As you journey deep into the dungeon, you will find weapons, items, and long forgotten magic.. ..if you're lucky, it might help you to fight off the droves of mysterious creatures you will encounter. There will be complete darkness to contend with, potions to quaff, secrets to discover, traps to avoid, hats to wear, and treasure that (if...
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"Beat-em-up gameplay mixed with dungeon crawling. Edge of your seat gameplay with tons of items to discover and loot to find. Highly addictive and fun."

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22 janvier

Legend of Dungeon: Legend Heroes beta! + Starr Mazer Crossover

The promised massive update with classes and tame-able pets is nearing completion! What you may not know, is that you can play the update right now! All you have to do is Opt into the Beta.

New features like:

  • Unlockable Classes
  • Tameable Pets
  • New Bosses, Monsters, and Items
  • Finale Music
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Full Controller Support

Go to your Steam Library, Right-Click on
Legend of Dungeon > Preferences > betas tab
and opt in from the drop down menu! (no password required)

It's true you might run into a stray bug, (if you do, please report it!) But we also think its pretty stable and really really close to being finished :)

STARR MAZER Crossover!
We are pretty excited about Starr Mazer. For the duration of their Kickstarter, the protagonist, Brick M. Stonewood will be visiting Legend of Dungeon's Tavern as an unlockable class! The creator of Starr Mazer, Don Thacker, is the writer for our new game Upsilon Circuit. When he told us about his dream game, we knew Brick would make an excellent addition to Legend of Dungeon.

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“It's challenging to play, pretty to watch and heaps of fun...”

“Legend of Dungeon looks scrumptious”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“If nothing else, Legend of Dungeon is a master class in how to make the tried and true feel fresh again.”

Steam Greenlight

À propos de ce jeu

As you journey deep into the dungeon, you will find weapons, items, and long forgotten magic.. ..if you're lucky, it might help you to fight off the droves of mysterious creatures you will encounter. There will be complete darkness to contend with, potions to quaff, secrets to discover, traps to avoid, hats to wear, and treasure that (if you make it out alive) will make you a legend.

Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated action RPG Beat'em'up with heavy Rogue-like elements, striking visuals, and dynamic music.

Key Features

  • 26 Floors of Randomized Dungeon
  • Tons of Items, Weapons and Magic!
  • Hats, hats, hats!
  • Free Range Boss Monsters with special item drops
  • Random encounter NPC’s to buy from and gamble with etc.
  • Real-Time Beat'em'up style combat
  • 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay (same PC, multiple controllers)
  • Permadeath (with 2+ players, you become a ghost, and collect spirit orbs to resurrect)
  • Randomized Dynamic Music built from 244 tracks
  • Full Controller support
  • Local and Online Score Board
  • Dynamically Shaded Pixel Art and Real-Time Shadows

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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Posté le : 22 novembre 2014
It's a rogue indie game, but it's not another rogue indie game. Legend of Dungeon is an addictive romp on classic dungeon crawlers. The graphics in this mix 8- bit characters, modern day textures, and AMAZING lighting that work so well together you'll find yourself just stopping to appreciate it time and again.
The story is simple, you are generic adventurer A in search of treasure, and go searching a dungeon. You make your way down gaining exp as you desecend by killing monsters. The farther you go down the stronger the enimies, with it all being random each playthrough.

Items give the game a good idea of how seriously you should take the game. Hats are the armour for the game. Different hats giving different stats. They can vary from a miners hat that lights up an area, to a cat helmet, to a literal cat sitting on your head and so much more. Weapons vary from all shapes and sizes. You can be very lucky with weapons, or just get nothing. I've had playthroughs where on the 5th floor obtained a Scythe that did +199 damage, and enimies were mearly targets, until a giant minatour appeared from a trap door and tossed me to the side. The only way to heal yourself is by eating apples, or finding a health potion, but potions are random depending on their color. An Aqua potion could be a health potion one game, and make you vomit the next game.
In the end Legend of Dungeon will always have me trying again to see if I can make it to the bottom of the dungeon. It's simple and easy on the eyes, but provides a challenge if the playthough allows it. It's a great time consumer and is definetly worth the buy.
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27.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 décembre 2014
Legend of Dungeon has no story whatsoever. You are simply an adventurer (or four adventurers, if you have three friends who are willing to crowd around your computer screen) attempting to reach the 26th floor of the dungeon to find and retrieve the legendary treasure there. The controls are configurable, and gamepads are supported, so a session full of yelling at three friends to give you that new helmet can be yours if you've got the hardware for it. There aren't many buttons required for each player, but I don't relish the idea of putting more than two people on the same keyboard; a gamepad just feels more natural for this game. Still, as long as one player remains alive, anyone who dies has the chance to avoid the aforementioned permadeath by collecting orbs that will bring them back to life, and that's the kind of perk that makes a little keyboard crowding feel like less of a hassle.

