Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Players build space ships, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses, pilot ships and travel through space to explore planets and gather resources to survive.
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Release Date: Oct 23, 2013

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Early Access Game

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“Space Engineers is an Early Access game, which means that it is still under development but already in a very playable state and contains a vast amount of new features that have been added since its first release (e.g. Multiplayer, Survival mode). The game is being improved on a regular basis through updates that add and polish features and content, optimizations and bug fixes.

We invite you to give us your feedback and suggestions to help us create the best game possible.

Buy now, play on Steam and receive all future updates for free.

Please be sure to read the list of current features before you buy the game. It will give you an insight on what is or isn't actually working:

Everything in the game is subject to change”
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August 25

Update 01.150 DEV - Render Improvements and Bugfixes

Hey Engineers! In today’s update to the development branch, we're releasing the first batch of render improvements. Proper PBR rendering has been introduced, along with adding Nvidia HBAO, static decals on models, and tons of other features and improvements. Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress - more improvements and optimizations are on the way. We would also like to ask for your feedback and bug reports in the bug section of our forums:
Thanks a lot in advance!
Detailed render blog post:
Full list of new features and fixes:

15 comments Read more

August 18

Update 01.144 STABLE; Update 01.149 DEV - Bug Fixes and Improvements

This week’s update brings you more bugfixes and improvements, as well as a new animation when rotating blocks. This short animation should help players better see how blocks are being rotated.
Improvements this week focus mainly on rotors, pistons and wheels when flying in a ship. Other bugs fixed include trees being too strong, mirroring issues with the refinery, certain cases of ships sinking through voxel, and teleporting through walls by exiting cockpits.
Today's update to the stable branch contains most bug fixes from the past month. It also includes certain features, like the new building system and modding changes. However, it does not include recent features like the meteor improvements - for those, jump over to the dev branch to try them out.
Full list of new features and fixes:

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“Space Engineers makes welding, joining and glazing seem like the best jobs in the world. It looks superb.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Buy, unless you are bereft of even the slightest shred of creativity”

“Space Engineers generates its own unique brand of fun, whether you're more interested in constructing things or blasting them to bits”

About This Game

Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Players build space ships, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses (civil and military), pilot ships and travel through space to explore planets and gather resources to survive. Featuring both creative and survival modes, there is no limit to what can be built, utilized and explored.

Space Engineers features a realistic, volumetric-based physics engine: everything in the game can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. The game can be played either in single or multiplayer modes.

Volumetric objects are structures composed from block-like modules interlocked in a grid. Volumetric objects behave like real physical objects with mass, inertia and velocity. Individual modules have real volume and storage capacity.

Space Engineers is inspired by reality and by how things work. Think about modern-day NASA technology extrapolated 60 years into the future. Space Engineers strives to follow the laws of physics and doesn't use technologies that wouldn't be feasible in the near future.

Space Engineers concentrates on construction and exploration aspects, but can be played as a survival shooter as well. We expect players will avoid engaging in direct man-to-man combat and instead use their creativity and engineering skills to build war machines and fortifications to survive in space and on planets. Space Engineers shouldn’t be about troops; it should be about the machinery you build.

