10,000,000 is an award winning hybrid RPG/Action/Puzzle game. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot. When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your prison, constructing buildings and getting stronger for your next run. Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?
출시 날짜: 2013년 1월 15일
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2014년 7월 18일

10000000 is a part of Indie Piñata, an event organized by indie developers to promote similar titles, available on Steam, among enthusiasts of specific game genres.


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게임 정보

10,000,000 is an award winning hybrid RPG/Action/Puzzle game. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot.

When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your prison, constructing buildings and getting stronger for your next run.

Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?

Key Features:

Run the Dungeon
  • Kill monsters and find loot
  • Improve your gear and train skills
  • Find resources to improve your castle
Test your skill
  • More than 80 objectives to complete
  • Over 20 different monster types to fight
  • Find items and use them effectively
  • Fast paced action gameplay
Classic Gaming
  • Retro graphics
  • Old school music

시스템 요구 사항 (PC)

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Core2Duo
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Core2Duo
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space

시스템 요구 사항 (MAC)

    • OS:OSX 10.5
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
    • OS:OSX 10.8
    • Processor:Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any 3D capable card
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space

Linux 시스템 요구사항

    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit or Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit
    • Processor:2.6GHz single core
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
    • Hard Drive:50 MB HD space
유용한 고객 평가
5명 중 5명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1,325 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 1 개
2.8 시간 기록
해봄 직한 퍼즐 게임이다.
제작자는 RPG/Action/Puzzle 게임이라고 본 게임을 정의했지만
사실 RPG와 Action 요소는 상대적으로 부족한 편이다.
그럼에도 불구하고, Puzzle 바탕에 다른 요소들로 적절히 양념하여 꽤 괜찮은 플레이 경험을 선사한다.
후반으로 갈수록 계속되는 비슷한 패턴의 플레이로 인해 질리는 느낌이 있다는 것이 단점.
게시 일시: 2014년 8월 21일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
2,347 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 17 개
2.2 시간 기록
퍼즐 분야는 쥐약이라서 너무 어려웠다.
그래도 RPG요소와 퍼즐 요소를 잘 섞은 게임이라 생각한다.
상당한 반복 노가다 작업을 요구하므로 이런 스타일을 좋아한다면 해볼만하다.
단순히 앞으로 나아가며 자물쇠를 따고, 몬스터를 죽이면 그만이지만 콤보 연계가 아주 중요한 게임인듯 하다.
콤보 없이는 빠르고 쉽게 나아가지 못하며, 눈깜짝할 사이에 자신의 캐릭터가 한참 뒤로 밀려나는 것을 경험하게 된다.
게시 일시: 2014년 3월 26일
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39명 중 36명(92%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
967 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 22 개
17.3 시간 기록
A good little game. Easy to get along with, a little harder to finish, but still fine for me.
A casual 3-in-a row basic, suited in 80's-style graphics and "rpg" elements.
And it weighs 40 Mb and was designed for touchpads. Short break game.
Buy it in bundle or with 80-90% discount - and you won't be disappointed.
Good gift for casual players, by the way.
Overall 8/10.
게시 일시: 2014년 3월 4일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
17명 중 16명(94%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
2,208 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 31 개
12.9 시간 기록
10000000 is a game that mixes the match-3 genre with an RPG angle. Now, it's not as enjoyable as the Puzzle Quest games but the game is not a complete trainwreck either. Despite the horrible controls (or morel like 'control' - it's mouse only and 'slide'-based, naturally intended for a smartphone device), it can serve you a bit of fun for a couple of hours. However, if you're out to get all of the achievements then you might be in for a long and painful grind. This is due to the very annoying RNG.

All the negativity aside, let's get more into how the game works. You start out with a simple character, trapped in a place with barred up doors. You want to break free from this prison, but to do so, you must get a 10 000 000 score. Simple, right? Well, not really. Your toon is weak and in order to become stronger and advance then you need to gather supplies and gold. How do you do that? Well, that's where the core of the game comes in! You will need to arm yourself and venture into the dungeons!

