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Star Lords is an epic, complex, dense, turn-based 4X PC strategy game, set in deep space. Take command of one race to join the struggle for supremacy in the galaxy. As the leader of your empire you are tasked with exploring the stars, colonizing new worlds, managing your empire and conquering whoever dares to oppose you.
Data di rilascio: 6 Dic 2013
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“With Star Lords we're taking a crack at rejuvenating classic 4X gameplay, by emphasizing features such as diplomacy, spying and conspiracy. Generals can become a decisive factor in your war effort, but don’t ignore the homefront, as rebellion may always be around the corner.
We're a new studio filled with a young crew, and are looking forward to your ideas, feedback and enhancements, so that we can make Star Lords all it promises to be - and more !

We opted to go into Early Access, as 4X games are very complex, and your feedback is very important for us to make sure we can create the game you want to play. Meanwhile you will hopefully be helping us track down bugs and stability issues as well. You can aid us by reporting any issues you have with the game, so we encourage you to give your honest feedback, warts-and-all, by completing the in-game questionnaire. Any and all feedback is appreciated, so don't be shy !

Star Lords will remain in Early Access for as long as it takes for us to get the game as good as it can possibly be. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how long this may take, but this could very well be several months.

At the moment, Star Lords already has a very large amount of features implemented and will therefore be very playable right away. It could best be described in the games biz as an ‘advanced-alpha’ version. There are some features still under development and others are still a work-in-progress.
Some of these elements are playable but please don’t expect them to fully function as intended, just yet.

We still think the game in its current state provides an enjoyable experience and this should only get better as time goes by. Some of the main features we plan to add to the game during Early Access include Multiplayer, Domestic Policies, even bigger galaxies, more content overall and we may implement more features later down the road according to your feedback. More about this topic can be found in the Announcement about the Development Roadmap.

During Early Access, as more features are added, the price of Star Lords will rise, leading to the launch price of $ 29.99. So, as a thumbs-up to our early supporters and the help they will provide, we are showing our gratitude by offering the game at a lower price, for now.

Once again, we are creating this game for you, the gamers - we appreciate your help in making this an unforgettable 4X experience, and with your help we might just make that happen.”
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Alpha 19.0 is live !

9 Aprile 2014

Hi everyone !

Here's a brand new build that introduces one major concept but mostly fixes several major bugs, and hopes to improve overall stability.

Here's the changelog:

-New immigration concept: Citizens from other empires can now migrate to your colonies and vice
versa, depending on several factors such as the living conditions, taxes and overall happiness of both your colonies and their native empire.
Immigration plays an important role on diplomacy and espionage and foreign grants for specific planets can be negotiated with other empires to ensure faster population growth.

- Major optimization in several areas of the game, major bug fixes and a tentative fix for the stability issues reported by several players. Some of the bug fixes include monthly payments, and missing generals in the Generals menu.

- Did some balancing on a few areas. For example, units can travel farther each turn and embassy and trade consulates won't have such a big impact on relations as they previously had, making it too easy to get another player to like you and arrange good deals.

- Updated galaxy view icons and symbol graphics for every race in the game.

As always, your feedback is very important for us so if you were one of those affected by these issues please let us know if this build fixed or at least improved the problem for you and if you noticed the framerate improvements.

Thanks !

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Alpha 18.0 is live !

28 Marzo 2014

Hello Space Guv’nors !

We are back with a major new build: Alpha 18 ! This new build should kill off those dreaded stability issues introduced back in Alpha 17, and also adds a bunch of improvements and major new features.

Here's what you can expect:

- A budget adjustment screen is now available. You can now adjust the budget for crime, health and propaganda (if you have the respective domestic policy enabled), as well as research and social welfare. All this makes your economy more easily manageable and adds some more depth when it comes to empire managment.

- Added Social Welfare concept: The larger your population, the more expensive social welfare becomes. This helps balance mass colonization and can also be used as a means to fight poverty, strikes and rebel attacks for instance.

- Fixed stability issues. Due to people having so many different PC configurations we still need to check if everyone is able to play the game normally, so as always your feedback is very important for us.

- Renewed ship design component: We added a lot more depth to the ship design component and greatly improved the UI, with the possibility for instance to add more than one weapon in one ship. This isn't final and there are some placeholder graphics but all this will be addressed in the coming builds.

- We got rid of the double clicking to go the galaxy view, and got rid of the previous zoom limit, making it possible to play the game however you want.

