Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the great titles of the 90's. Take on the roles of in-game players taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen and paper RPG session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience.
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"A unique RPG that has many twists and turns, hilarious story, and 90's references. It is a mobile port, but a very good mobile port."

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2 มีนาคม

Roll Perception to Detect Incoming Knights of Pen & Paper 2

World Randomly Encounters Exciting New Sequel to Classic Old-school Title

STOCKHOLM — March 2, 2015 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer with plenty of initiative, today announced the forthcoming release of Knights of Pen & Paper 2, coming to PC, iOS, and Android devices. Knights of Pen & Paper 2, the appropriately named sequel to Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, will bring players back to the table, where they can sit and simulate another, different table inside the game (which is about a game). Danger, intrigue, death, role-playing, and roll-playing will return when Knights of Pen & Paper 2 arrives on May 14th.

Use the under-appreciated Appraise skill on this trailer:

Return to the dicey world of Knights of Pen & Paper for a new turn-based adventure, where players get to take on the role of players, and also of the game’s encounter-designing, rules-lawering GM in a fully customizable party. Assemble a group of virtual friends, dress them in class-specific hats, and take on an all-new series of quests, including dynamic dungeons, an improved combat system, new loot and crafting mechanics, and more, as the party faces its greatest challenge yet: the new edition of the ruleset.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 rolls with the following features:

+2 to Impress: The retro adventure makes the leap from simulated 8-bit graphics to simulated 16-bit graphics, providing players with twice the bits
New Racial Feats: Customize your party members by choosing players such as the Goth or the Rocker, classes such as Wizard or Thief, and for the first time, races such as Dwarves and Elves
A Game of Throws: Face the whims of the d20 in an overhauled combat system, new crafting and loot, dynamically generated dungeons, and a variety of nail-biting saving throws
Entirely Too Many Gaming and Pop Culture Jokes: Seriously

“When you allow people at your company to dress up in wizard robes and suits of armor, sometimes you wind up with games like Knights of Pen & Paper 2,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “We’re going to be showing off the game in person this week at GDC. I wanted to reveal it during the DICE conference, but nobody agreed with me.”

For more information about Knights of Pen & Paper 2, visit

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Deluxier Edition

The Deluxier Edition of Knights of Pen & Paper includes the following bonus items:

  • Special Guest Character – A Yellow Wizard with passive MP +20
  • Farm Village Map – A new location that will allow players to farm experience efficiently. Also includes the exclusive Scarecrow monster!
  • Sci-fi Pack for Bedroom – This gives players 4 exclusive items to customize their “in-game, real-world room”
  • The Haunted Fall expansion!


Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the great titles of the 90's. Take on the roles of in-game players taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen and paper RPG session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience.

As both the playing characters AND the game master, players can choose which battles to fight. Put together a bunch of monsters to make for a challenging fight and your efforts will be equally rewarded!

Choose from multiple classes, such as knights and mages, pick your characters to control those classes, like grandma or kid brother, and take on the loads of quests, monsters, items and equipment littered throughout Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition. Blacksmiths, enchanters, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a whole lot more await, giving players a lot of room to personalize their gameplay experience.

Don’t wait any longer, the Pen & Paper world needs you!

Key Features

  • The ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation experience
  • Put together your own role-playing group complete with the game master, the role-players and their respective classes
  • Fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world to defeat the dark mage
  • Level up and get your hands on more gold to unlock epic items and gear for your party
  • As the game master, you can set up the fights yourself and choose how many monsters to battle
The +1 Edition includes these all new features:

  • New dungeons to explore with monsters, traps, treasures, and powerful bosses
  • The Tavern, a place to stash heroes and switch out party members
  • More options for characters to implement during battles, adding more depth and variation to fights
  • Extended campaign filled with lots of new content


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:2000 MHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:640x480 minimum resolution (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
    • OS:OS X 10.4 or later
    • Processor:2000 MHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:640x480 minimum resolution (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB)
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
    • OS:Ubuntu 10 or later
    • Processor:2000 MHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:640x480 minimum resolution (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB)
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
15 จาก 16 คน (94%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
10.9 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 31 พฤษภาคม
I don't know where and when I got this game...
But... This game...
This game is awesome!

