Plongez dans un pur side-scroller 2.5D à l’action frénétique et à l'humour décapant ! Se rendant à leur ancien lycée pour ce qui devait être la fête de leur vie, quatre potes de longue date se retrouvent isolés dans une petite ville fantôme envahie par des créatures monstrueuses.
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Date de parution: 5 nov 2013
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À propos de ce jeu

Plongez dans un pur side-scroller 2.5D à l’action frénétique et à l'humour décapant !

Se rendant à leur ancien lycée pour ce qui devait être la fête de leur vie, quatre potes de longue date se retrouvent isolés dans une petite ville fantôme envahie par des créatures monstrueuses.

Seul ou en multijoueur coopératif (jusqu'à 4 en ligne, 2 en local), survivez aux hordes de monstres qui veulent vous faire la peau, et remplissez des objectifs originaux et variés à travers de grands niveaux non-linéaires. Choisissez votre perso, explosez les scores et explorez à fond les niveaux pour gagner des points d’expérience et monter en niveau : trouvez de nouvelles armes, améliorez vos capacités, débloquez de nouveaux coups spéciaux et des compétences dévastatrices... et réalisez ainsi des combos de plus en plus impressionnants pour exploser les hi-scores de vos amis !

Configuration requise

    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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De la bombe! intense défouloir qui prend encore plus à plusieurs ^^
Posté le : 13 octobre
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4.3 heures en tout
Très bon jeu! Les graphismes sont cool, la musique entrainante. L'histoire est sympathique. L'arbre des compétences est quelque peu anecdotique (sauf pour quelques compétences essentielles). 8 niveaux : pas beaucoup mais très bonne ambiance. Et si vous voulez débloquer tous les succès, 8 niveaux, c'est un bon chiffre. Très bonne idée aussi d'inclure d'autres phases de gameplay que du beat'm all.

Très bonne maniabilité à la manette mais déconseillée au clavier.
Je le conseille fortement, surtout si vous avez des tensions à évacuer ! En promo il vaut carrément le coup. Et en non promo aussi (De préférence, ayez des amis sur le jeu pour vous faire des parties multi).
Posté le : 11 octobre
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Depending on how your teenage years were, a highschool reunion can be an exciting time to catch up with classmates you haven’t seen in years, or a nightmarish experience having to reassociate with people you’d rather not. Regardless, the event would likely be made universally terrible if upon arrival you were greated by a murderous swarm of mutants out for your blood, and a citywide infection that has turned citizens into zombie like abominations. This is Final Exam, a coop focused non-linear brawler with a lot of personality, though not the gameplay chops to make it a classic.

Choosing between one of four characters, which surprisingly all play rather unique, you’re dropped into a level and given a handful of objectives to complete. What’s unique about FE compared to a lot of brawlers is stages are structured like giant rooms instead of linear paths, allowing you to backtrack through areas again searching out collectibles and finding secret passageways that cause everything to connect. This is one of the coolest things about the game, but it’s also one of its biggest weaknesses. Because of the inherent way levels are designed, you’re often forced to do an abundance of incredibly tedious backtracking from one side of the map to the other, which becomes especially obnoxious from the endlessly spawning enemies slowing you down. It’s not as bad in coop as one player can go to each area on the map, but considering you’ll often need more than one person by you just to stay alive while fighting it doesn’t completely fix the issue, and creates a new one.

The objectives also pose their own issues, largely from the fact they repeat themselves almost exactly in each and every level. Go meet someone, fetch some items for them, escort them to a new area, protect them while they do something as slowly as possible, and rinse and repeat until the level ends and you get to do it again in a new area. Except when you don’t, as ontop of recycling objectives FE repeats the same environments for about half of its brief 8 missions (which should take you about 3 hours to complete your first time through)..

The fighting mechanics continue this trend of monotonous repetition, consisting of merely a single melee attack, a firearm, grenades, and special moves unique to your character. Aside from a handful of different ways you can use the single melee attack to hit enemies in various directions, this is a button mashing affair through and through. It’s enjoyable enough for what it is, but when you are fighting hundreds of enemies per level, with minimal variation to the types of said enemies, it loses its appeal rather quickly as you are continually forced into extended fights which seem to drag on for infinitum.

