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The best just got even better! RailSimulator.com pushes the boundaries of simulation once again with Train Simulator 2014!
Release Date: Sep 26, 2013
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Includes 4 items: Train Simulator 2014, Donner Pass: Southern Pacific Route Add-On, London-Faversham High Speed Route Add-On, Hamburg-Hanover Route Add-On

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Includes 6 items: Train Simulator 2014, Donner Pass: Southern Pacific Route Add-On, London-Faversham High Speed Route Add-On, Hamburg-Hanover Route Add-On, Sheerness Branch Extension Route Add-On, Southern Pacific SD70M Loco Add-On

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BR Class 52 out now for Train Simulator

April 17th, 2014

One of the classic early diesel era locomotives, the Class 52, comes to Train Simulator as seen on mainline rail tours across the UK.

Built by British Rail for the Western Region between 1961 and 1964, the Type 4 locomotive followed the Western Region’s preference for diesel-hydraulic models, compared to the more usual diesel-electric locomotives seen elsewhere on the network and a need for a high-powered locomotive to head top-link services. In total, 74 models were built at BR’s Swindon Works and Crewe Works, and the twin Maybach engines delivered a top speed of 90mph (140 km/h).

Whilst the design of the Class was largely successful, its working life was relatively short, with retirement beginning in the early 1970s and the Class being fully withdrawn by 1977 and scrapped shortly after. They were also never renumbered under TOPS, becoming the last class of locomotive on the BR network not to carry a TOPS number.
However, their popularity has seen some locomotives preserved on heritage railways, with D1015 ‘Western Champion’ retaining its certificate for mainline use – the only ‘Western’ to do so.

The Class 52 – officially licensed by the Diesel Traction Group – for Train Simulator is a former Iron Horse House model, which has been updated to TS2014 standard, including new scenarios and improved exterior modelling. The locomotive recreates ‘Western Champion’ as seen today operating rail tours, and is available in BR Western Region ‘Red’ livery including BR ‘chocolate and cream’ Mk1 coaching stock.

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the BR Class 52 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).

Find out more on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/222635/

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NEC: New York-New Haven out now for Train Simulator

April 11th, 2014

The sprawling Big Apple and the bustling city of New Haven come together in the exciting new NEC: New York-New Haven route for Train Simulator, featuring many of New York’s famous landmarks and advanced signalling throughout.

Joining the USA’s most populated city, New York, to Connecticut’s second largest city, New Haven, the original line was completed in 1849; classic American steam trains were the first to use the line before it was electrified in the early 20th century. It also forms part of the longer Northeast Corridor, which runs from Boston to Washington D.C.

The 75 mile (120km) route for Train Simulator features two of New York’s most famous train terminals, Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station, both within four blocks of each other but serving two different routes through The Big Apple.

The stunning and imperious Grand Central Station in New York – once home to the great passenger trains of the New York Central - is Metro-North’s southernmost point of its Harlem Line. An underground station, trains depart Grand Central via the Park Avenue Tunnel and Park Avenue Viaduct to Harlem along third-rail lines towards Mount Vernon and New Rochelle.

New York Penn Station – otherwise known as Pennsylvania Station – is Amtrak’s mainline New York station for Northeast Corridor services. Running through the East River Tunnels underneath the City, the line passes the imposing Sunnyside Yard – a 192 acre Amtrak coach yard – towards New Rochelle, crossing the stunning Hell Gate Bridge, through Astoria Queens and Upper Manhattan.

At New Rochelle, both Metro-North and Amtrak lines merge and continue north on overhead catenary, keeping in sight of Long Island Sound, offering impressive views across Connecticut State, and through Stamford, Bridgeport and Milford, before arriving at New Haven Union Station.

Many branch lines duck and dive off the main line through New York, including the Yankee Branch, which serves the New York Yankees Stadium on baseball match days, and the New Canaan Branch north of Stamford, serving one of the wealthiest communities in the US.

Long-distance Amtrak passenger services along the New York-New Haven line are increasingly operated by ultra-modern ACS-64 electric locomotives, which first entered service in February 2014. Built by Siemens for Amtrak, the ACS-64 is designed to replace the existing fleet of AEM-7 and HHP-8 locomotives on the route. With a maximum power output of 8,600hp, the locomotive is capable of accelerating 18 Amfleet cars to a maximum speed of 125mph in little over eight minutes and is fitted with advanced, state-of-the-art safety systems.

Freight operations on the line are a common sight too, often being pulled by CSX Transportation locomotives. The EMD SD40-2, included with this route, was introduced between 1972 and 1986 and was an upgrade to the SD40 series. Modular electronic control systems give the locomotive more reliability and economy than its competitors, even though it is not as powerful, making it one of the best-selling locomotives of all time.