Whether you're playing alone or with friends, randomness is the main characteristic of Legend of Dungeon. The levels are randomly-generated, as are the enemies you find there and the items you pick up along the way. In fact, although you find a rainbow's worth of potions as you progress, even those are randomized at the start of each playthrough. In one play, the inky black potion may put you to sleep, but in another, it may heal 100 HP. The game never tells you what a potion does, even if you've already tried one of that color during the current game, but the developers have hinted that this may change in a future patch.

How you feel about this chaos will almost entirely determine your overall reaction to the game. I've played it quite a few times now, and I've never reached the end, but the intrigue of what items may appear next time brings me back. Will I get a machine gun? A top hat that spews smoke like a chimney? A miner's helmet with a light for dark rooms? Or maybe something else that I've never seen before? There's no way to know, and the creativity the developers put into the items makes it fun to find out each time. Of course, the flip side is that when you don't know what you'll get, every time you play can begin to feel the same and you may feel that there's more luck involved in your success than skill.

The game's visual presentation is another element that could strike some gamers differently than others. It's an intentionally pixelated style, similar to that seen in Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. There's no denying that it is a frequently-used style these days, and that turns some gamers off, but I think it's done well here. Legend of Dungeon's environments and enemies are all clearly defined, and the particle effects fit well with the game's overall look.

Light can play a big factor in your survival, so it's fortunate that plenty of attention was focused into creating a lighting engine that works well. Some rooms are pitch black and, unless you've found an item that provides more light, you must inch forward and watch for any hint of a monster coming near your tiny pool of visibility. And even if you have your own light, is it a helmet, or is it something you'll have to carry in your hands instead of a weapon? Is that worth the risk?

The sounds of enemies play a similar role in your survival, particularly in those dark rooms. Each type makes a distinct noise when they notice you and come to attack, and you quickly begin to recognize common foes. This helps not just in dark rooms, but in knowing how to time your attacks in any room where you're facing a number of enemies. There is no voice acting and only occasional, but perfectly serviceable, music. This might be a negative in some games, but in this one the crucial need to hear the monsters makes the lack of constant music a good thing.

Legend of Dungeon is fun to play, but it's a game that you're unlikely to actually finish without trying a great number of times. And since you can't save your game, each attempt is a fresh start. The question is whether you'll continue to enjoy the game's randomness long enough to attempt it that many times. As for me, it's the kind of game I find myself thinking about when I'm not playing it; making plans for the next round; trying to decide what I could do better and how to progress farther. I'd rate that as a pretty good indicator of success for any game.


Be sure to check out Nerd House Gaming for more reviews!
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Posté le : 25 octobre 2014
Fun little time killer with unique art and cool lighting effects. Not overly compelling, "Legend of Dungeon" is kind of the Solitaire of rogue-like games to me; I never found myself thinking, "I can't wait to play again!" but every time I've played, I've enjoyed it. There are a lot of fun surprises to discover if you make it further into the dungeon.
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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
Legend of the Dungeon is a game that doesn't offer much. The game plays much like Binding of Isaac MIxed with Castle Crashers, but less polished than both. The game has no built in controller support and the menus are hard to navigate. In a game where the main gameplay mechanic is fighting, it amazes me that it is so poor. It is hard to hit eneimies and you get damaged to often because there is basicly no way to really doge enimies when you are attacking. The inventory is clunky and items arent explained very well. Alot of the time hats that add "special abilities" don't seem to do anything noticable.

After reading that paragraph you probably think I hate this game, I don't. The art is amzing, and the game is still very fun. I kinda like it. This game isn't something that you can play for a long time, but it is fun to play a little bit at a time when you don't want to play any other game in your library. There are alot of items and levels, but the difficulty spikes up like crazy around the 8th floor, making it hard to really get into the game and play it constantly.

For the price of the game it is so worth it if you are a fan of rogue-likes and have $10 to spare. If you at all interested in this game buy it, exspecialy if it is on sale.

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Posté le : 12 janvier
That may seem surprising if you just look at the screenshots, but this game actually supports the Oculus Rift. And that literally adds a whole new dimension to it.

