Sudeki, a world torn apart into light, shadow and dark. Rent asunder by deceit and betrayal, the land cries out for a peace that only four united heroes can bring. Beyond the protective walls of Illumina Castle lie miles of pastoral, rolling countryside, though once a serene landscape, the Aklorian forces have transformed the countryside...
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Release Date: Mar 25, 2005

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About This Game

Sudeki, a world torn apart into light, shadow and dark. Rent asunder by deceit and betrayal, the land cries out for a peace that only four united heroes can bring.

Beyond the protective walls of Illumina Castle lie miles of pastoral, rolling countryside, though once a serene landscape, the Aklorian forces have transformed the countryside into a charred battlefield. Simply passing through the region is unsafe, as travellers must be ever alert for ambushes.

Four friends have joined together to aid their queen. Though destined to encounter ancient gods, primordial wonders, and marvellous inventions, foes and betrayal haunt their every step. A keen eye could prove vital, exposing essential clues. And as the companions make their way through darkness and light, they’ll discover that those two extremes have more in common than they once imagined...

  • Real-time, bone-crunching combat with incredible spells and combos.
  • Control any one of the four champions at any time, and skip between them at will.
  • Customise each character's armour, weapons and spells and evolve new powerful attacks.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB Pixel Shader 2.0 capable graphics card or better
    • Hard Drive: 5.6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Helpful customer reviews
5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
5.2 hrs on record
One of my Favorite games since Childhood, if you can overlook the small things, it'll be a favorite for sure!
Posted: October 6
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2 of 11 people (18%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
dont buy this game!

combat is sluggish and so far not really fun, all you do is run around and peck at the enemy until you or they are dead (the combat is action based in a closed environment like an arena but in the actual place u are in)

voice acting is so so

graphics are bit on the old side but i dont really care about that

and it seems to crash often or maybe thats just me
Posted: September 25
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20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
17.0 hrs on record
I can highly recommend this game to any fans of classic or action RPGs. The value for the price is great even without a sale, and with a sale it should be in the library of every RPG fan.

+Graphics good for the time, and hold up decently
+Fully voiced dialogue for all conversations
+Unique characters with different traits and talents, customize as you level
+Decent story depth and length (15-20hrs likely depending on style)
+Unique and fun combination of first-person and third-person real time combat
+Switch seamlessly among party members in and out of combat
+Equipping different weapons/armor will change character model appearance
+Controls customizable and work well, keyboard/mouse or game controller
+Plenty of exploration, side quests, and treasures for those interested

-Voice acting is mediocre, sound/music is nothing memorable
-Camera can be annoying at times
-Map system is not great, easy to get turned around in dungeons
-Only 4 playable characters
-Armor changes occur with the story so if you prefer one look there is no going back
Posted: June 22
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
17.9 hrs on record
I say a few games are my "favorite". Those are PC games though, this one hasn't been, but now it is. This one actually IS my favorite game (of all, including consoles). I was pretty livid to learn my disk wouldn't run on the 360, it was a pretty crappy feeling to think I wouldn't be able to play this again.
The Game:

Exploration and melee combat is similar to Fable (simple, easy to master, and comfortable to use), it is somewhat linear, but you can teleport here and there, and sometimes take a fork and wander off. Combat-wise, for melee, you can do 3 button combos, using X (heavy) or A (light). XXA, AXA, XAA, XAX, XXX, and so on. Each of these combos has different speeds, animations, knockbak, damage, and status effects (some do, some don't). You can also block and roll, again much like Fable. Unlike Fable, the two melee characters (one focused on DPS, one on Tanking), they all have skills/abilities, about 5 each. I suggest watching some gameplay videos about it, easier than me trying to explain their gameplay.

Ranged combat is a FPS game, weapons recharge, they don't use ammo. The two ranged characters also have abilities as well, some of their weapons have impressive effects to make up for the lack of combos (such as piercing and heavy knockdown, etc). You can switch between the characters at any time as they are available through the story.

Leveling up lets you customize the character to suit your playstyle. Are you playing the mage, but don't really care for the spells, you just want to maximize your weapon damage? You can do that. Just want spells? You can do that too.

There are only a few armors per character, and they are earned by going through the story. Weapons are trickier, some can be bought, some are actually hidden and you have to find them. Each character gets their own weapon with a status effect (I think some have multiple) with things such as debuffs and poison.

The game manages to really be challenging, some places more than others. As many times as I've beaten it, there are places where I still struggle from time to time. You have to be smart about how you play your characters, what orders you give, and what skills you use at what time. Pay attention to status effects, because they can be what saves or breaks you.

In regards to bugs/glitches, I'm pretty glad to say, I've never had a single one. I've played at least 100 hours of this game on xbox, and so far around 20 hours on Steam, never crashed, never froze, never had anything that required me to restart or reload the game. I have seen a couple reviews of people saying they experienced this, but I tend to have pretty good luck when it comes to avoiding bugs (somehow).
Posted: June 23
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
7.0 hrs on record
sudeki is an obscure RPG that got its start on the original Xbox. The game was largely ignored but it shouldn't have been. The game takes about 20-30 hours and can best be described as a slightly mroe open Fable. The characters are interesting if a bit cliched. The graphics are surprisingly good for the time period also. The audio is standard fare with a few standout tracks (New Brightwater). Overall it's a fun game with some unique ideas such as the two ranged chaacters using first-person mode in combat maknig them paly like they're in an FPS. (a tip: If you're using a controller, when using these characters, use a mouse to aim as it's MUCH faster).

