You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords. In this RPG where every choice counts, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting its demonic influence.
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Release Date: May 8, 2014

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"While parts of Bound By Flame are messy, its combat is strong enough to keep the fire stoked."
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“The mix of combat styles, spells, and abilities is fantastic”

“Bound by Flame is like Mass Effect set in a Medieval fantasy world”

“We're pretty impressed with Bound by Flame”

About This Game

You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their Dead-Army.

In this RPG where all your choices lead to consequences, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting the demonic influence that wants to claim your humanity.

Freely develop your abilities and combat style through three skill trees: swing the heavy weapons of the Fighter, wield the sneaky dual daggers of the Ranger, or use the devastating flame spells of the Pyromancer.

Recruit companions who will live, love, hate and fight alongside you against the dreadful creatures of Vertiel, in real-time epic battles based on tactics and reaction.

The bigger the danger, the greater the temptation to draw on the demon’s power at the cost of your soul… which way will YOU choose?

System Requirements

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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Posted: November 20
Sir Faulty's Scorecard

Personal Rating: "Worth purchasing"
Traditional Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Genre: Action Role Playing Game

The Demon Within

Bound by Flame, the new action role playing game from Spiders (the same people that gave us Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs) is clearly a game made on a tight budget and you can see, feel and hear it as you play the game. It's messy, clichéd and incredibly rough around the edges but after playing it for a few hours you can immediately see that for all Spiders faults this is a company that passionately loves what it does putting what resources it has to rather good use and that is part of the charm of playing a Spiders game. If you are looking for a AAA quality role playing game made on an over-inflated budget with the promise of an open world (with ironically very little to actually do) then it's probably best you look elsewhere but if you are a gamer who isn't so easily blinded by the strobe-light of the big publishing houses hype-train, enjoy a tighter more focused experience then I would encourage you to give Bound by Flame a go. You may, as I was, be in for a rather pleasant surprise.
Taking on the role of a mercenary in a land that is ravished by seven power hungry and greedy Ice-Lords who command an army of the undead (you will only ever encounter one of them throughout the entire game), Bound by Flame plays out pretty much like a fantasy-lite version of Mass Effect with consequence and effect. Possessed by a flame demon it is up to you, the player, to harness the power of the demon and control it for the good of what is left of mankind or let the demon harness you in its own pursuit for world domination.

From a story telling point there isn't much new here on display that we haven't seen already in countless fantasy games, books or movies so in effect you won't really be playing Bound by Flame for its strong narrative. Characters aren't particularly well fleshed out and simply exist to fill in the genres staple trope of healer, witch, ranger and knight (of which you get the chance to toggle between as companions during your adventure through the lands of Vertiel). While the game may be lacking in characterization it certainly makes up for it with its zany and often offbeat sense of humor. Most of the people you engage with in the world will often say the most inane and ludicrous things which had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. This was something I was not really expecting, particularly from an RPG where you are once again cast in the shoes as eternal savior.

The game also falters somewhat by recycling many of the enemies you encounter repeatedly only ever introducing one or two new enemies into the mix the further you explore. I can't really fault the game on this though given the limited budget the developers were probably working within. Some parts of the game also look incredibly rushed and I have a feeling this was probably due to getting the game out onto the new consoles as quickly as possible since both the PS4 and XBONE are still severely lacking in quality first party titles so a sale here should reap far more rewards than releasing when each new consoles product backlog is booming. With that being said though, Bound by Flame does look rather good in some of its incredibly limited environments.
Where Bound by Flame does shine is with its incredibly fast, fluid and responsive combat. Combat in Bound by Flame moves at a frantic clip and is a joy to play as you switch in and out of play styles (dual-wielding, warrior and pyromancer). It does take some time getting used to though which has the effect of making the earlier part of the game a difficult slog as you settle into a style that suits you best but once you master its intricacies and you learn when to parry and when to strike an enemy the game becomes incredibly fun to play. As you level up you are also given the choice to plow points into one of three skill trees that makes the game a little more easier depending on the route you choose.