Played normally, it's a 2d game that uses 3d techniques for its rendering but sill looks and feels very 2d and retro. But in the Rift you can see the whole level in true 3d from any angle just by moving your head. It's like the game is an animated diorama or board game. That works surprisingly well and I'm sure this kind of perspective will become very common in VR games in the future.

This is not the type of game I would normally consider playing on a flat screen, but in the Rift it's a lot of fun.

(Note: currently steam does not count my play time in VR as it's a different .exe)
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Posté le : 5 octobre 2014
Pixel art, procedurally generated, dungeon hack n' slash. Even with the simplified "how to play" menu option, there's a bit of a learning curve when you start. That being said, the game is a pick-up-and-play kind of game - it's just that there really isn't much in terms of direction. Go through doors, kill enemies, collect things, try and find the next floor/level, and kill bosses. There always seems to be something new each time you play. Once you get going, you won't want to stop.
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Posté le : 12 décembre 2014
If you're looking for a quick and easy pick-up-and-play dungeon crawler, Legend of Dungeon does it in style!
Think about it like Diablo, but the loot system isn't as in-depth.

Key points I'd say is that it's co-op. The items are funny and imaginative. Spells don't require mana so finding a really good one can be really overpowered (in a good way) and overall I love the art direction :D

Here's a First Look I did of LoD. Keep in mind that since this video, the game has included a basic form of saving (when you quit the game, it saves).

Also if you'd like to see the multiplayer:
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28.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 octobre 2014
Excellent dungeon crawling roguelike in 3D Voxelation with throwbacks to the Isometric graphics of yesteryear. Easy to play controls with gamepad support. This game is hours of fun! Thanks for making an awesome game!!
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77.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 octobre 2014
This game...

If you are looking for a great game to play same screen co-op, put this one in your cart.

I've had a few issues with crashing to desktop, but despite that I recommend this whole heartedly to anyone who wants to play a fun game with some friends.

We've sunk a lot of time into this game...
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Posté le : 5 octobre 2014
I fought a skeleton summoning necromancer with my own skeleton army and a cyclops, all while wearing a cat on my head.

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Posté le : 31 janvier
As with most of my reviews I'll keep this straight and to the point, Legend of Dungeon is a great game and deserves a lot more than it recieves though it has some annoying flaws. As of when this review was written, I have played 25.1 hours of Legend of Dungeon.

The Pros and Cons.

  • There are lots of good items, each with randomized stats and perks though it is nothing compared to BoI: Rebirth
  • Enemies are varied and require multiple strategys to defeat
  • Bosses are EXTREMELY hard
  • The potion system works very well and provides an intresting twist into the game
  • Gameplay is varied and makes a great way to kill time
  • CATS!
  • The Class sytem works very well [BETA]
  • The way to complete the game (retrieving the treasure) makes it different from other games in which you 'kill the boss and The End'
  • Multiplayer is very useful and makes it more fun to play, it's better together!
  • You die a LOT!
  • Game sometimes gets repetitive as you adapt to a routine strategy
  • Updates are released every 4 months
  • A giant rebalance of Monsters should be done, some are really OP whereas some aren't. Though they have tried to balance them in Wraith [BETA], only the slime has been worked on so it's more of a challenge.

My Opinion
I think it's really fun to play but needs to have some things looked at.

