The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new game from Ubisoft Montreal that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!
User reviews: Mostly Positive (7,730 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 18, 2013

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"A brilliant game with a lot of depth involved in castle building and attacking. Plus, it is also free to play!"

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December 18

Stuff your enemies and give 'em a socking!


It's time to wreck the halls and bask in glory!

Show anyone who enters your castle that, this Christmas season, you're not playing any reindeer games.

Announcing the Mighty Quest Christmas Package. This holiday parcel has a huge assortment of goodies to make your holiday frigidly festive. Inside you will find;

o Icy Stare - The snowy-eyeball pet that scoops up your loot and puts it in cold storage for ya!
o 5 Snowbalisitic Cannons - 5 very chilling reasons for invaders to stay away from your loot!
o 15 Clusterclucks - Faced with this explosive rafter the last thing your enemies will hear
is the sound of your laughter.
o 55 decorative barricades! That's 5 each of 11 kinds of barricades. These holiday blockers will
clog your enemies more than 11 helpings of Christmas pudding.

So bring your Blings and look for the package in Cornelius’ Emporium. It’ll be the very first item in the Defense Tab.

Also sold separately, Rude Olaf, the shiny red-nosed eye-pet that will light the way to all your loot!

And by the way, gather ‘round your castle inventory. We’ve left a gift there for all players! Merry Christmas!

So check the list, check it twice. Let your enemies know they're naughty, and PUT THEM ON ICE!

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December 18

Holiday Sale !


Get a jump on holiday castle raiding with just the right pack of goodies to get you started!

Whatever the weather is outside, this holiday the only thing better than staying in and looking out is doing so from atop a huge pile of loot! Right now get your choice of Hero and Defense packs at up to 50% off of the regular price.

Celebrate the holiday spirit the way it was always intended; by crushing opponents and looting their castles!

Merry Christmas!


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"Diablo meets Dungeon Keeper"
PC Gamer

"Mighty Quest is like pop-corn. You take just a few to taste them and you end up finishing the whole pot without noticing."

"At its core, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot shows a lot of promise. I love the dungeon building and the quick and instant gratification the hack n’ slash looting gives."

"The name may be a bit confusing, then, but there's no mistaking the warmth lurking within wonderful chunky art and the neat dovetailing of complimentary systems."

“Mighty Quest is on its way to becoming the essential multi-player game for the non-multi-player”
The Examiner

About This Game

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new game from Ubisoft Montreal that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!

As a newcomer to Opulencia, you will hack n slash your way through hundreds of castles designed by the ingenious minds of your fellow players!

Don’t forget to show them who’s boss by constructing deadly keep of your very own – in this kingdom, size really does matter!

Key Features

  • Castle Looting: Prepare your hero for battle and charge into one of many player-created castles to test your skills and might! Oh yeah, and don’t forget all the loot and gold waiting for you in the treasure room at the end of the castle.
  • Castle Defense: Protect your treasure from the greedy hands of your neighbors. You and your friends can build custom castles with majestic rooms and fill them with deadly monsters like fire-breathing dragons, nose-picking Cyclopes, swarming vampires and more. Then, surprise your foes by boosting your castle’s defenses with fearsome fire cannons, spike traps and other surprises. The more enemies perish in your castle, the higher the reward.
  • Variety of Heroes: The outlandish world of Opulencia has an eccentric cast of characters ranging from the knight, Sir Painhammer, a good-natured tough guy to Blackeye Bowgart, an archer with a chip on his shoulder. More will be available in the near future.
  • Character Customization: Plain armor is out this season, shiny metal is in. Use your well-earned gold to shop and customize and level up your heroes in style.
  • Showboating: Think you are the baddest of the bad in all of Opulencia? Prove it by creating different challenges for your foes and compare yourself on the leaderboards.
  • Intense Action: Play on your own schedule. Short sessions means you can play when you want to. It also doesn’t hurt to have others playing at the same time, but you don’t need them playing simultaneously to experience looting at its best.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 3.00 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant Video Card with at least 256 MB of memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: The minimum configuration is currently higher than what it might be when the development is complete. Please understand that the current version is work in progress and is not yet optimized.
Helpful customer reviews
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115.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
Update: Dec 5, 2014 patch added a way to buy and sell items on the Steam Market!
Game is blatantly pay-to-win as you can now buy and sell castle defenses on Steam Market. If you have a disposable income and you're looking for a shallow game where you can just buy your way to the top of the leaderboards using Steam Market then this game is for you!

TLDR: Game is a decent dungeon-maker / dungeon-raider, but is highly Pay-to-Win; be prepared to grind countless hours if you don't want to use the real-money cash shop for "boosts", "item packs", or just outright buy the good defenses from Steam Market. Also Ubisoft DRM (U-play) sucks!