I chose to invest most of my points into the ranger (expert) and pyromancer skill tree which made the game seem remarkably easier than it intitally was upon booting it up for the first time. Bound by Flame, whilst no where near Dark Souls level of difficulty, can at times be incredibly challenging and you will need to be constantly aware of the enemies surrounding you else you will get cornered and hammered to death within seconds. Some of Bound by Flames enemies are brutal and hit particularly hard and I found the ranger's doge ability to be a lifesaver during these intense sequences. You can also craft your own supplies and augment your weaponry and armour with items that give you stat boosts plus add certain magical types of resistance.

During combat you will often be accompanied by one of the companions mentioned above and you are given the ability to enter into a tactical menu (which slows the entire game down) while you issue orders to your sidekick during battle. This is not Dragon Age: Origins however, so don't go in expecting as intricate a system as that classic. I found that generally getting each companion to block most incoming attacks directed at them worked wonders in keeping them alive during battle so that they provided more aid than hinderance. Thankfully Bound by Flame allows you to save your progress at any given point so you will never feel like you are replaying swathes of the game just to advance. If I have a gripe here it's that companions can't really die and even if they fall in battle once the fight is over they wil be back up and running as if nothing had happend before. This was a slight disappointment as I was hoping that their losses in battle would result in their deaths which in turn would have some sort of impact on the game world and its storyline but alas this was not the case.

Bound by Flame is now my sleeper hit of 2014. I can whole-heartily say that I loved most of every minute of it (even with all of its flaws) and had I paid heed to all the negative criticism the game got I would have probably denied myself the pleasures of its rustic charm. While certainly no classic its definitely a game I can recommend to anyone who loves a challenging aRPG diversion and is the perfect title to tide you over until the next big RPG hitters arrives in the form of Dragon Age: Inquistion and The Witcher 3.
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Posted: November 17
So, I'll start out by saying there is no way this game is worth the £29,99 price tag that it has currently - at most it should be £20 and even that could be said to be pushing it.

The graphics look pretty good to be honest, yes you may need quite a beefy rig to play them on full, but they are well worth it. The actual game play represents a classic Action Game, consisting all of the usuals, heavy attacks, blocks, swipe attacks, as well as your magic abilities. The combt system can feel a little clunky to begin with, but once you work out the timings on when to block and parry attacks, it's OK.

I would say the mainstory is a little short for the price tag. I finished the game in just under fourteen hours. I would highly recommend you finish the majority of the side missions as to get a few levels advantage over the story, as some of the end bosses are quite challenging.

That being said, the bosses in Bound by Flame have a very Dark Souls'esk feel to them. You have to work out the best stratergy to take them down, often resulting in a number of failed attempts before it finally clicks.

All in all, this is a pretty good game, but I would wait until sale season starts before you pick it up since it is certainly not worth the full price tag.
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Posted: November 5
** Short story: I would recommend this to an action/RPG fan but only when it is on sale. I'd say about £15 would be a good price point **

The main problem with Bound by Flame is that it is seemingly lacking in focus or polish in all the areas of gameplay it attempted to implement; that and the utterly gargantuan plot hole about two thirds the way through the game. For an RPG fan like me however it does have an addictive pull to it of grinding that bit more XP to get the new skills you want or tricking out your armour to compliment the perks you have chosen.

I'd like to confirm that I didn't get a single crash through this game and very few glitches that are even worth mentioning; I once dodged through a wall but didn't get stuck and it didn't impede my play, that's honestly all I can remember and it happened one time. This in stark contrast to games like Battlefield 4 and Rome 2 Total War, no doubt given 9 out of 10s from these idiot critics.

