You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords. In this RPG where every choice counts, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting its demonic influence.
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Release Date: May 8, 2014

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"While parts of Bound By Flame are messy, its combat is strong enough to keep the fire stoked."
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May 5


Bound by Flame will be available on Friday! So to celebrate the week of the game launch on PC, here's a final teaser video of the most ambitious RPG from Spiders studio: a launch trailer with music by Olivier Derivière (Assassin's Creed, Remember Me), who has created an original Bound by Flame soundtrack that is thrilling and sublime.

This latest Bound by Flame video highlights one of the important elements in the game, the background story and the gameplay: the relationship between the hero and the flame demon that possesses him. The choices and decisions you make in the game will determine if you allow your demonic side to predominate and gradually transform you physically in exchange for his powerful fire magic, or if you resist the demon's control and retain your humanity to develop your heroic skills.

Your human/demon duality will have a notable impact not only on your approach to the extremely tactical combat in the game, but also on the reaction of the people around you, particularly your relationship with your companions. It is therefore a central component in Bound by Flame that will influence your game experience depending on your choices and also assure gameplay longevity: players who want to try every possible way of progressing through the adventure are sure to start the game again to make totally different decisions from the first time!

Bound by Flame will be available on PC on May 9 2014.

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“The mix of combat styles, spells, and abilities is fantastic”

“Bound by Flame is like Mass Effect set in a Medieval fantasy world”

“We're pretty impressed with Bound by Flame”

About This Game

You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their Dead-Army.

In this RPG where all your choices lead to consequences, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting the demonic influence that wants to claim your humanity.

Freely develop your abilities and combat style through three skill trees: swing the heavy weapons of the Fighter, wield the sneaky dual daggers of the Ranger, or use the devastating flame spells of the Pyromancer.

Recruit companions who will live, love, hate and fight alongside you against the dreadful creatures of Vertiel, in real-time epic battles based on tactics and reaction.

The bigger the danger, the greater the temptation to draw on the demon’s power at the cost of your soul… which way will YOU choose?

System Requirements

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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16.0 hrs on record
I wasn't sure about getting this game... mixed reviews, cinematics that look too good to reflect gameplay etc. but I wanted to give it a try as the concept intruiged me!

Im about half-way through the game while im posting this and so far I think the game is both great and somewhat lacking in some respects. So lest start with the good points...

1. The graphics are pretty good with creative environments and weather effects.
2. A Good variety of armour looks and customising options
3. cool mix of combat styles (setting your sword on fire always makes the arm hair stand on end!)
4. Interesting storyline from what i've seen so far and the Daemon's dialogue I think is particularly well done.

So those are just some of the things I quite like about this game so far, I hope these dont change for the worse!

Now for my picky points which both frustrate and disappoint me...

1. The laziness of animations - you enter a new area and think wow look at this scenery, then you see the 'frozen' character standing close by pretending to be doing something important of giving depth to the game. I think this is awful in terms of creating a believable environment and frankly is kinda of lazy. The least they could do is breathe even if the animation is poor.

2. Combat - This is the first game i've come across where heavy weapons (2H) are completely useless and more often than not end up getting you killed! Clearly logic dictates that a two-handed sword does less damage than 2 small daggers... it does in this game anyway. If you want to focus on melee the only sensible option is to go for the rogue line, at least thats what seems to work for me. I find the boss fights great personally but the frustration at times trying to avoid an aoe from out of nowhere makes you want to cry.

3. Companions - the only real use ive found for them is being bait for enemies as most of the time the damage they do is woefully inadequate... the boss fights are more comic than anything watching them attempt to block a knock-down strike!

This is still a game I'd recommend for people to try though, maybe not at its full price though.

Posted: October 18
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9.9 hrs on record
A solid middle market game. As someone who went into this game with zero expectations and prior knowledge (and a price tag of $20.00), I was very suprised at how pleasant of an experience this was. The budget was *clearly* small, as illustrated by the production values. But even with that, they've managed to have a great and varied crafting system, a unique soundtrack, and a 'Witcher meets Baldur's Gate' inspired combat that's rewarding in its own way. I'll mirror other complaints about the horrible voice acting and script, but it's far from stopping this game from being enjoyable.