Has lots of potential to be a great game but sadly won't live up to it's potential due to developers focusing more on Pay-to-Win content instead of balance.

This game had been in closed beta for almost a year and had a major rework due to backlash and criticisms over their shoddy mobile-games-style "pay-dollars-to-not-wait-X-hours" business model. Amazingly, it took them almost a year before they realized their business model ain't working for a PC game - despite the constant complaints and whines of the players.

Game got rework and released open beta on Febuary, 2014. It was buggy and unbalanced, but that was expected for a game that was on beta. What's not to be expected though, is for devs to start shoving DLC, advertisments for other ubisoft games, and locking characters behind a paywall - when the game is supposed to be testing for bugs and balance. Isn't the whole point of a beta to flesh-out the kinks of the game? Not "try to milk as much money from your players before the game even gets a full release".

My major complaint about this game is the terrible pace of balance fixes. Patches usually come in a bi-monthly basis. People have listed problems with the game's balance ever since the start of the open beta - problems that made the game repetitive, stale, and boring. The devs even acknowledged these problems themselves even as early as March - yet they barely touched the balance when it comes to patches; it's usually 1 minor balance change followed by more DLC, content disguised to entice you to spend money on blings (pets, costumes, crafting patch), or more advertisements.

The slow pace of balance changes results in "flavor-of-the-month" setups where people will just resort to the most imbalanced setups that's currently available. This is what makes the game a repetitive and boring choir, as 90% of the time, you'll find people are just using the same setups with little variations in their defences. This trend had been going on for over a year - and looking at how the devs are more content to shove DLC on your face than listening to players' feedback - then this game ain't going anywhere.

Update: (August 2014 - Crafting patch)
The crafting patch has turned the game into Pay-to-Win, again!.. This patch introduced crafting rare monsters and equipment by collecting rare materials - these materials are so rare that most players who don't spend money on the cash shop will only be able to craft very few rare monsters and equipment; those who use the cash shop have a clear advantage over those who don't.

Update: (October 2014 - Release)
Game got released and it's still Pay-to-Win; I tried attacking castles but those who have tons of rare monsters seem impossible for me to win against. Meanwhile, my castle with only a few rare monsters get rolled over by other players.

Update (December 5, 2014 - Added the ability to buy and sell items on the Steam Market)
Game is blatantly pay-to-win as you can now buy and sell casle defenses on Steam Market. If you have a disposable income and you're looking for a shallow game where you can just buy your way to the top of the leaderboards using Steam Market then this game is for you!
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Posted: September 25
This game was fun but the past few months its more pay to win than ever. Unless you grind like there is no tomorrow you can't build the traps. The old ones you had already spent time and money on they put as diseased and are basically depowered trash. And now there are special double/triple traps or monsters to make. but they need so many epic parts that you need to buy loot bags for a chance at an item...of which you will need 3 or 4 to make. The game was fun. even with the people with glitching and trap castles. now its just pointless if you want to go in and do anything. It is still fun if you want to log in and take on a castle. Maybe you will find a fun one. Usually not. Now a days its spring trap into enraged juiced baddies or so many bought creatures that its unwinnable. Recently what finally did it was another mage nerf to make his key spell faster but now it does no damage. What was a fun cute game quickly turned into who can spend the most cash. Ah well on to the next game in the vast steam libary.
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Posted: October 10
Great teaser movies (Totally sold me on this game.)

Literally everything else.

You start your game (having to create a Uplay account, STEAM isn't enough) and are on your way to disappointment. Create your character (only one mind you) you have to pay real money to unlock any of the other three. Play through a GRUELING tutorial (seriously, I almost quit just because of the crappy non-optional tutorial). And away you go!

There is absolutely no plot or any kind of story at all; nor is there any form of character development. The Hero Skill system is laughable, providing no customization for unique heroes. Every Knight is the same as every other knight and so it goes for the other three one dimensional pay-to-play characters you can choose from.

Castle runs take anywhere from :30 (Beginner castles) to 10:00 (Higher level castles), leaving you feeling very unfulfiled and seriously disappointed in the 'Epic Loot'. Not to mention: your hero can't even defend your own castle.

The only redeeming quality would be Castle Design, but even that leaves you frustrated. You're given the opportunity to select a castle model and you're not given the option to restart your castle if you wanted to try another model. You're provided with one free castle theme, but in order to try any others you must pay-to-play in order to unlock them.

Designing your castle is as basic as it can be: Place this room here, place this trap there, & place this creature here. Simple and boring.


The very definition of a trap is: 'any device, stratagem, trick, or the like for catching a person unawares.' However, you can plainly see where EVERY trap is located. What's the point of planting a trap, if it's in plain sight?