This game was clearly designed for a controller but you can play with mouse and keyboard and has rebindable keys. I personally used an xbox style controller for my first playthrough and there are some annoyances in the button mappings, specifically the A key on the controller gets used far too often for opening doors, sheathing your weapon, picking up loot and even breaking stealth. On the flip side the B and Y buttons are barely used aside from hotkeys in combat. The keyboard/mouse combo has less shared function keys so you may want to go with this.

Although the voice acting didn't always seem appropriate, especially for the protagonist (male/female) I did find it often humorous. I certainly didn't find it terrible as some have stated.

The story is cliche and nothing amazing but it's serviceable and got me emotionally engaged on a few occasions, certainly more than I could say for the utter snore fest that was Skyrim. The single biggest problem with the story is a humungous plot hole about two thirds the way through the game. Without entering spoiler territory you are supposed to be a key instrument in a climactic battle, but after having defeated a boss and expecting to then reach the conclusion of said battle you are instead shown a cut scene completely out of context and having nothing at all to do with what was just occurred not 10 seconds prior to this and before you know it you are in an unfamiliar location with a big "WTF just happened" look plastered over your face.

What makes this worse is that the companions have absolutely nothing at all to say about it and to add further insult to injury, a key character dies but you have no idea what happened. Initially I thought this an error on my part but no this appears to have been encountered by other reviewers so I can only imagine it was due to time/budget constraints so they had to cut out a huge chunk of content.

This game does seem to have a fascination with cut scenes, which can be very annoying especially if you're playing a stealth character that up till that point had remained undetected before suddenly being thrown into a cut scene and having your weapon switched out and stealth blown for no reason.

Combat can be frustrating at times, but after learning the quirks of the combat system and speccing your character properly it is possible to go for long periods without dying but if you drop the ball you can be very quickly killed. The boss fights are the real annoyances but at the same time they force you to think up strategies on how you're going to handle them using all the tools and skills available to you. There is definitely room for improvement however as the combat can feel clunky. The enemies will often not react at all to me slamming a claymore into their skull, which can be incredibly infuriating when attacking undead archers firing ice arrows into you at point blank range, draining over 70% of my health in a single hit all the while me chopping them to pieces.

Another sticky point in the combat are the companions of which you can normally only have one at a time. I think the game could have been significantly improved had they allowed you to take two so as to better cover your characters weaknesses and create better party cohesion. It doesn't help that the AI for your companions is about as intelligent as the morons that gave this game a 2/10 on Metacritic.
Mage or archer characters for example will often just stand in a single spot getting repeatedly hit by melee attackers and none of the companions use their skills in an efficient manner, most of the time they will just spam the same skill over and over again despite the type of target they are fighting. In boss fights they will survive all of 15-20 seconds before taking an extended dirt nap for the entire duration of the battle.

Character development in terms of stats, attributes, skills and customization are where this game really shines, but again they are not without faults. You can fully trick your character out with different plate armours and they are broken down by cuirass, greaves, gloves and helmet all of which can be further customized with the crafting system that does add significant and meaningful choices to your character's design and gameplay. My two main complaints about the character development are the forcing of the warrior and ranger skill trees on your character and some of the really terrible perks/skills present in all of the three skill trees.
You can switch between the two "styles" (warrior/ranger) in combat; the warrior uses two handed weapons (no sword/board!) and can kick but cannot dodge (why?) while the ranger dual wields daggers (nothing else) and can dodge but cannot kick (why!?). What's annoying about this is that in both of my playthroughs I have never seen the need to mix the two; so when I play as a ranger for instance the whole warrior stance along with the two handed starter weapon permanently affixed to my back seem totally redundant. I would have much preferred to switch between two sets of ranger weapons at the press of a single button; one for backstabbing and the other for combat. Much better in my opinion to present the option at the start of the game as to which class you wanted to play.
Secondly are the perk lines in the three skill trees; warrior, ranger and pyromancer. The ultimate abilities in all of these trees are for the most part utterly useless. The ultimate for the ranger for instance slows down time significantly. The problem being that it consumes 80% of your mana pool and takes an eternity to cast while only lasting for about 10-15 seconds. The warrior has a fairly high up set of perks that requires a few other lines to be maxed to get it and is supposed to regenerate some of your health when an enemy is killed. Sounds good in theory, the problem of course is that in a boss fight it's completely useless since it is often just a single damage sponge target. It feels like either the developers didn't think through the skills or didn't playtest it enough.