Find out more on Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/258643/

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Steam Workshop

Now you can easily find, download and rate Train Simulator 2014 scenarios directly through Steam.

The Steam Workshop enables simple searches for specific content; you can also search by area of interest or by specific routes or add-ons. Once you’ve found something you want, click the “Subscribe” button and, the next time you play Train Simulator, the scenarios will automatically appear.

You can even see what your friends have added to their favourites. Scenario writers also enjoy a streamlined process for uploading their work directly to Steam. Of course the exciting part is creating your scenario.

About the Game

Train Simulator 2014 delivers everything you love about trains with the exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, a variety of trains, real-world routes and challenging assignments. Whether you love driving trains, creating new routes or just watching the landscape fly by, your journey starts with TS2014.

TS2014 includes three stunning routes for you to enjoy. Experience the super-modern London-Faversham High Speed route, featuring the stunning London St Pancras Station and sleek, streamlined Southeastern Class 395; alternatively, take charge of a Dash 9 at the head of a heavy freight train across the mountainous Donner Pass or the streamlined ICE 2 through beautiful German countryside from Hamburg to Hanover.

Drive: Embark on a fun and rewarding career as a train driver.

Explore: Drive a wide variety of trains on iconic routes around the world.

Create: Easily build and share fantastic routes, and download more created by other players.

Collect: Build your dream collection with a host of additional routes and trains.

Train Simulator 2014: Your Journey Starts Here

Key Features

  • 16 Stunningly accurate locomotives with realistic sounds, controls and physics including Southeastern Class 395, Southern Pacific Dash 9 and DB ICE 2
  • 3 Fantastic real-world routes including London-Faversham High Speed, Donner Pass and Hamburg-Hanover
  • EXCLUSIVE Steam edition includes an additional seven mile 'Sheerness Branch' line in Kent (London-Faversham High Speed) and two extra locos (Class 466 and SD70M)
  • Drive with Xbox 360 controller, keyboard or mouse
  • Integrated Steam Workshop free mission download centre
  • Enhanced graphics and performance
  • New Career System to score your driving, win achievements and join the global leader board
  • Quick Drive menu system: drive what you like, where you like
  • Access the Engine Driver community site in-game

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor:Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended), AMD Athlon MP (multiprocessor variant or comparable processors)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0 (AGP PCIe only)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct X 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Quicktime Player is required for playing the videos
    • Graphics:Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required
    • Additional:Quicktime Player is required for playing the videos
Helpful customer reviews
770 of 919 people (84%) found this review helpful
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1 review
1,423.0 hrs on record
TS is a hybrid, existing somewhere between game and simulator, because this gamulator lives in this middle ground anyone interested in casually driving trains for XP or serious rail simulation fans looking for the experience of driving a train like real driver in a simulated environment or those like myself with an interest in creating scenarios and routes may be frustrated in equal measure, however for very different reasons.

TS2014 is not a new product, its a compulsory upgrade from TS2013 which was a compulsory upgrade from TS2012 and so on.

TS2013 can be used off the shelf as a ready to play product, in this form it works adquately but its very limited in scope, to get any meaningful use from TS2014 requires a serious financial investment in some of the DLC (depending on your area of interest) and an investment in time in making your own content in the form of scenarios and routes. For anyone interested in simulating reality making your own scenarios using the editor is essential, this is probably TSs strongest aspect however if you undertake this you will come up against many of the software’s myriad bugs and design limitations, the process can be encapsulated in one word: "Frustrating” however it can be rewarding when you do discover a work-around for any of the problems you will encounter.

TS also suffers from (in my experience):
*Poor unhelpful patronising support with less than a rudimentary understanding of the product.
*Falling value for money in packs that come with less skins than previous releases and routes released without the common stock that use them, Ubiquitous stock is conspicuous in its absence while the developers release rare and one-off locos.
*A complexity of incompatible assets, and cut down incompatible replacements for withdrawn DLC making the sharing of scenarios impractical. (for instance there are 5! different versions of the class 66, all incompatible with each other!)
*Variable quality in DLC from “outstanding” to “not-fit-for-purpose”, some DLC cannot be driven without using the driver interface, because of little omissions like the sounds of doors closing not being included, this is bad news if you want full immersion. The sounds on some of the DLC are diabolical others less so.
*A game menu UI that is a temple to style over functionality.
*Long standing unresolved bugs including, benign graphical bugs such as floating passengers and more serious CTD session ending bugs such as the corrupted asset in the scenery folder of London to Brighton that crashes the editor.
*Aggressive marketing, in-your-face advertising and the monetisation of almost every aspect, you are spammed with advertising when waiting for scenarios to load and you cannot even work towards achievements without investing in DLC
*Widespread censorship of genuine concerns on official channels, giving other users advice on workarounds or patches for bugs is prohibited.
*Design limitations, such as its impossible to create “late running” scenarios because the software wont allow the pick-up of passengers from a stop you arrive late at and a save and resume system that can cause AI to be mistimed, collide, derail and off-path in scenarios.
*Unless you have a powerful set up you will have to chose between graphical quality or performance, if you take the performance route TS is ugly but it can be pretty if you don’t mind some stuttering.

