Maybe it was the fact that people got to blow away Nazis. Maybe it was the sheer challenge of it all. For whatever reason, Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, pioneered the first-person shooter genre and brought its legendary creators, id Software, worldwide notoriety and numerous awards.
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Release Date: Aug 3, 1994

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About This Game

Maybe it was the fact that people got to blow away Nazis. Maybe it was the sheer challenge of it all. For whatever reason, Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, pioneered the first-person shooter genre and brought its legendary creators, id Software, worldwide notoriety and numerous awards. In fact, The Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame recognized Wolfenstein 3D as helping to shape the overall direction of the computer gaming industry.

System Requirements

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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Note: This game was played on a source port called ECWolf and I wholeheartedly recommend downloading it to better your experience with the game, adding a few modern features, more resolutions, and turning off the Y-axis so moving the mouse forward doesn't make you move forward as well.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume most people have heard of Wolfenstein 3D already, but just in case someone hasn't here is a brief history.

Though not being the absolute first of its kind, Wolfenstein 3D is a game highly regarded as the progenitor of the first-person shooter genre, created by id Software in 1992, no mater what anyone may say about how good the game is or not these days, it at least has to be respected for the creation of one of the most prolific video game genres to date.

You play as William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz, a Polish American spy sent on a mission to find out the nazi's plans and stop them, which usually means climbing nine floors and murdering someone at the top or bottom, along the way killing S.S. troops and undead mutants.

As you can tell, the story is not really all that important, as famed programmer for id John Carmack once said, and I quote, "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." So given this mentality you can pretty much write off the story as just a means to let you shoot stuff, and this was back before most games even bothered to put effort in their plotlines to start with.

So that means onto the gameplay, ever played a first-person shooter before? Well then you will fit right at home, the game is simple as far as controls and objectives, you walk around and only are able to look left and right, fighting in stages of block shaped rooms and mazes, looking for keys and doors to get you to the final switch, pulling it and moving onto the next level, there are six episodes and each one has nine levels and one hidden map that is gotten to by finding a hidden elevator in one of the stage, totaling sixty levels in all there is actually a lot of game here.

You have three gun types and a knife, though the guns all use the same ammo counter and about the same damage except each one shoots faster then the one before it, levels are sometimes straightforward, and sometimes mazes you must run through, most of the level design is fun and varied up to a point, given they don't have very much to work with other then walls, floors, and sometimes hanging moss.

The big question is if it is worth playing, and actually even today, over twenty years after its creation, it is still fun to play, sure it is simple and chances are not anything you haven't seen before from more modern shooters, but it has that old retro charm to it that is hard to explain, it is bright and colorful, has treasure and arcade-like qualities such as lives and a score, and despite how old and dated it seems, I still believe it is worth taking a look at.
Posted: October 15
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Wolfenstein 3d is a good game and would have been very good for it's time. You may not have realised but it is slightly 'outdated'. Nevertheless you should buy this game and see what kicked off the FPS games we see today.
Posted: October 3
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why did they use dosbox it makes it nearly unplayable the controls are clunky slow and annoying
Posted: October 14
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some games do not age well...
Posted: September 28
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If you're hankering for a bit of nostalgia, this is probably $5 well spent.

That said, this has a couple of issues, and these should be mentioned alongside the fact that I run Windows 8.1 64 bit. There are options for mouse functionality that don't seem to work, leaving you to navigate and fight with keyboard only as you did back when this game was released. Granted, that's the way it's meant to be played, but after a decade of a more polished experience it feels a bit clunky. Also, there appear to be a few other hardware incompatibilites that detract from the experience. The sound playback seems to be incompatible with modern cards, leading to weird sound glitches (go to to hear what it should sound like minus the modern voice over and gun SFX, then play and decide for yourself.) Not sure if this is something wrong with my settings or a legitimate incompatibility with either my sound card or playback devices.

This is also a straight port, not revamped in any way. So there are no maps or anything to that effect that you might expect from a developer-backed port.