Final Score
I give Legend of Dungeon an:
Because: They need to adress some minor problems but is overall a fun experience, if you have friends to play it with.
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27.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 janvier
Amazing! Legitimately wonderful to just explore and grab shiny things, hats, weapons, very challenging as well but gives you a drive to keep going beyond your previous tries. buy this game. also pajama pants and spilunking.
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Posté le : 23 février
Not only is this game really unique in many ways it is also really polished and plays excellent. The combination of familiar elements mixed with some new ones creates a very fresh experience without any significant learning curve. This game is very easy to jump into and start playing without having to go through a boring 20 minute tutorial just to grasp the basics. There are many ways to play and the many different strategies for playing keep this interesting every time. This game also keeps getting better as new and intersting things are added. All in all this is a very cool game that is very well done and thoughtout I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh new experience that you can jump right into and start having fun right from the get go.
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37.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 octobre 2014
I love this game! Its randomized levels, pickups, and monsters make it interesting every time. Sometimes you can get lucky and wind up with a wicked awesome weapon right at the get go. Challenging enough to keep you playing to get to the treasure, and always curious as to what you'll run into next! Highly recommend this game to anybody that loves the classic indie dungeon with a twist!
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Posté le : 13 novembre 2014
LoD is a cool rogue-like dungeon exploration and adventure.
It has a unique art style that makes it stand out from the crowd. It features everything you would expect from the genre, but adds a lot more. I'm not a big fan of rogue-likes but I had a blast with this and it kept things interesting enough to keep me coming back for just 1 more go. As you journey deep into the dungeon, you will find weapons, items, and long forgotten magic.. ..if you're lucky, it might help you to fight off the droves of mysterious creatures you will encounter. - Highly Recommended!
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Posté le : 9 octobre 2014
I have been playing this game for a bit, and every time has led to failure at some point of another. I have JUST reached the treasure, with 9 health and died nonetheless. You may have the best weapons in the whole damned game, but you will still die, over, and over, and over.
Maybe i just suck, maybe the game is hard, but either way, I get mad.
I may ignore the game, call it names and even have deleted it a couple times, but there comes this moment, and I cannot explain the insanity of it, but i come back to think "maybe this time i'll get the treasure."
This game has so much variety, even when at its base it is simple. As a pretty big fan who has gotten a friend or two to buy the game from my incessant nagging of the game, I would say it is a top notch game.
Wish there was Online, but I am guessing it will (hopefully) come soon, and if it does, the game will go from some unknown indie to a bigtime game IMO.
Love it overall, will continue to fail.
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Posté le : 14 novembre 2014
extremely boring...
yes, you have randomized levels, and lots of items...
BUT the gameplay is very slow; after a few times playing it seems you have seen any floor there is; and the handling is bad. You need to calibrate any of your gamecontrollers individually: There is no standard configuration.
Well...and if you (as a programmer) try to hop on the retro-style-train in order to suggest a well thought-out game, you should know, why those retro-games are still popular today, because they had good gameplay!

I really tried to like this game...tried it on two gamenights with friends...but nope.
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Posté le : 22 décembre 2013
Legend of Dungeon vous propose de descendre les 26 étages générés aléatoirement d'un donjon fouré de monstres et d'en remonter. Autant vous le dire tout de suite, la tâche est littéralement impossible : le top 10 des leaderboards a fini dans un puits de lave, anéanti par une boule de feu ou déchiqueté par un minotaure. Chaque étage propose un ensemble de salles toutes représentées en coupe - bien que le jeu se joue en 3D puisque la profondeur est prise en compte - et reliées par des portes (parfois secrètes). Descendre chaque étage vous fera rencontrer moult serpents, zombie et tout le tatouin et aléatoirement des potions, pièces d'or, pommes et des chapeaux. Les pommes soignent un peu si consommées, les chapeaux ont des statistiques (petits bonus ou malus) aléatoires, et les potions donnent un effet aléatoire ... vicieux (endormissement, malus de stats, etc.) ou vertueux (bonus de stats, gain d'expérience, soin). Les armes, elles, sont EXTREMEMENT rares et peuvent permettre d'attaquer à distance (avec un faible stock de munitions) ou alors un léger gain de statistiques.

Oui je répète beaucoup le mot aléatoire et c'est bien là un des problèmes du jeu, car si vous pouvez rétorquer qu'un bon roguelike se doit d'en posséder, l'aléatoire fait ici omniprésence et par conséquence, il n'est pas possible d'établir une stratégie ou d'adapter sa façon de jouer en fonction de l'équipement. D'autant plus que les statistiques se résument au trio défense/attaque/points de vie. Et si vous vous dites que le skill jouera en votre faveur, là encore, impossible d'imaginer réellement obtenir une expérience satisfaisante : on ne dispose que d'un bête bouton d'attaque qui consiste à frapper tristement avec son épée pour échanger au final quelques coups en retour - il n'est pas vraiment possible de faire du kiting, sauf sur certains monstres qui se retournent face à votre regard.

Et après plusieurs minutes voire heures à frapper sans énergie une succession de monstres dans des niveaux génériques - les puzzles n'en sont pas, ce sont en quelques sorte des mécanismes aux effets inconnus d'avance comme l'action de pièges ou l'ouverture de passages - pour finalement déceder lorsqu'un ubermonstre, lors de la destruction d'une caisse, vous fracasse aussitôt apparu ou qu'une horde de chats vous exterminent parce les développeurs sont des êtres vicieux - et adorateurs de chats. Concernant l'ergonomie, c'est triste : on se contente de switcher d'armes ou d'équipement, tandis que l'on se fait brutaliser parce que l'on passe de la nécessaire lanterne dans les niveaux sombres à l'épée située 5 emplacements plus loin. Et pour le visuel encensé par la critique, je dois avouer qu'il est superbe, mais l'environnement que vous voyez sur les screenshots sera l'unique background du jeu.

