The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO, developed exclusively for next-gen consoles and high-end PCs that leverage new hardware capabilities to connect players online like never before. The Crew takes you and your friends on a wild ride across a massive, open-world recreation of the United States that is loaded with exciting...
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Mixed (200 reviews) - 52% of the 200 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (10,326 reviews) - 67% of the 10,326 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 1, 2014

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Complete Edition

The Crew® Complete Edition includes The Crew® original game with all missions and modes released since launch, its expansion The Crew® Wild Run plus Season Pass content.
The Crew is a revolutionary driving game that leverages new hardware capabilities to connect players online like never before.

  • Enjoy the best driving experience for open-world multiplayer
  • Experience new thrills with motorbikes, monster trucks and roaring dragsters!
  • Customise your cars, for mayhem on- and off-road!
  • Join FreeDrive Challenges and FreeDrive Stunts for unlimited fun

Key features:

  • Over 100 Licensed Vehicles
  • 200+ Tuning Kits
  • A 30 hours Story Campaign
  • Over 210 missions
  • Unlimited Freedrive activities
  • 100+ New Events in The Summit tournament

Wild Run Edition

Team up, compete and get wild across a living open-world USA in the ultimate expansion of the revolutionary MMO driving game The Crew®!

  • Experience thrills with new vehicles including motorbikes
  • Fill your garage with powerful cars, agile motorbikes, unstoppable monster trucks, evasive drift cars and roaring dragsters!
  • Enjoy the best driving experience for open-world multiplayer
  • Immerse yourself in the original The Crew® open world action driving game
  • Show off your skills to earn your ticket to The Summit, an unofficial gathering of thousands of drivers and mechanics from around the world which takes place in iconic locations all around the USA.

The gathering has begun. The Summit is here. The promising thrills of new challenges await you and your friends.

The Crew® Wild Run Edition is your go-to edition of the revolutionary action-driving game, including The Crew® original game plus the all-new The Crew® Wild Run expansion.

About This Game

Your car is your avatar - fine tune your ride as you level up and progress through 5 unique and richly detailed regions of a massive open-world US. Maneuver through the bustling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, cruise down sunny Miami Beach or trek through the breathtaking plateaus of Monument Valley. Each locale comes with its own set of surprises and driving challenges to master. On your journey you will encounter other players on the road – all potentially worthy companions to crew up with, or future rivals to compete against. This is driving at its most exciting, varied and open.

Jump in and out seamlessly and build your crew of four through bonding or intense rivalry. Whether your objective is to take down a convoy or to escape the police, achieving it with friends ensures a fresh experience each time you join in.

The entire United States is your driving playground – all roads and everything in between. Every type of terrain imaginable is yours to master – from downtown city streets to suburbs, hillsides, cornfields, canyons, desert dunes or even race tracks.

Collect body and performance parts as you progress to customize and upgrade your licensed cars. Equip your ride with 5 different tuning specs (street, perf, dirt, raid, circuit) to adapt to different driving terrains. Choose from a wide range of perks to enhance your vehicle according to your driving style.

Continue the experience on iOS, Android tablets, and on the web. Track of your friends’ performance and fine tune your ride before taking it live to set new records, or send your crew on jobs while on-the-go to earn more XP and parts.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 (64bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q9300 @ 2.5 GHz or better AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3 GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD5870 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or higher)
    • Storage: 30 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard required, XBOX 360 controller optional (or compatible controller)
    • OS: Windows 8/8.1 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q9300 @ 2.5 GHz or better AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3 GHz or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX580 or AMD Radeon HD6950 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or higher)
    • Storage: 30 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
    • Additional Notes: Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, racing wheel, headset, optional controller (Xbox One Controller or Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended) Multiplayer: 1024 kbps or faster broadband connection *Supported Video Cards at Time of Release: AMD Radeon™ HD 4870 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 / R7 / R9 series, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / TITAN series
Customer reviews
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Mixed (200 reviews)
Mixed (10,326 reviews)
Recently Posted
73.8 hrs
Posted: August 27
This game is so ♥♥♥♥ing boring and it's worse than TDU 2.
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45.2 hrs
Posted: August 27
Must buy at any price [x]
Worth the money but wait for a small sale [✓]
Wait for a huge discount [x]
Avoid at all costs [x]


The Crew, a game made by Ivory Tower which are former Test Drive developers, Test Drive was a good game loved by many so everyone had alot of high expectations for The Crew (very high expectations) which is why some people were disappointed, for over-hyping this.