Overall an enjoyable title and well worth it at the price point.
Posted: June 22
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5 of 9 people (56%) found this review helpful
5.7 hrs on record
It really says something about a game when 10 years on, after having already finished it, I buy it again to play. Such an enjoyable game.
Posted: July 29
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
7.9 hrs on record
All I can say was that I originally started playing on XBOX because of the colorful design, now that I no longer have an XBOX, the fact that i found this has totally made my month and really brought back my teenage years of careless awesomeness. A truely supurb game! <3
Posted: May 14
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15.8 hrs on record
Simple and fun action RPG.
Posted: May 27
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3.5 hrs on record
Great game a Real Classic, enjoyed it a lot back on xbox so I got it to play again.
Posted: June 29
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1.8 hrs on record
This is a decent Action RPG. I'd recommend it for anyone out there looking for a simple ARPG if you're not afraid of a few ugly 3D models. It's not my place to criticize the character design but they're a bit over-the-top and heavily influenced by anime, not that it matters but this game is not japanese.

This game was one of the handful of RPGs that Microsoft made with interest of slipping the Xbox console into the Japanese market. While the game was not a commercial success, what we ended up having was easily a fantastic RPG on Xbox and even though it's been out for PC for quite a while, it's such an obscure game that nobody really noticed it much and now we have it on Steam and I couldn't be happier.

The story, as well as the characters are somewhat forgetable, but it's got amazing scenery, the style of the world is similar to Fable and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Very colorful, full of fantastic devices and monuments and very green with lots of vegetation too.
The gameplay is the most important element in this game: it's fluid and it gives you a few choices, you can play an action hack-and-slash type of character or a First Person Shooter type.
You get 4 characters to play with, all play together in the battlefield but you take control of one while AI takes over the others. 2 of them use Melee (Hack-and-Slash) and the other 2 use long range attacks (FPS).
Each of them has different skills and combos and you can enter a slow-motion mode when you go through the skills and pick one to use, so the game never truly feels like it comes to a halt. This makes things stay interesting for a while.

I could go on and on about who's who and what each character does but honestly, it's not that important, just know they're all very different in their style even if their gameplay is similar. Combos are different, they use different weapons, skills are definitely very very different so you'll have favorites. Also, all their one-liners are SUPER CHEESY so you can't escape those either way.
The voice acting is not very good, you can see it's not a big budget game but these fantasy RPG type of games are TEXT-HEAVY so the voice acting is basically cutscenes and one-liners.

On the technical aspect of the port: I am playing with an official Xbox 360 Gamepad and it's playing really GOOD, no complaints on the controller scheme, it's basically the same as back on the Xbox (although it's been almost 8 years so...don't quote me on that). The only problem I see is how the game text uses "Button1" and "Button2" instead of labeling it "X" and "A", but that's not a big deal.
I'm not on the high-end of PC gaming but I can run this game fine and so far I've seen no issues with widescreen or sudden crashes (from a bit of play-testing) and the frames per second seem fine too, I do see some issues with vertical sync but it doesn't take away from the experience. I do wish there were some mods for this though, some 2D art and 3D models are ugly (my opinion) and I'd love to change them.

Although it is not some sort of hidden underrated gem, it's definitely a good game that didn't get enough attention and I'm sure most sales for this will be nostalgia-induced, and that's not necesarily a bad thing. It's based on something real good, enough to stay in your mind and make you want to play it again.
Posted: July 5
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1.7 hrs on record
Sudeki....This game consumed my life back on the original Xbox back in the day, my love for this game holds no bounds. Set in a time where swords and futuristic come together as your Queen has you roam the country side collecting crystals. The Shadows always hide new enemies. The game machanics are based on timed attacks with pressing A or X at the right moments to perform strong combos againist your foe.
Posted: June 24
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12.5 hrs on record
This game is really worth playing.
The graphics are a bit old but the story and gameplay are great.
And the Voice overs are great as well except for that scientist Elco who has a Dutch accent.

Not only the fighting is great but it also has great puzzles you need to solve to get further in the game, and each character has his/her own ability to solve a puzzle.

The characters also look great, especially Ailish and Buki who both have a great...uhhhh...personallity!!
Posted: June 26
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1.5 hrs on record
So I have no idea how this ended up in my library. I must have bought it, or had it given to me, but I really don't know where I got it. I vaguely remember a game by that name for (I think) the Xbox, which I didnt own. Having gamed since 1984, I can tolerate old games better than some, so I fired it up.

I noticed it has many positive reviews, mostly it seems from people who remember it back on Xbox. I didnt play it back then, so theres no nostalga factor involved. But I will do my best to review the game for ots own era, and only point out things by today's standards if they are so glaringly dated that it ruins immersion.

