Wryn is a girl with a big arsenal and big dreams -- she wants to be the ultimate videogame hero! Help her take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time in an action-packed bid to claim the title for herself and show the world what a true hero looks like!
사용자 평가: 매우 긍정적 (평가 898 개)
출시 날짜: 2013년 7월 3일

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Bleed 구매

휴일 세일! 종료일: 2015년 1월 2일


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"Behind the cutesy visuals lies a fast paced action game that combines bullet hell mayhem with acrobatic platforming. Best of Indies 2013, see link."
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"Insanely fun."
Penny Arcade

"If you have a pulse, if even a fraction of your heart is occupied by videogames, you must play Bleed."

"There’s so many clever ideas at play here that it’s amazing they could keep them all so balanced."
Indie Gamer Chick

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Wryn is a girl with a big arsenal and big dreams -- she wants to be the ultimate videogame hero! Help her take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time in an action-packed bid to claim the title for herself and show the world what a true hero looks like!

Bleed is an action-platformer focused on stylish, acrobatic dodging and fluid, challenging gameplay. There's no filler -- just you and your skills against seven levels of enemies, obstacles, breakneck set-pieces and inventive bosses!

Key Features:

  • -Unique control scheme enabling crazy fast action
  • 7 levels packed with multiple set-pieces and bosses
  • 4 difficulty levels that remix enemy placement and boss patterns
  • 2-player local co-op for all modes (requires at least one gamepad)
  • 3 unlockable characters with their own gameplay twists
  • Survive the entire game on one life in Arcade Mode
  • Select and battle up to three bosses at once in Challenge Mode

시스템 요구 사항

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP (or later)
    • Processor:2.0 Ghz dual core
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB video card (XNA 4.0 compatible, Shader Model 2.0 or higher)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:350 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX-compatible sound card
    • Additional:Xbox 360 controller officially supported
    • Additional:Xbox 360 controller officially supported
    • OS:OS X 10.6.8
    • Processor:3Ghz Intel Core i3
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB video card, Shader Model 2.0
    • Hard Drive:350 MB HD space
    • Additional:Xbox 360 controller officially supported (requires a third-party driver)
    • Additional:Xbox 360 controller officially supported (requires a third-party driver)
유용한 고객 평가
27명 중 22명(81%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
0.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 7월 1일
I just caught this on sale for $2. The first level alone was worth the $2.

Buy. This. Game.

It's a hidden gem of twin stick, shooty, dodgey, platformy, bullet timey goodness.
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9명 중 9명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
2.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 29일
I actually purchased a bundle I had originally passed on because I decided I really wanted to give Bleed a try.

If you like artsy action platformers, score attacks/speed runs, and fun, challenging gameplay, then you will enjoy this one.

The aesthetics are great - the detail in the retro-style character models and environemnt is well-done. The slow-motion and dash effects are very nice, and executing an efficient speed run can look quite pleasing. The music and sounds are appropriate for the theme, but I personally found the bit-style music annoying after a time, and resorted to using my own music.

The controls are fairly easy to learn, however, you will have to take a look at the control scheme to figure out the key bindings. I strongly suggest using a controller if possible, as the feedback will feel much smoother and more responsive; however, a keyboard + mouse combo is still viable. The learning curve is minimal to moderate, however, experience with bullet dodging will benefit you greatly.

The gameplay is pretty fun - your typical side-scrolling progress until you reach the boss. You are rewarded with money after each completed level and can use this to purchase new weapons and upgrades for your health and slow-motion bars. There is an arcade mode that ramps up the difficulty, and the game supports 2-player coop. An arena (challenge) mode allows you to test your skills against up to 3 bosses, and you can select which ones you'd like to fight (after beating them in the story first).

The boss fights are good - each boss comes with a unique attack pattern that mixes things up enough to keep things challenging. Each level is not too long, however, achieving a perfect (S-rank) score requires speed, timing, and precision. For achievement junkies, you will spend a few hours on this game if you wish to get 100% completion.

Overall, the game is very fun, and any platforming lovers should definitely give this a try.


DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
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8명 중 8명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
0.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 30일
Bleed is Indie Action Platformer. Fast paced, challenging and unforgivable. You gotta be attentive and focused almost all the time, wisely using your charcater's abilities.


• Looking for a challenging game? You have it right here.

• The stages are very creative. Each containing different enemies requiring different approach.

• Kind or funny story and characters?
Some of those enemies tho. o3o

• Low price. 5€ isn't that much.
(At least not for me)

• Local Co-Op.
It's always a good thing


• The game is already hard on normal difficulty. x3
At least to me, I don't know maybe I suck

• Might be frustrating at times.
Oh yes

• To be honest. If you don't have at least decent reflex; You won't like this game.
Trust me

Sum up

My rate; 7/10. Game for action platformers fans, old skool platformers fans or people looking fror challenges.

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5명 중 5명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
3.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 9월 2일
"Kill all heroes to be the hero, nice :) "

Bleed is a small 2D side-scroll bullet-time jump'n'run shooter.

+ great controls
+ great gameplay
+ great plattformer
+ okay graphics
+ okay ost&sounds
+ okay story
+ modes / difficulties
+ offline coop
+ full X360controller support

- no online coop
- only 7 lvls
- lvl design textures variety

Definately go for it if you like arcade plattformers & it's on sale.
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7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 9월 9일
This game gave better gameplay in 1 hour than COD Ghosts gave in 1 year.

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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 9일
Very awesome retro style shoot-em-up side-scroller. Can be very difficult, especially without a controller, but Easy mode is very forgiving plus there's auto-save checkpoints regularly that restore your health to full with infinite lives. You can also clear through the levels on Easy and Normal to unlock new weapons and upgrades that make tackling levels on harder difficulties a lot easier. A bit short on levels, but there's plenty of replayability. Highly recommended, if you're a retro fan 10/10!
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 17일
Very fun, but disappointingly short if played on Normal difficulty. There's some replayability on more challenging difficulties, if you're into that. Regardless, gameplay is very fun. Something like a mix of Megaman and Contra. Humor is laced throughout this game, and makes it even more fun.

Sequel confirmed!
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
5.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 23일
Much like dungeons of dredmor, this game is worth way more than what they are charging. The gameplay is enjoyable, the story is... reasonable, and it has 2 of my favorite features: Infinite ammo, and multiple jumps. "Should I buy it?" Yes. Yes you should. Besides, even if you somehow don't like it (IMPOSSIBRU!), it IS only 5$ :P
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3명 중 3명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
6.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 8월 31일
Bleed is a fun game where you play as a girl named Wryn who wants to Kill all of the Heroes in the World and Become the Hero of the World (Kinda Backwards Huh) and to do this you must beat 7 Levels In a Devil May Cry Fashion, Only it's in 2D and Pixels...
The Game Will Take Roughly an Hour to complete on Easy and Like Devil May Cry you will want to beat it on every Difficulty to unlock everything and be Awesome... The Game Is quite Hard on the Difficulty Spikes where on the Last Level everything until then was a Piece of Delicious, Delicious Pie, The Final Boss Has Double Everything you have All Weapons Available to him and a Giant Missile to Blast you with, YAY!!!...... It also has a Two Player Split screen Kind of like Contra (One of the Very Little Games on Steam to have this...) So Bleed is a Great Game I would recommend it to Casual and Hardcore Gamers alike.
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 24일
Review Edit: Sequel confirmed! Check the developer's page for details!

To be quite honest, the last side-scrolling platformer I ever played was when I last broke out Megaman X3. I've had Bleed for a couple months now, and to be very honest, it has that same particular flavor and fun.

The backstory is very simple- our heroine, Wryn, wants to be the best Hero ever, so she decides the best way to show that she's better than the heroes currently enshrined in the Hall of Heroes is to hunt them all down and destroy them, wearing a cute smile upon her face. To be honest, Wryn is a refreshing change from all the big, overly-muscled guys who usually catch this role- not to mention the story that she's just doing this because she wants to prove that she can be a better hero than all those who came before her. That's all- just to prove that she's better then they are.

The heroes you go after are a mix of different patterns, and each boss battle is a different experience. What worked on th first boss won't work on the next one. You'll be jumping and learning patterns and generally having a great time.

