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Cry of Fear is a psychological single-player and co-op horror game set in a deserted town filled with horrific creatures and nightmarish delusions. You play as a young man desperately searching for answers in the cold Scandinavian night, finding his way through the city as he slowly descends into madness.
Release Date: Apr 25, 2013
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About the Game

Cry of Fear is a psychological single-player and co-op horror game set in a deserted town filled with horrific creatures and nightmarish delusions. You play as a young man desperately searching for answers in the cold Scandinavian night, finding his way through the city as he slowly descends into madness. With a strong emphasis on cinematic experience, immersion and lateral thinking, players will be taken on a nightmare rollercoaster-ride through the grim streets of Fäversholm and beyond. Not everything is as it seems...

Cry of Fear originally started out as a Half-Life 1 modification, set in the same vein as the classic survival horror games of old. 4 years in the making and picking up several modding awards on the way, it is now a free, standalone game for anyone to enjoy. Beware though, it's not for the faint of heart.

Key Features:

  • Huge single-player campaign with over 8 hours of gameplay
  • Multiple endings and over 20 different unlockables to keep you playing
  • Full length co-op campaign with up to 4 players
  • Strong modding support with 12 custom campaigns and examples included, with requests from modding community listened to and implemented
  • Terrifying and unforgettable atmosphere
  • 24 different and unique weapons to choose from
  • Unlockable extra campaign after beating single-player
  • Original soundtrack comprises over 5 hours of haunting, melodic music

System Requirements


    • OS:Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor:1 ghz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:128MB Video Card with OpenGL support
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Additional:Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Required


    • OS:Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor:2 ghz
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics:512MB Video Card with OpenGL support
    • Hard Drive:7 GB HD space
    • Additional:Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Required
Helpful customer reviews
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Pros and Cons here we go! Woot Woot!

What you'll love...
- The Story... It's really Enjoyable and Depressing (hey, it's a horror game) at the same time!
- The Gameplay... Excluding the confusing inventory, the gameplay is awesome! Survival Horror at it's best!
- The Soundtrack... One word: BEATIFUL! If you can, buy it! Support the devs and listen to this relaxing/scary/awesome soundtrack! (actually, there are 2 soundtracks!)
- The Co-Op... Yeah, i guess it's broken and you need to port forward or use Hamatchi, but when you actually get to play it, it's AWESOME!
- The Visuals... It's using a 1998's engine, but looks good by today's standards too! Psykskallar milked everything out of the GoldSource engine!

What you'll hate...
- Some Cheap Jumpscares only scary once or twice...
- Some low res Textures and graphical bugs (you won't notice them if you aren't trying to find them on purpose, hopefully)
- Difficulty curves, ya know... bosses and Sawrunner...
- Forgetting not to waste ammo (you lose unspent bullets if you reload with a non-empty magazine*)
- And of course... having to wash your underwear after playing this amazing Survival Horror game which will not only require you to change underwear, but sleep with the lights on for the next few days!

- Skandi007 Survival Horror Veteran

If this was a REVIEW (oh wait, it is) i'd give this game a 9/10, i really love it...There is some room for improvement... but i can live with that... :)
Posted: January 24th, 2014
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It's got skeletons


Would get spooked again
Posted: February 14th, 2014
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Too spooky 5 me.

No seriously. I mean it.
Looks like a very nice game but... I can´t even get myself to enter the room in the first corridor.

(Note: I´m easily scared)
Posted: March 22nd, 2014
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Cry of Fear med me cri, pls nu plai, pls.

;-; rat dis if u cri evrytim
Posted: April 18th, 2014
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:< Something touched me while I was playing and I don't like it.
Posted: March 29th, 2014
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Cry of Fear is a Psychological First Person Shooter Survival Horror taking place in Stockholm (Fäversholm ingame), Sweden.

Cry of Fear is my 2nd favorite game of all time. It only gets beaten by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I love Cry of Fear so much because of the atmosphere, the sick and twisted horror or it might be because, and I can assure you that, it is one of the best survival horror games I ever played. The atmosphere is one of the best ever accomplished in a video game as well. It´s depressing, oppressing, evil and obscure, something very unique. The story is simple but good. Simon, depressed, full of emotional problems is getting in an car accident, which changes everything. He is also having problems of confessing his feelings for his crush. If you could throw ♥♥♥♥ at someone, everyone would throw it at Simon. Result: suicidal and homicidal thoughts. He gets in treatment, but the therapy backfires terribly and makes the unstable mind of Simon Erikkson a ticking timebomb. As you can see a topic not everyone likes, that´s why not everyone really liked playing the game for its story. You really have to try it out and give it a chance. It´s based on the GoldSrc engine on which also Half Life 1 was running on. Team Psykskallar really made the best out of this old engine and you can clearly see it. Graphics are decent.

Horror and gameplay. You have a big variety of levels, from the typical subway station to the mental hospital and forest but also parks and sewers, subway maintenace bays, construction sites and apartements, a school, a very nice boat scene and more!
You have an inventory system like resident evil. You have to carefully pick and manage your equipment. It´s kept more simple though. Weapon models are excellent, as are the animations and the sound design overall. Close Combat is clunky at the beginning but gets better and very smooth and satisfying after some time. Usually after the apartements, as soon as you get your first gun, that should be after 40 mins. You have to create your own technique of slash and dodge to succesfully kill your opponent. Dodging is purely accomplished by exercising it. Ammo for guns can be scarce on normal and hard, not on easy. You need then to switch to your Close Combat wepons such as knives, batong, fists, etc.

There are different endings and choices to be made, if I remember correctly, you have two choices which give you 4 main story endings. 1 co-op ending, 1 secret and 1 manhunt campaign ending.

The game is about 10 hrs for beginners and 8 for faster people and can be beaten in 2,5 hrs by pros.

Now to the horror. If you played Amnesia or Slender and you felt it was a walk in the park, then this game is nothing for you. It´s between Amnesia and Resident Evil with a touch Silent Hill. It has some cheap jumpscares, but only a few are cheap ones, the rest is either unpredictable or simply terror and just plain evil and scary as hell and you always have a feeling of being followed. The paranoia I mentioned, usually comes up in the silent parts. The soundtrack is one of the best in video games history, fitting perfectly to the game, making it effective to build tension and weird feelings at the right moments. If you are a very emotional person, you will love it. If you are a cold brick, better go back and play your casual games, the horror overall is more based on terror than on actual I want to scare you. It plays with your mind, paranoia is especially often to be felt while playing this game.

Some puzzles can be frustrating and many parts can be hard to accomplish or are just tearing apart your brain (maze). First time playing it, is hard, but after you solved them, it´s really satisfying and rewarding. The overall feeling after finishing the game is fantastic. It makes you feel accomplishment, something very rare these days. And don´t call Simon an Emo or I come and eat your eyeballs.

For me it´s a 10/10. A fair unbiased rating would be a 7/10.

It has it´s problems but how I like to say: Somebody who can´t be patient and endure a few grinding moments, also can´t enjoy the joy of accomplishment and nostalgia.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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