You are provided with a (very) limited number of traps to begin with, which can be purchased with in-game acquired gold. The rest require certain items to build; the item drop-rate of which is RIDICULOUSLY low. However, you can buy (Pay-to-Play) 'Item Packs' which provide you with more items than you would be able to find in a month of playing.


(View 'Traps') Pay-to-Play in order to create Low/Medium/High level creatures after you have exhausted your miniscule pool of gold-purchaseable creatures. Or, spend scores of hours on repetitive game-play attempting to farm the required components. As it stands now, I have roughly 55 hours of time invested and have been able to create ONE low-level boss creature.

... and why only Monsters? I'm fortifying a castle, not a dungeon. Where are the Knights? The Archers? Monks? Mages? Mercenaries? Not even a standing militia? Why are frogs and chickens defending/living in a castle!??!

Castle Rooms:

The only real difference between the many different rooms are where the entry points are located. Sure, some have pillars, some are wider, some are longer, but there is nothing truly 'unique' about them. There are no Libraries you can create, no latrines, no dinning halls, no barracks rooms, no training rooms, no torture chambers, no ball rooms, no archery ranges, no horse stables, no grave yards or tombs; no chapels, no game rooms, no bars, nor any dungeons or cells; no gallows, no rickety bridges over pools of lava, no towers to scale, no princesses to save, no secrets to uncover, nor any lore to discover.

Something I forgot to mention in my original review is all the annoying advertisements! Every time you log in, there are advertisements that pop up asking you to 'Buy this Special!" or 'Save if you buy this now!'. There's even a permanent icon on the left side of the screen that takes you to a menu of their current sales and pay-to-play content. Truly annoying.


Being a huge fan of both 'Diablo' & 'Dungeon Keeper' (two games which were directly compared to this one) I really, REALLY wanted to like this game. Why else invest 50+ hours in a game that is absolutely no fun to play? The pay-to-play aspect is beyond absurd; especially considering this is still in it's Beta phase.

I can't in good conscience recommend this game to anyone who isn't a glutton for punishment or has yet to mentally develop further than a four-year-old. Minesweeper is more entertaining.
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Posted: October 17
Fun concept marred by bad Free to Play and Pay to Win implementation.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot lets you build a castle full of monsters and traps, tower-defense style, and lets you raid your neighbour's dungeons and steal their resources. Think Orcs Must Die meets Stronghold meets Diablo.

While designing mydungeon to be as nasty as possible and invading the awful or amazing dungeons of my neighbours was really fun, the monetization model eventually left me feeling unfulfilled and bored with the game at the same time. Reviews stating the game is no longer Pay to Win must have become outdated again sometime during the game's long run in Early Access. Typical issues include (17-Oct-2014):

- Very slow grind for resources
- Premium currency "Bling"(can be grinded for without paying... VERY slowly. The game prefers you buy the best value 70 euro currency pack instead)
- Premium-currency-only items
- Premium currency can buy everything (barring most gear, although rerolling and upgrading gear with Bling is possible)
- Powerful and/or rare in-game item sales. (My Steam purchase netted me a giant boss-dragon complete with stuns, flaming breath and flaming trails of death I could use in my level 1 dungeon)
- Purchasable XP/Gold/Loot boosts
- Daily quests chores

Mighty Quest's payment model is not nearly as bad as it could be due to its asynchronous nature; you never directly do battle with other players. Instead, purchasing an overpowered dungeon filled with expensive traps and monsters will serve as adding a difficult dungeon for those who enjoy a challenge, or as an overpowered dungeon to ignore for those who do not. Unfortunately, the payment model is bad enough to significantly impact the amount of enjoyment you can get out of the game without paying through the nose or by grinding. If you are a completionist, or are into min-maxing, or are impatient, or have a competitive mindset, (in other words, if you're a gamer...) this will impact you.

Great concept, good for a decent time, feel like I mostly got my money's worth, feel bad afterwards and can't actually recommend to anyone. Think junk food.
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93 of 124 people (75%) found this review helpful
14.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 12
While I did have fun with this at first, after a while it became very boring, dull, and extremely repetitive, after all was said and done i felt I had wasted my 14 hours on a fruitless effort.
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46.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 14
Not recommended.

The game initially seemed like a fresh, polished retake on dungeon defender, with new troops and abilities to complete.

However I quickly realized that (1) the content for this game is limited. Basically it's a minigame where you mix a few dungeons together & always grind the same content over and over. (2) Drop rates are low for materials (3) Variety in defensive troops is really, reallylow.

Also, (4) the dungeons are flat and shallow. You could do so much more with layered traps, timed traps, and key-and-lock timed traps to name a few. The dungeon building is shallow.