At first, you'll see the familiar match 3 board and you'll start to match tiles as you would in any type of game like this. Soon you will notice that you're not only meant to match them, you're meant to match certain tiles at certain times. Your toon will encounter foes with different abilities and weaknesses, knowing when to match the sword or the staff tiles might save you a lot of trouble here! There are also locks on chests and doors that you need to open by matching keys. Sometimes you will gain an item or a consumable by opening chests, but also if you match the chests on the tile board. These you can use to help you progress in the dungeons. Then there are the wood and stones that you need to upgrade the different shops.

I had a lot of fun with the game in the beginning, especially when it felt like you made progress. Each new rank you unlock is a higher difficulty, and with each ranks there are several challenges to complete that grants you various bonuses. However, when you've reached the highest rank and completed all of the bonuses then the game kind of loses its potential. It takes a lot of luck and patience to even reach a score of 10 million, in any rank. I managed to 100% the game after nearly 13 hours of playtime. I've read about people who still hasn't been able to even after 30 hours, so keep this in mind if you're looking for an easy game to get perfect.

Despite all the flaws and lack of fun end game I enjoyed it when I didn't feel too stressed out. The further you get, the quicker you need to be to match the tiles. You need to be able to notice when the border of your board turns red (encounters/events) or green (when your toon is mainly walking) and adapt to this in the best way possible. It takes time getting used to how the game functions, especially when it comes to matching the tiles by sliding the columns and rows. It can be extremely frustrating at times and I wish the developer had thought about this when porting the game to PC. It's already a challenging game and believe me, being defeated just because you weren't able to align the tiles perfectly due to whatever or any reason is just flat out aggrivating.

I can recommend it if you like casual games that are a bit of a challenge. 10000000 is a challenge, both physically and mentally. In a good or bad way? Well, a bit of both to be honest.
게시 일시: 2014년 5월 14일
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8명 중 7명(88%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1,115 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 105 개
11.2 시간 기록
Terrible name aside, this is a semi-decent time-waster in the classic "match 3" puzzle genre. The twist in this one is that the matching mechanic works in conjunction with the actions your character takes at the top of the screen. The character's goal is to keep moving to the right, clearing obstacles such as monsters, treasure chests and locked doors. In order to clear those obstacles, you need to match specific types of tiles (swords to kill monsters, keys to open chests, etc). Getting hit or not matching tiles causes you to slow down and creep towards the left side of the screen. If you get pushed all the way back, the run is over. After each run, you return to a dungeon where upgrades can be purchased using the resources collected during the run (wood, stone, gold and experience). And that's pretty much all there is to it. Basically, you just keep running through the dungeon and buying upgrades when you die. Reaching certain score milestones causes you to rank up, which allows you to achieve higher scores and travel further into the dungeon. The ultimate goal is to score the titular 10,000,000 points and escape. On the technical front, the graphics are extremely simple, done in a low-res pixel style. It works for what it is, but the visuals are really nothing to write home about. I did really like the music, though. It's pretty catchy and very NES-esque.

In summary, if you are a fan of "match 3" games and don't mind spending a few hours on the mindless grind it takes to complete (I would estimate around 5-6 hours or so), then by all means, give this a shot. However, I really must reiterate that the gameplay is the very definition of a grind - the whole experience from start to finish is extremely repetitive. If you have a short attention span or really don't like doing the same thing over and over for hours, do NOT buy this game. Additionally, I have to say I also think the price is a little too high. For some reason, it's double what it costs on iOS, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm not saying it's a rip-off, but this might be one of those cases where you may want to wait and see if it goes on sale at some point.
게시 일시: 2014년 3월 12일
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7명 중 7명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1,069 개의 게임 보유 중
평가 21 개
17.2 시간 기록
간단하게 즐길 수 있는 퍼즐, 경쾌한 효과음, 중독적인 음악이 잘 어우러진 수작. 마우스도 좋지만 기왕이면 터치스크린으로 하는 걸 추천.
게시 일시: 2014년 2월 25일
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