All of these things you should not expect from a premium priced product but can be overlooked or worked around if you are a serious rail simulator buff, I would still recommend this product even with these (and other) Shortcomings.


The reason I cannot recommend TS2014 is confidence. Every autumn there is a compulsory relaunch of the product, Its called a “Free update” and in general it carries new ways to monetise the software, some new bugs and a few “bread and circuses” changes, the important part of this is the software changes and unless you want to isolate yourself from ever using the product again you have no choice in accepting it. [EDIT: On the 6th Jan my last working copy of TS2013 was automaticly upgraded bypassing Steam disabled automatic updates, It appears its not actually possible to prevent the update at all, only delay it by a few months. the updates are fully compulsory, as a customer you have no choice]
Because things change every year it has completely smashed my confidence in the product, how long before it becomes intentionally or accidentally unusable? There is no way of knowing if all the hours that may have spent on scenario creation or weeks of gaining achievements or months on route building or the considerable amount of money spent on DLC will just be wasted or unusable a few years down the line.
I find this single aspect utterly demoralising, I simply can no longer be motivated to spend time creating something that may in future be taken away from me without my consent, in this sense its a self fulfilling prophesy.

The release of TS2014 has turned a flawed but enjoyable entertainment (TS2013) into my biggest ever regret, I feel like I have been conned. All the hours I spent making scenarios and routebuilding in TS2013 have been wasted because I have been forced to "upgrade" to TS2014.

Not recommended, unless you are a masochist.

EDIT: 4/12/2013, I think the fact that Railsimulator marked this and many other reviews as "off topic" says more than I could ever say about TS. Actions speak louder than words.

EDIT: 6/12/2013 Steam moderators overturned DTGs off topic flagging and made this review visable again.
Posted: December 2nd, 2013
Was this review helpful? Yes No
788 of 959 people (82%) found this review helpful
75 products in account
4 reviews
303.8 hrs on record
While i'm a fan of railroad simulations (and other simulations) i can't recommend this game.
The first problem with it is that this isn't a simulator, but arcadeish, even the very old MSTS+bin patch have more realistic features that this game doesn't have, like the airbrake lag simulation along a long train, limited achievable speed in each throttle notches).
There are a lot of features that are totally broken, bugged or missing, and doesn't changed since the first version of this game (Rail Simulator) was released in 2007, like:
-diesel hydraulic and mechanical simulation
-manual field divert/shunt capability is missing
-have ridicolous bugs like the shaft driven compressor on diesel locomotives works while the engine is off, or the electric compressor works when the pantographs are lowered and the main circuit breaker is off.
-wheelslips are totally unrealistic, and have unpredictable behavior.
And hundreds of other bugs, which i got known, as making addons/helping for others to import content to this game (locomotives, routes, signaling).
But the biggest problem with this game is the AI. The dispatcher, and routing/pathing AI is a real pain to handle as it is really blunt. That's why you can see a lot of scenarios without any or rare traffic, on routes where in reality there is heavy traffic.
I've just played a default scenario for Hamburg-Hannover route, where i didn't meet with ANY rail traffic, just static consists on yards. This looks weird, everything is empty, like in the zombie apocalypse movies, and makes the game really boring, as you don't need to stop/slow don't because of a traffic jam or another slower train, or a crossing, but every signal lights are green for you, and you only get yellow signal lights because of a diverted switch, not because of other traffic.

I can't blame the developers of the game for making DLC-s as that makes them money, but the problem is they focusing only on DLCs, and not fixing the bugs, just searching for excuses.
For a good example for their support: I've sent them a report about a long time existing bug of the TrainDecal.fx shader in game (what is for the dynamic numbering of the locomotives), that makes the numbers look dark in non-TSX graphics mode (which is used by a lot of laptop, or low end PC users), and their answer was to use TSX mode, and they won't fix the bug.
However i have PC for which the TSX mode isn't a problem, but not everyone can run TSX mode...
Posted: November 30th, 2013
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534 of 655 people (82%) found this review helpful
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4 reviews
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Whilst I have personally learned to forgive many of the mistakes in this game, I will not recommend it to other people before the developers get real. Sure, a lot of work is probably put into the routes, but the exorbitant prices they charge border insanity. Especially since most of the stuff comes with bugs which makes the pricing even less acceptable. These bugs range from small annoyances to game-breaking trouble, as if it wasn't even playtested. You'll pay for graphical glitches, buggy sound, impossible missions and random derailments. All of these issues have been raised by many people over many years, time and again, but are never or extremely rarely resolved by the team. False promises concerning solutions are made over and over, and the official "support team" seems to consist of a single highly efficient paper shredder, as people rarely get replies.