I will say, keep a few things in mine; the game is short, pick it up when it drops below $20. The final boss is a dozzy, so do not go into it without 100s of potions.
Posted: October 11
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7.2 hrs on record
extremely dispointed by gameplay, bland story, and lack of depth
Posted: October 19
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6.0 hrs on record
First, I have around 15 hours in this game and Steam is displaying my time played incorrectly. $40 new (I paid $20) for fifteen hours of completely linear gameplay with no reason whatsoever to play the game ever again after you beat it is a bad joke. I paid $20 and feel ripped off. $10 would be more fair. It is worth maybe ten dollars then when you get to the final boss fight worth about ten cents and that's it. It is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, but it was not bad and I was enjoying it until the last boss. It is so bad that I said F it and am now looking for a trainer to cheat and beat the boss then uninstall this dog crap for good. I am a long-time skilled gamer but this game is just unacceptable on the last battle and I am in no way ashamed to say I am just tired of this game and am getting a trainer for it. I do not care. The only thing I am ashamed of is to say I wasted my money on this game. I have no doubt that if I actually tried a few more times I could beat the last boss but I am just so sick of this I do not care anymore. The final boss has caused my frustration level to finally explode. Every battle is insanely hard, and not exactly always in a good way. The game can still manage to be fun if you are a very skilled gamer and have a astronomical amount of patience, and I do not have much of the latter. Oh and by the way, even on the LOWEST difficulty, the last boss fight is nearly impossible. I had a very long review typed and ready to post about how the game is half decent, but it isn't even that because of the last fight. I had said before that the worst final boss fight in the history of video games was Cavestory+ but this one takes the cake. Whatever fun I was having through the game was crushed to nothing when I got to the last boss fight. It blows my mind that it is not the chief complaint about the game among all of the user reviews.

Oh and a problem equal to everything else is how short it is. It is supposed to be a $40 third person rpg and it is only about 15 hours long and is 100% linear with no point ever playing through it twice, not ever. It is a 100% ripoff. The other problem is that the skill trees completely suck, all three of them. They barely add any improvements to your character and the improvements that the skill trees do add are stupid and nearly useless. And when you get new weapons and armor throughout the game, their stats only increase a point at a time. The one-point increase that a new piece of gear gives is negated by the fact that enemies gain strength as the game goes on. The weapon and armor that I ended the game with felt the exact same as the basic ones I started with, because they basically are. You never do more dmg, you never prevent more dmg, and the skill trees barely help.

Seriously fk this, this game is a prime example of why piracy exists and why not nearly as many people pre-order games as they did five years ago. If the devs for this game are smart they will heed my review and do it right in the future, if they even made enough money off of this game to make anything else.

5/10 game
0/10 last boss fight
3/10 skill trees
0/10 armor/weapon upgrades because of enemy strength scaling
3/10 length
I want to forget about this game for as long as I live and I want my twenty ♥♥♥♥ing dollars back. And I will never buy another game from this company again, especially considering that their previous games are even worse than this. If you are inept to a point of making a game like this and thinking it is worth $40, you need to get out of the gaming industry for good.
Posted: October 11
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2.1 hrs on record
i did not enjoy the game at all. it has nice graphics but boring and annoying gameplay/diffculty
Posted: October 13
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28.8 hrs on record
So I got this game for Preorder on GOG for about $25. I'd say it was worth it, but I definitely wouldn't pay $40 for it.

The graphics are -awesome-, the soundtrack is great and unique, and despite what others say I liked the characters quite a bit (although the primary is obviously a Shepard clone). I enjoyed the combat as well, although the lack of depth creates redundancy in the later part of the game.