Early Access

  • Planets and moons – inspired by real celestial objects (Earth, Mars, Alien, Moon, Europa, Titan), fully destructible & persistent, volumetric, atmosphere, gravity, climate zones
  • Game modes
    - Creative – unlimited resources, instant building, no death
    - Survival – realistic management of resources and inventory capacity; manual building; death and respawn
  • Single-player – you are the sole space engineer
  • Multiplayer - alpha version (not a final version)
    - Creative and survival mode with your friends
    - Cooperative and competitive
    - Privacy customization: offline, private, friends only, public
    - Max 16 players (this may increase in the future)
    - Weapons on/off
    - Copy-paste on/off
  • Starting Worlds
    - Earth Easy Start - start on a habitable planet with a set of basic vehicles. Your survival is threatened by attacking pirates who set up shop within range of their drones.
    - Mars Easy Start - become a colonist on a barren, inhospitable planet. Make sure you secure a source of water soon. Also beware of local pirates.
    - Alien Easy Start – the alien planet is a place with very sparse oxygen, not enough to breath freely. There is hostile fauna and pirates who want to claim the riches of this mysterious world and are not willing to share.
    - Moon Easy Start – You start on a moon orbiting a habitable planet. Your base is under attack by pirates.
    - Empty Star System - It is a star system with 3 distinctive planets and their 3 moons. Except for local fauna, planets are uninhabited.
    - Easy Start 1 – start on an asteroid platform with one large ship and two small ships
    - Easy Start 2 – start in a green asteroid station with several large and small ships (this is a large scene!)
    - Lone Survivor – start on an abandoned asteroid platform with no ships
    - Crashed Red Ship – your mother ship just crashed...
    - Two Platforms – competitive two-team multi-player world
    - Asteroids – start in a rescue ship with very limited resources
    - Empty World – no asteroids, no ships; suitable for creative mode
  • Enemy NPCs
    - sabiroids (spiders): can be found on alien planets and on Titan moons. They can destroy metal blocks and attack players. Their favorite hunting strategy is hiding in the ground and un-burrow to surprise their prey. When players kill a spider, new spiders won’t appear in the area for some time. They also store some components inside their bodies from objects and blocks that they consumed.
    - pirate bases: can be found either in space or occupying planetary surface. They have bounty hidden inside their containers that players can loot if they get over the drone attacks.
    - enemy drones: they spawn automatically from pirate bases and attack the players when they venture into pirate territory
  • Ships (small and large ships – build them, pilot them and crush them
  • Space stations
  • First-person & Third-person
  • Planetary bases, outposts, cities!
  • Dedicated servers - allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. The result is a faster connection and a more fluent multiplayer performance with less lag
  • Super-large worlds – the size of the world to 1,000,000,000 km in diameter (almost infinite)
  • Procedural asteroids - adds an infinite number of asteroids to the game world
  • Exploration - adds an infinite number of ships and stations to the game world; discover, explore, acquire and conquer!
  • Drilling / harvesting
  • Manual building in survival mode – use welder to assemble blocks from components; use grinder to disassemble and reuse components
  • Deformable and destructible objects – real proportions, mass, storage capacity, integrity
  • Scenario editor - players can create missions and game modes which can be played by other players. Capture the flag, deathmatch, racing or campaign driven missions - all can be done by using the scenario editor, with your own rules and designs
  • Building blocks - light armor (cube, slope, corner), heavy armor, interior wall, interior light, small cockpit, large cockpit, cargo container(s), drill (character, large/small ship), ore detector, gravity generator, nuclear reactor, thruster, gyroscope, assembler, medical room, magnetic landing gears, spotlight, catwalk, cover wall, stairs, ramp, window(s), pillar, decoy, wheels, automated turrets, weapons, artificial mass, conveyor, collector, connector, merge block, camera, sensor, timer, text panel
  • Magnetic landing gears – attach your ship to a surface (another ship or asteroid)
  • Electricity - all blocks in a grid are wired in an electrical and computer network; electricity is generated by nuclear reactors
  • Gravity – produced by planets and gravity generators. Spherical gravity generator also available.
  • Rotors – create rotating objects
  • Advanced rotors – able to function as a conveyor system
  • Refinery - process harvested ore to ingots
  • Assembler - manufacture components from ingots
  • Oxygen - take off character's helmet, generate oxygen out of ice by using the oxygen generator
  • Symmetry/Mirroring Mode - useful in creative mode when building structures that require symmetry
  • Weapons - automatic rifle, small and large explosive warheads, small ship gatling gun, small ship missile launcher
  • Large weapons - missile launcher (for large ships)
  • Jump drive – a traveling mechanism that allows players to travel big distances in a short period of time
  • Solar panels - produce energy depending on the amount of light that they catch from the sun
  • World management – generate new worlds, “save as” to multiple copies, auto-save every 5 minutes (can be turned on/off), edit world settings
  • 32-bit & 64-bit - 64-bit version expands the amount of objects, ships and asteroids (almost unlimited)
  • Steam Workshop - Share your creations with the Community (upload and download worlds)
  • Modding - world files, shaders, textures, 3D models
  • Source code access – modders can get complete access to the game’s source code that can be found on Github ( This offers the opportunity for more and better modified content.
  • Localized interface (WIP) - Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Icelandic, Polish, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-Latin America, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese-Brazil, Estonian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Custom colors for blocks – Customize your creations by using any color you like
  • Cargo ships - auto-piloted vessels (miners, freighters and military) that carry ore, ingots, constructions components and other materials from sector to sector. They can be looted but beware, they often contain booby traps!
  • Environmental hazards – protect your character and your creations from meteor storms (Safe, Normal, Cataclysm, Armageddon)
  • Conveyor, Collector, Connector (IMPORTANT: this is a first work-in-progress version and a realistic version will be added later) - Conveyors move items from inventory to inventory. Collectors can collect small objects (ore, ingots, components, tools) into inventory. Connectors can throw items from inventory to space (in future update could be used to connect two ships/stations and transfer items)
  • Artificial mass – can be used to add gravity-affected mass to ships, useful in machine ships or cars
  • Wheels - use them with rotors and artificial mass to build vehicles
  • Automated turrets – gatling, missile and interior. Turrets are used mostly as defense mechanism rather than shooting other players. They aim on decoys (automatically by default), meteorites, missiles or all moving objects (eg. small/large ships) - targeting can be changed in the control panel
  • Large weapons - missile launcher (for large ships)
  • Large and small ship grinder and welder – assemble and disassemble blocks faster and in larger amount
  • Batteries - enables players to store the energy generated by solar panels or reactors at an efficiency rate of 80%
  • Pistons - offers the option to build more advanced machinery
  • Ion thrusters – suitable for environments without atmosphere (space or moons) / not recommended to be used on planets with atmosphere
  • Hydrogen - hydrogen thrusters, hydrogen tanks and hydrogen bottles
  • Atmospheric thrusters - powered by electricity, working only on planets with atmosphere
  • Factions - create and join factions, determine ownership of blocks and manage the relations between them (hostile/ally). NOTE: Factions are currently Work-in-Progress. There are still many things to be added (eg. chat and communication) and some bugs/issues are yet to be fixed.
  • Remote ship control – control ships without being inside the ship’s cockpit (drones)
  • Remote turret control - control turrets directly
  • 3D printing - export (CTRL+ALT+E) and 3D print the creations that you design in the game (
  • Modding API - brings a lot of new possibilities to modders and allows them to alter the game by writing C# scripts which have access to in-game objects (WIP - more features will be added in the future)
  • Blueprints - save your ship or station on a blueprint and paste it into your game
  • Projector block – project blueprints and weld the projection
  • Sensor – detects ships, palyers, asteroids, stations, floating objects and their state (friendly, neutral or enemy) and ownership
  • Sound block - reproduce predefined sounds such as alarm or siren for announcements
  • Programmable block – players can write small programs executed by the block
  • Communication – chat between players and factions
  • GPS - create, send, receive and manage GPS coordinates in the game
  • Voxel hands - shape and form the asteroids and change their material (creative mode only)
  • Xbox controller support
Please be sure to read the list of current features before you buy the game. It will give you an insight on what is or isn't actually working:

How to Play

Start by watching this video tutorial:

Performance Notes

Space Engineers is in development and undergoing frequent optimizations. The performance will get better.

The performance depends on the complexity of your world and the configuration of your computer. Simple worlds run smoothly even on low-end computers, but a more complex world with rich object interactions could overload even high-end computers.

Please read our performance advices:

Minimum requirements represent the bare minimum to run simple scenes and don’t guarantee a perfect experience.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (latest SP) 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: NOTE: The minimum requirements are sufficient to run the game but without planetary features.
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (latest SP) 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core i5 @ 2.5 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: No internet connection required to play the game
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (1,113 reviews)
Very Positive (53,448 reviews)
Recently Posted
The Dragon Reborn
12.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
Please take notice that this is my very first reveiw of a steam game, so if I write this incorrectly please bear with me. Thanks!

With that out of the way... I would really love to recommend this game, I really would. The graphics are great, the physics are superb; and the multitude of fantastic creations by other people really makes it exciting.

But I cannot recommend it for one simple reason; Space engineers is nigh-impossible for beginners. Its a paradox, I know that, but its true. To start with, the tutorials are broken. Plain and simple. I don't know if this is a weird/freak personal experience or not, but both the conveyors tutorial (#4), and the conveyors in the game proper cannot be placed. The "small conveyor tube", an item essential to both the tutorial and the game itself literally do not exist in the inventory and there is no help on how to acquire them. Additionally there are other known problems with the power tutorial and some other issues with the game.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you know how to fix this, until then... I have to say DO NOT BUY at anywhere close to full price.