- Balancing: ships move faster and can move further each turn than in the last builds, and taxing is more profitable than ever.

- Added several new random events.

- A new batch of bug fixes.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback and thanks a lot for all the feedback we got so far. :)

Cheers !

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Star Lords is an epic, complex, dense, turn-based 4X PC strategy game, set in deep space.

Take command of one race to join the struggle for supremacy in the galaxy. As the leader of your empire you are tasked with exploring the stars, colonizing new worlds, managing your empire and conquering whoever dares to oppose you.

The galaxy is full of secrets and dangers: Discover ancient ruins and artifacts, repel or befriend pirates, promote a general to guide your fleets to victory. Concoct complex plots with your allies or use your intelligence services to uncover weak spots on that threatening empire whose leader has vowed to destroy you.

Make sure to keep your population happy or be prepared to face protests against your rule, or in a worst case scenario, rebel factions within your empire.

Only the mightiest rulers can prevail in the depths of space. Are you up to the task of becoming a Star Lord?

Key features:

  • 8 major races each with their own ship designs, technologies, unique traits and unique abilities, meaning playing with each race is a different challenge and offers new ways to approach the game.
  • Big, living universe: In addition to the major powers, independent races and pirate clans also claim the galaxy as their residence; their existence can be an annoyance, or a blessing if you can take advantage of them.
  • Deep economical and political layer: War isn’t the only way to weaken your rivals. Diplomacy, inteligence and trade can be one of many powerful tools that, if used properly, can be very effective as well.
  • Tactical Turn based combat.
  • Create and customize your own ship designs.
  • Generals: These unique and powerful units evolve as they battle and if used well can be the difference between defeat and victory.
  • Randomly generated universe, tech tree and units: You will never play the same game twice.
  • Empire shattering: Unrest might lead rebels to start a civil war which in turn might lead to the creation of a new, independent empire that might grow to rival your own.
  • Plotting: Secretly finance a war against your rivals in order to weaken them or prepare a surprise joint war along with your allies in a bid to destroy that frighteningly fast growing empire.
  • Human-like AI that doesn’t cheat and plays by the same rules as human players, while presenting a constant challenge. Or play with your friends in hotseat mode

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated
    • Additional Notes: There is a known issue with people using ATI cards on Vista so if you are one of those we recommend you skip the game until a fix is found
    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: Quad Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated
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Star Lords Alpha Build - Pre-release Review

Star Lords, by Arkavi Studios and Iceberg Interactive is a deep and complex turn based 4x sci-fy strategy game. This is about the only informations you get from the get-go once you boot the game for the first time. Once you start a new game, you will be asked to select from a group of 8 original races and customise the "game board".

Once the game begins, you'll immediately take control of your chosen race and you can start using your scout ship to explore your surroundings. You also get a home planet, which will be used as a main hub for initial development.

The game leaves a pretty good first impression, with very nice and clean graphical information. The UI is functional and simple, but can become a bit overwhelming for starters, but all in all everything is pretty intuitive. But, being this an alpha build, i must stress the importance of the creation of a structured tutorial, so players can learn and try the base mechanics before being sent into the wild.

Once the game starts building up pace, you will meet other civilizations, which you will need to either crush with military prowess or outsmart through diplomacy and espionage. Overall, the AI is pretty solid, even though other races can be tad temperamental towards your actions

The game map, even though presented in a very simplistic fashion, works very well and offers a ton of graphical variety. Planets look pretty good, and so does spacial debris and other celestial bodies, such as moons and stars.

The game still lacks a bit of clear indicative elements, such as an "it is now your turn" prompt, or some audio feedback on research completion but, as it is in alpha, hopefully these elements will be added at some point.

Veredict: There is room for a lot of improvement, specially in the fine details, but as this is just an alpha build, i will be eagerly expecting the finished product, and i am glad to be supporting it!
Pubblicata: 7 Dicembre 2013
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I have been playing this game for a while now, it has grown into such a great game. The developers really shine in their skill, communication, and direction. Right now it is like an uncut diamond. You can see the potential in the game, but it might not quite be there yet. If you are looking for a finished or mostly finished game, this is not yet for you. Since I bought the game, it has been drastically improved, both functionally and with new content.

For your benefit, here is my take on a few features the game offers

Sorry charlie, not yet. If you play the game, you will see why its not ready, the engine is not finished and the balance is a bit off.