That doesn't mean The Crew is bad though, it's an open world (very open world with no invisible walls, except a huge wall beside Mexico) racing game, it has a story , official cars with a wide variety, replayability, but you may ask "Isn't it once you finish The Crew it's done?" yes it does, BUT , you can buy very low level cars and feel like it's a new run again.

I think we all had huge hopes for good cars, Ivory Tower didn't fail us...
The game has around 40-130 cars (I couldn't find an exact number, these are the lowest and highest numbers of cars people told me about) , It has a huge variety of manufacturers going from Spyker to Lamborghini to Fiat ect.
It's got all the cars we love, all the popular and even forgotten car manufactureres.
You get "Specs" which are modifications for your vehicles, the specs are: Fullstock, Street , Dirt , Performance , Raid , Circuit. With DLC: Drift , Monster truck , Drag , Cops.

Nothing special, it's a racing game it doesn't require an in-depth story but we got one, without it the game would be a little odd but luckly we got one.
You and your brother belong to the street racing network 5-10, it's illegal but popular, you and your bro go to meet the top dog, he kills your brother but you were accused of it as the cop leader was bribed with ALOT of money, you were sent to jail for about 5 years until you're partnered undercover with the cops, climbing the ladder to the top, going through leaders of spec vehicles , making them your friends until eventually, you're on the top with the killer, you confront him in a club, about to shoot him but you're smart enough not to, you do one last race with him, defeat him and he disappears, the cop leader gets jailed and you live happily ever after.

The world is completely open, no invisible walls, nothing.
You see a cliff in the playable area, you can go to it, the world is detailed and intresting , with sadly few easter eggs but fun ones, the world has some real race tracks and cities, the world is huge and it would take some time following 1 specific road from one end of the map to the other.

They're nice, especially in photo mode (check my profile for some screenshots), but they're pretty demanding, on my overclocked GTX 950 2gb vram I can run with SSAO+ , FXAA and mostly high settings at 60fps mostly at all times.
Photo mode is beautiful, fell in love with it.

They're weird, your car is stuck to the ground which is sadly annoying (can't go crazy with cliffs) but for overall driving feels good, you can play on "normal, sport , hardcore" modes which enable tc, disable tc ect.
Drifting feels good, racing at high speeds does, collision is choppy but can deal with it.
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17.8 hrs
Posted: August 27
really good gam
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Man In Black
34.6 hrs
Posted: August 27
if you love cars
buy this game
its fantasic:)
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108.6 hrs
Posted: August 27
it is good, but it could've been a lot better.
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Light #Bday in September 8
26.6 hrs
Posted: August 27
Well, Game is Cool, It is Open World Racing Game, Complete Missions,Earn Bucks,Make Crew,Drive on roads,Troll your Friends with giant Monster Truck like i do. Those who Dont Like cars And Racing,Should not Buy this.
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51.9 hrs
Posted: August 27
What is this piece of ♥♥♥♥?It cost me 60 dollars !!!!!!
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24.7 hrs
Posted: August 26
I used to be able to play,but with the wild run DLC out,anyone without is cannot play.Thus resulting in me having to pay for the DLC.Would recommend it but let non-wild run players play.
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7.3 hrs
Posted: August 26
Product received for free
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74.0 hrs
Posted: August 25
Lots of people are complaining about bugs, crashes, Ubisoft sucking ♥♥♥ and not helping the game in any way except releasing more DLC. But if you can look past all that you get a really quite fun open world driving game, where you can drive all over America. There are a fair bit of cars, nowhere near how many most people would like, but enough to keep you busy. There is the problem with that if you want the best cars to be max level (1299) you will have to do a good amount of grinding if you want it fast. The Crew would be a lot better if Ubisoft didn't sit around sucking its own ♥♥♥♥ all day and actually fixed the problems in a timely manner, but none the less its a fun game. I'd reccomend getting it on sale, and trying the demo first.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
11 of 15 people (73%) found this review helpful
50.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 12
Im rating this as a positive review because i had alot of fun at first.

I really like car games, however, the crew does not have even remotely realistic physics. If you are looking for a game that is even slightly realistic, I urge you, go elsewhere. If you are looking for an openworld cruising/racing arcade style car game, this may be fun for you.