Great Graphics
Physics is excellent
Looks fun and engaging
Mod workshop
Allows for creativity

Tutorials are broken
UI is counterintuitive and confusing at times
Items do not work properly (conveyors)
No help from game on how to find different types of items in inventory
So far very few bug fixes...
Helpful? Yes No Funny
143.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
It was a nice game in the past with decent stability and great gameplay. At the moment however it's a giant ♥♥♥♥♥torm of bugs combined with horrible stablity.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
88.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
Very nice sandbox game with unlimited possibilities!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
214.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
great game
Helpful? Yes No Funny
13.0 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
Amazing Game! It honestly is. For everyone complaining about lag... check the requirments. I barely meet them but my game runs fine. It's a hard game to learn but it's worth it 100%
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Daanydoomboy | Trading
278.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
the infinite amount of aspects of this game keep challenging you. there's litteraly no limit to you imagination and either survival as creative are very nice to play. it's like minecraft, but way more fun and you don't get bored in creative after 2 hours.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
13.6 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
The game has some great potential, and with the adding of planets and moons, it seems like the devs of Space Engineers do have a basic idea of where this game is going. However, the game is still a bit glitchy and could improve on a few areas.
Gameplay is best played with friends as you gather recources to create awesome ships and bases to explore the universe, but i feel that gathering recources gets a bit repedative and the ultimate result of all your hard work could result in a very sad and dingy space station. :(

Its a great game, if you have the patients for it.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
travyl kazmoz
0.6 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
this is hardly a game, it's more like a waste of time.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
K. Ostwind
1.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
Product received for free
Marked as "Recieved for free" because I got it as a gift.

Alright, so lemme try to explain myself here...
This game looks and sounds pretty good on paper. And in videos.
But right now, even with my twin R7 370s, running the game at a decent framerate is a genuine ♥♥♥♥♥how. Especially when collisions happen.
I'm genuinely interested as to whether the devs know what they're doing, especially since they had to float this project with Medieval Engineers (which, as I hear, doesn't seem to be getting any attention at all, could be wrong).
Now, this can all be hand-waved off because "muh beta", but the product's being sold, so I'm going to give my opinion. And my opinion is that this isn't worth the cash when the optimization is so bad.
I'd love more good vehicle building games. I just wish all of them weren't in early access so I didn't have to hope my money wasn't wasted. Or other people's, as the case may be.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
25.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 25
Very nice game, i can play this for hours.
Unfortunatly the multiplayer is nto working properly (at least for me) and we keep disconnecting from the server.

Once this is fixed i would recommend this game to all who still have doubts if they should buy it or not.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
289 of 374 people (77%) found this review helpful
123 people found this review funny
26.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 14
better than no mans sky,
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
82 of 94 people (87%) found this review helpful
9 people found this review funny
137.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 13
Found my friend on the planet surface
Cannibalized our ships
Built a shack
Built a truck to haul resources
Built a small flyer to search for more resources
Built a much larger truck
Dug out an underground base
Built a launch pad
Built our first ship to go to space
Crash and burn
Add thrusters
Add more thrusters
Make it so space (feeling of accomplishment)
Return to planet and make a rocket ship with living quarters
Return to space
Farm asteroids
Build our first space station
Start building space ships

This was all done in the survival mode, and I had a great time playing it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
85 of 111 people (77%) found this review helpful
35 people found this review funny
2.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 9
Before you buy the 4-Pack for 80$ make sure you check the humble bundle..... A friend learned this the hard way
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
95 of 148 people (64%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
1,450.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 26
This review is heartbreaking for me.

TLDR: Keen ruined this game.

In it's alpha prime, when it was still a space sandbox, PVP was amazing. A cluster of asteroids that pirates and miners fought for with creations of their own designs.. perfect.

Instead of optimizing that, they listened to whiners and pressure to do other things, and released planets. And started Medieval Engineers. And made exploding wolves.