Despite this being an immensly flawed game I have already completed my first playthrough and about half way through my second. As stated previously it does have an addictive pull to it for an RPG fan so I would recommend this game, just not at full price.

All in all I thought this was a solid yet ultimately deeply flawed 6/10 action RPG game that I would recommend to fans of the genre although if you are a call of duty addled imbecile you may want to give it a pass.
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Posted: October 30
Bound by Flame is a tough game to review, because it's actually quite good, but doesn't quite stack up to bigger budget, or more lovingly created titles, like The Witcher or The Witcher 2. Gameplay-wise you'll like this if you don't mind difficult combat that requires preparation and quick reflexes, sometimes it can be a pain when you repeatedly fail, ugghh... Story-wise i liked it, nothing too fantastic, but tons of great humour throughout, with lots of little decisions and romance! ROMANCE!! But, seriously, it comes across as tongue-in-cheek, which is, um, good?

Graphics are servicable with some areas looking really nice, although characters look a bit wooden and animate stiffly. Enemies shine in their design with some truly hideous "thingies" out in the wilderness. Music and sounds are nothing special. Overall, this is a decent little game which i have no regrets in purchasing.
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Posted: November 7
Bound By Flame is actually a better game than many give it credit. Currently, it divides the community like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. The STORY is interestingly fresh in it's details - it's the fantasy war for survival we're used to but, in this case, it's a war that's almost lost. You are literally the last of civilisation trying desperately to find some way to win in the face of total destruction.

COMBAT is difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes clear that the combat system is very skill-based. Proper timing is required to not end up a bloody smear on the ground and that makes it far more interesting than many RPGs on the market today. Playing it on easy is difficult! But not unfairly so. The developers were really trying for an experience wherein you feel like you (and the last of humanity) are hanging on by a thread against a force much more powerful that yourself and, if you allow yourself to get the hang of it, it's something that really keeps you coming back to the game again and again. You feel like you have far more connection to this character than you do in other games - even the FMVs are nice enough to sport an up-to-date version of the character you make, wearing your armour and weapons, etc.

COMPANIONS, at first, seem like a lesser version of a Dragon Age system but that too is deliberate - in this world, and this war, everyone is on edge and trust is a difficult thing to come by, making close friendships unlikely with everything that is going on. While your friends in Dragon Age follow you as the blazing star of hope against evil, the companions in Bound by Flame are thrown together by necessity and all are stressed to the breaking point. This, however, doesn't mean that they don't have their good side. In fact, you can have a lot of fun with them and everyone behaves like you'd expect in such a dire situation; making odd jokes, wondering if they'll make it, asking you what you think just for a glimmer of hope. And everyone has detailed histories, adding to the realism.

GRAPHICALLY, the game looks very good indeed. It's not the Witcher 2 - or the upcoming Witcher 3 and Dragon Age 3, but it's head and shoulders above the majority of the genre, and every environment looks like it has been given a lot of love and attention. Along with the soundtrack, the atmosphere created by the game is something interesting, new and involving.

CUSTOMIZATION is detailed and crafting is excellent. Every weapon or piece of armour that comes along is customisable, and still the game does a great job of making this system user-friendly.You could leave the game for months and come back, and understand everything again at a glance. Find ways to build up new weapons and armour to high-powered levels, or increase their utilities (like poison resist, poison application, and various other types of damage resistance, etc.) It adds a lot of fun to gaining that new piece of loot.