I have to take issue again with the progression system, namely how character upgrade points and weapons are distributed. The former is split into two groups: skill points and character points. Skill points are earned by getting high scores in levels, similar to earning XP in most games just tied to a leaderboard. Character points on the other hand require you to scour through levels for collectibles, or else be stuck with the same base stats the entire game. This is great as a means of making collectibles mean something, but bad for allowing the player to grow as most will likely miss the majority of these on their way through. Another issue is that all weapons have to be found within levels before you can select them, but even after doing this the weapon is only unlocked for whichever character you picked it up with. This basically means you’re required to playthrough the game multiple times if you want to swap characters, which is frustrating and really corners you into sticking with whoever you selected at the start.

One aspect I enjoyed quite a bit was the art design, which makes up for its lack of polygons with a ton of personality and cool character designs. Zombies have been done a thousand different ways, but there is something about the semi-cartoony way they are portrayed in FE that makes them stand out. The few human characters in the game are quirky charicatures and rather entertaining to watch beat the snot out of mutants. The story is as outrageous as you could hope, though it makes all of zero sense in coop as the story cutscenes at the start of mission are all removed, leaving you to wonder what the heck you’re doing.

Final Exam does a lot wrong in the way of injecting variety into a genre so often devoid of it, even in its best games, but it’s not so hopeless as to be wholly written off. As a brawler it’s repetitive and pretty shallow, but when played with friends can still be pretty entertaining (if surprisingly brief). As a solo affair I couldn’t recommend it, so check your friends before heading to this reunion; you’re gonna need them.
Posté le : 8 juin
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6.9 heures en tout
A decent hack n'slash with decent length. Very shallow even though you can upgrade your different attributes and gain character-specific abilities. The levels are larger areas with many nooks and crannies to explore which leads to finding new weapons (close range and long range). There are 4 characters to choose from although the most difference comes from the special abilities which aren't that special. (added flame damage, electrical damage etc.)

Local coop is nice but I'd recommend online coop because the camera only follows player 1 and there will be parts where dividing up will result in unmanagable chaos and/or backtracking. There are different kinds of enemies but generally all you do in the levels is the same no matter how diverse they feel: Kill loads of monsters, help an NPC with something or protect them and also item hunts.

I'd say buy this in a sale and go in with very low expectations. The combat isn't deep and it all boils down to button mashing and building up massive combos. If you want to play single player, just forget this game it'll get boring really fast. Coop though is another story. The very definition of a bargain bin video game.
Posté le : 12 août
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8.9 heures en tout
This game was very fun. Takes the platform to the next level, with a good selection of options for fighting and defending. Great group play.
Posté le : 25 septembre
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Le mode histoire est un peu court (à peine 9 niveaux, bien qu'ils soient longs en eux-même) mais ce jeu est un sacré défouloir. La durée de vie est basée sur la volonté d'améliorer son score en augmentant le niveau de difficulté et surtout sur le plaisir de taper dans tous les sens de 2 à 4 joueurs. Parce que le jeu révèle vraiment du potentiel dès qu'un ami dégaine sa manette (plus de monstres, plus de fun).

L'ambiance globale du jeu (musique, décor) est bien pensée et tout à fait adaptée. L'arsenal est assez complet, une fois débloqué et le bestiaire, bien que moyennement fourni, met en avant des zombies avec des points forts/faibles variés. Le scénario, lui, est un peu basique mais le but avoué du jeu étant de cogner des morts-vivants, l'histoire prend souvent, dans ces cas là, la forme d'un prétexte pour foncer dans le tas.

Si vous aimez vous défouler sur des armées de zombies, de préférence avec des amis, que vous êtes perfectionnistes et amateurs de jeux indé', ce jeu est fait pour vous!
Posté le : 26 novembre 2013
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