La cerise ? Le jeu ne possède pas de système de sauvegarde, pas même afin de reprendre le jeu à plus tard. Une honte.

Moralité : un jeu non fini, tant il manque de contenu, et basé sur un design qui plaira seulement à un public masocore et retrocore - pour l'ergonomie à la masse et le gameplay minimaliste - ; un générateur ennuyant d'évènements aléatoires et qui, paradoxalement, ne propose d'intérêt que dans le scoring. The Binding of Isaac est un des nombreux roguelike intelligents qui méritent davantage votre attention et vos sous.
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5.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 5 décembre 2013

Alors que le jeu avait fait l'objet d'un kickstarter humble mais courronné de succès, il se révèle, après quelques heures de jeu, fade, mal équilibré, trop répétitif et mou.

Il est, bien sûr, joli, mais c'est là sa seule force. Un titre présenté comme orienté multijoueur offre une expérience totalement illisible avec des amis (et ce ne serait pourtant pas dur de mettre un curseur coloré au dessus de la tête des joueurs).

La mort est frustrante car la difficulté n'est pas compensée par de bonnes rétributions : Le drop d'item est TROP aléatoire, ainsi, vous pouvez, dès le premier niveau, trouver une arme géniale qui vous permettra de progresser trop facilement, ou au contraire galérer pendant plusieurs niveaux sans rien trouver d'intéressant pour votre survie. Les stats du personnage sont incompréhensibles, le système d'inventaire/équipement part d'un bon sentiment sans pour autant être agréable à utiliser.

Aucun scénario, même minime. On vous dit juste qu'il y a un boss au niveau 26 et un trésor. Trésor qui consiste en une forte somme d'argent, qui ne vaut quasiment rien tant la chance de tomber sur un marchand ou un parieur est rare.

Le donjon est truffé d'interrupteurs qui pour la majorité ne servent à rien (attribution de fonction trop aléatoire). Les décors ne changent jamais. A part un passage secret de temps en temps ou un piège, rien de mirobolant.

Le gameplay est mou, la maniabilité approximative, et le principe du jeu peu se résumer à "Spammer la touche d'attaque en espérant que l'absence de précision des coups ne permettra pas trop aux ennemis de me toucher jusqu'à ma mort".

Le jeu prend plus de valeur lorsqu'il est joué seul, mais quitte à y jouer seul, je suggère fortement de lui préférer Rogue Legacy ou The Binding of Isaac, bien mieux équilibrés, dynamiques, et fun. Les challenge proposés y sont bien plus intéressants, et les rétributions bien supérieures.

Quant au multijoueur, achetez sans réfléchir Broforce, jeu d'action de loin préférable en terme de plaisir de jeu. Et si la composante Rogue-Like est essentielle pour votre prochain achat multijoueur, alors achetez-vous Hammerwatch. Sinon, testez Legend of Fayte, gratuit, et tout à fait intéressant.

Au final, sous couvert d'une approche graphique originale, Legend of Dungeon est un jeu terne qui propose une expérience dont vous ne vous souviendrez pas. N'y investissez pas votre argent. Des effets de lumière, y'en a dans plein d'autre jeux.
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Posté le : 29 mai 2014
Grosse déception.

Mes deux premiers mots.

Quand on voit les trailer ... on ne sait pas trop à quoi s'attendre, un jeu typé old school à fond ça oui mais après ?

Alors le BUT du jeu est de descendre niveau 26 de ramasser les 4 gros diamants et ensuite de REMONTER avec les diams jusqu'à la taverne de départ et de gagner le jeu ...

On passe un temps considérable a chercher où est la descente puis où est la monter. Les armeset item sont dispatché au hasard.

Mon best of c'était le chapeau etheral qui fait de la lumière autour de soit ... indispensable dans 75% des niveaux, et ce que j'ai trouvé sur la fin, l'arme crane qui fait poper des squellettes qui se battent pour nous, et on peut les faire poper a l'infini.

Donc bon y a pas de plan ce qui fait qu'on se perd énormément, notre perso passe des niveau mais aucun élément rpg ici, ça augmente juste la vien, la défense (et encore) et l'attaque. Les mob surtout vers la fin mettent de sacrées taloches, CF le minotaure qui si vous n'avez pas d'armes d'attaque à distance ou de pet infini vous en fera voir de toute les couleur.

Les potions ... en veux-tu en voila ... ça serait BIEN si en plus on savait à quoi elle servent parce que là c'est du pur pifomètre !!

Tout ça pour dire n'achetez pas ce jeu, vous perdrez moins de temps et d'argent en suivant mon conseil.
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