The worst thing about this game is the length. There are seven Ice Lords and the game ends somewhat abruptly after defeating just one (who was a cakewalk btw). The final boss, while cool, has a RIDICULOUS difficulty spike which is jarring as hell. The story also seemed a bit convoluted at the end.

Let me reiterate that really did like the characters, story, and voice acting, and was actually disappointed that more content wasn't there for them to be fleshed out more. I loved the main character, Shepard clone or not. There are just enough decisions in the game to make you feel like you have some influence, although the whole "choose your demon or humanity" thing is ONE decision that you make early in the game, and you're pretty much stuck with it.

Ultimately Bound By Flame never quite reached it's potential. It's as though you're constantly teased with this awesome new universe that you get to see about ten percent of. I was ready to play it for another twenty hours or more!

Although I enjoyed it all the way through, there are some glaring issues that hinder the experience. Despite that, I do recommend it at a certain price point.
Posted: October 18
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1.4 hrs on record
This ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥ game, cant even do ♥♥♥♥ with the first boss no potion to be found suddenly just run out from potions. Have to kill the first boss with all those rangers sorround that respawn constantly. Whoever design this game level should be hanged. So hard to beat and the its not even hard mode just normal. What a waste of money. DO NOT BUY!
Posted: October 17
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5.4 hrs on record
Bound By Lies ..... Nuff said
Posted: October 7
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8.3 hrs on record
It's like Dragon Age 2, except it's enjoyable...And there's some hella customization...And there's big consequences to some actions...And it's fun.
Posted: October 18
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15.1 hrs on record
Bound By Flame, an RPG with darksouls difficulty combat and the coolest demon ever.

*Spoilers pop up later, will give warning*

So, let me just start off by saying, it's an indie game. It takes alot for me to not be dissappointed by a game's parts, so for all means, this will be some ♥♥♥♥ thrown at the game itself. Judging the game off its worst parts, it would be a terrible game. If, however, you're willing to not be looking for a mass media level game, which this isn't, then you will be disappointed. You run that risk on any games not made by the companies who have been doing this year after year.

Spiders doesn't seem to have been in business all -that- long. The only time I'd ever heard of them before was in Mars: Warlogs, which made me hesitant at first. The voice acting and mechanics in Mars: Warlogs, were unrealistic and clunky respectively. To point out a few things, the first few women I met in Mars: Warlogs made me want to gouge out my eyes, and the combat left me feeling like I was trying to throw a bag of meat out of the way of bullets while being constantly wrecked. Thinking back on it, its mechanics may have been better suited to a medieval RPG. That's where this game comes in.

Once again, we live in clunk city for the combat. As interesting as it was, as difficult as it may have been while still being possible, it was in the end a bit rediculous to use. It wasn't the most aerodynamic thing, and for the life of me, I could never seem to get the parrying right. Crossbows seemed vastly underpowered, and I only seemed to be able to find 3 different crossbows, though that could be because I didn't end up searching endgame corpses. The game brings this back with its magic. I loved the constant balancing between casting time and trying to formulate a plan of attack. Trying to use only one of the branches would usually leave you pretty beat. (Except the OP rangers, but they have bombs.) Balancing magic casting times and sword swings, you had to be able to think on your feet in order to dodge, block, and flame your way to victory. This aspect could be re-done so many times, its replayability is quite nice. The combat, overall, was a good thing.