Been waiting on Netcode, stability, and clang fixes for over a year now without playing. (most of my hours logged were pre-planet PVP and design.)
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
61 of 90 people (68%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
543.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 9
Consider that this review was written on 09/08/2016. This game may have changed meaningfully between then and now.

I've got a lot of hours down in this game. I've enjoyed it. Not anymore though.

The game does have merits.

- I've enjoyed survival mode a lot. It's fun to start with limited resources and scrounge up what you can to build and progress until you finally have the resources to build something impressive. It was very fun when I came across a derelict station to explore it and gradually rip it down for parts. But I played 300 hours of this game before that ever happened; it was the first and only time I came across one. They're apparently sparsely located, and, naturally, they're difficult to see in space.

- Planets can be an interesting challenge, to an extent. Wheels were added a long time before planets were, but they were basically redundant. There wasn't an advantage to making a wheeled vehicle in artifical gravity over a flying one, really.

- There are very many mods. If you don't like something about the game, there's a good chance it can be changed. Mods include upgrade modules for thrusters, different suits (models and different stats like hydrogen, carrying capacity), new planets, more encounters, homing missiles, skyboxes, probably any given armour block you would need..Keen have really made this game very modable.

- Programmable Blocks have allowed for many interesting possibilities. I've seen a script that draws a map of your ship and represents the damage as it takes it, radars, reports on inventory..It can be very interesting, if you know any C#.

- The armour damage is very nice. The best part of making a large ship is taking it into battle and wrecking it.

But it has more cons at this time than pros to my eyes.

- After playing enough survival to get on your feet with a stable supply of resources, what is the point? There is nothing to drive you but the goals you set yourself. There are enemy drones, but they don't seek you out so much; you have to come into their sensor radius first, then they'll come after you with drones. You can do a lot as far as building goes, but there isn't any reason to. In that sense it's more like a tech demo. The same for creative mode.

- If you've read much about Space Engineers you may have come across the name "Clang", a joke deity players made up to explain the very frequent physics bugs that afflict this game, derived from the noise they make. They didn't do this after only a little while; it's been broken all along. Many ships have been lost to splruging pistons, rotors and landing gears, the latter of which is to be fair better than it was. But it still very common with rotors or pistons in my experience to simply blow up your machine.

- Where's the engineering in Space Engineers? The only blocks that are really mechanical are Pistons and Rotors. These are both horrendously broken a lot of the time, and are actively avoided in ships and stations by most players because they have a tendency to blow up. So the only blocks that are designed to make elaborate, custom machinery instead of premade blocks are deathtraps, and in one of their livestreams (or possible their roadmap on Marek, the CEO's devblog) they basically said they have no plans to add any more blocks like those because of how much trouble they've had with pistons or rotors. At this time, if you want to build a walking mech or some other elaborate machine, you can probably forget it.

- There's actually not much depth to planets, it seems to me. You're relying more on solar power and batteries because Uranium the usual power source, is scarce, so you can't just throw thrusters at everything. However, once you have enough batteries, or find some uranium, you can do whatever you want more or less. Furthermore, my experience of tyres has been that they're more likely to flip you over than give you any stable vehicle; they have plenty of settings to modify to fix this, but you have to do so much fiddling to get a wheeled vehicle worth a damn. There's also no way of making a plane that flies like a plane; if you want to go up, you need thrusters.

- Reliance on mods. I believe that Keen have made their game so modable because they want many possibilities to exist in this game but don't want to spend the time and money doing it themselves. Look at the amount of things that are mods that should, in my opinion, be in the core game. For one, suits with different attributes. You can get a mod for a heavy suit that is slower but can carry more, or a fast one with little capacity, and so on. Those should be in the game itself. Or the Aerodynamic Wings mod that lets you make planes that can fly more like real planes, instead of the fake planes you would have to make in the base game that fly with downwards facing thrusters.

