The Ship is a murder mystery multiplayer. Buy The Ship: Remasted and get The Ship: Murder Party FREE!!
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Date de parution : 11 juil. 2006

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“its gameplay and design draw on everything from Poirot to Quake, with even a slightly unhealthy dose of The Sims thrown into the mix - but the game is much more than the sum of its well worn parts”
8 – Videogamer

“Unlike a lot of its hybrid predecessors, this multigenre multiplayer game really is something completely different. While the game draws on identifiable sources such as Quake, The Sims, and Clue, it mashes these elements together with a few new ideas to create an innovative experience that doesn't play like any of its inspirations.”
8.3 – Gamespot

“the game twists around the Clue formula to make it a little more interesting. Instead of having to uncover a killer, The Ship makes you the killer. The main gameplay mechanic revolves around finding your target, called your quarry, and breaking their face as stealthily as possible. To do so there are plenty of lethal odds-and-ends to wield, and even some environmental traps. It's certainly a quirky take on first-person gaming, but it's an entertaining one once you get the hang of it.”
7.4 – IGN

Buy The Ship: Remasted and get The Ship: Murder Party FREE!

You’ll now get The Ship: Murder Party for FREE when you buy, or own The Ship: Remasted. Oh buoy, what a deal! For those of you that already own The Ship: Remasted, make sure to update the game in your Steam Library to get access. Happy hunting!

Finding a Server

Ahoy Shipmates!

Unfortunately the in-game server browser is no longer working. However, players can connect to servers via the Steam Client > View > Servers (if you don't see The Ship you may have to restart the client). Feel free to drop by the forums to chat about this and you can find a more detail explanation of the issues in our announcement:

À propos de ce jeu

The Ship est principalement un jeu d'assassinat multijoueur en ligne aux règles uniques.

The Ship appartient au mystérieux Mr. X et, comme tous les « heureux » gagnants qui ont reçu un billet de croisière gratuit, vous vous rendez vite compte que la vie à bord du vaisseau est bien moins idyllique qu'on ne pourrait le croire.

Vous êtes ainsi obligé de prendre part à une chasse brutale afin de distraire le sadique Mr. X, le prix du refus étant votre mort, mais aussi celle de toute votre famille. Votre seule chance de vous sauver ? Jouer le gagner !

Configuration requise

    Minimale : processeur de 1,8 GHz, 512 Mo de mémoire vive (RAM), carte graphique compatible avec DirectX 8 (1024×768), Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, souris, clavier, connexion à Internet, DirectX 9.0c
    Recommandée : processeur de 2,8 GHz, 1024 Mo de mémoire vive (RAM), carte graphique compatible avec DirectX 9 (1024×768), Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, souris, clavier, connexion à Internet, DirectX 9.0c
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très positives (25 évaluation(s))
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