What wasn't so good, was the storytelling and the arcs you were forced into. I realize the game has to be created around a story and allowing people to make choices causes you to have to script more, but did you really have to make sure the same events took place regardless? And then, in the end, you come down to two answers. . . based on a question you were asked near the beginning. Now, that is ludicrous for two reasons. Firstly, their question was near the beginning of the game, meaning your endings were decided right next to the beginning, with no questions about it in between. Secondly, they asked you whether or not you wanted to use a demon's power. Not only did they never ask how far you would use it, but they never warned you that you would lose all humanity. They said your souls would combine, and warned that you might lose humanity, but in the end, even with all the horns and burning skin, your character still SPEAKS human, and still ACTS human, with fire of course, but not much else. They try to tell us that we lose control or something if we take the demon path, which is BS. The way I had seen it, there honestly should've been the chance to oh. . . I don't know. . . GIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE A MARTYR? I honestly thought that was where they were going. They said that the demon could grant powers, and others encouraged you to use it. To save humanity that is. And in the end, it's like star wars, and you became the Sith. . . without meaning to in the slightest. That seems quite unfair, honestly. And yet, it caused me to play the game again, so I must be the idiot in this situation. Even after all that, and I mean, for a while, that made me mad, I did think back on it, and it does make sense. I relate it to the holocaust, honestly, because for so long, the humans in this story, much like the Jewish in WWII were hunted down, and exterminated. But what could they have lost in trying to break free? Most who were killed, to their dying breath, still stood for what they believed in, and when they died, they died in peace. Honestly, the option to become a demon shouldn't have even been an option, because that purpose the humans have, it could've become far more prominent. And that's why I find it more a broken feature than a folly in itself. It's forgivable.

The music is among some of the best I've heard lately. I want to know what language the songs are in so bad. The final battle, I lived for that moment when my heart started beating heavily, and the mirror demon began to fight our protagonist. And suddenly, it was all over. And it felt like it was over. It left no room for idiocy, though space for another game. They let you wrap up with everyone, and that feels like it was important. You could see the ending knowing everything was over.

Now, to relate this game to a mega corporation's product like Dragon Age, that'd be too harsh on this game. Currently, anyways. But it was worth a try, and I for one have been impressed by the powder master, Vulcan, and his adventure. I look forward to seeing if Spiders gets even better for their next game.
Posted: October 17
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94.9 hrs on record
I picked up this gem recently and I'm really enjoying it! It has a compelling storyline and lush graphics. It reminds me a lot of Dragon Age 2 and Witcher 2. I'm playing the female Vulcan and I love her character. At first, the flat Midwesern accent seemed somewhat out of place in a sword and sorcery setting, but it totally fits the deadpan snarky character of the Powder Master. It took me a bit to get the hang of combat, but once I did, it was pretty cool. The crafting system is one of the best: it meshes excellently with the inventory system. You aren't endlessly having to cart around a million crafting ingredients waiting to get to the one place where you can make an item. Also, you aren't picking up a ton of gear.
Posted: October 17
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
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8.0 hrs on record
Before you look at my non-recommendation, hear me out. I would probably recommend this game if it came down to about $20-$25. I say this because the combat really isn't my cup of tea. I get that it does take a little more precision than what we're used to in hack and slash games, but this just gets repetitive and ultimately boring. Also there's no class system, (because god forbid we play a role in a roleplaying game). However, the big redeeming quality in this game is its story telling. I haven't had party members or a world this memorable since Mass Effect 2 guys. Still, if your looking for a good hack-n-slash rpg that attempts to beef up the hack-n-slash portion, I highly recommend Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Seriously that game gets no love.
Posted: October 14
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7.1 hrs on record
This game certainly has issues, but I've enjoyed it. The writing is bad, and a lot of the voice acting is pretty bad too. The combat is reasonably entertaining, though, and I even if the writing is poor the feel of the setting is sometimes compelling (it's sort of like Myth: The Fallen Lords and the Witcher had a baby, thematically). And honestly, when they're not taking themselves so freaking seriously sometimes the writers have even managed to make me laugh aloud.

Bottom line: buy it on sale if you need something to whet your appetite for the Witcher 3.
Posted: October 14
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24.7 hrs on record
Another interesting but flawed RPG from Spiders.

Overall I would say I enjoyed it, at the same time I think the price point should be $19.95 or below.
Posted: October 20
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5.6 hrs on record
Fist hour or two are rough, then it gets really good
Posted: October 6
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14.5 hrs on record
This game is ok, teetering towards bad. The game has few redeeming qualitie. The combat system is rather boring and repetitive with there only being about 10, including bosses, enemy types all of which function rather similarly to each other with big "get out of the way" tells. When it manages to execute itself well, it feels moderately rewarding and is nice to look at, however there are a fair number of wonky hit boxes, awkward animations, and the staggerable archers that can shoot arrows behind them. The plot is rather uninteresting and full of that sort of cliche edginess to it with awkward vulgarity and do this or I will beat your skull in lines of dialogue. The characters are at times enjoyable, but for the most part lack any sort of depth or development, and your companions contributions to the battlefield little more than a distracting meatshield for a few seconds before them dying a brutal death and laying on the ground for the next 5 minutes of boss combat.
All in all I would rate this game at 2-2.5/5. If you can get it cheap, it has enough charm to stomach a play through, but with the entire game, with the majority of side content completed, taking around 15 hours to complete, it certainly is not worth it's $40 price tag.
Posted: October 6
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13.2 hrs on record
I really enjoyed this game, gave me a sweet Witcher feeling, good voiceacting, sounds, music, atmosphere..
Posted: October 11
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4.4 hrs on record
Alright let me first start off with this, there are much better action RPG's in the world of steam. This game just feels extremely linear and pretty bland and generic. Nothing really WOWS me about it... The plot is bland and has been done countless times. (Insert badguy faction here) is attacking us and we are dieing and stuffs only the power of (random chosen destiny type magic ability out of nowhere) can save us. The combat is very clumsy and the voice acting... oh the voice acting.. heck even the dialog is bad.. Imagine you are watching Lord of the Rings and Legolas ends his let your arrow fly true line with "ya crazy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s!" or if half the cast just read from a script with no accent :P then you have this game...

bottom line is, even though I got this game in a group package I still regret it. I'm not even sure if its worth a $5 sale sadly enough
Posted: October 12
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1.2 hrs on record
It's not that Bound By Flame is a bad game, per se, but within an hour of starting the game it's pretty easy to see why the scores aren't overwhelmingly positive for this title. It plays no differently, on the surface, from most other action RPG/hack and slash hybrids, but it doesn't play as well as them either. While any of both your more popular hack and slash games and true action RPGs like Witcher 2, Darksiders, Darksiders 2, DMC 3 through 5, Metal Gear RR, God of War, and dozens of others utilize well built control schemes to condense various types of magic or abilities into one place, Bound By Flame makes the mistake of forcing you into a more MMO-familiar numerical menu, or quick-wheel which pauses the action, in order to do anything more advanced than swing a sword. In addition to this, the game utterly lacks a proper dodge function.

You can parry or dodge, but you can't do both in the same stance. If you use warrior stance, you can parry, which doesn't particularly help against large groups of enemies which can easily murder you regardless of parrying if more than one enemy hits you. Combined with the fact that you barely gain any HP from new armor or even levelling up, and you spend far too much time being a weakling that can be taken down by a pack of even the weakest enemies. If you use ranger stance, your combat is much faster and you can actually dodge - whether timed correctly or not - and it's quite disappointing that you just can't play the game without another stance.

In addition to that, while the premise of the game is for you to balance or choose between flame demon and human, you really have no choice but to use fire magic to accomplish anything. It's just too bad even after putting skill points into it, your spells still cost so much mana.

As for the story and the dialogue, they really aren't special enough to earn any praise. The dialog combines a lot of modern English and profanity (not that there wasn't profanity in the old days) with the demon speaking in strictly Shakespearian English - to the point where the juxtaposition is just ridiculous. While I would like to be interested in the story, I find myself skipping through the dialog and cutscenes once the subtitles have displayed so I can get back to the game. Interactions with party members also seem ridiculous and overall your characters attitude is juvenile and callous, down to the wording he uses when he talks to people.

I really wouldn't buy this game until it's on major discount - 10 dollar or less. The overall quality of the game combined with how short it is doesn't merit even the $20 I paid. If you need an action RPG fix, this will satiate you - briefly, at least, but I fear it will not tide you over until a better game releases.
Posted: October 13
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