 3 layer levels is an interesting concept that could be taken further. As of right now it's too simple, there's no depth in it at all.

So. What did I just play and beat in about 3 hours? I have no idea.
Pubblicata: 22 maggio
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9.5 ore in totale
This is a fantastic platformer and one of my favorite games of the last year. Great difficulty curve, from fun and easy to rage-quit difficult. Great replay value, with lots of hidden extras that will keep you replaying levels to find the secret areas.
Pubblicata: 24 luglio
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5.9 ore in totale
It's a game. It's not really that fun. It's more annoying than anything.
I would almost enjoy it if the input to do the high jump was more forgiving. Honestly it works like 40% of the time.
Pubblicata: 21 maggio
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Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a neat little game which is quite challenging. It has the feel of an old Nintendo 8-bit game and brings that nostalgic sense to you as you play to it. The story is that mutated mud monsters have attacked and armed with a jetpack and watergun you have to clean up and gather water sprites. You can unlock different perks along the way tat you need to complete certain parts of the game. I enjoyed playing it even though I have to admit to being frustrated at times while trying to pass some levels. If you enjoyed the 8-bit era in gaming history the odds are in favor that you'll enjoy this one as well!
Pubblicata: 4 giugno
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1.6 ore in totale
A very bland, uninspired and slow-paced platformer.

Contols are rather unintuitive. You have to redo huge chunks of a level if you fall off of a platform, and you can't sprint. A lot of time is spent waiting for platforms or enemies to move. Enemies have annoyingly high amounts of health and are positioned in the most annoying places where they are hard to hit. Hazards are mostly based off of stuff from Mario. Not much variety to gameplay.

It's playable, but it's not very fun.

Pubblicata: 15 settembre
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14.0 ore in totale
Mutant Mudds deluxe is a really bad platformer. trying to make tight jumps in the beggining is irritating but you quickly earn a powerup that lets you fly past 90% of the levels. this powerup however is very unresponsive. there was no creative level design. if you couldnt simply fly past with the powerup gameplay consisted of jumping to a platform sitting on it for a minute while you shoot all the enemies up ahead and then jumping to the next platform. the "3d" gimmick was used to no effect the most it did was put foreground objects so you cant see.

this game sucks i dont know why i finished it 100% decent time waster. i got it in the humble bundle with the MUCH better (my favorite ever) platformer dustforce. get that instead. do not get this game.
Pubblicata: 4 agosto
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Rating - 54/100
Recommendation - Life is too short to play dull games

If you still love playing stuffy old-school games like Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure or the original Commander Keen without the nostalgia factor, this is the game for you!

Remember how fantastic old DOS game music was? Well, I must admit this one's is too.

Remember how intensely slow and plodding old DOS game movement was? Yup, this one too.

Remember how ridiculously basic old DOS game combat was? Sensing the pattern yet?

Everything about this game reminded me of old DOS games. That might not sound like such a bad thing, but when is the last time you actually played an old DOS game? They're BURSTING with nostalgic goodness and they put a rose-tinted smile on my face, but objectively? They're stuffy, stilted, restrictive, confining, and almost all of that was due to required programming restrictions. Games were that way because they pretty much had to be.

So why would I want to play a brand new game that feels every bit as stuffy as a 20-year-old one, without any of the needed nostalgia that still makes them fun? You know, I can actually play the old games if I want to, rather than a bland similarity of one that only hints at vague shadows of nostalgia.

The art style is pixellated, but uncreative. The enemies are different sizes of round or gumdrop shaped brown blobs. The levels are entirely linear (except for not-so-cleverly-hidden "secret" doors on every single level), and they only last a few minutes at a time. There is nothing overly clever or creative, nothing mind-blowing, nothing exciting, and nothing fun.

If you were desperate for something new to play on your phone in the bathroom at work, this might be able to hold your interest for a while, but on a PC or console (or Vita, where I played it), it is boring, dull, slow, colorless, and any 5 other synonyms for lame. Don't get me wrong, I could see people playing through this game easily. I could not, however, see anyone playing this with a smile on their face or with excitement in their heart.

