Talisman Digital Edition - The Magical Quest Game for 1 to 4 players. The officially licensed multiplayer version of the classic fantasy adventure board game, Talisman. In Talisman Digital Edition, there are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorceress.
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Release Date: Feb 25, 2014

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"Old school players of the board game will find a solid digital port while new players will find an easy introduction to this classic game."
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May 29

The Sacred Pool expansion out now!

The Sacred Pool is here!
The fifth expansion release for Talisman: Digital Edition includes 4 characters, 72 Adventure Cards, 16 Spell Cards, 3 Alternative Endings and two new decks - the Stables deck and the Quest Rewards deck.
The Stables deck includes 14 follower cards - Riding Horses, Warhorses, Mules and Horse and Carts.
The Quest Rewards deck is a deck of cards from which you can draw when you complete a Warlock's Quest, and they give players beneficial bonuses, such as increasing your Strength and Craft values or allowing you to teleport.
The Sacred Pool brings more balance to the game with regards to alignments. Neutral characters can benefit from some of the advantages that Good and Evil characters have had so far.
For more information about this expansion, read my blog here - http://nomadgames.co.uk/sacred-pool-preview/

Save slots -
You can now keep up to 10 offline saved games.

Sudden Death mode -
The Sudden Death house rule allows the host to choose how many rounds the game will last for. At the end, players receive one point for every Strength and Craft point gained (not from objects or followers), plus one point for each gold, Spell, Follower, Object, Magic Object and Quest Reward they have. Used and discarded Quest Reward cards count towards this total.
Players who finish with the most points will receive the usual amount of XP for winning a game. This includes players who come joint-first.
The lowest number of rounds you can choose is 20, and this takes about 30 minutes to play with 4 players.
We hope you enjoy this new game mode. It makes players think in a slightly different way, which is interesting. For instance, if the game will end soon and you have a useful spell, should you cast it or not? Keeping hold of the spell is worth 1 point on the scoreboard, but the effect of the spell might be more useful.

Replacing Quests -
This new house rule gives players the chance to replace their current Warlock Quest, when they are offered a new one. Ninjas, rejoice!
When you already have a quest, choose to accept a new one and then you will see both quests and can choose which one to discard.

Runes spaces fix -
The instructions on Runes spaces hadn't been implemented correctly, but now the +2 to attack roll (rather than Strength) works as it should.

Creature/Enemy fix -
Some character special abilities refer to enemy sub-types, such as the Priest's Destroy Spirit ability and the Minstrel's ability to to not fight Animals and Dragons. Previously, we were allowing characters to use these abilities with creatures, such as the Dragon in the Cave or the Crags Spirit, but they should only affect enemies.

House Rule re-order -
The list of house rules has been re-ordered. Character selection related rules are at the top, together, then rules for endings, then rules which affect the game's basic rules, such as Bloodbath mode, then the rest.

Leaderboard level -
A player's current level is shown to the right of their XP on the Leaderboard screen. Will dbax1969 make it to level 100? You can watch his progress here!

Automatic die rolls -
Some situations, like using Lucky Charm, now roll the die automatically after the number has been chosen. This is because it was possible to choose the number you wanted and then not re-roll and miss out on your choice.

Many other bug fixes, including -
Alchemist character could get stuck on the Crown of Command if they try to use their alchemise ability.
Howl of the Wendigo would sometimes not discard after the criteria is met.
Closed Chop and Curfew now discard cards from all regions.
Denied and A Challenger Appears achievements fixed.
Issues with Path of Destiny fixed.
Crash with Black Ice fixed.
AI fixes -
AI now uses containers such as the Bag of Carrying.
Loop detection - if the game spots that an AI is stuck in a loop, a prompt appears allowing you to skip their turn. Hopefully you won't see this, but if you do please get in touch.
Correct usage of the City Alchemist with gems/trinkets.
AI will no longer pick up objects and then ditch them if it didn't want them in the first place.
AI characters are more likely to venture into the Dungeon.
Lots of other fixes.

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“extremely addictive...many hours of fun, faithful to the original”
8/10 – Eurogamer Poland

“Talisman: Digital Edition is the kind of game that you can spend hundreds of hours playing and is for all intents and purposes a solid port of the popular board game. - Vincent Paone of Dad's Gaming Addiction”
9/10 – Dad's Gaming Addiction

“...easy to pick up and play and you don't have to know anything about the board game version to play and enjoy the video game version.”
9/10 – Game Saga

About This Game

Talisman Digital Edition - The Magical Quest Game for 1 to 4 players.

The officially licensed multiplayer version of the classic fantasy adventure board game, Talisman.

