Maybe it was the fact that people got to blow away Nazis. Maybe it was the sheer challenge of it all. For whatever reason, Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, pioneered the first-person shooter genre and brought its legendary creators, id Software, worldwide notoriety and numerous awards.
User reviews: Very Positive (534 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 3, 1994

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About This Game

Maybe it was the fact that people got to blow away Nazis. Maybe it was the sheer challenge of it all. For whatever reason, Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, pioneered the first-person shooter genre and brought its legendary creators, id Software, worldwide notoriety and numerous awards. In fact, The Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame recognized Wolfenstein 3D as helping to shape the overall direction of the computer gaming industry.

System Requirements

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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Posted: July 12
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Posted: July 19
Get Psyched!

This game is where it all began, the first and most epic
FPS back in the day. My Dad and I used to play this
along with Duke Nukem years later and some Doom.

This game is very challenging and stuff.
There are a pair of extremely difficult levels
where you'll get lost and stuff, but nothing
a lil bit of patience and will can't fix.

Plus, play it enough and you'll see... a...

What you waiting for, stop reading dis ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and go get the game...

Old and freaking classic!

Ps: You shot nazis and you get a delicious chicken.
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Posted: October 31
Best FPS game ever made, no doubt in my mind.
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Posted: November 14
If you don't buy this game then you're wrong.
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Posted: October 15
Note: This game was played on a source port called ECWolf and I wholeheartedly recommend downloading it to better your experience with the game, adding a few modern features, more resolutions, and turning off the Y-axis so moving the mouse forward doesn't make you move forward as well.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume most people have heard of Wolfenstein 3D already, but just in case someone hasn't here is a brief history.

Though not being the absolute first of its kind, Wolfenstein 3D is a game highly regarded as the progenitor of the first-person shooter genre, created by id Software in 1992, no mater what anyone may say about how good the game is or not these days, it at least has to be respected for the creation of one of the most prolific video game genres to date.

You play as William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz, a Polish American spy sent on a mission to find out the nazi's plans and stop them, which usually means climbing nine floors and murdering someone at the top or bottom, along the way killing S.S. troops and undead mutants.

As you can tell, the story is not really all that important, as famed programmer for id John Carmack once said, and I quote, "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." So given this mentality you can pretty much write off the story as just a means to let you shoot stuff, and this was back before most games even bothered to put effort in their plotlines to start with.

So that means onto the gameplay, ever played a first-person shooter before? Well then you will fit right at home, the game is simple as far as controls and objectives, you walk around and only are able to look left and right, fighting in stages of block shaped rooms and mazes, looking for keys and doors to get you to the final switch, pulling it and moving onto the next level, there are six episodes and each one has nine levels and one hidden map that is gotten to by finding a hidden elevator in one of the stage, totaling sixty levels in all there is actually a lot of game here.

You have three gun types and a knife, though the guns all use the same ammo counter and about the same damage except each one shoots faster then the one before it, levels are sometimes straightforward, and sometimes mazes you must run through, most of the level design is fun and varied up to a point, given they don't have very much to work with other then walls, floors, and sometimes hanging moss.

The big question is if it is worth playing, and actually even today, over twenty years after its creation, it is still fun to play, sure it is simple and chances are not anything you haven't seen before from more modern shooters, but it has that old retro charm to it that is hard to explain, it is bright and colorful, has treasure and arcade-like qualities such as lives and a score, and despite how old and dated it seems, I still believe it is worth taking a look at.
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Posted: November 14
The mother of all 3D shooters, this game is a classic fun game to play and own. I thuroughly enjoyed playing through it, and would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the 3D fps genre!
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Posted: July 19
The Mother of all FPS
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Posted: November 19
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Posted: December 4
Another classic FPS game in the day. While Doom played a big role in cementing first-person shooters in video games, it was this game that helped start it. It really shows its age (then again, that's what source ports are for), but it doesn't change the fact that this game is an absolute classic that anyone who even claims to like FPS games should own. Know your roots.
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Posted: October 26
If you enjoy some good old fashioned nazi ♥♥♥ kickin', pick this one up.
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Posted: November 4
A Good, Fun and Classic Shooting game.
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Posted: July 13
Wolfenstein 3D or Wolf3D (DOS start up icon name) as some might stubbornly call it is one of the world's first 3D FPS game that once revolutionarised the gaming genre and set off a new wave of videogames that can be traced back to this very game. Made by ID software back in 1992 it was to various game consoles and home computer systems. But as unique as it was it was also a very infamous game amongst parents. It was infamous for it's nazi symbolism, Violence against animals and in 1994 germany's court even banned and confiscated this game from stores in their nation for racism and nazi referances. Long story short fun for the whole family!