(5) Characters and abilities are not balanced. Some need more armor, some need less damage.

Overall I'm glad to stop playing. 3/10.
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Posted: September 29
It's another one of THOSE games. You know the ones. Special secondary currency? Check. People cookie-cuttering designs? Check. Forced door progression? Check.

It's got a good sense of humor though.
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Posted: November 24
At first I liked the game. I thought that the idea of testing my skills against other people would be fun. Until I realized that every single person builds the same trap to defeat players. If you don't know they just build spring traps into fire traps then swarm you with mobs. If your the runnaway it's not that big of a deal if you have the time to get a sheild up. If you were the archer for example kiss your ♥♥♥ good bye. Also all the pay to win items that you can buy to instantly get all the mobs and traps you want, so when you walking into a paying players castle you know. Then they came out with the big update that just made me go WHAT THE F***. They changed the mana system but didnt change the costs or associated skills, so all the old over powered champs suck and the archer is now one of the best WTF. Oh and just cause you add lots of flashing text and speed up game play doesn't make it more fun to play.
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Posted: October 18
I rate this game a 69/70 considering the fact that the game was so challenging because I could not get past the registration menu! The reason that it did not recieve a full score was that it did not provide any clear instructions on how to register and now my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ is stuck to the ceiling fan. Great registration screen with next-gen graphics though! The AI and the physics were great as well. Would recommend to an ethiopian stegosaurus.
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6.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
For a free game it's quite fun. You have to balance between leveling your hero & managing/upgrading your floating castle. Only played the mage so far though fun once you find what abilities you have. The game is free & worth diving into for a little while to see what castles you make & what ones to invade.

Tips-Be sure to upgrade the chests near your castle core crystal as it's easy early on to max out your loot space. And look for the castles without crowns as they tend to have more diversity to them as they seem to be developer made levels & tend to be harder than the player made ones.
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70.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 29
Its great if you focus either attacking or defending. You don't get much money from doing the one thing that will get you money and it will go very quickly if you try to upgrade your hero or your defences. You cannot effectively do both. Also if you do not upgrade your defences you will get robbed.
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103.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
Slightly unfinished game but I hope that one day it will rock!
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Posted: October 28
Awesome game very fun especially for beginner.. sadly it fades out late game as your forced to play with 'Wallet Warriors' Saying that this game is very P2W but you won't experience that until late game.
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Posted: October 25
(This review is based on my experience so far in the game and may or may not be 100% accurate.)
An interesting concept with funny voice acting and LOTS of clicking.

-There's more of a story than some F2P games out there.
-A large variety of things to buy/use in your castle, such as chickens...
-A unique sort of dungeon crawler game, kinda like Clash of Clans and Runescape combined.
-As I said before, very funny voice acting. Some of the things your hero says and the tutorial guy says are very funny.
-You can get by (from my experience so far) without really spending money. The stuff you pay for isn't really that necessary, a lot of it being Consumables and Cosmetics.

-While you can get by without paying large amounts of money from my experience in the game, there are LOTS of things to pay for. Only one hero, and if you want another, pay up. Typical of such a big company like Ubisoft, though... Not pay2win from what I've seen so far.
-Way too much CLICKING, maybe make movement WASD?
-Painfully long tutorial, and it was still giving me tutorials through the first few levels.
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Posted: October 12
It seems like the sort of thing Ubisoft work on during their Lunch Hours, but thats what I like about the game since it's not the thing that gets over-rated or under-rated.

It has a comedy based structure to the game and a multiplayer aspect too which makes the game enjoyable for a vast range of gamers.

I highly suggest The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot and hope to see you all in-game!


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95.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 16
This game is still in beta, and there is still things that can be greatly improved. On that note, it's still super fun & the dialog is absolutely funny!
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 17
It is a overall good game, free 2 play, and my fav passtimes. although its kinda laggy on my PC. although, until i sort that out. ill be playing it a bit less
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20.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 18
An AMAZING GAME!!! its like mix between diablo and clash of clans but no 10 hour timer to build something and its has many of good sides of diable in my opinion but i love this game its my first day playing bu twhats with the 2 day trial with knight ? does this mean i will lose my character because im level 15 mage please tell me if you know.
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16.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 17
Love this game, super addictive. I would recommend this to my friends. Although I have a slight problem. I don't know if its just me or if this has been an on going problem with this game, but I'll exit out of the game and it (on my computer and on stream) will say i'm currently in-game which I am not. Then when I finally do want to go back in it'll say I cant go in because I already am. Like I said i dont know if its me or the game, but it sure is frusterating.
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Posted: October 25
Game glitched and now I have over 100 hours of gameplay (and growing!) that I never actually played 10/10

Found out this resets as I restart my computer, but still says im playing.
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