Its a 3rd person JRPG-art style action RPG. You know, button mashing so your guy swings his (ridiculously long) sword around and stringing together combos, theres an inventory where you can get better gear, a monster compendium, map, stats you can improve. Standard action RPG fare.

The graphics are nice for the era, and are brightly colored. Of course they look a bit dated, but not terribly or distractingly so.

So far everyone, including random NPCs in town seems fully voice acted. Now, I am not a fan of full voice acting in RPGs. (Long story short - you can get a MUCH more in depth story hiring one programmer to write many lines of text for NPCs to "say" vs. having to hire people to voice different NPCs. Voice acting is expensive, and having full voice acting for everything, not just main cutscenes/characters, makes the story detail shallower. Case in point Morrowind VS Oblivion) But I digress...

Anyway. By today's standards the voice acting is terrible. And even by the standards of the time (which I am trying to review this game by), the voice acting is laughable at best. Comparing the voice acting in this to say, Persona 3 (PS2 game) or even Baldur's Gate 2, there's just no contest. This sounds like it came out of the era when the first put badly voiced scenes in games circa 1992. Take the worst dubbed-anime voices and timing you can imagine. Yeah. It sounds like that.

Again, a case where it would have been better to only have a couple main characters voiced fully and save my ears. There are a few decent voices though. The main character Tal is listenable at least, as well as a couple other NPCs who's names escape me at the moment.

The script is ok. Not great. Its kinda...overblown and really seems translated from a different language. Not as bad as the voice acting though, just not great. I actually don't think it owuld have come off as bad if the voices were better.

One great thing is that its fully Xbox controller compatible (or Xinput for us Logitechers), as playing an action RPG like thos without a controller isnt advised. The controls are smooth on my Logitech, easy to understand and intuitive. Its fiun to go around bashing the crap out of enemies and learning new skills and making combos. THAT is where this game really shines

Overall, its not terrible, but at least for what Ive seen of it (I will update it if it blows my mind through awesome plot development later on - but as of right now I doubt it), the nostalgia factor seems to weight heavily in on whether people like it or not. If you are a fan of this type of game and are way more into the combat and character levelling then by all means, grab it.
Posted: April 27
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36.4 hrs on record
the game is great if you are into RPGs that has a little bit of everything for ever style. technology, JRPGS, traditonal RPGs (like swords and sorcery in mideval times), then you can switch to a ,somewhat, fps. though it is going to be a short time until you can get to the other characters. speaking of the other characters, they are (to me) kind of uninteresting but they do have their own sparks in terms of their historys' with their parents, or where they grew up. so in final this game is worth the price
Posted: April 28
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17.6 hrs on record
I played this game when I was 11! I love it. xD
Posted: May 1
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23.0 hrs on record
While this game certainly does have its good moments, and sometimes even a little intense, and I poured several hours into it, there were certain things that in the end made me regret this purchase. One of them being that the party you assemble is ultimately pointless because every single boss fight is single player. By which I mean that every serious boss fight picks one of the members from your team to fight alone which completely ruins the point in leveling your entire party. Another being the companion interaction. The dialogue is cheesy and predictable and as the game tries to create a magic vs science conflict, this fails hard as the arguments from both sides quickly become tedious and you find yourself not caring for either one. At all. It was a fun game, but after I got to the last boss, I felt like I had wasted my time and money.
Posted: June 9
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18.1 hrs on record
Sudeki is a game where you get to play 4 heros in a fantasy world trying to stop evil. You have the sword guy(who is a tank), a dude witha gun (who shoots good), a nice pair of breasts and a nice ♥♥♥ with a magic stick (she heals), and a nice pair of breasts and a nice ♥♥♥ with claws(she does... stuff(?)).

The aim of the game is to try and collect crystals to help your empire, or at least thats what they would have you believe. The real aim of the game is to find the best weapon for each person, gun guy automatically starts off with a rad gun that shoots through enemies with high damage, healing breasts gets her cool staff mid way through the game, it does the same as gun guys weapon(shoots through enemies, high damage, high crit), claw lady gets her good weapon early on when you visit her tribe of furries and retrieve their bad dragon order from a temple. sword guys stuff is all kinda okay, just use him to tank damage.

The game looks pretty rad, apart from all the cutscenes, which for some reason look kinda pixelated and rubbish. Sometimes you get some cutscenes that aren't the prescripted ones and the AI will walk in dumb positions . Butt that doesn't matter too much.

The combat system is rather cool and needs skill and timing to get combos rather than mashing buttons, then again in combat all I ever did was "X, X, A, > A, A, X" which had a nice continous loop for juggling enemies.

All out this game is pretty good for something originally released on the ORIGINAL xbox. I rate it 10/10 it's okay.
Posted: September 24
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10.8 hrs on record
Nice game, i have miss it since xbox :)
Still a nice one :D
Posted: August 10
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1.7 hrs on record
This game got a 5 out of 5 from Maxim Magazine.

Therefore it must be a great game that defines the ages.
Posted: September 4
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15.5 hrs on record
Sudeki was one of my favorite Xbox game and I was impressed with the port. Get it on sale, you may or may not find replay value but I did.
Posted: August 3
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