In Talisman Digital Edition, there are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorceress. In this perilous adventure, players battle it out to journey across a dangerous land and be the first to claim the Crown of Command, a magical artefact with the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the true ruler of the kingdom. On your travels, you will need strength, courage and some good dice rolls to survive the dangers you face and beat your opponents to the centre of the board.

Features -

  • Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players.
  • Play against AI opponents.
  • 14 characters to choose from.
  • 17 powerful spells to cast.
  • Many expansions available post-release.
  • Detailed, interactive tutorial.
  • Based on the Revised 4th Edition by Fantasy Flight Games

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Talisman?
Talisman is a board game in which you move around the board building up your character’s strength and magic power by battling monsters, finding treasures, completing quests and trying to be the first player to reach the centre space – the Crown of Command.

How is Talisman: Digital Edition different to Talisman: Prologue?
Talisman: Prologue is a single-player only game in which you tried to complete a series of challenges using the rules of Talisman. Talisman: Digital Edition is the full board game experience for up to 4 players, using the same rules as the board game.

Can I play dirty?
That’s at the very core of Talisman! Cast spells at other players to make them miss turns! Steal from them! Turn them into toads! Send powerful allies to do your fighting for you!

How replayable is the game?
The emergent nature of the game means that every game will tell its own tale. The board starts with just the playing pieces and builds up to become a land filled with terrible danger and fabulous treasure! As you move around the board, you must make careful decisions about where to travel as each space can become more dangerous or more helpful as the game progresses. To help you get around, players can use things like teleporting, magic portals and fate, which allows you to re-roll your dice to get different results.

How long is a game of Talisman?
The physical board game can take 2-4 hours with 4 players, but our digital version cuts that down drastically, with an offline 4 player game typically taking no more than 1 hour. Offline games can be saved and resumed at any time so your adventures can take as long as you like! We’ve also added some features which decrease the length of games – House rules and Runestone cards. House rules change the basic rules slightly to speed-up the game and Runestone cards, exclusive to this digital edition, give characters extra abilities and allow them to become very powerful much quicker, making for shorter games.

Is there a hotseat mode?
Yes! Look your opponents in the eyes as you face them in deadly combat or sneak up from the shadows and steal their favourite items! All of the fun and social enjoyment of the physical game is captured in the digital version, but with no setup time!

What’s included with the base game and are there expansions?
For the initial purchase, everything that you get with the physical board game is included – all of the characters, spells and adventure cards. Expansions will be added and the first five, The Reaper, The Frostmarch, The Dungeon, The Highland and The Sacred Pool are available to purchase now. These add lots more spells, events, monsters, characters and alternative endings! Extra characters are also available to purchase, including rare characters from Talisman’s history.

Talisman © Games Workshop Limited 1983, 1985, 1994, 2007. Talisman: Digital Edition © Games Workshop Limited 2015. Games Workshop, Talisman, Talisman: Digital Edition, the foregoing marks’ respective logos and all associated marks, logos, characters, products and illustrations from the Talisman game are either ®, TM and/or © Games Workshop Limited 1983–2015, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. This edition published under license to Nomad Games Ltd. Nomad Games is the registered trademark Nomad Games Limited. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x600 resolution
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On board
    • OS: OS X 10.8
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB Video Memory
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
16 of 21 people (76%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 12
Very good digital version of a great board game. The game supports single player with ai, local co-op, and online multiplayer that is very much alive.
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
12.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 23
Relaxing, old school boardgaming fun. Easy to jump in and out of. There are a variety of characters to choose from, which makes it interesting to replay.

I have been playing with the Highlands expansion, and find the added map is a real bonus. I will be looking out for further expansions in the future.

Simple mechanics, but not easy to win. Although, I am still relatively new.

A good steam sale purchase! Thanks Steam!
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 5
This game is a good representation of board game, but unless you're playing locally with friends, it's just not worth it.

I have a perpetual game going with one other AI player. I'm sitting at the crown of command, where you need to roll a 4,5, or 6 to deal 1 point of damage to all other players. The goal is to finish off the other players either before they reach the crown or just to finish the game. The problem is that even when you happen to roll high enough to deal damage, the AI runs around the outside of the board and finds ways to heal themselves. The AI has no interest in progressing to the crown and unless the "random" number generator allows me to roll high enough times in a row, this game will NEVER end.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
57.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 14
This game is so broken that playing against AI (which you WILL do if anyone leaves/disconnects from online game) means you'll waste hours of your life (on just one game).
Not only does AI do things like sacrifice your follower that holds most of your items when it doesn't even need health, it also ignores simple game rules.
Last game I played lasted over 2 hours and eventually all other players had left or were just booted by game.
Game was already in final stage when this happened..
Prophetess is not hinking...