There are so many problems in this game that I am not going to list them all but here are some of them:
a)Cars feel like they are floating through corners, drifting is nearly impossible even with a drift kit (you have to buy one before you can drift for more than a few feet) due to the fact that the game doesnt rely on a realistic physics engine for drifting, i.e. loss of traction to the rear wheels (or all four for AWD) instead it chooses a 'brake to drift' style, simply turn and hope for the best.
b) Cars take forever to upgrade, and the process isnt exciting, you simply do a single jump over and over, 10s of 100s of times, untill you get what parts you want. This process is comepletely random, no matter how skilled you are at the game or how high of a score you get, you will get the same thing, at total random.
c) The Physics for offroading and jumps is absolutely trash. You can flip your car at the slightest provocation, and it is not consistent at all. One second, you can drive right over a large boulder with ease. The very next second, a tiny rock will somehow flip your whole car. Also, you cannot continue to roll back over while still in the air (barrel roll), so if the car flips it counts as a wreck, even if you would have landed correctly.

Honestly, if you like car games that give you control over your car, wait for Forza Horizon 3. Its just over a month and a half away. do yourself a favor here.
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
68.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
very good game, i highly recomend it
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
77.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 23
The Crew has been a great game and have given me great time for me and my friends... the Never drive alone concept is the first reason that made me buy this even after a long time... but still there is more room for improvement and i know that Ubisoft will take the necessary steps to do so.. it is all in all a great game to enjoy in this massive multiplayer with a huge map to roll in... thank you Ubisoft for giving us a game to remember for a long and to enjoy it...
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
30.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
30 hours in and I still have much to do.

The world is so damn big and traveling from point A to point B is not boring at all since the world is full of different challenges for fast and agile cars. Upon completing these challenges, you earn parts for your car. If you don't need the parts, you can send it to your garage which will allow you to build up another car in the future.

Story missions have you racing against time, destroying crates of supplies, catching up to an NPC and making them crash, and more.

This game has car builds for dirt, street, drift, raid, and circuit racing. I probably forgot one, but that list should show you that this game is the whole package.

Jumping online with friends is as easy as meeting up at a certain location and grouping up. Most of the campaign can be completed with a friend.

Warning about DLC:
"Wild Run" is a DLC pack. You do not need it to enjoy this game, but you will occasionally run into cars and missions unavailable, but don't worry about it. I've been doing just fine without it, but I will pick it up on a sale because I definitely want this game to last even longer.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
7.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 26
Product received for free
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
78.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 8
I am in two minds about this game. The gameplay itself is quite enjoyable, it's an arcadey racer much like Driver San Francisco. But there are far too many flaws for me to recommend this.

1) The grind! If you want a decent car you better be prepared to either grind tedious missions over and over or buy some in game credit. Most missions net you 2k, but top of the range cars come in at 700k not including the tuning which some will set you back 500k. That's a lot of grinding for little reward.

2) The story is abysmal, I didn't care at all about what was going on or who these people were. Which would be ok if it wasn't for;

3) The missions. The missions in this game is the same repetitive few types with different locations/cars. It will either be a race (by far the best), an escape from the cops mission, a checkpoint time trial or a Smugglers Run esque cargo smash. That is as deep as they get and you will soon get bored.

4) Little reward. I don't really consider this a spoiler and I think perspective buyers should be aware. There is no reward for completing the story. No car. No paint job and just the same diddly amount of cash as the rest of the missions.

5) Always online and Uplay. Not really an issue for me but understand this is important for people with limited internet connections

That being said there are some positive points to this game. The map is huge and full of landmarks, the Wild Run add on creates a bit more variety, and if you manage to get a crew cruising round the U.S.A can be fun.

I have played this with a Logitech Driving Force GT and it will work ok, but the arcade controls are far more suited to a controller, both controller types are supported well with mappable button configs.

All in all I can't really recommend this game, especially not at full price, but it may be worth a punt on sale if you are looking for an easy on the eye arcade racing sandbox. It is what it is, and is easilly worth getting on the cheap for the map and crew antics alone.
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
33.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
Arcadee racing ,massive world can be fun.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
0.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 23
great game
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
15.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 9
Lots of fun to play with friends 8/10
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