SKILLS & FEATS are also really useful. Where I've seen plenty of other games introduce skills for you to spend points on that haven't really impacted the game, in Bound by Flame you find yourself counting your skill points, waiting to buy specific skills that suit your playstyle.

While the VOICE ACTING has been called everything from "bad" to "nothing to write home about", it hasn't bothered me at all. Honestly, I haven't even noticed any really *bad* moments. In fact, for the most part, the voice acting is very good, and manages to be interesting a varied, making it seem like a real and diverse world. Occasionally, the lipsync has been a little off but that hasn't dulled the enjoyment of the game for me.

And the MUSIC is incredible. Very different and otherworldly, it manages to invoke a feeling of epic-ness, desperation, intrigue and more. Action moments marry perfectly with the intense fighting on screen. There was even a moment at the start of the 3rd Act, where my character encountered a horrible/sad image in a sewer. Nothing is said where they stumble on the image but the music said everything that was necessary. I'm now on the lookout for the soundtrack - it's that good.

The PROBLEMS that the game really has - in fact, the only thing that has annoyed me are the occasional bugs. So far, I've only seen three. Although, the first two were not that bad at all! An enemy turned and wandered off during combat, and flickered in and out of existence until he vanished altogether. The second issue involved me doing something out of sync from how the game expected me to do it, and this only happened because of I was replaying the game and knew what was ahead. The result was that I did a minor thing later and it caused the journal to start tracking the finished quest again, but this did not affect the game overall.

The final bug, however, was VERY annoying. BbF sports a "Demon System", where you make choices at certain parts of the game and can become more evil and powerful, or remain good and not gain an extra "demonic" increase in spell damage (though you can wear one more piece of armour than an evil character). Both choices influence the end of your game, missions you recieve and how characters will view and interact with you - especially since the evil choice affects your physical appearance. The problem with this system is that, when I played it, it bugged-up: I chose the good path and my appearance still became demonic. The second time I made the decision, the problem returned and I became even more physically demonic, leading to different character reactions and missions than I wanted.

BUT so far as I can tell, I'm the only one unlucky enough to experience this problem, so likely it won't happen to you. At first, this soured my game experience and since I only have so much time on my hands, I did not believe I would be replaying it any time soon. However, after a week or so, I started it again. The action caught hold of me and have flown through. The issue did not repeat thankfully and I am now continuing on to the ending I wanted.

Bound By Flame is a very good game. Better than many are giving it credit for. If you are a Dark Souls fan you likely will enjoy combat for the skill-based nature of it. For those who didn't enjoy DS, and I'm not the biggest fan to be honest, you will appreciate the variation of attacks and approaches open to you, which are very wide and so very enjoyable - everything from stealth kills, to quick double-dagger combat with acrobatic dodges, to two-handed swords better fit for groups and literally booting your enemies back to throw them off guard - and all of these are upgradable so you can focus on your favoured fighting style.

Overall, I would heartily recommend this game, AND I would recommend that you really take the time to immerse yourself in the various systems and playstyles, there is plenty to keep you involved and busy, and -aside from the bug I encountered- plenty of reason to enjoy the game. It is well worth the money and, if I had to score it, I would rate it either a 7 or 8 out of 10.
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Posted: November 18
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Posted: November 5
Getting really sick of games that say " full controller support" and its either a total lie or the key bindings are messed up without a way for the user to correct it
If you create a game that you cant support at least give the user the abiility to fix the issues...
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Posted: November 23
If your expecting something like dark souls or similiar your wrong. The fighting mechanics is not up to par. For example. The enemy and me attack at the same time, if my strike lands first on him he should stumble backwards right?? Wrong, instead if my attack hits him, hes attack still continues and then he hits you.

In the middle of combat when your surrounded by 2 or more enemies and you swing your blade at one while the other one attacks, you cannot parry the other enemies attack, instead you need to sit back and watch how he brutilize you because you cannot attack and parry at the same time.