The weapons are a lot of fun, as well, but I managed to make it through just by using the starting pistols and the rocket launcher. To be honest, though, everyone has their own playstyles, and it might be that they suited my play-styles. You'll find your own style of play, so buy and upgrade them all and see what suits you!

The graphics are actually well-done for what they are- you don't need supremely-sharp graphics to make a fun game- the cartoon-like graphics actually enhance the game, and even if you and Wryn can't make it through the level, she'll always be there with words of encouragement to get you to keep on trying.

In short- buy this game!
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
4.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 6일
So after playing the first few levels, felt I had to say how great this game is. This game is essentially a mix of; Scott Pilgrim, kill bill, and Mega Man. The game play is very fast paced, dificult, and a ♥♥♥♥ tone of fun. The artstyle is cute with a nice 8 bit style to it, the music is wonderful, and the character is likeable right from the start. Not to mention that everytime you die (which will be a few times) she says something cute and upllfting before respawning. This game does so much right, and I've never played a game with such a usefull tightly implamented bullet-time mechanism. I strongly Recomend this game.
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
121.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 9월 24일
Bleed is an incredibly fluid platformer with controls, music, and gameplay that go FAR beyond that of ANY average 5$ title. The game is worth every penny and more, the only possible reasoning I can see to the game being 5$ is that there is not a *ton* of content, but, it still has a full game feel to it via stages, story / introductions to stages, and an ending that can move some people to tears, in a good way. <3

Not only that, but it has a difficulty setting for any level of player, from the more casual player, all the way down to hardcore players who enjoy the stress of an Arcade mode playthrough set on V.Hard that could make them rage and *still* have a good time.

No matter the difficulty setting, you aren't robbed of the game's wonderful ending and beautiful message it has, so I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys platformers as this title has a refreshing twist on bullet time and mobility. This game truly feels unique and has the kind of game play I've not found anywhere else.

And with a second coming of the soon-to-be Bleed series in the works ... I would recommend this game to get hyped for it!!! Also, did I mention that the game's creator, Ian Campbell, single handedly made this piece of art?

That guy is a total baws! Check this game out, for 5$, chances are you won't regret it!!! ^_^
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
36.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 12일
A run and gun platformer with a great soundtrack, color scheme, and level design. Its puzzle-like platforming areas and boss fights rival that of any popular platforming title. Although the first playthrough will only last 2-8 hours depending on difficulty, it is somewhat replayable with more difficulties and weapons to unlock. I highly recommend it even if you only plan on playing it through once.
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
8.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 20일
Wow amazing little game. I love it.
Excellent petit jeu. J'adore.
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4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
6.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 7월 7일
Badass simulator 2013. This game very accurately gives the feel of having matrix-style skills due to frentic action and just enough bullet time powers to squeeze through the tougher bits.

Controls are tight and action is constant. The multiple difficulties let you get your feet wet, but Ultra Hard story more and Arcade Mode are where it really shines as you'll feel a real sense of accomplishment as you pull off the platforming and boss fights.

The biggest downside in the game is that while there's lots of unlockable weapons and even characters, the stock dual pistols are all you need for 95% of situations. A few times the Laser or Rocket Launcher are very useful, but the main event here is triple jumping, dual pistol time slowing action.
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6명 중 4명(67%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
4.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 1일
"Got the S-Rank! Now to finish this lev-
{Gets hit right before finishing the level}

-Every gamer, when playing this game at least once.

10/10 Would rage again.
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6명 중 4명(67%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
15.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 31일
Take Megaman, add a little Touhou sauce, and put it in the Viewtiful Joe oven. Now you got yourself a good serving of Bleed.
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10명 중 6명(60%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
5.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 22일
My favorite color is purple. Most of this game is purple

Also good platforming and shooting and stuff...but mostly the purple thing.
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1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 8월 28일
GUYS!!!! BLEED IS JUST SOFUN!! Easy controlls!! and cool, smooth pixel gameplay and story throughout the entire game! Cheap yet worth it, a must try :))
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1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 7월 1일
If you like Megaman (the X series of Megaman also), then you will enjoy this game alot.
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