But enough with old stuff and on to the practical parts. Wolftenstein 3D is a maze based classic FPS game where the player has to fight his way through levels to escape. The game exists of 6 episodes each with their own final boss to defeat. handy to know is that this game supports keyboard, mouse, and joystick, none of them are hard to use so you should have no real trouble getting used to them. the game also comes with several difficulty modes which each respectively affect damage, enemy accuracy, enemy speed, and damage taken whch makes this game suitable for most players. Another thing that will probably save your bacon many times is that this game has a save feature you can use so be sure to save often.

Lastly i would not reccomend this game to very young audiences or people who suffer from claustrophobia. As fun as this game can be it can become too much as well.

All the best!

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Posted: September 16
Wolfenstein 3-D, the third game and first FPS in the overall Wolfenstein series, is first and foremost a piece of history and a pretty mechanically simple first-person shooter - at least on the surface. Released via shareware in 1992, it was iD's first FPS and second 'proper hit' after Commander Keen. At the time, its fast, brutal Nazi-killing action was much more shocking to people than many games today; it was simply a new thing back then. This was released before the ESRB even existed, and it says something that iD voluntarily rated their game PC-13 - for Profound Carnage.

You play as B.J. Blazkowicz, Allied agent in World War II. You've been charged with solo infiltration of Nazi strongholds to hamper their war effort in various ways. This involves - surprisingly - shooting a good number of Nazis. To put it shortly, the game can still be fun as a surreal experience and a raw, oftentimes challenging shooter, not to mention a piece of gaming history. Plus, you get to blast Nazis and steal their treasure. Given how it's designed, though, it gets old after half an episode of playtime. It's best played in chunks, unless of course you really want to shoot those damn Nazis.

There are 6 episodes of 10 maps each, including each episode's secret map. Gameplay involves navigating the maps, dispatching Nazis, searching for keys to progress if you need them, and picking up ammo and health lying on the floor when needed. Secrets can be found by pushing on the correct wall tiles, and they're still satisfying to find more than 20 years later. There are treasure items scattered around some maps, presumably looted by your enemies, that you can loot back (or carry them around in a magic bag/simply destroy them seeing as there's no way B.J. can carry all that stuff around with him normally) to increase your score. This along with the lives system are interesting parts of an otherwise straight-shooting game; indicators of a transition between the games of old and the games Wolf3D would end up inflencing even today.

The enemies you'll most often face are brown-uniformed pistol guards, machine gun-toting Schutzstaffel who wear blue uniforms for some reason, and German shepherds. You'll encounter white-clad, crack-shot officers and deadly mutants in the later episodes, both of which are enemies to watch out for. At the end of every episode is a unique boss, and they range from a bit difficult to quite hard. Hope you learned how to strafe.

You'll have up to four weapons to choose from: a semi-automatic knife (you have to fire once every time you want to attack with it, and you need to time stealth kills just right or hope you stun your target enough), semi-automatic Luger (good for precise takedowns of weak enemies), a machine gun (pretty much your default weapon, good for taking out multiple targets and handfuls of stronger enemies), and an ammo-eating chaingun (for those rooms just full of Nazi ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s). Compounding this is the fact that you can only carry 99 bullets.

The music is mostly decent, but while it can be pretty good (for 1992) it loops fast and can get a bit grating after a while. Combined with the blank colored ceiling and floor, intently deployed scenery, labrynthine, abstracted maps with no automapping feature by default, 1992 sound effects, 'unique' game mechanics and often tense nature of gameplay, I meant it when the game can get difficult and surreal at times.

There is no armor for you to wear, and on the higher difficulty maps it's not uncommon for a single enemy to take a good chunk of your health off with one shot, to say nothing of an SS' machine gun or mutant attack. There are a good number of enemies on the later maps, too. You don't have any armor, either, and on some maps health can be hard to come by. And on some maps, opening fire on an enemy alerts several others that will converge on your location, including by flanking you.

The controls are not very configurable and can take some getting used to, and you can only strafe by holding down a key. You can at least enable mouse movement, which I much prefer. If you must have your modern controls, you can download the ECWolf sourceport.

Fortunately, you have the aforementioned multiple life system...which is mostly rendered moot by your limitless and merciful ability to save anywhere.

While the game can be played at a fast pace, it is more common and usually prudent to take a cautious and slower approach, and there is ultimately more of an emphasis on tactics - positioning, luring and predicting enemies - than aiming ability (apart from capping unaware enemies) and dodging (what little of it you can do, anyway). You can still run and gun of course, but that's easier said than done sometimes, especially when compared with its successor DOOM.

