Can you survive the alien onslaught? Gamers across the world will now have a chance to play the next chapter in this high-budget, high-quality series.
リリース日: 2010年9月22日

Alien Breed 2: Assault を購入する


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3 アイテムを同梱: Alien Breed: Impact, Alien Breed 2: Assault, Alien Breed 3: Descent


君はエイリアンの猛攻から生き残れるか?Alien Breed™ 2: AssaultはAlien Breed™シリーズの第2章で、映画さながらのストーリー、そして凶暴な高知能エイリアンの大群、衝撃力の強い武器、Epic Games のUnreal® Engine 3を使用して開発された精度の高い環境、これらを備えたサイエンスフィクションのアーケードシューティングゲームである。大破した宇宙船の中で、船のチーフ・エンジニアであるヒーロー、コンラッドを操作し、エイリアンの大群による冷酷な殺戮からの生き残りをかけた死闘を繰り広げろ。唯一の希望は、エイリアン船の巨大なエンジンを再燃させ、差し迫る絶滅の危機から君を救うことに懸かっている。正体不明の宇宙船の奥深くで時間が刻々と過ぎ行く中、武器を準備し、生き残りを懸けて暗闇の中を戦い進め。だが君は独りじゃない。船には肉食エイリアンの大群と別の何かが住んでいる・・・まだその企みを明かさない何か・・・チャンスをうかがっている何かが。スリリングなシングルプレイヤー戦闘と全く新しい“サバイバー”モードに加え、今回は絶え間ないアクション満載の、オンライン共同バトルモードが提供されている。

Key Features

  • 猛攻を生き残れ! – アーケードシューティング、サバイバルホラー、そして戦術兵器のアップグレードやカスタマイズをミックスさせたアクションが満載
    • NEW -本格的作戦– 新しい垂直登りセクションとマウンティッドガンバトルでブリードと戦え。
    • NEW – 強化された鎧と新しい兵器でエイリアンの大群と戦え:
      • ハイパーブラスター – 破壊的なチェーンガン。
      • ロケットランチャー – 大群を吹き飛ばす。
    • NEW -新しいエイリアンたちと対決– “ウェバー”エイリアンと新しい衝撃的なボスたちとのドラマティックな対決。
  • 映画のようなシングルプレイヤーストーリーモード - 5つの壮大かつ厳しい環境の中,ゲームの物語に添って進むシングルプレイヤー戦闘モード。
  • NEW - シングルプレイヤー“サバイバー”モード: 3つの特別に設計されたアリーナ環境で、終わりなく続くエイリアン大群の攻撃の波に反撃だ。
  • シングルプレイヤーフリープレイモード - シングルプレイヤーチャレンジモード – 前回の戦闘ミッションでの君の高得点を上回ろう。
  • 共同モード – Steamを使い、共同プレイ用に特別にカスタマイズされた3つの攻撃マップで、エイリアンの大群を一緒にやっつけろ。
  • NEW - 共同“サバイバー”モード – Steamを使い、軍隊に参加して3つの特別に設計されたアリーナ環境で生き残れ。君のサバイバル能力をランキングで他の人たちと競い合え。
  • 追加されたSteamオンライン機能 - クイックマッチ/ゲームクリエイト/フレンドリスト/ボイスチャット/ランキング/実績/共同実績。


    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 6800+ or ATI Radeon X700+ Video Card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1.5GB
    • Sound: Windows Supported Sound Card
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NEGATIVE REVIEW, not recommending.

I can safely say that this review will match my review of the first game word for word. Around 8 hours of tedious, repetitive gameplay. I read many reviews about how all three Alien Breed games are basically the same game, and upon completing the second game, I have to admit, they're right about what they said.

This game has no real improvement over the first one, with the exception of a few small things. The plot is not very memorable, as per the first game. All I remember is that we're fixing YET ANOTHER ship, and there were some areas of it that I could recognize distinctly being in the first game--they're reusing maps. It exposes way too much of the environment with this tactic.

It's always "go to this objective, kill aliens, fix it, kill aliens, go back to where you first started off, kill more aliens, rinse and repeat". They tried to revive the classic Alien Breed, but this developer isn't doing so well nowadays. If you're a fan of monotonous works, it's for you. Otherwise, steer clear of it.

The two things that I found nice that they did change was the boss and the actual real antagonist. There is a more interesting boss battle halfway into the game; however, the way they go about it made it seem petty the third time you had to kill the SAME BOSS that just got crushed within a train. It's just not logical. But the fight was more interesting.

And then the antagonist. In the first Alien Breed game, there didn't feel like there was any main antagonist to fight; the only thing you could call your enemy was the aliens that were constantly attacking you. Near the end of the game, they FINALLY decided to bring up a being that you could call your antagonist of the story. I love whoever voice acted him--it's very pleasant to hear in a world of monotonous voices that you'll never be able to recall. However, the comics between chapters aren't telling me enough about this character, and I'm wondering why this antagonist is even trying to stop Conrad from destroying the ship. There's too many plot holes to be able to fully enjoy this mysterious antagonist.

Also, the ending was complete bull. It was disappointing and did NOT leave me wanting to know more, because of how dull and anti-climactic it was in the end.

I'll be honest, I did TRY to enjoy it, thinking that it was just my preference of games that made this so unappealing to me to play, but after reading tens of reviews about the lackluster gameplay, I feel that I can stand by my review.
投稿日: 2013年11月18日
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This is a top down shooter that makes a solid first impression, but after a few minutes of playing you will discover that the execution of many essential elements are not very good. The game play gets repetitive rather quickly, as you frequently walk from A to b, holding down space bar to interact with switches. The gun sounds and sound effects are also rather bland. The environments are also very dark, with little variety, although the actual graphics aren't too bad.

You will also battle with the camera as it sometimes switches to bizarre angels, obstructing your view to certain areas, such as the other side of a wall. There is also a load of on-screen text, so you will know right off the bat which objects are interactive, and although some people make like this. I think it does take away the discovery aspect of the game.

Get this if you must but there are far batter top down shooters out there.
投稿日: 2014年4月13日
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The game provides many unforgettable moments like... just kidding, better download free Alien Swarm.
投稿日: 2013年12月22日
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Very bad game, if you even can call it a game, more like a torture for your spent time. Please do not play it.
投稿日: 2013年11月25日
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Good Game !
投稿日: 2014年4月3日
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