- Enemies. There are drones in space that aren't so bad. The drone Argentavis will occasionally appear and may head for something nearby. Itcan spawn other types of drone..some are designed to attack, others designed to look around and summon atack drones if it finds something. I've never tried capturing it myself, but I'm told it's a challenge. It's not so bad. But on the Earthlike Planet, you have Cyberhounds, packs of cyborg dogs that appear from nowhere, spawning near you, and attack. You can't outrun them. If they can't get to you, they will chomp at the nearest structure. Why do they even exist? In universe? Someone must be making them. But more importantly, they're not a challening enemy, they're a nuisance. Set up a moat (with no water, because water is actually solid ice) and you'll be fine. Or if you have the Magnesium, a auto-turret. Or if not, set up some grinders with sensors that turn on when enemies draw near, they'll walk right into it. Alien Planets have Sabiroids, spider-like creatures with basically the behaviour as Cyberhounds. Except they will happilly glitch-walk right over each other and if memory serves don't eat your work. Both of these types of enemy, I've seen, may well spawn inside your structures; they spawn within a certain radius of you, not taking into account your environment.

- Multiplayer is broken. They say they have been working on it for some time, and are fixing it. Most accounts I've heard suggest it's still dross. A person managing an SE server really must put in effort to get it to not perform like crap. The most popular tool for this is a third party on called SE Server Extender, if I remember rightly. I believe Keen were considering integrating it into the game .

- Don't expect to be able to detail your ships worth a damn. Large Ship Blocks are large, often stupidly; a Catwalk is a very thin bit of metal, but it still takes up the whole space, meaning I can't have a walkway with a light above it in a 1 block space. Simple things like that can't be done, so if you want detail it ends up bloating your entire ship. There is a mod to give small ships all large ship blocks, which can give you great results, but the large small ship may be poor for performance.


- Tonnes of mods
- In-game programming can be good.
- Deformable armour is great.
- Pretty large planets. Several types (Earthlike, Alien, Martian, etc)
- Single Player is fine enough so long as you set your own goals.
- There's basically no engineering in Space Engineers.
- Rotors and Pistons will break your work.
- Large Ships have to be very big to have much detail.
- Things that should be game mechanics are left to modders (which I believe is Keen's deliberate laziness.)
- Multiplayer is broken.
- Enemies are very dumb, and don't make sense in-universe (cyborg hounds, who is making them?)
- Planet performance varies wildly depending on your computer and has not much depth.
- The devs are also friends with several of the more prominent YouTubers who play this game, which I think is inappropriate.

I suggest not to buy.

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
71 of 115 people (62%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
60.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 29
I desperately wanted to enjoy this game. I did everything I could to make the game as playable as possible. But in the end, this game is an unfixable wreck that Keen has left us with. Few new features are getting added, and we're left with a broken mess that is Space Engineers. For starters, this game is incredibly unfriendly to people who don't have a top of the line computer. Besides for how high the requirements to smoothly play this game are (I probably should have payed more attention to that before buying), the game also only goes as low as "normal" for graphics IIRC, and has very few graphics options. In addition, they stopped supporting the dx9 version which turns this from a game my computer can barely run to a game that makes me feel like I'm watching a slideshow.

The overall idea though is great, and I loved the idea of building fleets of drones to do stuff for you, a little bit of which I actually did before they dropped dx9 support, and even though I still have the dx9 version, I got tired of 15 FPS constantly so just stopped playing.

If Keen ever takes measures to reduce lag, then I might consider trying this again, but until then, I'm just going to have to thoroughly regret buying this game. If you do have a good enough computer, then I'd somewhat recommend this, but this game still has a whole array of other problems mentioned in other reviews.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
134 of 228 people (59%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
27.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 26
If you dont have a good computer dont buy it. It is very laggy. The Devs need to optimise this game
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
102.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 16
TL;DR: No.

Look...I wanted to make a long, detailed review, but I ranted so much into the review box that it was actually too long to post. Steam wouldn't let me.

The problems with Space Engineers aren't necessarily going to show their face at first. At its' core, the game is still the same one we got when it entered early access alpha 3 years ago. It's still fun to build ships and fly them around, fun to watch them crash into one another and splinter up and break and dent and all that jazz. If you have a computer capable of hosting a server with friends and they have computers capable of running the game, the multiplayer can also still be a ton of fun. And the game has a huge modding community, which is always a huge plus, and it can easily support itself feature-wise without it. Not to say it SHOULDN'T have one, of course, but it's a good thing when a mod-focused game doesn't actually need mods.