This game is a waste and dont even bother on buying this game, rather spend it on dark souls if you havnt gotten it yet
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Posted: August 27
I have played through twice but both times on easy setting. I bought this game initally because of the opportunity it gives to play as female and the rpg character customisation and development is something I really enjoy. I also was hoping the story and romances would be good too.
The charcter creation is basic, barely ok. Also I would recommend you not bother to change the name because Vulcan is the only name you get called in the game. I didnt bother changing my name in the second playthrough. I rather liked being called by name rather than 'friend, boss, hero or other generic title'
I think the story was ok, definitely a few plotholes. The first part is very complete and well done and the last two chapters rushed and with bits missing. There was a lot of death in this game, I didnt like that my character ended up killing another main character who I wouldnt choose to kill under any circumstances.
I liked the combat, I was glad I could mix it up a lot. I missed fast travel back to camp but I suspect that was never implented as the game would end up being really short. So going to and fro and fighting the same respawning enemies felt a little bit of a cheap way to level. (I got the feeling a large chunk of the story and game was cut out)
I am glad I got the choice of endings and some other choices throughout the game (didnt like the 'heroic' choice option) but can live with it.
I think the crafting and armour upgrades was well done. I liked the interface and the maps. I loved Mathras, his character was the star of the show. Randval was also well acted, and Sybil and that nasty sorceror lady. Female hero's voice and acting wasnt so good, not sure about male.
I would give this game a 7/10 as I enjoyed it enough to play it through twice.
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Posted: June 29
I would describe Bound by Flame as an arcade style action-RPG.
At first glance the game might seem similar to Witcher but this is deceiving, Bound by Flame and Witcher are completely different games that try to do different things in different ways.

Bound by Flame reduced some RPG elements to a bare minimum in order to create a very fluid action-oriented combat.
The combat in this game is more similar to an arcade-RPG than to the usual RPGs we are used to.

Personally i enjoyed the combat a lot. Just like Mars War Logs, the combat seems difficult and unfair at first but it quickly becomes addictive once you get into it.....IF you get into it before getting frustrated because you tried to play it like it was Witcher or Amalur.
The combat reminds me a little bit of some of my fave arcade games like Knights of the Round, D&D Towers of Doom/Shadows over Mystaria.

The skill tree looks very similar to other games but again this is deceiving. You have a warrior branch (2 handed swords, axes and hammers), a so-called ranger branch that specialises in daggers (no bows), and a magic branch that unlike usual games, is not self-sufficient, its intended more like a buffer than a caster.

There is also a feat tree (every level you get two skillpoints and one feat point) where you can further improve your character in different ways.

The so-called crafting is very basic but very practical, can be done everywhere (even in fights) as long as you have the needed materials that you can gather or loot from containers or defeated enemies. The amount and type of upgrades that you can insert on equipment depends on the "level" of the equipment, early armors and weps have very little options while later ones offer a great variety of interesting options.

There are two secondary weapons that can prove very useful, the crossbow (very limited ammo used mostly for interrupting or poisoning) and the traps. These two weapons could become the only way out of difficult boss fights if you screwed up your character build (like investing points in both the ranger and the warrior branch which is a big mistake).

The graphics are very good but there is too little variation.

The story is good but its unpolished, many inconsistencies and loose ends.
The decision-making that is supposed to change the story is very underwhelming as is the so-called seduction thing. This aspect was so much better in Mars War Logs.
Also its a bit annoying how dialogue options are still there after they are no longer valid, not a big thing but still.

All in all this is a very entertaining game if you are after an action-RPG with very fluid arcade-style action and a fairly good story.