I've been rather hard on middling games lately, but you know what? I have less and less free time every single year that passes by, and my game backlog is actually getting bigger and bigger. I have games waiting that I am desperately excited to play, so there is simply not enough time to waste playing something that doesn't excite me. The music is pretty great, though (and it's in the game folder in OGG format).
Pubblicata: 11 agosto
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2.8 ore in totale
A game dosen't always have to be famous for it to be fun, as long as the game have lots of cool features for you to enjoy throughout the gameplay. Mutant Mudds Deluxe is one of the game that have the cool features. This game delivers you a lot of levels for you to complete and also a long time of fun that will make you happy.
Pubblicata: 8 giugno
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I've finally found some time to play "Mutant Mudds Deluxe" and I regret to say that the game is not as great as I expected it to be. It has an interesting cool 8-16 bit art style, sweet 8-bit sound track and colorfull worlds. But the pacing of the game was a real let down. The gameplay is so slow that it will influence the way you play. The player is not able to stop gliding which makes jumping on top of disappearing platforms more of a timing challenge. The lack of running makes it feel like you are held back. The inclusion of a timer is also interesting as It, in my opinion does not stimulate players to play again and beat the time, instead it just shows how slowly the game progresses. This game is not for everyone, only for the patient and willing to tackle this beast of a game.

As I do think some people will enjoy this game I will rate it up as I know there are also people who enjoy this. Again not a bad game its just not for me.
Pubblicata: 14 giugno
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7.1 ore in totale
I love it! :)
Pubblicata: 22 settembre
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11.5 ore in totale
Great controls, just the right amount of difficulty, loads of levels with multiple paths each, and a few secrets throughout the game too. An excellent platformer that made me scream in rage, as much as it pleased me. I got it in an el cheapo indie bundle, but Steam's $10 pricetag isn't bad!
Pubblicata: 4 giugno
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9.9 ore in totale
An excellent retro 2D platformer. Jumping, shooting and hovering past well-designed levels and obstacles was a treat. The interplay of multiple depths in the levels is an inspired mechanic as well. Mutant Mudds is well-paced and, at times, challenging, while never being too difficult or frustrating. Failure is only punished by having to go back to an earlier point in the level and the levels are not all that long to begin with. There are also plenty of things to collect and extra challenges to complete beyond the original 20 levels, providing for adequate length and value. The chiptune soundtrack and pixel art are an excellent complement to the classical design.

If there is anything truly lacking, it is the story. It wasn't until it told me that I had collected all of them that I found out that the things I had been collecting were "water sprites" and apparently had some connection with the defeating the animate mud creatures.
Pubblicata: 27 maggio
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Recommended for people who don't get easily frustrated. Otherwise, you might as well spend the money on something else. However, a great and frustrating game, with lots of levels, secret achievements and more frustration. You will probable get frustrated, but that's okay. Just give it time. It gets more frustrating. Also, Jeff Andonuts with a water gun.
Pubblicata: 5 agosto
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A brilliant, nostalgic game rooted in the platformer era. Seeing as there are no Mario games on Steam, this game holds a special place in my part. Originally a 3DS Exclusive, the Deluxe version of the game was eventually ported to PC via Steam with Achievements and trading cards!

I originally played this on 3DS, before discovering that games are much cheaper on Steam. I devoured the Demo on 3DS (though even that took many hours), and felt a rush of nostalgia when I found it on Steam - and better yet, it was on sale!

With alternate levels as an accompaniment to the main story, and secret levels within the main story, this game has a lot of replayability. You can also buy weapons by collecting the coins in every level. The soundtrack is also great, making this game worth at least what I paid for it - $4.99 - if not more.
Pubblicata: 22 settembre
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12.0 ore in totale
Your standard platforming experience. The "2.5D" aspect is handled very well, but at the same time there really aren't any interesting mechanics or features that really set this title out from the inumerable platformers out there. It does what it intends to well, but doesn't take a single step beyond.
Pubblicata: 4 agosto
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1.1 ore in totale
Go play Cave Story+. That's a challanging platformer that's also fulfilling. This game is just...really boring. It feels completely uninspired. The enemies were completely uninteresting to me and seemingly all had the exact same AI pattern (move to the left for 2 seconds, move to the right for 2 seconds), which was, again, boring. If you're a sucker for 'modern' 8-bit soundtracks, I guess you'll like this one, but it felt to me like it was trying too hard and didn't feel natural.

I completed the first worlds of levels giving it a chance, and moved onto the second world, which is an ice world and everything just felt "off". The physics of the platforming feel clumsy in general (and incredibly slow), add ice blocks and unpredictible sliding to that and it was just not fun to me anymore, so I stopped playing. I did play the "nightmare" versions of a couple of the levels, which was a neat idea, but not enough to make up for the rest of the mediocrity. The 3 plane idea also seemed cool at first, but quickly revealed itself as a gimmick that doesn't hold the weight that the game seemingly puts on it.

Maybe you'll like it. I certainly didn't.
Pubblicata: 21 luglio
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