3 years ago I ran this game on a potato. It ran like a charm. I never had any issues with lag or any crashes or anything. When multiplayer was introduced, my friends joined me and we all played on potato-quality PCs. It's all we had at the time and you know what? The game ran perfectly. Nobody ever had an issue with it.
Somehow since then, the game has managed to turn into the most sluggish, buggy, awful piece of ♥♥♥♥ I have ever encountered. Period.

I can get 60 FPS in this game. Usually. Mind you, my computer ALSO has a brand new Nvidia GTX 1080 in it and a hex-core i7 processor with an absolutely huge overdose of ram at 64 gigs, which is used for video and music production - I never thought I'd see a game that actually needs ALL of it. And even then, the game will crash due to running out of memory and just dumping to desktop without warning. Sometimes, right when you load in. And dont you DARE alt-tab - that causes it instantly. Saying "Usually" also means that I have to turn things like anti-aliasing off entirely and, of course, not even think about playing on planets, which are one of the game's biggest features. Planets lag like ♥♥♥ and there is NO workaround for it outside of plain and simple horesepower. That's not a good thing at all.

The friends that used to play with me for the most part can't anymore. Without a godlike internet connection, the game will cause them to stutter around and die to literal nothing - they will just suddenly be dead without having a clue why. Turns out it's usually because they lagged into an asteroid or something and didn't see it coming. Of course, that's if they can even run the game. I have a friend who can get about 30 fps in space and, well, on planets? A healthy 4 at minimum settings despite surpassing minimum requirements for the game by a large margin. Slideshow quality graphics do NOT count as ABOVE MINIMUM SPECS. And seeing how the game used to run better at higher settings on ♥♥♥♥♥ier hardware, I'm entirely blaming the game for this one.

So performance is a hit. "Well," you say, "I have a god-machine that ran me down the price of a luxury vehicle and runs 400 servers across various games daily, I can run this, your PC is trash lmao". That won't save you from the constant array of glitches. The game does nothing but insert workarounds. Passenger seats were added because they can't be bothered to fix other players glitching out of a ship while it's in motion. Piston and rotor safety locks were added because they can't be bothered to fix them flying off and causing your whole ship to detonate spontaneously due to trying to TURN. The faction system doesn't work worth a damn since any time you build new blocks, they are by default neutral, meaning if you add blocks to a ship that belongs to your OWN faction, YOUR OWN SHIP WILL OPEN FIRE ON ITSELF TO REMOVE THE NEUTRAL HERESY YOU JUST INSTALLED. The oxygen system has had its pressurization system turned OFF by default now even on pre-existing worlds because it's too buggy to bother fixing, so LETS JUST MAKE IT SO IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE.

There's your rant. Reduced size for you, Steam.

Oh and did I mention the game has been in alpha for 3 years and shows no signs of ever progressing past that stage? And every other game the company has EVER made has been abandoned, including Medieval Engineers?...right.
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Early Access Review
Posted: July 25
This game has one of the more innovative and interesting construction mechanics i've seen, and has had an opportunity to do what tekkit and its ilk never could; It could have let engineers fight not just with combat skill but with their skill in engineering. The vast creations of players could have dueled where factories in Feed The Beast could have only refined the materials you threw into them. The joy is in the puzzle of maintaining the unwieldy system you yourself built.

But this game has none of that joy.

With rare exception, Engineering does not matter, only guns and armor matter.
With rare exception, piloting does not matter, only guns and armor matter.
With rare exception, being smart does not matter, only time spent working matters.

It is my firm belief that progress in a game should not be marked by time spent, but by mastery achieved. A grind is no substitute for gameplay.

(oh, also, Keen software somehow managed to one-up minecraft's wolves update, by making an update with EXPLODING CYBER WOLVES whose role in the game could have been filled in many different ways using any number of systems already in place. KSWH have, design wise, forgotten what they have.)
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Early Access Review
Posted: August 13
When I first got this game I thought it was amazing.
It changed a lot with planets and everything but poor physics and lack of optimization makes it unplayable.
It uses too much ram and cpu, after 3 years, this game still doesn't support multi-threading.
I recommend to get this game if you have a good computer.
This game won't do well on ordinary laptops with "okay" specs(except gaming laptops)
Seriously, it uses too much ram and cpu. Your graphics card won't do much.
Again, I highly recommned it if you have a decent computer but if not, please don't get this game you'll regret it.
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