The complete megahit game that set the world afire. Plus All-New Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed. The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever!
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リリース日: 1995年4月30日


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4 アイテムを同梱: DOOM II, Final DOOM, Master Levels for Doom II, Ultimate Doom

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The complete megahit game that set the world afire. Plus All-New Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed.
The demons came and the marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! The texture-mapped virtual world is so real, you don't just play DOOM - you live it.
The Ultimate DOOM takes you beyond anything you've ever experienced. First, you get all three original episodes - that's 27 levels of awesome, explosive excitement. Then it really blows you away with an all-new episode: Thy Flesh Consumed.
Now you're dead meat. Just when you think you're getting pretty good at DOOM, you get hit with Perfect Hatred, Sever the Wicked and seven other expert levels never seen before! They're so incredibly tough, the first 27 levels will seem like a walk in the park!


    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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投稿日: 6月26日
dosnt work
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投稿日: 6月26日
It's Doom, nothing else to say.
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( 記録時間: 10.0 時間 )
投稿日: 6月26日
So mutch to say about this game lets keep it short and sweet ok
runs on any computer
hours of plat time
tons of secrets
and its an all round good egg ;}
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投稿日: 6月26日
So before jumping into the new reboot of DOOM, I, ofcourse, decided to revisit the one that started it all. And really...whats there to say?

DOOM is simply a classic; the rightfully named "Forefather of FPS". Tons of hours filled with Ripping and Tearing through armies of demons, finding goodies and secrets to help you in the long run, and a recognizable soundtrack that is good ear food.

Hell, there is tons of replayability with not only the main game, but tons of mods from the community. (I love using ZDOOM, its my ideal way to play DOOM now~.)

So if you haven't, pick up this Beautiful BOOP-ing Game, its an ORDER at this point.
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Moms spaghetti
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投稿日: 6月25日
Lets go back to the 90s think of how great this blast from the past is you will love it
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Final Fantasy Football
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投稿日: 6月25日
Has aged better than System Shock 1, I'll tell ya that

I have zero nostalgia for anything except for Jak II, so most of the positive reviews for older games are kinda offputting for me. It seems like most of the people who like the original DOOM are people who have been playing it since the 90s, so it's tough to gauge how this game might fare for a newcomer.

As someone who is relatively new to FPS's and PC gaming as a whole, I was floored by this game. It's stupid fun and surprisingly fast-paced; like, a lot of people say it's fast, but I always assumed that was compared to other games of its time.

No. You can run a mile a minute, You can outrun your own projectiles. It's crazy fast.

Controls are a bit of a hurdle (arrows instead of mouse to look around), but it's still managable. The inability to look up/down feels weird at first, but the auto-vertical aiming compensates nicely.

There's so much attitude, from the dificulty selection to the "Go ahead & leave. See if I care." There's a lot of nice touches and bits of polish that make the game stand out all the more. It's a great experience all around and I'd especially recommend it to anyone looking to get into older games.
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Harrison Is A Jewish Indvidual
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投稿日: 6月25日
One of the classicls that deffined FPS as they are today,
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( 記録時間: 2.1 時間 )
投稿日: 6月25日
best game
10/10- me
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Douche Nukem
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投稿日: 6月25日
This game is faster than the girls from the Bond films
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( 記録時間: 6.4 時間 )
投稿日: 6月25日
Do yourself a favor and download the Classic DOOM Complete pack as well as a source port such as zdoom or gzdoom to make the games run well.
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投稿日: 5月28日
if you pirate this game you will go to hell
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投稿日: 6月1日
You're not a gamer until you fire a bullet that bends 45 degrees upwards into an enemy. 10/10
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投稿日: 6月18日
If you don't like Doom, then we can't be friends.
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投稿日: 5月28日
Playing this game makes me a very happy person.
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投稿日: 6月16日
>buy DOOM

>lots of fun, better than modern FPS

>shotgun is somehow more accurate than modern sniper rifles

>beat twin satans

>step on elevator

>enemies from every angle all at once



>"'Where's my ♥♥♥♥ing ending', you ask! Well ♥♥♥♥ YOU, you have to play more!"

>not mad about this fact at all
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記録時間: 24.4 時間
投稿日: 6月19日
Get gzdoom to replace dosbox and turn "always mouselook" on. You can use it for doom 2 too.
This game aged extremely well and you can have lots of fun with it even if you're used to newer shooters.
Many switches, secrets and doors to unlock. Hordes of enemies and bullets to dodge.
Greatly designed maps and huge amount of fan-made content to download and keep you playing for a while.
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記録時間: 1.8 時間
投稿日: 6月12日
I'm only just getting into the retro Doom games and this one is absolutely amazing! Even though i'm pretty sure it's a re-make of Doom 2 and crashes sometimes i just downloaded ZDoom and that fixed it! There is so much to explore and so many unique enemies and weapons! So in conclusion i would definately recommend this game if you're into FPS and need a bit of a challenge! :D
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投稿日: 5月29日
If you buy this, or any of the other classic DOOM games, you have 2 options to have a decent experience:

1: Get the .WAD files and use them with a source port of your choice, however this wont track your stats on steam.

2: Put a source port in the game directory and rename the source port exe to 'dosbox.exe' and delete the original dosbox of course. This will let you run a source port and still have Steam track game time and show when you're playing it.

Don't even bother using the DOSbox emulation that comes with it, it has performance issues, runs in an awful resolution, has awful sound emulation, and has no mouse look option whatsoever, if you plan on playing it 100% faithful to the original DOS experience, don't use DOSbox, build or buy a 486.

Wait, a review for the game? Saying great things about it is basically copypasta at this point, you've heard it before.
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記録時間: 9.2 時間
投稿日: 6月8日
While I have no doubts that I'll enjoy Doom 4--the only things holding me back are lack of the funds and possibly not having any machine that can run it properly--sometimes, the original incarnation has to be the next best thing, if not THE best
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