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Combattez des hordes de monstres mutants engendrés par un étrange cataclysme, dans notre nouveau jeu de Tower Defense, Prime World : Defenders. Rejoignez un groupe de chasseurs de trésor exilés qui se retrouvent dans la capitale d'un ancien empire , rempli de mystère et de danger.
Date de parution: 5 jun 2013
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Prime World: Defenders 1.2 is here!

14 février 2014

Hey, folks!
The 1.2 patch is now live on Prime World: Defenders. Here are the patch notes:

• Achievements are now displayed correctly in Steam statistics.
• Heroic mode achievements are now available.
• Spray Tower is no longer able to target flying creatures, but can attack various Totems.
• Fixed an issue where FPS could drop during attacks on some creatures.
• "Specialization" talent is now working correctly.
• Fixed the sound of attack of all towers.

Feel free to discuss the patch on our forums!

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"Prime World: Defenders is a must play for any tower defense enthusiast."

"Nival has nailed the core concepts of the genre."

"Prime World: Defenders is a fantastic game with an astounding amount of content for the price."

Informations de mise à jour

Nous venons d'effectuer la mise à jour 1.1 avec des tonnes de nouveau contenu gratuit – de nouvelles tours, des nouveaux sorts, monstres, cartes, un mode héroïque, un mode infini, une interface retravaillée et des modificateurs de difficulté en fonction de votre manière de jouer !

À propos du jeu

Combattez des hordes de monstres mutants engendrés par un étrange cataclysme, dans notre nouveau jeu de Tower Defense, Prime World : Defenders. Rejoignez un groupe de chasseurs de trésor exilés qui se retrouvent dans la capitale d'un ancien empire , rempli de mystère et de danger.

Prime World : Defenders mélange le genre du Tower Defense à celui des jeux de cartes à collectionner. Vos tours, vos sorts, vos pièges – sont tous des cartes magiques que vous devez rassembler et améliorer. Vous devrez développer votre propre stratégie, parce que vous recevrez un jeu de cartes tirées au hasard après chaque bataille.

Gelez, brulez, empoisonnez, explosez et découpez les innombrables ennemis qui tenteront de vous empêcher d'amasser les artéfacts de leur royaume antique. Choisissez vos cartes prudemment, jouez-les stratégiquement, et attendez-vous à une forte résistance tout au long du chemin : des petits fungus presque inoffensifs aux puissants gobelins géants et nagas.

Oh, et j'oubliais : En plus de suivre le scénario de la campagne solo Prime World : Defenders, vous pouvez vous lancer dans des missions générées aléatoirement, tester le nouveau mode infini et le New Game Plus !


  • Un mélange de stratégie de Tower Defense et de jeu de cartes à collectionner !
  • Aucune micro-transaction ni paiement additionnel !
  • Des jeux de cartes aléatoires qui vous forcent à trouver de nouvelles stratégies !
  • Plusieurs modes de jeu, y compris le mode héroïque et deux maps spéciales infinies !
  • Des améliorations et des combinaisons de cartes pour une destruction maximale !
  • Des decks personnalisables pour choisir la carte qu'il vous faut lors de chaque mission !
  • Un système de compétences pour votre héros !
  • Une campagne historique de 23 missions !
  • Un générateur de missions pour une durée de vie infinie !
  • Des bâtiments ennemis qui soignent et renforcent les attaquants !
  • 24 tours, chacune avec jusqu'à 25 améliorations !
  • 13 sorts, qui peuvent eux aussi être améliorés !
  • 38 types d'ennemis !
  • Des boss, des mini-boss et des super-boss !
  • Un vaisseau volant !