I liked the overall parody feel about it while it has a strong and solid work about delivering action and plot in moderation, getting some loud laughs from me here and there. The battle is unforgiving, so you always have to be focused, despite it being turn-based. The difficulty is adjustable in a manner "How frisky you are today?", taking on anything between 1 and 7 rats or elite monsters. The open-ended way the characters are presented lets you use your imagination. I do feel like playing a table top sheets'n'pens while playing this. Yes, the feel of every character is an illusion, but it's a very-VERY well made illusion.

Another point is the building difficulty: Items give you stats that you barely see. Levels give you damage that you barely see. Hp and Mana regen is earned by tears and sweat dripping down your inner thigh. All this while enemy shamelessly uses lifesteal and applies crazy bleeding stacks. Some battles will be so tight that you will stain your undergarments a bit and still lose because of the enemy randomly preferring your rouge to your fully buffed granny paladin. You will put a sleep on a DoT'ed enemy and lose your healer because of that, and you will spend 4 times the money you earned in that battle to revive your team. You will even spend 2k on upgrading your sword and still get nothing in return because you are a looser and you will have no money to leave the god forsaken town.
But... You know... That's what's good about this game... That's what's your adventure is. And you should not just accept it, but have tons of fun while at it!

I would like to say thank you to the developers. I've seen a lot of attempts to do what they achieved in this game and i think they did it better than anyone else I've seen so far, including UnEpic and Magicka, the first being too far away and the second being a bit too silly. But this game, oh, this game grabs the bull by his modesty and makes him enjoy it so much that he's ashamed afterwards, but he begs for more.

Highly recommend.
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14 จาก 17 คน (82%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
2.4 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 24 พฤษภาคม
Imagine playing table top D&D, and getting sucked into the world of Nintendo, where you are still playing Table top D&D, only you are playing it as an NES video game. That pretty much sums up this game in a nutshell, only you play it on the PC. It looks like an old school NES game, but incorporates the table top D&D feel, Very interesting concept. Much different than the early video game D&D adventures, this game tries to stay true to old school D&D. I thought it was a fun little game and would recommend it, because it can be picked up for next to nothing or even free and if you enjoy anything D&D related, you should at least give it a try. Get ready for a Nostalgia rush.
บทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์หรือไม่? ใช่ ไม่ ขำขัน
8 จาก 8 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
49.6 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 10 กรกฎาคม
your a team of d&d players playing out your dreams of being a fantasy hero.
this has a great old school rpg feel and if your into the older sprite rpg's this is a must buy.
one of the great things about this game is you control the difficulty by having 1-5 characters and also you control the number of enemies in most battles.

i've did a 100% quest run showing all the text (hopefully i kept it on long enough to be read) also i don't.
dlc is my last 2 videos. you can also find them in my review on the dlc store page
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5 จาก 5 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
7.9 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 9 มิถุนายน
a great game for any D&D player or fan of the tabletop games. i had a lot of fun with this game and how accurate the game is to playing D&D it really captures the struggle, combat and hilariousness of playing D&D with ninja turtles, mario mushrooms and giant bosses not to mention the customizable options to the game such as being able to customize your fellow players at the table and swtich them out or changing the dungeon master this game has it all along with it having a 8 bit style of art and an RPG element and turn based style to the gameplay this game was really enjoyable and super fun to play i would highly recommened giving this gem of a game a chance :)
บทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์หรือไม่? ใช่ ไม่ ขำขัน
12 จาก 20 คน (60%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
3.9 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 22 มิถุนายน
Cute concept for a game. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off fairly quickly, and the actual gameplay just doesn't hold up. Traditional jRPGs are carried by their characters and story, because the combat and mechanics thereof are so one-dimensional and stale.

So Knights of Pen and Paper has the same boring combat as any Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy/etc game, but all the writing, charm, and polish has been replaced by easy jokes about RPG tropes.

If RPGs are played for the story, where's the story? I guess the gag is that there is no story, that this is the RPG stripped down and laid bare. I can buy that. But since there's no gameplay worth noting, does that joke really carry a game for 5+ hours?

I don't think it does. The premise is done a hundred times better by Half Minute Hero - which has all the same lazy RPG "observational humor", but uses it as a fluffy coat to the solid framework of fun, interesting gameplay. I recommend you pick that up, instead. Knights of Pen and Paper isn't worth the time it takes to finish it, much less the asking price.
บทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์หรือไม่? ใช่ ไม่ ขำขัน