About the game itself; it is definitely not the most entertaining. You need to have a huge interest in trains otherwise you'd just be bored all the time. In all fairness, the devs are not entirely to blame here for once, cause driving a train is just that... You're on rails, you set the accelerator and you watch the scenery go by. Scenery that could have been modelled a lot better, too. It would have been more interesting if the controls weren't so painfully lacking in depth. But the game world also feels very dead, you just feel like you're driving on your own in a void world. If you expect bustling traffic and challenging rush hours, you'll be disappointed. The main activity in this game is... staring. It's painful to realise, but that is actually what you'll be doing most of the time you decide to have another go.

The exception to the boredom are steam trains which provide sufficient depth and challenge for more than the usual 30 consecutive minutes I can play this. Only you need to learn how to drive and fire them yourself cause the game does not provide much in the way of learning material. And to make matters worse, the HUD is not optimized (read: entirely unfriendly and frustrating) for steam trains. If you want the line graph to see the route and signals, you lose control over your engine, literally, because the buttons on the hud override the actual controls.

I've had this game since it was called Railworks 3 and in all the years since, it has improved painfully little and the devs just keep churning out new expensive stuff of the same mediocre quality. They really should focus on improving what's already there, and listening to the community instead of muting all the critics. Fix all the bugs and improve the graphics and physics before moving on, that would be properly appreciated. The core game is lacking, if you're lucky you can get some DLC in a big sale without too much bugs that will entertain for a couple of hours at most. But even then chances are you will be wondering why the heck you are playing this rather than all the great actual games out there.

This product tries to appeal to casual gamers and simulation lovers, but it will fail to please either.
Posted: November 27th, 2013
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492 of 616 people (80%) found this review helpful
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1 review
93.2 hrs on record
I got this game as a gift two years ago. It was fun to play at first but as time progressed I realised this is half-finished product. I am trying to find some pros for it - it has decent graphics, a great variety of routes, add-ons and several non-steam forums when you can find help, advices and even free stuff. On the other hand you get a game with a number of bugs - for some of them there are workarounds, for some not - you have to live with them somehow. Yes, there are DLCs, but they seem overpriced for the quality you get - even if the main line is finished, when you go to explore it you may find tracks only, without scenery etc (PDL is an example). Steam forum wont help you, not because the community, which is eager to give you all the remedies, but the RSC policy, namely RCS moderator, that deletes all the posts related to the issues people are encountering, giving only support email as an advice. Unfortunately support does not respond to your emails and there are no patches for problems, known for several months, event years.
To sum up - you have to decide. It is true you can enjoy this game for the first several hours, but you might get in trouble without any help as well.
Posted: November 27th, 2013
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567 of 729 people (78%) found this review helpful
55 products in account
2 reviews
224.9 hrs on record
Don't let their new Dovetail Games name fool you, nothing here has changed. I Won't recommend the game, it is very expensive, older DLC has bugs and issues that the developer will not fix, and the support is not great. Essentially avoid this game at all costs, MSTS is better. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Prices need to come down and older content needs to be fixed to work with the current version. Some of the stuff on sale will not work 100% (Such as the Northeast Corridor and Acela). The developer also deleted all topics on the Steam Workshop Discussion section for this game, where many helpful threads existed that made a lot of this DLC playable. For many players, that was the straw the broke the camel's back. Newer DLC has improved, but not drastically. Also, please note that the level of detail from DLC to DLC will vary drastically regardless of the price. For now, I won't recommend the game, it needs work, especially with older DLC. That, or at least their prices need to drop.

Want some proof to back this up? Look here:

On the evening of December 2nd, this review was marked off-topic. If what I said above wasn't enough, the idea that the developer doesn't want you to know about the issues, and wants to hide them as much as they can should be enough to tell you to stay away, and tell your friends too.

I want to say that I appreciate Steam's job of clarifying and removing the flags set by the developer.

On December 9th/10th, Railsimulator.com now became Dovetail Games. This is not a new company, not a merger, just a rename of the company who develops this game. The managment, development, support, everything is the same. Please do not be fooled by thinking it's been bought out, it's been merged, or anything, this is the same company, developing the same game, just under a different name.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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