Configuration requise (PC)

    Configuration minimale :
    • SO : Windows XP SP2
    • Processeur : 2,4 GHz double cœur
    • Mémoire : 2 Go RAM
    • Graphiques : GeForce 9500 GT ou équivalent
    • DirectX® : 9.0
    • Disque dur : 1500 Mo d'espace mémoire
    • Divers : notez que le moteur Unity peut être faussement détecté en tant que virus sur certains systèmes Windows 7 64 bit avec logiciel antivirus
    • Additional:Please note that Unity engine might be detected as virus on some Windows 7 64 bit systems with antivirus software

Configuration requise (MAC)

    Configuration minimale :
    • SO : OS X 10.6.6 ou plus récent
    • Processeur : 2,4 GHz double cœur
    • Mémoire : 2 Go RAM
    • Graphiques : GeForce 9500 GT ou équivalent
    • Disque dur : 1500 Mo d'espace mémoire
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Lets start of by saying that i havent played a lot of tower defence games but if a fair few have the quality that this game does then i think i will be playing a fair few others.
When i started playing the game i was like "I really like the setting" (huge fantasy fan me) "but do i really like the style of gameplay that this sort of game has".
Then i watched as time went by and i realised this is exactally the sort of game i love to spend time with,the setting is pure fantasy and is well represented in game with the graphics,sound and script.
The game plays out from battle to battle and you gain coin and different cards that you can use in battles defending the entrance that the demons (from bouncing heads on sticks to exploding frogs-GO FIGURE) try to reach and if they do so in a certain number then its "GAME OVER MAN" (couldent resisit the quote there).
The cards are also used in between levels in upgrading the towers you have,and beleive me when i tell you that this plays a heavy part in the game as dont upgrade and you are not going to proceed any further than where you are at that certain point in the game.Grinding plays quite a huge role in the game and is an important part of being able to upgrade the equipment you have so you can get that one level closer to the finishing line and the demon who seems to want your head on a pole.
Like i have allready said i really liked the game and after playing for a while (havent quite finished just yet-but dont think it will change my opinion on the game as i will still regard it as a game i would reccommend to anyone with a love of tower defence games) then decided to buy another tower defence game (well the pack) ANOMOLY 2 and found that i really like that game also.
So sometimes it is good to play games you arent used to as you then find that sometimes a change can be just what you needed and that a game style you have never played before can get you gaming in ways you never thought you would.
Posté le : 29 mai 2014
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Tower Defense crossed with a Card Collecting game; an unusual mix that strangely works well together. You have a set campaign of around 20 quests to complete before you, with some side quests you can do between main quests to gain further experience. There is some backstory to the whole game but its not overly interesting only appearing after winning certain levels. You use the drops, silver & stars earned from each win to upgrade your towers & magic, increase your deck size & obtain other perks.

Initial levels in the game are very, very easy to complete, making me think this might be a 'one session to complete' kinda game. Once you hit around level 10, the levels get much harder though. If you have been unlucky on the drops or have put your upgrades into tower cards you shouldn't have you can find yourself grinding out upgrades to get through the next level. This isn't overly frustrating though as the maps are randomly selected for each difficultly level & can have random modifiers to block certain tower squares from use. This adds new challenges for existing maps. There are also some unique boss levels where you have a set amount to build & take down a large enemy - those are fun!

There are a LOT of different towers you can build up in your deck. For tower defense veterans, most of the common suspects are there in some form (guns, flamers, slowers, long range), plus some other more unique configurations. Not sure exactly how many tower types there are but would estimate at least 20. The quality of the card determines how far you can upgrade, with each upgrade generally improving DPS/Range/Efficiency etc.

For those who like a strong mazing component to their tower defense, then this game might not be for you. There is some maps with a smaller level of mazing but most have a set path design. The strategic importance in PW:D is with your card selection to match the incoming enemies & what you put your limited upgrades earned towards. Better choices will make moving up the levels much easier (unlike my poor effort of a play through lol!), & bad choices will make the game feel next to impossible to beat.

The HD support (or lack of) I found a bit disappointing. Running PW:D in full screen ends up stretching the desktop down to 1280x720 - windows like the Steam window open in the background always get shrunk down & I need to resize. It looks fine at the lower resolution just a minor frustration. Again, a minor frustation I found was the menus between games. There is a lot of going in and out of different sections to get your upgrades done, check your towers etc. This could have been simplified to fit more cards on one page, and have main functions and browsing together to save going back and forth.

Overall, I have really been enjoying this one. Its a challenging & addictive tower defense game with a card twist! Lots of achievements & one that is well suited to load up for a quick 10-20min TD session.