To be honest, I had more fun playing the iPhone port which is free. However, this version gets an 8/10 overall from me for pure nostalgia value and the fact that it was (and is) an amazing game and pioneer of the FPS genre.
Posted: September 26
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this is a very good game. it realy is. it works on my pc and i have windows 8.1 (but mine is a work computer). now im going to side on both bad and good.


1. the game is hard to complete so its long and hard and fun.

2. work's on windows 7/8/8.1.

3. the game is old and we cant blame the creators for the graphic but the graphics are realy realistic.

4. it is about world war 2 witch that means good.


1. this is a game with not so good graphics.

2. you cant jump or crouch.

3. at the begining you have to first shoot to be able to move your gun to kill people.

4. the game dose NOT let you change its resolution.

and thats all thanks for reading


p.s i do like the game alot
Posted: October 12
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This game is very fun but the biggest problem is that the controls are awkward, besides that everything else is excellent
Posted: October 10
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The Nazi-scientist of Doom's nostaligic experiments [Originally released in May 5, 1992 which is a year before Doom 1 was made: December 10, 1993] So for Doom fans who would love to play a game where the series somewhat first started then Wolfenstein 3D is your game to recieve greater punishment than what Doom would've brought.

One piece of advice: If your enemy is in range, So are you! and the closer you are, The more damage you will get and inflict! So have fun trying to beat this game on "Don't Hurt Me!" Let alone try to beat it on "I am death incarnate!"
Posted: September 28
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Are you serious? Why do you need to read the reviews? Get it!! Get it now!! Great game, as it always has been.
Posted: September 30
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The granddaddy of first person shooters. Great level design that is still relevant even after all these years.
Posted: October 4
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I can still do the first episode with 100% kills, 100% secrets, 100% treasure in less than 30 minutes, on the hardest difficulty...and, I have the entire first episode memorised because I played it so much as a kid.
Posted: October 5
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Much better than CoD:Ghosts!
Posted: May 3
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Posted: July 12
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why buy the new order when i can shoot nazis for only $5
that's like, 55 dollars less
Posted: May 20
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Get Psyched!

This game is where it all began, the first and most epic
FPS back in the day. My Dad and I used to play this
along with Duke Nukem years later and some Doom.

This game is very challenging and stuff.
There are a pair of extremely difficult levels
where you'll get lost and stuff, but nothing
a lil bit of patience and will can't fix.

Plus, play it enough and you'll see... a...

What you waiting for, stop reading dis ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and go get the game...

Old and freaking classic!

Ps: You shot nazis and you get a delicious chicken.
Posted: July 19
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Go Way Way Back into the 90's...Further...There!

I Barely Remember playing this Back, Yet I wasn't even born when It came out. But It still had a Following When I Had better knowledge, And Killing Nazi's Was Exactly what My Father would have wanted me to do at the age of 11 or 12. Right?

Probably Not, But killing Nazi's, Dogs, and Hitler in a Mech With Twin Gatling-Guns Back then was "Almost" Easy. In This Prophet of the Monsterkill Genre of Video Games, It is Considered Crude, And I agree, Between Killing Soldiers you would get either "Meh!" Or "ayeee", Eating Dog Food (which was personally awesome), and Just watching Guard Dogs attack me from the Behind With No indication What so ever. Between all of that, I Still Consider it! 4.99 Was A Steal.

But, The Controls is what I was most Frustrated about. Using the Arrow keys to look around and move at the same time, And Ctrl to Shoot or Stab, And Space as the Action Key. All the Controls of a Free Online "Video Game". It was Highly Uncomfortable and Made me want to stop playing after 5 Minutes. But Even 6 Minutes Passed And I started getting the hang of it, But I was still running into walls other than Dashing Through Hidden Hitler Posters.

It was still a Great Addition to my Library! And without Wolfenstein, There wouldn't be many of Duty (yay?). So I just want to give a Big thanks Real Quick.