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Posted: June 14
This game could have been something with about two more years in development and a whole new development team. The voice acting is horrendous to the point that I wish it had and option to just turn it off. I had been watching youtube videos and reading about this game for a year. Makes me never want to pre-order or be a day one buyer again. It's like spiders (the development team) is a bunch of armless droopy eyed children. Play a real RPG like The Witcher 2, Divinity II, Two Worlds, Barbie Pony Adventures, or any other game really ! Don't buy this crap wish I would have just downloaded it from a torrent first to make sure it was good. It seems safe to assume that a massive amount of content was cut. Despite the seven Ice Lords being mentioned at every turn, Lord Blackfrost is the only one you actually get to meet. I was stunned when I reached what appeared to be the midway point, only to see a feeble cut-scene that explained that the game was over and that my character had saved the day off camera. I think reviewers should get an advanced copy of all games so we can have some idea on what we are wasting our money on. I'm embarrassed to have this game in my game list. It's a budget offering at a premium price - and a poor one at that.
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Posted: August 30
It was a decent RPG game. Didnt seem like a lot of choice in the story depending on which path you took. For example, letting the demon take over a little bit in the beginning of the game, might cause some things later in the game to be a lot of no choice decisions. (demon will pick your choices for you or it felt that way). The gameplay is ok, but it feels like your using a wooden sword on everything and all the other enemies, even just the basic minion little creeps, hit hard. Its like they tried so hard to make this game hard, that its just stupidly difficult, you'll find yourself dieing a lot at certain boss battles. (especially as a warrior, who's blocking and stun attacks are somewhat disappointing when you have stuff that cant be blocked or stunned). Crossbows felt so useless as well, i truly feel that the combat gameplay is the biggest con to this game.
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Posted: June 20
While Bound by Flame is not a AAA title, it does have a unique charm about it. I enjoyed playing the game and progressing through the story. The story wasn't fantastic but was enjoyable. The main character is forgettable, but it makes him feel more like the mercenary he is and not some fabled hero he isn't. The talent trees offered for different play style augmentations and allows you to build a custom character all your own. A lot of the talents weren't great, but there were some that were amazing.

I enjoyed having to think some battles through and being required to change my play style for some encounters. One style does not fit all encounters.

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Posted: October 9
Firstly I have recorded the entirity of my first playthough for youtube, the playlist is here:

My decision to play this game was to compare Mars War Logs and Bound by Flames. Because just look at them they are so much alike as far as how they play and to a degree the story.

- Visuals are nice.
- Characters for the most part are well designed and though out.
- The story is interesting up until the ending.
- The dialouge and voice acting is for the most part good.

- Ending is odd, something of a cop out from making the rest of the game.
- Doesn't feel like you have much of a choice between embrassing the demon or using him up until the end.
- Try to feel open world but the enviroments are not large enough to accomplish it.
- The content snowballs, from spending a decent amount of time in the initial zones, to rushing through the last two zones.
- Combat can be very frusterating, for all the wrong reasons. Most fights of any notability are just a matter of mashing the right button, doesn't so much feel like you are doging attacks or making a strategic decision.
- Out of place feeling when the character are using curse words, it just doesn't feel like it fits, to modern for the setting of the game.

Other Thoughs:
- There are some bugs and oddities in the game. Sometimes the voice actor say one thing, but the subtitles say another.
- Some character you never feel as though you know or care about.

Overall I would recommend the game. Its not going to be the best that you have ever played, but it is decently fun and entertaining. After all that is the reason we play video games.
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Posted: June 26

It could have been amazing. There are glimmers of good from time to time. Instead what we ended up with was horrid dialogue, absolutely zero story pacing, non-existent characters story, brain dead ally AI, and some of the worst combat I've ever played.

The entire combat is based around parrying enemy attacks. God help you if you miss one parry because a single hit quiet often takes a quarter to a third of your health at any point in the game. All the while your attacks take slivers off enemy health with buffs and crits. The game often throws multiple enemies at you while your partner stumbles around like a drunk ♥♥♥♥♥♥. More than 2 enemies and it becomes too fast to parry. Get ready for lots of reloading and trying the same group all over again because someone got passed a parry and stumbled you.