Posté le : 23 avril 2014
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This is certainly a different take on tower defense games, Its ccg like elements make this one stand out. The card fusing and evolving mechanic is also a different and actually very enjoyable. The only real drawbacks to the game are the imbalance in the towers themselfs. Some towers are just to good not to use in every map while some have no place in the game at all. Also as you progress in the game, earlier maps become ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ easy. Overall It has its flaws, but I personally had a great time playing this one took me around 60 hours to beat normal and heroic. Im sure I could have beat it alot quicker, but I was just having a good time with this title.
Posté le : 24 avril 2014
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While an excellent tower defence game, which includes RPG and card collecting elements, it unfortunately contains far too much grinding, and doesn't progress quickly enough. So why am I recommending it? Well, because for what you get out of it, Prime World: Defenders is certainly worth playing. :3
Posté le : 18 juin 2014
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The metacritic rating for this game is certainly correct. As someone that likes TDs, likes the art style, atmosphere, and music, I have trouble giving it more than a 6/10 simply due to all the gameplay ruining engine glitches. It probably doesn't even deserve that. Without the engine glitches, it might be a 7/10 or 8/10 TD.

There's a good assortment and variety of towers in PWD - nothing that leaps out as being incredibly unique, but they've got splash poison, single target poison, splash fire, single target fire, AA poison, etc.; what is unfortunate about the tower system is it comes down to luck whether you actually find all the tower cards or not. Even after playing through the entire game, then grinding another hundred levels and buying as many cards as possible in the store... I still did not unlock every tower. Bummer. Aside from that, some towers are slightly unbalanced. If you find some electric tower cards early and max upgrade them, building nothing but those towers and invis detectors is sufficient for beating all but ~3 levels.

I'm skillful enough at TDs that I had no trouble beating the game and collecting all achievements - which brings me to the next problem. The achievements unlock in-game, but some do not unlock on steam. There I am, in-game, and I can clearly see I've got an achievement from beating a level with certain requirements met (like holding onto a large amount of prime energy - used for tower building) - got it in-game, but not on steam. There's an elaborate reset procedure that you can do to give yourself a second chance to unlock such achievements, but if one of the two grindy achievements (win 500 games, build 10000 towers) locks itself down, you'll have no way to unlock them without the help of a tool like Steam Achievements Manager.

It's quite aggravating staring at a list of 134 achievements, 132 of them legitimately unlocked, and 2 of them frozen. You know that you can get (and deserve to get) the final two, but they are utterly frozen and unresponsive. If you do reset them and start from 0, they will likely freeze again at some point before reaching completion. Therefore, to get them you are forced to "cheat" (Steam Achievements Manager), all because of the company's incredibly shoddy programming.

Speaking of programming - this game is not epicly high quality like Defense Grid or even Defender Quest. A lot of the time projectiles or magic don't even register. I've landed an 8-wave wall of fire down on groups of enemies, then watched in bafflement as only the final wave caused damage, leading to leaks. For a few of the tougher levels, it can come down to luck on whether the damage you're causing actually registers. About a third of the time invis detectors don't even bother detecting invisible units, so for invis-heavy levels you have to layer quite a few of them all around or once again you may have leaks. (Or just use more electric towers.)

The game is missing some important hotkeys as well, like a sell button/key to rapidly sell towers. Instead you have to click on a tower, wait for an animation, then click a tiny sell button. It also lacks an 'Auto-Send-Next-Wave' toggle for those that prefer the challenge of waves coming as fast as possible. Instead you're expected to mash the 'Next wave' button, wearing out your keyboard or mouse.

Overall the game might be okay for a novice TD player, which doesn't get annoyed by engine bugs that are sure to ♥♥♥♥ off a veteran - but if you watched TotalBiscut attempt to play it, then you'll realize the difficulty curve is a tad too steep for novices. Quite unfortunate, as that leaves a very small audience that will fully appreciate the game.

The paper voice acting is also far below the standards of much older TDs like Defense Grid. Overall it left me uncaring about the storyline.

5/10 or 6/10 seem like fair ratings for the game, until they patch some of the engine glitches. But the company does not seem interested in doing so at this time. Every time I see a changelog I get hopeful, but then I check and everything is still just as broken.

Posté le : 23 mars 2014
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Un très bon jeu tower defence avec un gameplay riche & Des graphismes de toute beauté .

A very good game with tower defense gameplay Great graphics rich & beautiful
Posté le : 6 octobre 2013
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