In fact, while this game is ostensibly macho, some of the situations you can find yourself in can be downright unnerving. You aren't always comfortably in control of situations, with lurking enemies that could kill you in seconds and map design that works against you, and this happens more and more in the later episodes.

That's not to mention the maps, which can become evocative and an influence in themselves. Wolfenstein 3-D is more complex than it can seem on multiple levels! For more reading about this topic I recommend Ellaguro's writing about the game.

So is it worth playing after two decades? Well, I think so. See the second paragraph for why. Maybe it's not for everyone, given its age and the way it plays, but for people who like old-school games and/or really like shooters and shooting Nazis? I'd recommend it.

It's cheaper than The New Order, too.
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Posted: November 29
was more scary when i was 3
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Posted: July 23
this is the grandfather of FPS. it doesnt control very well, but its still satisfying to grab a machine gun and mow down some nazis. the graphics and layout will often make you lost and forget where you're supposed to go, but if you can overcome the maze like elements, you'll do just fine. the controls aren't very great though for a KB+M, so i'd recommend using a gamepad, if it even supports it.
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Posted: July 29
BEST ABOUT IT: Exterminating Nazis in THREE DEE!

WORST ABOUT IT: The nauseating early 3-D graphics. Getting flanked by a Nazi and not being able to turn fast enough or one that shoots you from behind a door before the door even opens enough to see them. Or those planters that they deviously colored just like the Nazis.

GAMEPLAY: The great grand-daddy of FPS. You navigate a series of mazes to find an elevator and any keys needed to open the doors that block it and are scored at the end of each based on your time, kills, and secrets found. You're armed with a knife and the 3 guns you can pick up. (pistol, submachine gun, and Gatling-gun). You can only carry 99 bullets so ammo is always a concern, especially since all your guns share the same rounds and the automatics burn them fast, but that's part of the game's core design. Many secret passages contain guns and ammo but there's no hint to what walls open, so you just have to rub against them all.

CONTROLS: You can turn left and right and also strafe by holding shift but you cannot look or aim vertically. It doesn’t seem too picky about your horizontal accuracy either, you just aim in a Nazi’s general direction and drop them (good thing too since there’s no iron sight or crosshairs).

STORY: Kill Nazis go! You’re a captured spy and the game contains 6 episodes of 10 floors each. Episode 1 has you tasked with escaping while the others have other objectives such as killing various madmen bosses, including Hitler.

GRAPHICS: They’re bad. There’s not even a texture for the entire floor or ceiling. It’s the flattest looking 3-D game you’ll ever see. But 3 dimensions had to start somewhere and you’re looking at it here. There’s no resolution or graphics options at all.

PERFORMANCE: This didn’t even tax computers 20 years ago. It launches in DOSbox and ran perfectly for me.

SOUND: Better than the graphics and there are some memorable Nazi death cries. The music is creepy yet fun at the same type, a military style and it works well.

REPLAYABILITY: Other than the curiosity or nostalgia factor there is a scoring system and secrets to find but it’s unlikely many people would be compelled to keep playing. But any FPS fan or retro gamer should at least try this.

SIMILAR TO: Doom, Star Wars Dark Forces, Shadow Warrior

RECOMMENDED PURCHASE PRICE: <$5 (often included in Doom promotions)

TITLE: Wolfenstein 3D
DEVELOPER: id Software
RELEASED: 1992 (Steam page is incorrect)

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Posted: September 8
Wolfenstein 3D is probably the hardest game you will ever encounter, but it's incredibly fun. I thinkit is way better than any of the COD games. It is definately worth $5
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Posted: October 4
The granddaddy of first person shooters. Great level design that is still relevant even after all these years.
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Posted: October 5
I can still do the first episode with 100% kills, 100% secrets, 100% treasure in less than 30 minutes, on the hardest difficulty...and, I have the entire first episode memorised because I played it so much as a kid.
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Posted: November 11
History: Released in 1992 originally for dos (before windows xp/7/8 or w/e is currently being used) back when Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were duking it out you could buy/rent video games in stores 3.5 and 5.12 floppy disks were the main media (pre-cd/dvd/blue-ray) 200mb hard drives and ISA/PCI were found on motherboards 286's/386's/486's and maybe pentium chips were the processors of choice....they had THIS!!!!!

this by no means was the first FPS was one of the "main" grand daddy's of the FPS games we play today.
still playable today. not a graphics hog. still fun to play.

pro's: retro.easy to play. anyone can play. simple controls.
con's: retro. no changing camera angles. limited weapons and ammo (compared to todays games). single player only. no mini-map. need to remember the levels and the secrets. running "into" walls pressing open to find secrets

overall: I highly recommend it. I count it ammong one of the best games in my steam library
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