AI, multiple opponents
The AI in the game is functional but not really that great. The programmers have said they are working on improvements, but not sure when they will make it in. If you play the game, my suggestion is to poke the AI players earlier on with some throw-away ships. The AI player's tend to turtle up on 1 or 2 systems until it is provoked, but afterward they get really fun to fight against.

Standard researching. No real thoughts on this, its nothing to scream about, but its not bad either. To summarrize.. Three tech trees, military, economy, science. Military has weapons, ship modules, and fleet and ground attack buffs. Economy has money and diplomacy buffs and a few economic buildings. Science allows you to colonize worse conditioned planets, terraform, buff science production, and has a few buildings.

Ship Design
Its a rudimentary system currently, but it has already seen some major improvements. Currently there are 4 hull sizes available from Scout up to Capital. Your different ship parts have weights and can only be placed in certain predertermined spots.

Ships and space combat
Use shipyard planets to build ships. Then conquer the galaxy. Space combat is psuedo turn based. Each player takes a turn with his whole army and attacker goes first. You can move a ship, then move another ship, then come back to your previous ship and attack with it. I like to move all my stuff then attack with it. There is automatic combat resolving, but like most 4X games you can do much better when you control combat manually.

Random Events, Minor Races, Pirates, Espianage, Diplomacy
There is a decent amount of variety but like any game if you play enough you will see it repeat a lot. Someday they are going to add in Race specific story line events, the race backgrounds (detailed in the manual) are quite good, but that story is not yet integrated with the game. The game offers rudimentary espianage and diplomacy. These features are being worked on and have seen some improvements over the last few months.

Game graphics and performance
The graphics are beautiful. The camera angles are not great yet, but you can see that your able to zoom into fine detail and it still looks good. The developers recently said on the forums that their intention is to make combat more cinematic so it feels more exciting, you can see already that they will be able to pull that off

Game sound
The sounds in this game sometimes feel a bit desolate. There is ambient tracks playing for the feeling, but not a lot of music. If you play in silence for a few hours, then do a ground combat invasion, the baby crying in the battle ambience may make you question your morality. I like the quality of the sounds and am hoping some more game music is added before release
Pubblicata: 21 Dicembre 2013
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I reallly like this game and it's concepts. However I haven't yet been able to complete a game as it keeps crashing after a certain point. I realize this is an early release and there are still some bugs. Hopefully these issues will be worked out. I think with the upcoming play expansions and when the kinks get worked out this will be an excellent game for all who enjoy strategy games
Pubblicata: 27 Gennaio 2014
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So this is an Alpha level release, comments should be constructive or aid in correcting issues, so here it goes. Ok 13 hours in, the AIs need to be a little more active, (like Endless Space - making offers that make no sense, and attack patterns that are identical - same target, same ships, over and over. Battle computer is way off on AUTO, it always cost me ships, in manual almost never lost one. Also, had some lock ups that required restart (battle), trade has some mysteries to it, only managed to get one trade route to work, others just sat there. Some video artifact in all mosts, black trapezoids related to other races ship travels, present in all three resolutions I tried, worse in lower resolutions. Its a good start, with some tweaking I think it could be on par with Endless Space which I like for the most part. Sounds are out of place maybe just not finished yet, way too loud and for some things (research, speeches) then nothing at all where you would like it (invading a planet victory, or someone attacking you) I recommend it based on its potential - I hope it achieves that.
Pubblicata: 12 Gennaio 2014
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I got this game Late last year. I love 4x games of all types but scifi space 4x is my fav. I was disappointed by this one and after 30 mins put it on the back burner in the hopes that it might get better being early access. Well a couple days ago a friend said he was looking at it and my instant reaction was to tell him it wasnt worth it. After that i felt bad cuase i had not loaded it back up since last year so I reinstalled it to give it another go. Even with the time thats past, I my opinion has not changed. This is a very cut and paste 4X, I can see that have tried to introduce new aspects to the genre, but they all feel less micromanage ( which i dont mind ) and more gimmicky. The interface and graphics are alot more dated then they should be. Now take in mind that you have to judge for yourself and all this is just MHO. I support indie and early access titles to a fault, and in 6 months or so I will give this title another try and will delete this review if need be, but as of right now I cant recommend this title with so many 4x out there that are older, better, and more deserving of your purchase ATM. Good luck Star Lords team, I really do wish you all well!
Pubblicata: 17 Marzo 2014
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