In case someone doesn't understand the video here is a hint: This game session had "No More Lives" rule on which means nobody can get more lives or heal if someone is on Crown of Command (I'm on Crown of Command in this video).
Does the AI care about this rule? F*** no! Let's just break the game and waste hours of your time when you were just about to win.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
8.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 8
Івенти, дайси, рок-н-ролл!
Майже кожен з нас у дитинстві бавився в настольні ігри: монополія, "сходи" тощо. Кидай собі кубик, совай фішки і гати бізнес/опонентів. Тема більш серйозних настолок в пост радянському просторі розкрита слабо.
По-перше, це дуже специфічна забава: деякі настольні ігри (особливо за редакцією правил D&D) настільки складні, що для розуміння найбанальніших аспектів потрібно витратити чимало часу на ознайомлення з правилами.
По-друге, коло фанів та гравців хоч і розширюється, проте недостатньо швидко: знайти компанію для гри в реалі доволі тяжко. Проте розробники Talisman - комп'ютерного аналогу одноіменної фентезійної настольної гри від Games Workshop взяли курс на широкі маси.

Та незручна мить, коли параметр "Удача" прокачаний на 1
Суть гри на перший погляд виглядає доволі тривіально: ось тобі карта, ось тобі персонаж. Мета: "всіх гепну і буду царювати". Тут варто зробити уточнення, що сценаріїв є достобіса, але всі вони доступні лише в додатковому контенті... Проте відривати кревно зароблені гроші не обов'язково: стандартна карта доволі реіграбельна - велика кількість унікальних персонажів, що доступні зі старту, дозволить розбавити ігровий процес.
Рухаємось ми по карті кидаючи ігрові кості ("дайси"). Якщо результат нам не дуже підходить, використавши один бал долі можна перекинути дайс. Також ця особливість стосується і певних локацій на карті (відьма, чаклун, цвинтар тощо). Особливо недитячий накал пристрастей і бурління емоцій викликають моменти, коли, в надії перекинути на що-небудь, окрім того що було, гравець отримує те саме значення на дайсі. 99% ragequit'ів і пригорілих штанів припадають на ситуації, коли вдруге випадає єдина нейприйнятна подія з шести можливих.
Пересунувшись на певне поле, ми тягнемо карту з колоди подій. Події можуть бути різними: від дракона до того самого Талісману, який дозволить нам пройти до фінального рівня карти і, подолавши усі перешкоди, почати робити масовий абзац менш везучим опонентам.
В процесі екстермінатусу ворогів нам допомогатимуть шмотки, супутники і навіть нейтрали (заваливши певну кількість істот можна прокачати магічну або фізичну силу персонажу). Проте, хоча багато чого і залежить від удачі і випадковості, не варто сліпо на неї покладатись, адже карти з закляттями і купа різного спорядження існує не просто так. Мудрі рішення - запорука перемоги.

Для тих, хто любить очима
Графомани можуть йти лісом, дивитись тут немає на що. Все гарно промальовано, але не більше. 2D інтерфейс доволі зрозумілий: якщо на карті стоять хрести, то це кладовище, якщо стоїть храм... Ну, ви зрозуміли.

Ложка дьогтю в банці меду
Похила навчання доволі крута. Перші 2-3 гри ви будете вигрібати механіку і задавати питання "Що я? Хто я? Чому я?!".
Другий біль - відсутність локалізації: якщо ваша англійська складається лише із "My name is Vova" - бути біді. Тексту багато, читати його треба, інакше вашому протеже настане каюк.
Інший мінус - наявність у онлайн іграх тролів або людей, які через тільки Богу відомі причини стають AFK: чекання по півтори хвилини на хід гравця (яких може бути до 4х) вибішує жвавіше, аніж виступи наших депутатів. Трохи покращує ситуацію автозаміна хронічних слоупоків ботами і можливість продовжити гру пізніше.

- Зараз буде шістка!
- Ага, кидай вже.
- Нуууууууууу....! [censored]!!!!!!
Гарний тайтл, якщо є компанія друзів (зі знанням англійської) з якими можна забацати конфу в скайпі і розібратись, хто найвезучіший покидьок на селі. Трошки осторонь стоїть гра з незнайомими гравцями по Інтернету. Отже якщо ви запросто зриваєте джекпоти в казино або хочете долучитись до серйозних "настолок" і ваш інгліш включає не тільки сакральне "F*ck you!" - ласкаво просимо
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny