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Besiege castles and raid villages in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a fast-paced medieval first person slasher with a focus on multiplayer battles
Release Date: Oct 16, 2012
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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 24

April 14th, 2014

Special focus on SDK-related things, Coldfront and new map variants, and a few fixes thrown in for good measure ...

The SDK changes are mostly focused on giving people more control over the game through the map editor, without having to involve a programmer. There's at least one new Torn Banner-made map utilizing the new SDK changes that will be coming to the Workshop for this patch (along with, at some point, an uncooked version so the Kismet can be reused by others). The potential applications for these changes should hopefully be more obvious then. These new additions and changes are a little experimental and most aren't going to be suitable for typical Team Objective maps, though.

Patch 24


  • Fixed collision on old pallisades.
  • Level load camera
  • Fixed a mesh gap
  • Removed redundant areas
  • Blocking volume pass
  • More cover on beach
  • Finished blocking in castle areas

Level Changes
  • Added LTS, FFA, and TD variants of several duel maps (for low player-count servers; we recommend a 4-6 player limit):

Gameplay / Animation Changes
  • Fixed blood mask issues with grand mace and messer variant
  • Added bardiche variant
  • Fixed arrows remaining if you cancel bow draw
  • Fixed some animation popping when switching weapons with shield
  • Fixed shield remaining up during release to parry
  • Fixed killed for idling when on catapult
  • don't allow selected king to go into spectator
  • don't pick spectators to be king
  • fixed parry riposte anim sometimes not blending
  • fixed weapon kill icon for 1h longsword, messer, sword of war
  • fix: grand mace skin shows on player's back after they switch to/from the weapon
  • check bDisplayOnScoreboard before counting players for autobalance (don't count the decorative NPCs on Coldfront)

Audio Changes
  • fix for improper vo line for archer "you're welcome"
  • fix for gargling wounded

SDK Changes
  • TO2 - Mutator / map-driven TO-type mode
    • Existing objective staging code from TO will not work in TO2; there are helper nodes planned to make staging a bit easier, as well as other nodes to manually set stage descriptions and such, but these are not done and work on TO2 is currently in slow burn. This makes TO2 less suitable for "classic" TO maps right now, and more suitable to weird experimental Kismet-driven game modes (examples to come)
    • New node to set who will win when time runs out
    • CustomScoring mutator to steer scoring, kills, deaths, assists
      • add nodes to manually set kills, deaths, assists
      • events for CustomScoring; fires events on kills, deaths, assists, etc.
    • If you spawn an NPC (using Spawn Standard Bot or Spawn Custom Family Bot) with Kismet without specifying a spawn point, it will just use AOCGame's normal spawn point selection algorithm, selecting a point from all available on the map
    • add mapinfo option to force manual kills, deaths, assists scoring
    • add node to manually set score outside of CustomScoring mutator
    • custom team setup mutator, plus support in GRI and HUD
    • VIP Mutator and KillTargets mutators
      • KillTargets -- nice automatic tracking of kill targets; could be used in an LTS mode, horde mode, VIP mode, 'peasant killing' objective, etc.
      • VIP -- is not implemented yet, however the idea is:
        • The assassination objective, reimagined as a mutator for TO2 with a nicer interface, modularity
        • child of KillTargets, some defaults set differently
        • The TO2 PC, and TO2 itself know nothing about this mutator specifically, unlike the situation with the previous solution and AOCTeamObjective/AOCTeamObjectivePC/AOCObjective_Assassination
      • "PurchaseBox" actor
        • lets you "purchase" things by subtracting points from a player's score or from a SpecialCustomScoring mutator

  • ChangeHealthPawnAndMax and ChangePawnGroundSpeed nodes
  • Map-definable AOCFamilyInfos
    • In TO2 (only!), can be used to replace existing players’ classes
    • In all modes, can be used to spawn custom family bots
    • Changes significant portions of code, may require existing mods be updated!
      • however, the code to mod AOCFamilyInfos should be cleaner now...

  • sdk treepack branch collision set properly
    • disabled per poly so arrows/siege weapons don't hit them

  • potentially fix issue where AOCNPC_New's could broadcast the fact they spawned to the chat
  • add CMWSeqAction_TO2_StartResetLevel
  • CMW HUD Marker
    • Will remove itself (optionally) if owner is killed
    • New "add marker" nodes: one will just add a marker without attaching (but with more options), one is a helper that will add a marker / attach it / set it to auto-destroy when owner dies (for easy pawn attachment, for instance)

  • Set up edit conditions for customization overriding kismet functions to make prettier
  • Add CMWSeqAction_ChangePlayerWeapon (in AOC Actions as "Change Player Weapons"); lets you change an individual weapon without completely breaking the rest of the pawn's inventory
  • add GiantSlayers pawn code to AOC
  • add an optional pawn class overrider in AOCFamilyInfo (coupled with map-definable AOCFamilyInfos, lets you, e.g., spawn giant bots)
  • Add PC as output variable for Kismet ClientToServerBridges so you know who fired the event (you could, for instance, use this to grab player button input from the client and route it to server Kismet to do... something...)
Misc. Changes
  • Fixed chat team colours for spectators.

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Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Ceremonial Heroes Update

April 10th, 2014

Ceremonial Heroes Update


  • Achilles: Hero of the Trojan War joins the battlefield as an unlock-able Spartan skin!
    • Achilles skin also comes with an Achilles helm.
    • Each warrior class can unlock a new Ceremonial helm.
    • All Items in this update are unlocked at level 25

      Ceremonial Helms
      • Spartan
        • Spartan Royal Helm
      • Samurai
        • Edo Helm
      • Pirate
        • Admiral's Bicorne
      • Viking
        • Sutton Hoo Helm
      • Ninja
        • Ornate War Hat
      • Knight
        • Teutonic Great Helm

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“I saw my body slump to the floor, some distance away and then the hammer-bastard was standing over me, attempting to play croquet with what remained of my face.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

"I’m rather enamoured by the unique flavour of online combat presented by Chivalry. It’s fresh and fun, and like the very best games is easy to get into yet incredibly hard to master."

New Expansion Available

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior is a massive expansion pack that brings the most iconic warriors from the ancient world, epic new environments, and all new game modes to the already expansive base game content of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Custom Map Contest!

Custom Maps and Modding Support!

Discover and download custom, player-made maps for your game. Or create your own to share with the community.

About the Game

Besiege castles and raid villages in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first-person slasher with a focus on multi-player. Featuring competitive online combat that seeks to capture the experience of truly being on a medieval battlefield. Inspired from the intensity and epicness of swordfighting movies such as 300, Gladiator and Braveheart, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare aims to bring that experience to the hands of a gamer.

The game is skill-based and controls like a FPS, but instead of guns and grenades, players are given swords, shields, maces, battleaxes and longbows. Set in a fictional, yet gritty and realistic world, players will fight in fast paced online battles besieging castles, raiding medieval villages and fighting for glory in the arena with up to 32 players.

Key Features:

  • Deep melee combat system provides players with a huge range of responsive combat options
  • Adjust your attacks and blocks in real time with the mouse for precise and full control of the action
  • Wield an arsenal of up to 60 brutal weapons ranging from broad swords and battle axes to longbows and javelins
  • Dynamic objective system brings team tactics and strategy to the forefront as players batter down gates, raid villages and assassinate enemy royalty to achieve victory.
  • Use a variety of siege weapons ranging from catapults, boiling oil, ballista, battering rams and more
  • Vast, lush environments that transport the player to a gritty and immersive medieval world.
  • Offline play options that allow players to gain familiarity with the controls and gameplay before being thrust into the action.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz (a dual-core CPU is required)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher. 512MB VRAM.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
487 of 577 people (84%) found this review helpful
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7 reviews
33.4 hrs on record
I don't think I've ever had so much fun being dismembered before. Focusing far more on action and fun than on realism, Chivalry is quite possibly my favorite multiplayer game of the last year. Easy to pick up, harder to master, and with an actual reward system in place for honing your skills, Chivalry is perfect for both the casual and hardcore gamer alike. Feel like having some crazy arene combat for 15 minutes before you leave for work? This game is right for you. Want to be up all night, storming the castle in a way that requires teamwork? This game is right for you. Want to prove you're the best to ever wield a sword, pike, axe, or bow and have all bow before you? This game is right for you. It isn't without its flaws, but there really is no other game that can provide you with an experience like this. Pick it up....you won't regret it.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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248 of 323 people (77%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
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Chivalry, a short but powerful name for a game. But what exactly is it and what can you expect from it? I'll tell you all about it while I split up every element in its own section so its easier to read.

Chivalry is a Multiplayer First Person Melee game. When I say Melee then I actually mean that you'll get to fight with swords, axes, polearms, clubs and much much more. This game is pretty fast paced once it comes to close combat. There is also the ability to use distance weapons such as bows, spears, crossbows and throwing weapons. The main objective of every game is kill, kill, kill some more, and kill everyone else. Objective game modes are also availible but ofcourse you'd need to kill a lot there too. You have a HP bar and a Stamina bar, HP ofcourse lowers if someone hits you. There are some rare occasions that you'll get one-hit but that takes lots of skill and luck. The stamina bar lowers with every swing or block that you do, once your stamina hits 0 then you'll be stunned for about 2 seconds and open to every attack. Stamina regenerates if you dont move at all, so does HP very slowly but that isnt really worth it. Other than that its just hit and block. There are 4 classes you can play with. Man-at-Arms who is a light fighter with low defense but generally faster and lighter hits and has the ability to dodge an attack if timed right. An Archer who mainly uses distance weapons who also deals double damage if he hits someone in the back. The Knight has the most armor and strength but is also the slowest in game thus fairly easy to hit. Vanguards have the most reach ingame with a decent amount of defense. They can build up a charging attack while running. The game is pretty easy to understand, but also quite frustrating, I'll get to that later.
Gameplay rating: 4/5

There is a very small story, maybe 5 lines in total that you'll only get to see if you play the Tutorial, and it doesnt even covers everything. There is no Singleplayer mode whatsoever, only Multiplayer.
Story rating: 1/5

The graphics of this game are based on the Unreal Engine 3. It also supports nVIDIA's PhysX feature and seems quite realistic. Pretty much every system of today will be able to run this game in atleast 50-60 fps. I've seen minor graphical glitches where the ragdoll body was all acting up, and shortly after the beta release there was also a cloud bug in the game but that got fixed very quickly. Other than that the graphics are still decent on this game, but nothing to bloat about.
Graphics rating: 3/5

The sounds are crystal clear and the voice messages are randomized in 5-8 messages for every option you choose or repeat. The music on the other hand is pretty repetative, I could only distinguish 3 different tracks that just loop over and over again. As far as I know there is no sound customization at all but seeing that they added the Steam Workshop a while back, it might change soon.
Sound rating: 3/5

There is an ingame chat function where people can communicate. Usually not much will be said there except for some few insults and some rare compliments on occasions. Most of the time when you ask people something they might react positively depending on what server you'll be in. Next to that there is also a kick function, which is actually abused a lot by losing players who cant stand to be killed over and over. Like I said earier this game is pretty frustrating because you can die pretty quickly if you dont watch out, and usually end up raging or insulting people if you keep losing over and over.
Community rating: 2/5

Replay value:
Since this is a multiplayer only game, you'll get the same gameplay over and over but just with different situations and/or maps. Generally it can be very fun to replay this game everytime you connect to a server and i've seen entire clans doing clan wars with eachother which can be great fun too. Replaying a lot of maps can be more positive than negative because you'll know the best spots and where to expect enemies.
Replay rating: 4/5

This game is loads of fun, but also quite frustrating. Especially if you have a short fuse. I find myself getting pretty angry at most times because of the players im up against but I always tend to come back and play this again after a few days. It's really been worth my money so far and there is an interesting DLC for this as well. I love replaying this game from time to time.
Overall rating: 85/100

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Posted: November 28th, 2013
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118 of 177 people (67%) found this review helpful
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11 reviews
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Oh, Chivalry. What to say about you? I absolutely love the combat system, but boy oh boy can you be a buggy mess at times. I personally love the setting and the brutality of it, so I can get over it, but the bugs can get in the way at times, especially with the server. Couple that with most of the servers being completely empy, and about 10-12 that actually get filled up. The combat system is really great though. However, it can be frustraiting to get used to. I'm not even fully used to it yet, and I've played 11 hours so far. So the gameplay is great, what else is there to chivalry, you might ask? Nothing. Thats really the only other issue. Thats all it has to offer, and they want 25 bucks for it. I'd say they're asking a bit too much. This game almost always goes on sale during big sales, so if you're considering this one, wait until then. Its well worth the 6 bucks I put into it.

I can't really make this long, because there isn't much to say about chivalry other than it can be a lot of fun, but it can also annoy the living hell out of you. Especially if you just can't catch a break. The community is pretty good from what I've seen, although you're going to run into rude people in a multiplayer game, everyone should expect that. But the game is plenty of fun and well worth the 6 dollar sale price.

Pick this up if you enjoy multiplayer games, and are looking for something different than a modern military FPS or an MMO. Chivalry is well worth your time.
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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212 of 342 people (62%) found this review helpful
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The game is good but has to many flaws to actually recommend and the devs don't give a ♥♥♥♥ at all about the game there are still many bugs (clipping,server browser,crashes,Ranks and Weapon Unlocks) that exist since i bought the game.
Instead they made an expansion which i also say is good but the same bugs are present team balance is non existent, With the expansion they introduced a new damage system which works good but never made it into the main game where everyone wanted it since dragging or reverse overhead("advanced" techniques) are a gigantic problem in the game and everyone around lvl 20 and above uses these "techniques" to get cheap kills where some of these techniques aren't even blockable since you will get the damage as soon as the animation starts if the developers actually starting fixing these things i would gladly say buy this game at full price but at that state it is right now i can just say grab it for 50-75% off or you will waste money
Posted: December 14th, 2013
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186 of 300 people (62%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
1,608.5 hrs on record
I'm finally here to write a serious review about this game.
I must honestly say after been playing this game for roughly over a year that I'm quite dissapointed in how the game has evolved after the patches this game has recieved. It started out as something great, but it really just appears that this game was developed with just intentions to earn money, and not to really create this awesome melee game that could have been unique and so much better, for this game is pretty fun due to its unique melee combat mechanics, but the reason why I linger at this game is pretty much for the fact because there is none other game that has simular style than this, otherwise I would have left swiftly. Because I don't think Torn Banner Studios are taking things serious, the game company is lead by a kid who would believe that he knows whats wrong and right in every turn and refuse to accept aid that so many of us players around the community has offered, it has been a pretty ♥♥♥♥y year. They have this forum where they try to communicate to other players, but it has been a complete failure all along due to lack of communication to the player base, and most of the times they seek to avoid questions because they ♥♥♥♥ed up with one patch, and repeated the mistake in the second patch.
Also, there was this one occasion where they had a 'Balance council' going on, where experienced players of the game were handpicked by members of Torn Banner Studios to share their experience with the game and possibly balance out the game once for all, but instead. Steve Piggott who'se the owner of the Game Developing Studio decided to take some changes into his own hands, him and his glorious 300 hours in the game. So for example, there was this weapon, Bearded Axe that has been broken for nearly over a year, since they buffed the 'windup' for the weapon in the first patch after release, and so we all complained about Bearded Axe being too fast for its own good, that the attack animation would just become desyncronizhed, and so later after the Balance patch, Steve Piggott concluded that he would increase the base damage on Bearded Axe since the whole competitive scene of chivalry cried out that the weapon was broken but needed fixing, but no one used the weapon anyways. This gives me as a player the impression that most changes in the game are done on the fly, and that Steve Piggott has NO absolute any idea what the ♥♥♥♥ he is doing most of the times, and since he won't accept any help from others, he is the one making the decisions, so you have to consider that changes will be made depending on his opinion, and his opinion ALONE. This game might seem alright to play if you are just a 'casual' player who just want to play it every now and then, but if you wish to go deep into the game, you will have a pretty much harsh time.

I would not recommand to buy this game due to lack of compitance in the development team, lets just say they had a gold mine that they blew up, and I am eager to see a new game come out that would be simular to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, but just better and with a much more serious developing team than what Torn Banner Studios can offer.

Don't buy this game!!!
Posted: January 24th, 2014
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