Thank You Nazis!
Posted: June 3
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The Mother of all FPS
Posted: July 19
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this is the grandfather of FPS. it doesnt control very well, but its still satisfying to grab a machine gun and mow down some nazis. the graphics and layout will often make you lost and forget where you're supposed to go, but if you can overcome the maze like elements, you'll do just fine. the controls aren't very great though for a KB+M, so i'd recommend using a gamepad, if it even supports it.
Posted: July 23
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BEST ABOUT IT: Exterminating Nazis in THREE DEE!

WORST ABOUT IT: The nauseating early 3-D graphics. Getting flanked by a Nazi and not being able to turn fast enough or one that shoots you from behind a door before the door even opens enough to see them. Or those planters that they deviously colored just like the Nazis.

GAMEPLAY: The great grand-daddy of FPS. You navigate a series of mazes to find an elevator and any keys needed to open the doors that block it and are scored at the end of each based on your time, kills, and secrets found. You're armed with a knife and the 3 guns you can pick up. (pistol, submachine gun, and Gatling-gun). You can only carry 99 bullets so ammo is always a concern, especially since all your guns share the same rounds and the automatics burn them fast, but that's part of the game's core design. Many secret passages contain guns and ammo but there's no hint to what walls open, so you just have to rub against them all.

CONTROLS: You can turn left and right and also strafe by holding shift but you cannot look or aim vertically. It doesn’t seem too picky about your horizontal accuracy either, you just aim in a Nazi’s general direction and drop them (good thing too since there’s no iron sight or crosshairs).

STORY: Kill Nazis go! You’re a captured spy and the game contains 6 episodes of 10 floors each. Episode 1 has you tasked with escaping while the others have other objectives such as killing various madmen bosses, including Hitler.

GRAPHICS: They’re bad. There’s not even a texture for the entire floor or ceiling. It’s the flattest looking 3-D game you’ll ever see. But 3 dimensions had to start somewhere and you’re looking at it here. There’s no resolution or graphics options at all.

PERFORMANCE: This didn’t even tax computers 20 years ago. It launches in DOSbox and ran perfectly for me.

SOUND: Better than the graphics and there are some memorable Nazi death cries. The music is creepy yet fun at the same type, a military style and it works well.

REPLAYABILITY: Other than the curiosity or nostalgia factor there is a scoring system and secrets to find but it’s unlikely many people would be compelled to keep playing. But any FPS fan or retro gamer should at least try this.

SIMILAR TO: Doom, Star Wars Dark Forces, Shadow Warrior

RECOMMENDED PURCHASE PRICE: <$5 (often included in Doom promotions)

TITLE: Wolfenstein 3D
DEVELOPER: id Software
RELEASED: 1992 (Steam page is incorrect)

Posted: July 29
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Wolfenstein 3D (or "Wolf3D", as we referred to it by its name in DOS) was the first FPS game I ever played, and I have fond memories of it. Firing it up on our old 386 computer was amazing - suddenly this big, heavy beige box, which normally only displayed a very ancient, chunky version of Windows, was now playing a high-speed game with graphics and sound better than anything being done on the various game consoles we had plugged into the TV in the other room. And even though I was never really much good at Wolfenstein back then, its raw display of the PC's power and more importantly, the promise of what was to come for games, made me instantly fall in love with the idea of making computer graphics / games.

This version of Wolf3D is better than the one we had on our old PC back then, in that it is the full version with all the episodes, instead of just the shareware copy with the single first episode.

The graphics, while revolutionary at the time, are plain but still get the job done. The same can be said for the digital sound.

If you've never played it, I suggest you give this game a try. If you're a fan of the FPS genre, it'll give you a good history lesson, and I suspect you'll find that this game is just as fun and engaging as most of the modern titles that have come to succeed it. You might even find yourself yelping and jumping out of your seat, as I recently did, when you zoom around a corner and an unexpected Nazi calls out and begins firing at you. Get psyched!
Posted: June 8
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