God just stay away from this garbage of game.
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Posted: September 16
Okay, there are quite a few posts in discussions about the combat system saying it's too hard and companions are useless.
I urge you to please not be put off by these.

Some are correct some things they say such as the companion having trouble following you or the action and may remain stuck or wandering.

If your companion has suddenly vanished while exploring, back track until you find him/her then just walk around at different angles while moving away from them until they resume to follow, failing that, find a door or a gap to go through and somehow they get teleported to beyond that crossing point (you may need to wander off then return to the door/gap to see your companion). This mainly happened in the swamp and around the final area called Black Frosts Domain.

Tip for better companion fighting: They are a bit weak in the health department so you being the hero need to aggro and eliminate the stronger more deadlier enemies first, while your doing this your companion may thank you with a nice ice blast or if your lucky some mind control. If they do die and you find yourself a bit deep, run away and let them get back on their feet - you may be quick enough to revive your companion before the enemy you are fighting gets their health back.

Now in terms of general combat, yes it is hard but you need to practice and I mean practice. Some fights you will not win unless you can use the Q key to dodge while in Assassin stance or use SPACE while in Warrior stance to parry. Timing is essential with these and with good practice you may not even be hit. Once you understand and have achieved this sense of timing then things become very rewarding when you beat a tough fight. Focus carefully on the skill tree as well, don't scramble your points. Try and focus on your preferred fighting style while utilising the best pyro branches for that style of choice. Do not forget about your other stance how ever, do feel free to try and balance the weaker stance out by going for what is needed, remember your main stance is your offensive stance.

Hope this helped in some way in regards to the combat up roar, the game really is a nice one to play and has great choices for you to develop the plot/story. Graphics are not up there in the top of the list but some areas still look stunning and there are some errors with the subtitles like wrong words but after some time you don't pay attention to them. I rate this 8/10.
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Posted: July 3
a broken game really
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Posted: July 8
allows you to level up whatever type of class you want to really play, and then slaps you over the face and goes NO! your totally useless with that class @ the end(unless you went completely fire shiz) LOL
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Posted: June 21
This is by no means a perfect game. The combat definitely takes a while to get used to and can even be cheap at times, especially long range attacks from archers. That said, it can be rewarding. I would consider the combat a mix between the Witcher and Demon/Dark Souls series. While in the Warrior stance, blocking and parrying is definitely your friend. Using the Ranger stance will make the game easier as your dodge maneuver pretty much dodges anything in the game, and is pretty much required for the final boss which is a pain in the ♥♥♥. The story is decent at best and some of the dialog is odd albiet hilarious at times. The supporting cast is also interesting although in combat they really aren't much help except for being aggro so you can attack enemies. In the end it was definitely an enjoyable game, especially as it wasn't a full priced game. If you are a fan of games like The Witcher or Demon/Dark Souls I would say give this a shot, especially while on sale.
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Posted: July 20
Bound By Flames does not succeed in improving the quality of Spiders Studios productions. It's an ambitious project, but unproperly developed. A wasted potential, that could have been much more than a unappelling linear role-playing game. Is like ordering a big and succulent steak and getting an overcooked one.
In the end, is not a bad game, but not even a game you wish to buy at full price.

Bound By Flame non riesce a togliersi i difetti delle precedenti produzioni dello studio Spiders: l’idea di partenza è ambiziosa, ma lo sviluppo lascia a desiderare, sprecando molto potenziale per un gioco che potrebbe osare molto ma che, invece, vola basso. È come se vi venisse servita una grossa bistecca, dall’aria succulenta, ma che poi si rivela troppo cotta, non riuscendo così a gustarvi e deliziarvi come avreste voluto.
Con questo, non vogliamo dire che si tratti di un brutto gioco, ma la sua carenza di contenuti ci porta a sconsigliare l’acquisto a prezzo pieno.

Leggete qui la recensione completa:
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